Willis Raburu Reflects on His Shocking Exit from Citizen TV

Willis Raburu has described his exit from Citizen TV as a “tough decision” but one that he is grateful for.

“I have tendered in my resignation and up to now it has been an amazing transition,” Raburu said. “They have been so gracious to me.”

Raburu said that he is taking some time to rest and reflect on his next steps. He plans to share his knowledge with others and continue his studies.

“Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things concerning my life of course and what has become a general theme for me, of course, is gratitude,” he said.

Raburu thanked his fans and supporters for their love and support throughout his career. He said that he is excited to see what the future holds.

What’s Next for Willis Raburu?

Willis Raburu has not yet announced his next move, but he has said that he plans to take some time to rest and reflect. He also plans to share his knowledge with others and continue his studies.

Raburu is a popular and talented presenter, and he is sure to be successful in whatever he does next. His fans are eager to see what he will do next, and they are confident that he will continue to entertain and inspire them.

“He is my father!” Maina Kageni exposes unknown relationship with Citizen TV founder SK Macharia

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has for the first time disclosed relationship with SK Macharia – who is the founder and chairman of Royal Media Services (RMS).

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In an interview with Churchill, the renowned media personality revealed that his biological father passed away when he was really young.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni

However, he never really missed his real father thanks to SK Macharia who he could ask for anything that he needed and solicit advice form.

“I hardly ever knew my father, he died when I was a toddler. Growing up without a father didn’t affect me much because you don’t miss what you never had.

But I had a strong father figure in SK Macharia. If there is anything that I needed, I’d go to him. He basically is my father. He raised me,” he stated.

Maina Kageni with Diamond Platnumz

Further, Maina Kageni revealed that he and SK Macharia’s children are very close since they are like brothers and sisters, adding that he’s grateful for the role that the media mogul played in his life.

The breakfast show host also shed light on other things including the time he went to live in the UK and ended up driving fish trucks to put food on his table.

Watch the video below.

Willis Raburu reportedly throws wife out, moves in with another woman

It seems all is not well between Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami Irungu.

According to Word Is, the couple that tied the knot on May 5, 2017, is now living separately after 10 over 10 presenter cheated.

Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami

A source who spoke to the publication revealed that the couple was living in Phenom Estate in Lang’ata but they have since vacated the house.

The source further claimed that Raburu is currently putting up with another woman in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa Estate. His wife on the other hand is living in a rental in Thindigua.

It is reported that the news anchor is the one who asked his wife to move out and he agreed to rent a house for Mary and paid two months deposit  after they divided household items.

Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami

In January this year the couple lost their daughter who they had christened Adana and it has left people speculating whether it is what caused problems between them.

A few days ago, Raburu was on a live-stream with Hot 96 presenter Anita Raey  where he didn’t seem bothered about discussing sexual topics and it left many wondering what his wife would think about it but it now makes sense.

Day Jacque Maribe led a ‘protest’ at Citizen TV over bread (Video)

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jaque Maribe recently shared a video that showed her staging ‘protest’ with her colleagues while asking for bread from their boss – Peter Opondo.

In the video, the gorgeous media personality and her co-workers were seen holding up papers while saying that they would not get back to their work stations unless they were given bread.


“Tuko njaa na hatuwezi andika hoe hae shagala bagala hatuandiki story bila mkate hatuandiki story bila mkate, comrades power,” they sang in unison.

They claimed that they were hungry and it was hard for them to do any kind of work on empty stomachs. Some of the known faces in the video include Sylvia Chebet, Steven Letoo, Francis Gachuri and Sam Gituku.

Meanwhile, their boss, Peter Opondo, was seen smiling at them as he looked at them. He then went to confront Francis Gachuri but he did not give in.

Maribe resigned from Citizen TV in July 2019 after she was charged as an accomplice in the murder of Monica Kimani. Some of her colleagues in the video have also moved on to other stations.

Watch the video below.


Citizen TV Reporter Victor Kinuthia drops new song after being trolled

Citizen TV journalist Victor Kinuthia has released a new song just days after he was ridiculed by Kenyans for not knowing English.

Kinuthia was trolled after his short briefing on Citizen TV while reporting about Dindi Nyoro’s arrest, a thing that most Kenyans were quick to say was bogus work.

God’s work

His new song titled ‘Kirindi’ was posted on his youtube channel last week. The reporter cum musician opened up about the struggles he underwent after his video covering the news went viral.

“Have you ever been to a position in your life where you have given up and you want to kill yourself.? That’s where I was but God saved me. But God is not like man, even when English becomes hard, he blesses who he chooses,” he sings. 

Watch the video below:

The East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV Sunday Evening – Incredible !

The East Africa Got Talent show aired at 8pm EAT on Sunday 4th – Citizen TV – was incredible.

For starters, professional mourning, starring 25 year-old Dan from Migori County.

Clad in a bright red shirt and colorful headgear – excellent regalia for a street carnival, this contestant brought down the entire house in stitches. Dan was confident, had an imposing stage presence, and superbly delivered endearing poetry to the deceased in-law. This performer could not be cut down by the judges banging down the bells!

That hilarious interlude aside, The East Africa Got Talent show indeed had first class, star-level contestants.

The performance bailed by Judge Vanessa as “beyond exceptional” came from Leyna K, a cute 7-year-old girl, from Uganda. She rocked an immaculate sprightly white bridal dress. At first, the judges couldn’t believe she could hack her choice of track – One day at a time, by Daniel O’Donnell – which most gifted vocalists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Little Leyna K had it beautifully balanced in high and low vocals – which Judge Makeda wryly confessed “has given me goose bumps…”

She unbelievably had all the judges giving her a standing ovation!

The audience broke into poignant tears when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her. When, not if, she wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money, she wants to buy her brother a watch.

Everyone is awed by acrobats, and more so, when it involves kids. In this show, a group of kids tagged as Safi Theatre Group from Dar es Salaam ingeniously combined music and acrobatic stunts – really unique. Catch them at the semi-finals.

Also quite unforgettable is another group – there’s strength in numbers – of 5 little girls and a lady skilled with drums. It’s a Rwandan group named Uruyange, whose desire their guide hailed as to ‘show the strength of girls’ – and it’s easy to see they’re achieving that goal. Amazing performance.

The back stage was equally lit, with Host Anne Kansiime berating the viewers with endless goofs and comic antics. Her stylist was also on point, dressing her in a lovely off-shoulder African print dress. Kansiime’s girl-next-door mien visibly had the contestants relaxed and confident as they hit the stage, and huge audience.

There is beauty in language diversity, and following Judge Vanessa’s comments in flawless Swahili is captivating.

There is so much more amazing stuff to experience at the next airing of East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV. Don’t miss!

Larry Madowo weds Victoria Rubadiri in low-key ceremony (Photos)

BBC Business Editor Larry Madowo quit the bachelors’ club on Sunday after tying the knot with Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

The two lovebirds, who have been dating three years, sealed their union in an exclusive wedding ceremony at the Marula Manor in Karen, Nairobi.

According to our source, the wedding had 100 guests, most of whom were family members, close friends and colleagues.

They were required to leave their phones at the main entrance and sign a confidentiality agreement.

This was done to ensure that no photo was leaked to the media.

The newlyweds will fly out to Italy on Wednesday for their pre-honeymoon before proceeding to France where they will spend two weeks.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

News of their nuptials caught many people by surprise since we had all assumed that the Madowo and Rubadiri only had on-screen chemistry.

As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye! The two have dated for three years or so and managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

We wish them all the best as they begin a new journey as a couple.

To add to that, this a polite reminder that today is April Fool’s Day. If I were you I would not take any of this seriously.

TV stations in Kenya hire ladies based on their breasts and beauty – popular lawyer Ahmednassir 

Some Kenyans believe that in this day and age, female TV anchors who are curvy and beautiful are being favored over those who are less “blessed” regardless of their skill and education.

Popular lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi who is known to speak his mind, seemed to fall in this section.

According to the well-paid lawyer, TV stations in the past had women who were beautiful but still had brains, now, he believes, they are just curvy and beautiful.

“We have many professional ladies for (instance) Anne Soy, Beatrice Marshall, Sophie Ikenye, Catherine Wambua, with foreign media and judged on their professionalism while our local TV girls seem to be hired on the size of their bosom and beauty,” he said Twitter. 


Ahmednassir’s sentiments were led by an interview he watched of renown journalist Catherine Wambua Soi who works with Al-Jazeera. According to the lawyer Soi  understands her work.



Citizen TV Fashion Watch panelist Carol Odero speaks about being called ugly 

Fashion judge Carol Odera is one fashionable lady today but here journey to get there has been tough.

The Citizen TV fashion watch panelist recently opened up of how people used to call her ugly and trolled her online while starting out.

Speaking to Couture Magazine, Odera said that she spent a lot of money on her skin after developing acne but it didn’t really help much then.

“My flawless skin broke out at 29… I sunk money into skincare and lifestyle. I got trolled for having acne. Threads confident in my ugly. That was actually the word used. Ugly. Other women were effortlessly beautiful so why was I working so hard to earn mine dammit! It would seem I was destined to be on the wrong side of beauty my entire life,” she disclosed on Couture Magazine.

Embraced myself

People also mocked her for being too black and strong but she learned how to embrace her beauty and eventually turned it into a success.

“After years of being told I was too black, that my hair was too something, my arms too toned, my body a little too strong and agile looking, my muchness simply too much, a switch flipped in my head. I hate this cliché but it is ever so perfect. I found my beauty as dramatic as it was. I embraced me,” she said.

Kwisha!!Joey Muthengi quits Citizen TV after falling in trouble over betting deal with Mariga 

Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi has handed in her resignation at Royal Media Services after landing in trouble over her betting endorsement.

The “Day Break’ and ‘10 over 10′ host handed in her resignation on Wednesday after she was summoned for disciplinary action for endorsing Betin yet RMS has its own betting company called Shabiki.

She gave them a four day notice and left the station according to sources.

The source further revealed that Citizen TV wanted to punish her for the actions since she’s seen as a brand ambassador of the station and all their products.

“The thinking was that she is a Citizen TV brand and should not be promoting a rival company,” said the source who spoke to Nairobinews.


Joey Muthengi has been the talk of town lately after landing the advert. Kenyans have also pressured her to date Mariga who she’s endorsing the betting site with.


Citizen TV journalist rushed to hospital after being clobbered by Kanjo (audio)

A popular Citizen TV journalist was taken to hospital on Monday after being assaulted by City Askaris after trying to expose them.

Kimani Mbugua was allegedly given a beating the askaris who spotted him recording a video while they were roughing up a boda boda rider who has entered CBD illegally.

“The officers were arresting a motorbike operator… it was dangerous…bike was on the move carrying a passenger and they pulled it from the back,” he told a local website. 


Kimani added that the officers came to him, snatched his phone and deleted the video before giving him a beating that sent him to hospital with minor injuries. They banged his head on a wall several times until he started bleeding.

“I asked them if I was under arrest and they said that I was under arrest…and I told them I am a journalist…I was recording the video. I tried to stop the bleeding using my shirt,” Kimani said. 

The altercation took place between Koja Mosque and Tom Mboya street. He Kimani visited Nairobi Hospital for treatment shortly after appearing live on TV.

Listen to the audio below:

‘Drunk’ sign language interpreter on Citizen TV mesmerizes Kenyans (video)

Kenyans recently took to social media to troll a sign language interpreter on citizen TV, accusing him of being drunk while on duty.

A video of the interpreter looking sleepy and high has been trending online for a few days now.


It’s not clear however whether the man was hangovered as Kenyans claimed or it was just another frustrating day at work. He seemed disconnected though while interpreting.

Here’s what Kenyans had to say:


Muhudumu ongeza glass????? sign language ipandee


The guy looked like he is drunk maiyooooo


@chemutaichepkwony come help a brother man, he his feeling himself


Hii ndio kua lit mbaya ???
When U leave the club at 7 am on a Monday and U have to sign the 9 am morning news
Watch the video below:

Joey Muthengi shocks Kenyans: I rather date rich old wazee than start life with a broke guy 

Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi would go straight for a rich older guy than wander around with a broke younger guy.

The 10 over 10 host, who is rumored to be dating  a moneyed guy, shared that dating a broke guy is one of the riskiest things women do because they don’t know how he’ll change once he gets the money. It also doesn’t have security.

Old men

Speaking during Citizen TV breakfast show, the 33-year-old revealed in a heated argument that she would rather date older men who are rich rather than struggle with a young promising guy. Her comments left co-hosts Willis Raburu and panelist Roy Karuhize rather surprised.

“As a consumer of older men there is just like stability in that, or reassurance that they know what they need out of life, have learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. They are even able to share their knowledge. These young guys are only good in pictures,” said Muthengi. 

She added:

“I am looking for security financially, maturity, these are things I need in a relationship. Like I said off camera I spent a lot of my youth with the youths while in campus. What did they do for me? ati we are hustling together we can’t both be on the same level. Someone needs to have made it. In fact most of the guys whom you build each other from scratch usually end up leaving the woman for someone else. That is what mostly happens in those types of situations.”



Citizen TV employees share update after being involved in accident 

Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua and a camera man are doing fine after being involved in an minor accident on Tuesday.

Taking to social media, Mbugua revealed that a matatu had hit the car they were in with his cameraman Kim.

All fine

The two were not hurt in the accident. On Instagram, Kimani Mbugua, a former NTV presenter, explained to fans.

“Alright guys. This is to update all of you that we are all fine and this is Kim the man on camera. We are all fine. This is the car that was involved in an accident na huku mbele ni hii matatu imetugonga, hii matatu”, he said in a video.

Yet another K24 news anchor quits after landing lucrative deal 

With five more months to go, the year 2018 has gone into the books as one that experienced the most movement from all Kenyan media house employees.

Presenters and anchors have been leaving stations left right and center as they go for greener pastures and other reasons. K24 news Anchor Ian Wafula is the latest news anchor to ditch his media house.


It’s not clear where he’s headed but word has it that he got a lucrative deal from BBC.On Instagram he posted the message alerting his followers that his time at the station was done.

“Last day @k24tv. It has been a great 3 years hosting Alfajiri, The Daily Brief and covering 2017 Elections. Great team turned family. Looking forward to my next move. Soon.” shared Ian Wafula.

In December 2015, Wafula parted ways with KTN where he had started as an intern and joined K24 to host Alfajiri alongside Amina Abdi.

Abdi later moved to NTV to replace Larry Madowo on the Trend. Wafula’s announcement comes just days after fellow news anchor Maya Hayakwa left the station.

Lulu Hassan finally reacts to Eric Omondi’s viral clip imitating her and hubby

Comedian Eric Omondi had a perfect parody for the new and revamped “Nipashe” on Citizen TV which has couple Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla presenting the 7 pm news every Saturday and Sunday.

The clip went viral as many then anticipated how the two will work together. After the hype died down, the two lovers have taken time to respond to the video which has been watched hundreds of times by Kenyans.

Rashid and Lulu


Hassan, jokingly told Omondi that they are no longer friends, while her hubby Rashid didn’t want to say much.



Here’s the clip in case you missed it


Eric Omondi shows Kenyans how Lulu Hassan and hubby will be anchoring news and it’s just too funny 

Kenyans have been trying to figure out how Citizen TV Swahili news anchors Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abddalla will be working together after Citizen announced their new TV line up.

Eric Omondi has an idea.

The comedian posted a funny video giving a glimpse of how the two married couples will be anchoring Nipashe and it’s sure one funny clip.

Mass movement

Previously, Abdalla was working at NTV but later switched to Citizen in the recent mass movement of journalists that has seen to journalists switch media houses.

Watch the video below:



Jeff Koinange ditches his Mercedes Benz and heads to studio on a horse(video) 

Veteran journalist Jeff Koinange is known as a man who cruises around in a Mercedes Benz G wagon. The car, priced at 12 millions, always steals the show with it’s looks and comfort.

This time round, however, the Hot 96 breakfast show presenter opted to go to work in something less comfier: A horse.

During a guest appearance at the World Cup Barn Show on Citizen TV, Koinange rode a horse to the studio leaving many stunned including Mwiki FC which was present on set.

The ban

Matching decor

The ban, which has studio set up to be like a real ban has fodder hay, artificial grass turf, wooden barrels, and wooden packaging boxes in its decor, a reason why Jeff opted to go with the horse.

Watch the video below:


Shock on Betty Kyalo and Madowo-less NTV as Citizen TV announces their All-star news lineup 

We all know how much hit NTV has taken after journalists ditched the station. KTN has also suffered in one one way or another. But in the midst of all this anguishing, Citizen TV has reaped big as several journalists from top media houses have all joined the station.

Though Citizen TV recently lost one of it’s top journalist, Kanze Dena, after she was picked by Uhuru Kenyatta as Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU), the station has an All-star team that will be unveiled this week.

New team

A new promo has revealed their plans that Sunday Live will be presented by former NTV reporter Victoria Rubadiri and paired with Jeff Koinange.

Monday Special will be anchored by Anne Kiguta, while Hussein Mohammed will be presenting News Night on Tuesday. Jeff Koinange will feature again on Wednesday news bulletin, and hosting guests at the end of the bulletin on JKL (Jeff Koinange Live). Thursday News Explained with be brought by former KTN presenter Yvonne Okwara.

Here’s the full line up below:


‘Bitter’ NTV reporter slams journalists who moved to Citizen TV

Almost a dozen journalists left Nation Media group for Royal media services, something that has left some angry.

Ken Mijungu is one of those angry guys and was recently on social media to slam guys who left NTV.

Nothing new

I thought it was an earthquake yaani not even a tremor, as ntvkenya is showing the World Cupcitizentvkenya couldn’t afford a game to counter just some aped shows with recycled faces with a whole thinktank having shifted base tucheze,” the reporter-cum-news anchor tweeted.

Some journalists who have left the station include Editor Linus Kaikai and Larry Madowo.

Yet another NTV presenter ‘stolen’ by Citizen TV, makes debut (photos)

The great exodus from once popular TV station, NTV, seems won’t stop any time soon. The once unshakable giant has been losing employees to other companies in an alarming rate as they watch helplessly.

Royal Media the new home

Most of these presenter have been moving to Royal Media and the latest presenter to switch sides is Kimani Mbugua. The entertainment news anchor took to social media to share his debut on Citizen TV with a photo.

Kim has now joined Citizen TV’

Almost 20 days ago, he bid goodbye to NTV with a message saying:

“Leaving @ntvkenya after three awesome years at the Nation Media Group, this home will be missed together with all who made this young boy’s dreams possible. Sasa naenda ivi nakam.”


Wilbroda narrates how she was panic-gripped after learning her HIV+ house girl breastfed her son 

Citizen TV actress Wilbroda has shared that she once panicked after learning her house girl was breastfeeding her son,  Xolani Amin Okello.

Jackeline Nyaminde AKA Wilbroda, shared that her house help breastfeeding her son scared was the fact why she was scared but because she had HIV.

“When my son was around 8 months old, I had to travel to Mombasa on a work assignment and so I left him under the care of a nanny whom I had trusted so much. While in Mombasa, I received an anonymous call from a person who informed me that my househelp breast fed my son whenever he cried,” Wilbroda disclosed on Parent’s Magazine.

Couldn’t sleep

She went on:

“I took the first flight back to Nairobi. I had to verify the information from my neighbours and in the process, I was informed that my nanny not only breastfeeds my son but was also living with HIV.

She added the action left her disturbed and she couldn’t even sleep. She fired the house help the following day before she could do anything harmful to her.

“I didn’t sleep that night and had to rush to the hospital around midnight to have my son tested. Luckily he was fine. To cut the long story short I fired the nanny the following day. It took immense self-control to restrain myself from harming her.” The actress disclosed.

Machachari crew pour gallons of water on  Baha during his birthday celebrations(photos) 

Kamau Mbaya, a popular actor who many know as Baha from his role in Citizen TV program Machachari, is no longer the kid we used to see on TV.

Baha has now grown into a man and recently celebrated his 18th birthday which saw the Machachari crew shower him despite the pounding rains that has been causing havoc lately. He was also given a cake after the forced called shower.

Here are the photos:


Kawangware man begs Ann Kiguta to marry him after she was dumped by Uhuru’s nephew

Just hours after Citizen TV news anchor Ann Kiguta and Uhuru’s rich nephew, Jomo Gecaga, allegedly parted ways, one fisi is already declaring his burning love and is ready to marry the sexy news anchor.

Jomo Gecaga allegedly left the news anchor for a popular city socialite but the two have not declared their love publicly. At least not yet.

Money is a problem

A man from Kawangware however, isn’t waiting for that. He’s making moves already on the now purportedly single mother of two.

The guy penned a lovely letter for Kiguta but there’s a problem. He’s just too broke for the TV queen.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Anne Kiguta

My name is Timo Semi, one of your biggest fans in Kenya, I’m also your secret admirer. I saw what your ex husband did to you, he kicked you out of his house. Am ready to take you as my wife and we can bring up your little girl together as a family…I’m six feet tall and I live in Kawangware. Money is not a problem, we shall hustle together. I own a laptop. 

Pure Love! Here’s how Willies Raburu and wife celebrated their first anniversary 

It’s now a year since Willis Raburu and his wife Maryaprude exchanged vows. The two have endured a lot as a couple as they fought social media severally while defending their love.

Their love has grown stronger from such challenges and Raburu took to social media to prove this sending a lovely message in the process to celebrate their first anniversary.

Still flaming

Willis Raburu and his wife

Here is the post Raburu made to honour their anniversary.

“I am normally very good with words, but it’s only your beauty that renders me speechless. I marvel at your heart and love for God, your love and respect for me…you teach me so much, you inspire me, you pick me up, you are my number 1 fan, you got me and you are even more sexy when you pray. My personal bad girl, my comedian, my best friend. Like I said I get speechless but the words that I am forever grateful I spoke are: “I DO” I love you,” he wrote on Instagram. 

His wife added:

“I Love you so much! It’s one year now to many more I used to wonder what they meant by saying Marriage is a lot of work and it is meant for grown ups,Believe me now I know,” her post read. 

Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi and bother Holy Dave mourning after losing their source of spiritual guidance

Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi and brother Holly Dave are mourning after losing their grandmother.

Both of them took to Instagram to share emotional posts and pay tribute. She was 108 years old.

#RestInParadise Grandma, thanks for teaching me the ways of the Lord, for loving me, for believing that I could be something extraordinary. Thanks for being the wisest person I ever knew, for mothering a clan of wonderful people. Go with God. Rest now dear susu. We love you #RIPAnna #SusuMbesa#MbaaMuthengi,” she said in her post.

Her brother, Holly Dave, posted a similar post, saying how his grandma lived her life to the fullest.

“Celebrating the life of the woman who raised the man who raised me. Born in 1910 (108 years old), it’s safe to say you lived a full life! You taught dad and the ruthless focus that he passed down to us. See you in heaven Anna Mbuu, aka Susu Mbesa, the Muthengi Family matriarch,” He posted. 

Joey with her grandmother Anna