Citizen TV’s Kapombe turns 30, wonders how 40 years will feel in birthday message to self

Citizen TV news anchor Mashirima Kapombe was recently on social media to celebrate hitting 30 years old.

The Swahili news anchor, who has been a top journalist since 2012 while working at Qfm, posted a lovely message on her social media pages to mark the day and also wonder how turning 40 years will feel like.

“What 30 feels like… Thanking God for life, love, family and friends. Happy birthday to me… I wonder what 40 will feel like ????????.” she posted. 


In the comments, one fan was impressed with how the mother of one is always in a jovial mood and decided to ask what’s her secret.

“Please tell me what is the secret I have never seen you kama umekasirika (annoyed)!” asked the fan. 

“Mashirima responded, “Haha… choose your battles, not everyone/everything deserves a response or a reaction, kimya pia ni jibu. (Silence is also a viable response).”‏ she answered. 



Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey moved to new show 

Controversial radio host Annitah Ray has been moved to a new show after hosting the Hot Drive which she co-hosted alongside Patrick Igunza for half a year.

Ray will now be hosting the 96 late night show ‘The Sizzle On Hot’ which airs from 10pm to 1pm every weekday. The show will be about relationships.

“Well well you know am not one to censor anything… And now I get an amazing chance to talk it as it is. No sugar coating… It’s gonna be sizzling hot… See you on Monday ,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.


Once the changes were announced, Ray took to social media to sent Patrick Igunza a message. In a post on Instagram, Ray said that parting ways with Igunza was the hardest thing she has had to do in a very long time.

“You know I love loooove Radio… No actually I live radio… I breathe radio… I will die radio… And this has been my baby for the last six months… Most will ask why I didn’t say goodbye… Lemmi tell you leaving my G was the hardest thing ave done in a long time… you have been the best Co-host ever.. Heck nobody will ever be better than you… You will always always be my Radio Bae My Ze Daddy… But in life change is the only constant… So guys let’s welcome the brand new..Hooooot Hotter This will always have the my heart,” wrote Ray on Instagram.

Joey Muthengi sends Fred Indimuli lovely message after resigning from Citizen TV

Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi has wished her former workmate and fellow host Fred Indimuli all the best in his next phase after he resigned from Citizen TV.

Fred Indimuli, Willis Raburu and Muthengi hosted Citizen TV’s morning show Day Break together. Muthengi praised him for his work ethics and focus in her goodbye message.

“2 and 1/2 years ago I met one @fredrickindimuli as we joined the #PowerBreakfast team on @citizentvkenya. I must say this gentleman has a ridiculous work ethic (I mean that in the best way). Hard working, focused, gets along with everyone…basically someone you want on your team,” she said on social media. 


On Tuesday, he announced that it was his last day on Citizen TV. Indimuli didn’t share his next stop however. Joey said she has learned a lot from him.

“As you say Goodbye to #Daybreak today I just wanted to say that it’s been a pleasure working alongside you. I’ve learned a lot simply by observing how you approach your duties as an anchor. I wish you nothing but continued success. Don’t forget us little people when you make it to the big leagues. God speed Fred,” she said.

Citizen TV employees share update after being involved in accident 

Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua and a camera man are doing fine after being involved in an minor accident on Tuesday.

Taking to social media, Mbugua revealed that a matatu had hit the car they were in with his cameraman Kim.

All fine

The two were not hurt in the accident. On Instagram, Kimani Mbugua, a former NTV presenter, explained to fans.

“Alright guys. This is to update all of you that we are all fine and this is Kim the man on camera. We are all fine. This is the car that was involved in an accident na huku mbele ni hii matatu imetugonga, hii matatu”, he said in a video.

Pick a side! NTV and Citizen introduce new Swahili news anchors lineup on the same day (video) 

Journalists in different media houses have been shifting lately as power struggles between top media companies has intensified.

Citizen TV has been poaching a bunch of presenters lately from other TV stations but also has lost a few of their top guys in the process.

Citizen TV and NTV have now released their official news lineup both on the same day leaving Kenyans arguing on which side they belong.

NTV Line up

Line ups

Ex-NTV news anchors Nimrod Tabu, Jamila Mohamed, Lulu Hassan’s hubby Rashid Abdhalla, former KTN Swahili news anchor Mwashirima Kapombe Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi and the ever glowing Lulu Hassan made up the line up for Citizen TV.

NTV on the other hand has Salim Swaleh, Doreen Gatwiri, Nuru Abdulaziz as well as Kaltun Jama on their Swahili desk.

Watch the two videos below:

Kanze Reloaded!! Kenyans happy with Kanze Dena’s first press briefing

Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena was recently appointed the Deputy State House spokesperson and took leadership of the communication teams focusing on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging in regard to the delivery of the Big Four agenda.

The 39-year-old Kanze had developed a close working relationship with Lulu Hassan whom she has been co-hosting Swahili news with for years and left her in tears on the last day before leaving.

Lovely job

Dena has now given her first press briefing and it seems Kenyans are really glad she was given the job. Most Kenyans took to share their views on the her first expressing that she doing a good job.

Here’s what guys had to say:

Opiyo Ochola Very goog Kanze,keep it up.

Kevo Wanjohi Living the dream kanze…go go kanze
Irene Wangui Kweli when you become a government worker u must sing their song
 Great work kanze
Harry Ford So proud of you Kanze,

Rose Mukami Congratulations Kanze

Hydda Musili  Woow..Go Kanze Go…all the best
Princess Amina love you Kanze..
Mumbi Peterson Congrats!
Dandace Gande · 1:52 Congrats
Maggie Laban Keep up good work Kanze.
Caroline Mutegi · 0:57 Locked here now, never used to bother
Moses Karanja · 1:06 Hello
Margaret Wairimu · 2:44 Ako tense though but inaeleweka first time at a job happens but you are doing great just relax mami??
Mary Clara Nabea · 2:54 Go girl you blessed
Rukia Ahmed Abubakar · 1:57 Keep it up dear!!!proud of you!!!
Mable Starr · 2:38 Nice … Relax you will get used

‘Bitter’ NTV reporter slams journalists who moved to Citizen TV

Almost a dozen journalists left Nation Media group for Royal media services, something that has left some angry.

Ken Mijungu is one of those angry guys and was recently on social media to slam guys who left NTV.

Nothing new

I thought it was an earthquake yaani not even a tremor, as ntvkenya is showing the World Cupcitizentvkenya couldn’t afford a game to counter just some aped shows with recycled faces with a whole thinktank having shifted base tucheze,” the reporter-cum-news anchor tweeted.

Some journalists who have left the station include Editor Linus Kaikai and Larry Madowo.

Yet another NTV presenter ‘stolen’ by Citizen TV, makes debut (photos)

The great exodus from once popular TV station, NTV, seems won’t stop any time soon. The once unshakable giant has been losing employees to other companies in an alarming rate as they watch helplessly.

Royal Media the new home

Most of these presenter have been moving to Royal Media and the latest presenter to switch sides is Kimani Mbugua. The entertainment news anchor took to social media to share his debut on Citizen TV with a photo.

Kim has now joined Citizen TV’

Almost 20 days ago, he bid goodbye to NTV with a message saying:

“Leaving @ntvkenya after three awesome years at the Nation Media Group, this home will be missed together with all who made this young boy’s dreams possible. Sasa naenda ivi nakam.”