Former Citizen TV news anchor Mike Njenga mourns father after burial

Former Citizen TV news anchor Mike Njenga is still mourning his father who was laid to rest on Tuesday.  Mike Njenga now works at Inooro TV.

“Today we lay you to rest our hearts are heavy…. Our souls are burdened but even though it shall be well. R.I.P dad,” read Njenga’s caption on social media.

It’s not clear what happened to his dad and the Inooro news anchor didn’t share much.

Mike Njenga’s father


Senior anchor Yvonne Okwara ditches KTN for Citizen TV

It seems like while other media companies are losing, Royal Media Services is still wining big.

After acquiring top journalists from NTV, the media company will now be adding Yvonne Okwara-Matole from KTN, sources claim.  Her impending departure comes after Joe Ageyo, who was the KTN Managing Editor, took up the role of Editorial Director at RMS.

Other journalists who have joined RMS’ include Jamila Mohammed and Victoria Rubadiri.

Okwara will be returning to a company where she started as a Radio journalists almost 11 years ago. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, Zoology, Botany and Chemistry from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Rubadri leaves NTV for Citizen TV, Set to hold for a pregnant Lilian Muli

Days after Larry Madowo resigned and got another job from BBC, fans begged him not to leave behind his co-anchor Victoria Rubidiri. It seems their prayers have been answered though not fully.

Victoria Rubadiri has now ditched NTV and is headed for Citizen TV where she’ll be replacing a pregnant Lilian Muli, sources say. Rubadiri becomes the latest journalist to ditch the ailing Nation Media after eight other leading journalists left recently.

Citizen wins big

Some of those who have moved to Citizen TV include Pamela Asigi, former NTV’s editor, was appointed Managing Editor, English desk, whereas Jamila Mohammed, former NTV’s Swahili news anchor will now be Citizen TV’s Managing Editor, Swahili desk.

Jeff Koinange reveals shocking things that happen outside his house in Kitusuru despite government warning 

Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange expressed shock that no one in his neighborhood has observed DP William Ruto’s tough warning on tree felling and logging.

Trees being cut in Kitusuru

During his JKL show on Citizen TV, Koinanage showed remorse that trees were being cut at an alarming rate around his home in Kitusuru despite government’s ban.

”The deputy president put a ban on logging. Trees are being cut left, right and centre ouside my house in Kitusuru. The machines are going on day in, day out, cutting down trees. Imagine what is going on in the Mau,” Jeff Koinange said.

On Monday Ruto announced that there won’t be any tree felling and logging in Kenya for 90 days to restore the lost forest in the country. Illegal login is slowly turning the country to a desert and Kenyans are pushing for change before things get worse.

Willis Raburu: I knew i’ll be on TV since I was seven years old 

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was recently on social media to thank God for the far he’s come as a media personality.

Raburu, who hosts the popular 10 over 10 show alongside Joey Muthengi, told his fans that even as a young boy, he always believed he’ll end up being a host. He used to tell his mother that media is his first passion and now that he’s all grown up, that’s what puts food on his table.

I was 7 years old, and I would tell my mother ‘one day I will be on TV'” he said in the post while encouraging his fans to follow their dreams and to believe in God.

“Every morning when I wake up to get to #Powerbreakfast , when I get to do radio on #RhythmJunction on @hot96fmkenya , when I do #10over10 and read Lunchtime News over the weekend still on @citizentvkenya”

Thanking God for the opportunity

He added:

“I thank God for the platform and the amazing team that I get to work with. So to everybody who has a dream know that God is a master strategist, it may take time but it is worth the while. I am not there yet but I know this: “But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favor on me.”

Kirigo Ng’arua: My layoff came as a shock to me, I did not see myself leaving Citizen TV anytime soon

Former Citizen TV anchor has finally opened up about her retrenchment. Kirigo Ng’arua says she didn’t expect to be among those who would be fired.

Royal Media Services (RMS) carried out a major restructuring in October 2016. Over 100 employees were sent packing as the media house said difficult business environment in the broadcast industry had cut revenues.

Kirigo Ng’arua was among RMS journalists laid off in the restructuring. The retrenchment was a big shock to her because she wasn’t prepared for it.

“A lay off is never easy on throws you into some confused state..and for it to happen in public makes it slightly harder cause everyone wants to know what happened..of course you have many questions..why me..what did I do wrong??what will my family say??what will people think of me??but it is not the end of the world…in fact I believe it’s a stepping stone to bigger and greater things..It’s definitely a lot harder but you learn to take it a day at a time,” says Kirigo Ng’arua.

Kirigo Ng’arua

I knew people would be fired

Kirigo says she had gotten wind about the retrenchment but she never thought she would be on the list. She reveals that she wasn’t sure how to act when she was given a letter terminating her employment.

“My layoff came as a bit of a shock to me as I did not see myself leaving Citizen TV anytime soon. Well, I knew that some people would be laid off but I did not give it much thought as I was focused on making myself better in my job. What I actually dreaded came to be a reality. In that shock, I wasn’t sure how to react. But there was no going back for me. I had to move forward,” Kirigo told Pulse.



Kirigo says rumors ran rife she was dating a sponsor after she happened to be in the same flight with a government official. She explains that she was traveling abroad after being fired from Citizen TV when she happened to be in the same flight with the ‘sponsor’.

“I have some of my relatives abroad and they invited me over to spend some time with them and I considered it a way for me to take my mind off things. From that, people started spreading rumors that I was dating a sponsor and that he was taking me on holiday. It’s funny how people love to draw conclusions about an issue even before getting their facts right.”



Francis Gachuri’s children write heartfelt letter to their dad after watching him being beaten silly by Nasa goons 

Citizen TV’s Francis Gachuri was roughed up by Nasa goons on Tuesday October 31st. Journalists were attacked during a meeting called by Nasa at the Wiper Headquarters in Lavington, Nairobi.

The incident was condemned by both Nasa leaders and Media Council of Kenya. There was also uproar on social media in regard to the same.

Francis Gachuri’s children wrote a letter to their father following the ugly incident in Lavington.  Sandra, Marcus and Curtis jointly wrote the letter which basically inspires and appreciates their father.

Francis Gachuri with his sons

The Citizen TV reporter shared a copy of the letter on his Twitter handle. Gachuri says the kids wrote the letter after watching him being roughed up by the goons.

“Lastly, this note penned by my daughter Sandra and her brothers Marcus and Curtis after watching the incident on TV is the real deal,” Francis Gachuri tweeted.

Gachuri’s kids express their feeling

“Dear loving dad,
We care about you so much
I hope you are at and your heart will feel better and you will have happiness in your life. I wish you love, wisdom and faithfullness and lots of it.
May God bless you

I love you very much

From: Sandra, Marcus and Curtis

To: Our dad,” the letter read.


Citizen TV producer threatens and abuse Miguna Miguna on WhatsApp messages

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna has come out to strongly condemn Citizen TV after its producer sent him threats via WhatsApp messaging app.

The controversial wannabe Nairobi governor says that Citizen TV producer only known as Sam sent him abusive and unprofessional messages.

“The @citizentvkenya “Producer,” Sam has just sent me very abusive and unprofessional messages on @WhatsApp. I don’t beg to appear on TV,” Miguna Miguna tweeted.

Kenyans on Twitter put him to task to share screenshots of the abusive WhatsApp messages but Miguna stood his ground saying wouldn’t publish defamatory statements.

Miguna only offered comprehensive explanation to Ekuru Aukot‏ – former Secretary of the Committee of Experts on Constitution Review, who inquired why he was grumbling.

See the conversation below:

Juda$254‏: please share the screenshots. We need to roast him

Governor Miguna‏: That would be tantamount to repeating and republishing defamatory statements and would undermine my legal action against him.

NguGi‏: how was the message defamatory if it was sent only to you? jst asking

Governor Miguna‏: The words would be “defamatory” when repeated or republished. Unlike you, I am extremely careful with what I write. Re-read my messages.

nguGi‏: defamatory when repeated or republished is defferent from repeating or republishing defamatory statements which is what you had twitted 1st

Governor Miguna‏: You are allowed to continue practicing your churlish tongue twisters. #MigunaDraintheSwamp

Ekuru Aukot‏: Janyando what are they saying. Our  media is  sinking low .

Governor Miguna‏: The man threatened that he will not allow me to appear on @citizentvkenya and called me names that I would rather not repeat here, Chief.

Ekuru Aukot‏: Noooo these guys @citizentvkenya get alot of free content that increase their ratings   from some of us .

Governor Miguna‏: They prefer to stage-manage politics where they can prop-up mediocre criminals as “leaders” and perpetuate the culture of impunity.

Alphonce Juma‏: U need main stream media 2reach the masses pls tone down & use their platform for ure own good.

Governor Miguna‏: That’s self-defeatist. The so-called mainstream media is corrupt & incompetent. We shall triumph in spite of them. We’ll not be compromised.

martinothigo‏: Share the message ama we’ll just treat it as attention seeking

Governor Miguna‏: Do what you like.