I don’t use condoms. I prefer skin to skin- Former Grandpa Records singer

Former Grandpa Records member Cindy Sanyu has surprised many after claiming she doesn’t like using condoms during sex.

In an interview with Uganda’s Galax FM, the mother of one did not shy away from telling what she prefers behind closed doors.

“I am not a condom person especially when I fall in love with someone that I totally love. I don’t use them. I prefer skin to skin,” she said. 


Sanyu, who was signed at Grandpa Records, is known of speaking her mind and telling it like it is. The singer has made headlines on several occasions for opening up on bedroom matters that society wouldn’t want to hear publicly.


Cindy Ogana: Popular TV station rejected me because I wasn’t light skinned 

With presenters and TV hosts in Kenya currently moving left, right and center looking for greener pastures, Cindy Ogana has shared how her skin colour once eliminated her from a job she was well qualified for.

Speaking on Ebru TV’s ‘Let’s Talk Show’, Ogana, who used to host Hot 96 FM’s breakfast show and the Trend on NTV alongside Larry Madowo, shared that she was rejected because she was natural.

“I was in a reality show on TV where they were looking for a presenter and it did not help that one of the criteria why I wasn’t selected was my skin colour and hair.

“My hair was a topic the judges mentioned but then again remember it was a different time where you could not be a broadcaster when you had dreadlocks. It was seen as unkempt and it was seen as unruly. You had to have a weave and you had to have the skin tone,” she said.

Cindy Ogana

Won’t bleach

She went on to add that the issue made her promise herself that she will never bleach, unlike what many ladies have done.

“I am dark skinned, I have my dreads and I have my big mouth and then I’m also not very keen on the makeup and everything. Leaving that show further cemented my resolve to always be natural, to never bleach myself. Whatever season my womanhood takes me through whether its my menses, my pregnancy I will always be natural and will always keep my natural hair.” She revealed.

Cindy Ogana: I use “safe days” for family planning. I have one child and I’m expecting a second baby

Cindy Ogana has opened up about her sex life like never before. The popular presenter candidly talked about her reproductive health.

Cindy opened up to inspire the Kenyan youth in the “Form Ni Gani” campaign. “Form Ni Gani” is an initiative by Boniface Mwangi which aims at protecting young people’s futures by making them plan their sex life and/or when to have children.

Sex is for those who can handle it responsibly

Cindy argues that sex is best for two consenting adults who are cognizant of the consequences of their actions. She reveals that for her she uses “safe days” for family planning. The mother of one further reveals that she is expecting her second child.

Cindy Ogana
Cindy Ogana

“I attended a girls-only Catholic school for my primary education. When I was 9, we were taught about reproductive health, mainly focusing on reproductive health and the importance of being chaste.

“For me, I use “safe days” for family planning. I have one child and I’m expecting a second baby. Premarital sex has its drawbacks: unwanted pregnancies, infections, even heartbreak. For me, sex is best when two consenting adults get together, cognizant of the consequences of their actions. Sex is best left to those who can handle it responsibly,” said Cindy Ogana.