Mustafa talks about the physical and mental abuse he got from ex girlfriend, Noti Flow

Just recently during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, rapper Colonel Mustafa opened up about a few things concerning his ex girlfriend Noti Flow.

The two hooked up after bonding during the Nairobi Diaries sessions and for a minute the two became a power couple but what many didn’t know is that behind closed doors Mustafa was actually suffering.

Physical abuse

Speaking to Mzazi, the rapper for the first time revealed that Noti Flow had actually been abusing him to a point where she began biting him whenever they fight.

He went on to add that Noti Flow is the kind of girlfriend who wants to spend an entire day doing a lot of nothing yet she still complains why he is not bringing in money.

Anyway, after putting up with so much Colonel decided to walk away. He went on to open up saying;


“I wasted a whole year on you!” Noti Flow claims Mustafa’s broke state dragged her down

Rapper Noti Flow seems quite angry at her ex man, Colonel Mustafa who has allegedly been falsely reporting her music videos on YouTube.

Noti Flow embroiled in a war of words with ex, Colonel Mustafa

According to Noti Flow, Uncle Muss has been pulling this stunt after she came out to confirm that indeed Mustafa was gay and in-fact has a boyfriend he lives with in Utawala.

In a post shared by the lady on her social media pages, Noti Flow is seen accusing Mustafa of trying to sabotage her music videos. Noti says that Mustafa reporting the videos has affected the number of views and he needs to stop this.


Is Mustafa broke?

Well, once again Mustafa has been accused of being broke. A while back rumor had it that he was struggling to make ends meet since his music was not paying enough to carter for all his needs.

His ex girlfriend Noti Flow has also gone ahead to throw shade at Mustafa who she claims dragged her down with his broke state! Through her Instagram page Noti Flow wrote;

Noti Flow Mustafa

“Mustafa was using me like his sugar mummy” Noti Flow continues to expose ex Colonel Mustafa

Noti Flow has definitely given fans something to talk about after confirming that her boyfriend of 3 years – Colonel Mustafa is gay.

The rapper who is known for her controversial lifestyle and bi-sexuality has also added that Colonel Mustafa has been dating a fellow man on the low – without her finding out.

Mustafa turns Noti Flow to a sugar mummy?

Thanks to screenshots of her conversation with Trap King Chrome (who was the first one to expose Mustafa) – Noti Flow has also accused Mustafa of using her for money.

The lady says that Mustafa has been depending on her to pay all their bills yet she is 15 younger than her.

Noti Flow

This has left many talking especially now that uncle Muss (Colonel Mustafa) has deactivated his Instagram page and refused to addressed this issue.

“Yes Mustafa is gay!” Noti Flow confirms

Singer and rapper Noti Flow has confirmed that Colonel Mustafa is indeed gay after living with him for 3 years now.

The lass confirmed this through her Instagram stories where she also went on to share a couple of screenshots from her DM revealing how she finally found out about Mustafa’s sexuality.

Noti Flow exposes Mustafa

According to Noti Flow, her ex Colonel Mustafa left has been secretly living with his boyfriend in Utawala – something she did not know until this past weekend during the night of the Nai Fest!

Sugar mama

Well seems that Noti Flow decided to expose Mustafa after he failed to perform with her during the festival.

Noti Flow says Mustafa ditched her and left with his boyfriend without a care in the world. The rapper went on to reveal that she has been supporting Mustafa all along despite him being older by 15 years!

Anyway check out screenshots from her conversation with Trap King Chrome.

Colonel Mustafa deletes Instagram account after he was accused of being called gay

Colonel Mustafa is no longer on Instagram just a few days after Trap King Chrome went on to accuse him of being gay.

According to Trap King, uncle Mustafa has been living with a man who he (Colonel) is romantically involved with.


This however sparked a lot of assumptions as fans questioned whether this is true since he was dating Noti Flow – while others couldn’t but question why he has not yet settled down like his age-mates.

Noti Flow dumps Mustafa

Despite Noti Flow walking out on Mustafa, the fella has been trying to get her back but it seems that she is done with that phase!

Anyway before deactivating his Instagram page, Mustafa shared the post below to prove that he was still dating Noti – only for the lass to delete all her photos with Mustafa on her gram!


Colonel Mustafa speaks for the first time after he was accused of being gay

Just last week Colonel Mustafa was accused of being gay by his one Trap King Chrome who is an former actor of reality show Nairobi Diaries.

According to Trap King, his fellow actor Mustafa has been living a fake life pretending to be in a relationship with Noti Flow — to avoid fans from finding out he is a gay guy for the sake of his reputation.

The story came as a shock to fans who also couldn’t help but share their thoughts about this issue. Well, seems that others believed Trap King’s story as they questioned why Mustafa was not thinking of starting a family now that he is in his 40’s.

I am not gay

Anyway this past weekend Mustafa opened up to for the first time to show buzz where he talked about this issue for the first time.

According to Mustafa, he is very much straight and loves women unlike Trap King’s claims.

I am very straight. I love women, I always have. Currently I am with Noti Flow and were just doing fine. The young is being used as a distraction because I called them out for failing to pay me. How is that even possible with Noti Flow around?


However, Noti Flow already confirmed her break up with Mustafa on Saturday morning.

Rapper Noti Flow and Mustafa now officially living as man and wife!

Rappers Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa seem to have moved their relationship from girlfriend and boyfriend – to husband and wife real quick.

For the past few months the two have made it clear that they are involved with each other and from the look of things, these two might just be made for each other.

Well, while other relationships don’t make it to the ‘matchy matchy’ outfits; Colonel Mustafa and his wife are enjoying this new stage of marriage that has left many talking.

Colonel on dating Noti Flow

Mustafa uploaded a photo rocking a matching outfit with Noti flow and went on to caption saying;

Mustafa with wife, Noti Flow

Matchy with my wife my Queen ????????

It it is unclear as to how this relationship from Nairobi Diaries ended up getting so serious but one thing is for sure; these two make a perfect couple!

So far they live together and maybe soon the couple might just announce their official wedding date on social media.

Colonel Mustafa avows he is in a serious love affair that is inseparable

Speaking in a candid interview with Pulse magazine, controversial singer, Colonel Mustafa assures the public he is serious about Noti Flow and are a perfect couple.

This comes just a month after the two made their re-bond public.

The Kenyan rapper articulates:

We are back together and not just back, this love is hot.

This is all I have wanted all my life.

Noti Flow is like no other woman.

She completes me.

He further clarifies, that the whole make up saga is not a hype, rather a serious love affair whose future is inseparable.

His break up history

The two broke up in a public mess that saw them go their separate ways with Colonel even indulging himself with a different woman.

He was once in a relationship with secular-cum-gospel female artist, Marya, one that didn´t work, though he believes this one with Noti is set to last.

Even God gives people second chances.

See, when we were both in Nairobi Diaries, things were a bit different.

There were so many wars and women were really backstabbing each other and that led to a serious problem.

She was told many bad things about me and I opted to let it be so.

I think time is a teacher.

We both know better.

Colonel believes he is a grown up and so is Noti, they ought to discern what to believe, and what to trash, if they are to move forward.

The Future

The Kenyan hip hop artist affirms that he does see a future with Noti, a future that is now, because they are a Perfect match.

Colonel reveals the good side of femcee, Noti Flow:

Noti is very open.

She says it as it is and I like that a lot.

She has suddenly made me change my perspective of things when it comes to matters love.

People might not understand Noti Flow as they perceive who she is from a very uninformed way.

She is also an independent mind.

Colonel Mustafa assures that they both love each other, understand each other and accommodate each other´s feelings and preferences.

The rapper affirms he is ready to have Noti walk down the isle, once she gives him the signal.

However, at times, he feels like he is jinxed when it comes to relationships but hopes this one will flow well.

He can not wait to hear the cries of his babies, as he is doing everything in his capacity to make it all work:

I am ready to get her pregnant.

In fact, I would have her carry twins for me.

According to him, after delivery, she would wish to see her hit the gym, just like Cardi.

We have been having a lot of intimate time, something she had missed after she left me.

This is how we soften each other, because she is naughty and I am the real G.

However, Colonel cites that guys are still hitting on Noti, offering her anything just to have her but forewarns them because they should have done it all, while he was away.

For now, he is back and he is the real G.


The music scene has not hosted Mustafa for quite a while, something that saw fans raise their eyebrows.

However, Colonel clarifies:

I never left.

Mustafa has been releasing songs and has been a household name whether it´s because of Nairobi Diaries dramas or haters saying I retired and I am selling ´mitumba´ clothes.

The two controversial media personalities are both in the music scene and co-stars in popular ¨Nairobi Diaries¨ show.

Colonel desires to see Noti Flow make records just as he makes his, because that is what affairs are all about.

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow back as one, months after breakup

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa seems to have gotten back to terms with ex, Noti Flow.

The two were recently spotted spending some quality time together, sparing no one.

¨Linked up with the Queen in the hood,¨ Mustafa captioned.

As captured on their Instagram accounts, the two looked like a piece, sparing nothing for the cameras.

¨Day was lit,¨ Noti Flow captioned from her end.

She claimed that they were at a recording studio working on something.

Noti Flow is a female rapper.

Also, was part of the reality TV show, Nairobi Diaries, before walking away.

Still comes as a shocker to many, having witnessed their undiplomatic breakup barely months ago.

The two rappers and reality TV show casts have been on and off the dating circle since their stint in the popular show.

Earlier on, Noti Flow had called the rapper all manner of names.

Furthermore, Noti had accused Colonel of being a broke guy who could not even take care of a woman.

Mustafa responded with claims that the female rapper was just but bitter and crazy.