Legendary Musician Colonel Mustafa Opens Up About Brief Romance With Socialite Huddah Monroe

In a candid interview on ‘Iko Nini Podcast,‘ legendary musician Colonel Mustafa revealed details of his fleeting relationship with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe. He disclosed that their romance, which sparked in a music studio, lasted only two weeks.

“God has guided me through many experiences,” Mustafa shared. “My love life has been a learning journey. I’ve dated women in the public eye, including the one you mentioned (Huddah).

Mustafa expressed admiration for Huddah’s determination and success. He drew parallels between Huddah’s journey and that of reality TV star Kim Kardashian. “She had a dream, similar to Kim Kardashian’s,” he remarked.

“She knew what it took to achieve it. She started when she still had braces. Her story is out there for the world to see. She knew where she wanted to go.

Addressing the possibility of Huddah being a lifelong partner, Mustafa acknowledged that the brevity of their relationship prevented him from truly understanding her. “Huddah and I only dated for two weeks before things ended abruptly. There was a lot going on, and I didn’t get to know her well. It takes time to truly get to know someone,” he explained.

Mustafa’s revelation about his relationship with Huddah Monroe provides a glimpse into the musician’s personal life and his experiences with love and relationships. His honesty and openness offer a deeper understanding of his character and the challenges of maintaining connections in the public eye.

Colonel Mustafa finally reveals why he and Marya broke up

Once regarded as a power couple in the Kenyan entertainment scene, Colonel Mustafa and Marya’s five-year relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions, marked by both highs and lows. Their journey was marred by accusations of abuse, infidelity, and the pressures of fame, ultimately leading to their separation.

In a candid interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, Colonel Mustafa delved into the complexities of their relationship, revealing an incident that left a lasting impact on him and contributed to his lingering aversion to phones.

Mustafa recalled a time when he discovered disturbing content on Marya’s phone while she was away for a show. This experience left an indelible mark on him.

“I waited for two weeks without seeing her, and we were living together,” he recounted. “When she returned, I believe she was preparing for a show and left her phone behind. So, when I checked her phone, it didn’t have a PIN code.”

“I saw things there that have left me with a fear of phones to this day,” he revealed. “There were things like ‘the entire house smells of your perfume since you left.’ Additionally, there were other things mentioned that messed with my mind at the time.”

Mustafa acknowledged that Marya might not have been fully prepared for the challenges that came with their newfound fame. As Marya’s popularity in the music industry grew, external influences, promises, and attention played a role in the deterioration of their once strong bond.

“I think I made a mistake by getting her involved in music,” he confessed. “Maybe she wasn’t ready for those things because she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anything to do with music. But we saw an opportunity; we could make money with her, and we thought she should do it.”

“So, I did it with good intentions,” he continued. “But now, as she entered the game, she became loved and in demand. There are many people outside, and they have many promises. So it came, and it fell apart. People came in and messed things up, and that’s how it ended.”

Mustafa clarified that the damage to their relationship extended beyond musical endeavors. Deep-rooted issues, including infidelity, played a more significant role in their separation.

“What ruined my relationship with Marya wasn’t religious matters,” he clarified. “It was something deep, in the midst of which cheating occurred. So, since she did that, she herself said she can’t be with me.

Following their split, both Mustafa and Marya faced significant challenges in their lives.

Colonel Mustafa Gives Update On Why His Shop Is Still Closed Despite Fundraiser

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa has explained why his clothes and sneakers shop is still closed, despite Kenyans raising money to help him open the business.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Mustafa said that the shop is not permanently closed down, but he is still working on getting it up and running. He said that he is currently working on getting the necessary permits and licenses, and that he is also looking for a suitable location for the shop.

“Shop kweli imekuwa ikifungwa lakini si ati tumefunga shop mambo yamekuwa mengi sana. Bado nilikuwa nashughulika na mama tulikuwa tunangoja baada hio radio therapy tufanye pediscan. Hicho ndicho kitu kimekuwa kikinifanya nisipatikane sana kazini pale kwenye shop. Apart from that mambo ya music na pia nimekuwa na shows nyingi nafanya na sijapata mtu mwenye naweza mueka pale mwenye naamini kabisa anaezaniendeleshea kazi mpka mimi mwenyewe nirudi.”

Mustafa also revealed that his mother is currently in recovery from cancer, and that he is taking care of her. He said that this has taken up a lot of his time and energy, and that it is one of the reasons why the shop has not opened yet.

Mustafa thanked the Kenyans who have supported him, and said that he is committed to opening the shop as soon as possible. He said that he wants to use the business to provide for his family and to help other young people who are struggling.

Colonel Mustafa Set To Make Music Comeback

Colonel Mustafa has announced that he is making a comeback to the music industry.

Speaking during an interview at the Kenya National Theatre ahead of the much anticipated Watanashati Festival, Mustafa said that he has recorded an EP and is ready to release new music.

“My mother has finished radiotherapy and is fine now, so I have been able to go back to the studio and record an EP,” he said.

Mustafa has been quiet for some years after his life hit rock bottom when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He released a song in 2022, but it flopped due to lack of consistency.

His audience had disappeared during the time he had been away, and he struggled to make ends meet. A video of him carrying bricks at a construction site went viral, which showed how difficult things had become for him.

However, artists, friends, and media personalities came to his rescue, and he is now back on his feet.

Mustafa’s announcement of his music comeback is exciting news for his fans. He is a talented artist, and his new music is sure to be well-received.

I am glad that Mustafa is doing well and that he is able to pursue his passion for music. I wish him all the best in his comeback.

Colonel Mustafa going gospel?

Rapper Colonel Mustafa has made hints that his mother’s cancer treatment’s positive outcome has inspired him to maybe return to the music industry.

The singer updated her treatment journey on the Mungai Eve YouTube channel, saying everything had gone well and they might have some positive news in the next 25 days or so.

“Itanipatia nafasi pia kuandika mistari mbili nirudishe shukrani kwa mafans wangu, because naweza lipa muziki kuna pesa kidogo imebaki, at least naweza fungua biashara mbili tatu. So mafans wangoje track mpya ya kuwashukuru, sijawahi toa track ya kushukuru mafans ama kushukuru muumba.

Sijawahi imbia God hata siku moja. Sijawahi imbia maam mzazi nyimbo

Rapper Colonel Mustafa has made hints that his mother’s cancer treatment’s positive outcome has inspired him to maybe return to the music industry.

The singer updated her treatment journey on the Mungai Eve YouTube channel, saying everything had gone well and they might have some positive news in the next 25 days or so.

“Yeah, I was thinking of it. because we can’t sing about tingisha you see. God asha nionyesha njia ni gani na atangoja ni nini nafanya wka jamii, kama ni nyimbo za kutngisha ama nitaimaba inspiration songs. Huko ndio nako enda, you can call it Gospel or Inspiration, that’s the music we are going to do”

After months of pleading for assistance, Colonel Mustafa and his mother are getting along nicely.The mother of former rapper Colonel Mustafa is undergoing excellent cancer therapy.

She explained to the YouTuber,

“Mimi kwa saa hizi nashukuru mungu sijambo alhamdulilahi, naona kila siku nazidi kuimarika, juzi nimefanyiwa CT Scan”

She will have radiation in the following 23 days.

Mustafa remarked

“Safari imekuwa tough sana, badi niko na mum hapa napambana usiku na mchana imekuwa tough sana kutoka kwa Chemo.

The Chemo has been quite expensive we have spent over Ksh100,000. So it got to a point we were unable to continue with the treatments, But God is great, people fundraised for us, and even now we have a sponsorship from a big hospital.”


Colonel Mustafa reveals humiliating thing celebs made him do to earn their “mchango”

Singer Mustafa recently opened up about his financial struggles and the lack of support he received from some of his friends in the music industry after a video of him working on a construction site went viral.

The singer revealed that some of his friends in the industry doubted his intentions and accused him of seeking attention and “chasing clout” through the video.

However, Mustafa highlighted the contrast between the reaction of his friends and the unwavering support he has received from his fans.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mustafa spoke about his difficult situation and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from his fans.

“I am grateful for the encouraging messages and well wishes I have received from my dedicated followers. My fans have been sending messages of support to my mother, wishing her a speedy recovery,” he said.

In a surprising revelation, Mustafa revealed that one of the cast members of the reality show Nairobi Diaries, in which he had previously taken part in, had made a distressing suggestion.

According to Mustafa, the person suggested that he record his sick mother in pain and share the video with her to get help.

“There was one who told me to record my sick mother and send the video to her,” Mustafa said.

Other cast members who reached out, include “Mishi Dora contacted me, but I got a missed call from her. I have not called her yet.”

Responding to recent comments by Risper Faith during a TikTok live session, Mustafa reacted to claims by Risper that her husband had reportedly reached out to him.

However, he clarified that he had not received any communication from Brian himself, casting doubt on whether the contact had been made.

“I don’t blame them at all, maybe they’re busy doing their thing. How could I not notice Brian? I don’t think Risper’s husband reached out to me,” he said.

While acknowledging that his friends in the industry might be preoccupied with their own endeavors, he stopped short of blaming them.

As Mustafa continues to face his financial challenges, he remains grateful for the unwavering support and encouragement of his dedicated fanbase.

“I am humbled by the support I have received from my fans. They have shown me that there is still good in the world,” he said.

Mustafa’s story is a reminder that even when times are tough, there is always hope. With the support of his fans, Mustafa is confident that he will overcome his current challenges and continue to pursue his dream of becoming a successful musician.

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Colonel Mustafa Receives Support From CS Ababu Namwamba

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa has received support from Sports, Culture and Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba. Namwamba met with Mustafa at his office on Tuesday, May 17, 2023, and assured him of the ministry’s support.

Mustafa has been going through a financial crisis following his mother’s cancer diagnosis. He was forced to take up a job as a construction worker to raise money for her treatment.

Namwamba lauded Mustafa for his dedication to his mother and for his commitment to his music career. He said that he would like to see Mustafa continue making music and inspiring the younger generation of artists.

The CS also announced that the ministry would be providing Mustafa with financial assistance to help him get back on his feet. He said that the ministry would also be providing him with resources to help him promote his music.

Mustafa expressed his gratitude to Namwamba and the ministry for their support. He said that he was grateful for the opportunity to continue making music and to inspire others.

He also said that he was determined to overcome his current challenges and to achieve his dreams.

This is a heartwarming story of how a community came together to support one of their own. It is also a reminder of the importance of family and friends, and of the power of music to inspire and uplift.

Colonel Mustafa gets to meet Ababu Namwamba

Colonel Mustafa was gone from the lime light for a while only to surface once again when a video of him working as a casual labourer at a construction site went viral. Kenyans were shocked at the realization of just how far he had fallen and as a result, he became the talk pf the town with a lot of Kenyans declaring their intent to contribute for him to be able to elevate himself.

And as that conversation was happening, he revealed that his mother too was battling cancer and that was another reason as to why his money had dwindled. Kenyans too rallied to the cause and his colleagues within the entertainment industry raised 1 million kshs for that. And now CS Ababu Namwamba has come through and had a tet-a-tete with Colonel Mustafa and below are the photos of their encounter:

Check out Colonel Mustafa’s touching Mother’s Day tribute

Colonel Mustafa has been going through economic times after covered did a number on the global economy and he alleges that a friend of his seemed to have taken advantage of him and scammed him.

And as this was going on his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he has been trying to take care of her which so his resources that were already threatened dwindle into nothing.

Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

He has since asked celebrities and Kenyans at lunch for help and it’s great to see everyone responded to his request and he has already made north of 1 million shillings. That said, Colonel Mustafa decided to celebrate his mother on Mother’s Day.

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

He took to his WhatsApp status with a very touching celebration of his mother’s love and he even shared a photo of her holding him so if you have never seen a young Colonel Mustafa, here’s your chance:

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Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

Colonel Mustafa was revealed to be struggling under the burdens of financial hardships after he fell off and could no longer make enough money from his projects to sustain himself. And to add on top of his woes was the fact his mother was suffering from cancer and he had to take care of her.

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

He preferred to get work as a manual labourer at a mjengo rather than begging Kenyans for help and that is something a lot of Kwenyans appreciated and they themselves encouraged him to ask for help.

Colonel Mustafa took the initiative to request help and he told Kenyans to contribute some money to help him. And some of the people who have responded was a former Ogopa DJ artist and Starehe MP and current CAS, Jaguar.

Ezekiel Mutua reaches out to Colonel Mustafa, offers help

Jaguar and his friends have raised 1 million shillings that they intend to give Colonel Mustafa so he can get himself put together:


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Bien speaks up about Colonel Mustafa fundraiser

Bien has waded into the conversation around Colonel Mustafa’s fall from grace and into dire financial Straits after videos of him working at a mjengo as a construction worker surfaced on the internet.

Chiki Kuruka wasnt wrong in defending her husband Bien

According to Bien all this can be avoided if an individual simply cultivates valuable networks and he has a very good point. Reason I’m saying this is that as an artist there are multiple different avenues for generating income.

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Even long after your relevance has declined, long after your fanbase has stopped checking for your latest music, you can still make money if you transition well but to do so you will have to have made valuable relationships with people still relevant within the industry.

Signs are pointing to Bien going solo sooner or later

An example of this would be going on a tour for your older fanbase. They might be few and old but they have the financial muscle to buy your tickets even at exaggerated prices and a case in point would be Kenyans are paying 8,000 shillings to watch Boys 2 Men.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Another way for artists to transition would be for him to get a gig on television on some magazine show. Even for him to get on a podcast. But what he would have needed are valuable networks.

Therapy: Bien speaks on how Sauti Sol has survived 20 years together

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Ezekiel Mutua reaches out to Colonel Mustafa, offers help

For once we are going to be reporting about Ezekiel Mutua and supporting everything is saying and attempting to do as he intimated that he is trying to get in contact with Colonel Mustafa in order to offer help.

Ezekiel Mutua addresses being the “most hated man in Kenya”

Taking to his Facebook account this is what he said:
Someone, please inbox me Mustafa’s number. I have mad love and respect for people who face life head on and do what a man has got to do to put food on the table. There’s absolutely no shame in taking up a mjengo project to feed yourself and loved ones.

My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

Unlike other celebrities, mustafa has refused to wallow in self-pity and is not ashamed of his hustle. And by the way, mjengo is not necessarily for failures. It is a job like any other. But it takes courage for a celebrity of the calibre of Mustafa to take to such menial activities with pride. I love the positive attitude. This is the kind to be supported.

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Colonel Mustafa appeals to Kenyans for financial aid for his mother’s cancer battle

Colonel Mustafa has swallowed his pride and asked his fans and Kenyans in general for financial aid as he continues to grapple with his mother’s medical bills and as he continues to dig his way out of his financial quagmire.

It was revealed a week ago that he was struggling in life and had started working as a construction worker (kazi ya mjengo) by an expose by Edgar Obare and it divided Kenyans as some enjoyed the fact their shadenfraude had been sated while others felt it was a gross invasion of privacy.

Whatever your take on the matter, Colonel Mustafa has decided to use the attention for something positive and has taken to his social media account asking his fans for help:

Shaming Colonel Mustafa: Noti Flow is a toxic human being

Noti Flow has to be the most toxic individual in Kenya and every time she gets into a relationship or opens her mouth she proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. We need to think back on the situation involving her immediate ex, King Alami, a fall from the rooftop that so hard not only break so many bones in our body but lose her entire arm.

Noti Flow is using King Alami’s misfortune for clout

When that happened Florence was quick to make the situation about her and Alami’s family had to step in to separate their daughter from this vampire.

It was the same case when she was dating Colonel Mustafa. What many people like to Gloss over is the fact that she was physically and emotionally abusive to her partner. He came out to show signs of abuse such as bite marks. And their neighbours to go on record saying that they had witnessed her abusive tendencies against her ex.

Noti Flow needs to shut up about King Alami

The couple parted ways and for a while well, Colonel Mustafa was doing well however his fortune quickly dwindled and he is now working as a labourer at a construction site in a bid to sustain both himself and his sick mother.

Colonel Mustafa

And what did this banshee decide to do? Noti Flow decided this was the opportune moment to attack her ex alleging that he was broke and she is the one that used to provide for him.

My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

One has to wonder what is wrong with the wench. Why is it all her exes seem to be problematic yet she is the common denominator? Why did she decide to attack her ex at his moment of abject humiliation? That says more about her than anything anyone else ever could. Noti Flow is the problem.

Anyone that gets involved with her quickly find that out for themselves because they are unwittingly dealing with an energy vampire.

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My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

One of the legends of Kenyan music, Colonel Mustafa was revealed to not only be going through Dire Straits financially but even being forced to take up work at a construction site colloquially referred to as a “mjengo”.

Colonel Mustafa

And it would seem that is just the tip of the iceberg in as far as his problems go. On a phone call with the artist he revealed that not only is it true that he’s currently working at a construction site, but his mother is also currently undergoing cancer treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy.

Mustafa Admits Lying About Religious Differences As The Cause Of His Break-Up With Ex Marya

Colonel Mustafa further went on to reveal that since the expose was done by Edgar Obare he has received countless phone calls from other Kenyan celebrities concerned about his situation many of whom are questioning why he did not open up to them something that he says he often alluded to when talking to other artists.

Kenyans to have rallied around Colonel Mustafa with many showing deep concern for the formerly high-flying musician who was one-half of the Deux Vultures duo.

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Mustafa Colonel on dealing with toxic girlfriend & battling depression after Nairobi Diaries experience

So, Mustafa Colonel has plans on getting back to the music scene years after he took a break from making music. However what we didn’t know is that he needed time off to focus on his mental health which he says has never been the same since Nairobi Diaries.

Well looking back, I’d also wonder why he opted to join the socialite show knowing very well – his age….mmmh his age didn’t allow him to waste his time like that. But anyway, good thing is that he finally found himself and now has an album he hopes to release soon.

Tbt: Mustafa with Noti Flow

Anyway speaking during recent TV interview on the Trend, Mustafa Colonel for the first time opened up to mention the reason he disappeared from the industry is because he was depressed.

Battling depression

From what Mustafa Colonel is that depression put him down to a point he could no longer get creative – which explains why he hasn’t dropped any projects in a while.

It’s been five years since I released music. Now I am back. I had depression at some point, like two or three years after I left ‘Nairobi Diaries’ and things went bad.

He went on to add that due the reality show – his life stopped moving forward – and his own friends even stopped supporting him.


I was not in peace and it got to a point I realised it was dragging me behind and my friends were no longer supporting me

Dealing with toxic girlfriend

Not to forget – the singer/rapper also opened up about his relationship with Noti Flow revealing that she was a toxic woman full of violence.

According to Mustafa, this same girlfriend allegedly stole his social media page (Instagram) making it “Noti Flow fan page.”

 She stole my Instagram account. Nililog in kwa simu yake, at that time I had lost my phone for like 2 to 3 weeks, so she wanted to post something aka change email address and everything so akaanza kupost vitu zengine zenye hazinihusu so nikaona hapa tu nikuchorea.


She did not return the account, she took it, she changed it to her fan page so I had to find another one.

Colonel Mustafa reveals his plans of exposing his ex Noti Flow for who she is!

Nairobi Diaries actor Colonel Mustafa recently came out to refute stories claiming he is gay and has been housing his boyfriend in Utawala.

This comes a few days after Noti Flow came out to ‘confirm’ that he is indeed gay after dating him for almost 2 years now.

Noti went on to back up Trap King’s statement stating that her ex lover was indeed bisexual after he refused to perform with her during a recent event since his (Mustafa) boyfriend was angry and wanted to leave.

Mustafa responds

Anyway, Mustafa has finally come out to share his side of the story but he says this will only happen during Nairobi Diaries reunion.

According to Mustafa, his bosses at Nairobi Diaries have been advising him to maintain a low profile until the right time. Through his WhatsApp stories the fella went on to post saying;


Colonel Mustafa speaks for the first time after he was accused of being gay

Just last week Colonel Mustafa was accused of being gay by his one Trap King Chrome who is an former actor of reality show Nairobi Diaries.

According to Trap King, his fellow actor Mustafa has been living a fake life pretending to be in a relationship with Noti Flow — to avoid fans from finding out he is a gay guy for the sake of his reputation.

The story came as a shock to fans who also couldn’t help but share their thoughts about this issue. Well, seems that others believed Trap King’s story as they questioned why Mustafa was not thinking of starting a family now that he is in his 40’s.

I am not gay

Anyway this past weekend Mustafa opened up to for the first time to show buzz where he talked about this issue for the first time.

According to Mustafa, he is very much straight and loves women unlike Trap King’s claims.

I am very straight. I love women, I always have. Currently I am with Noti Flow and were just doing fine. The young is being used as a distraction because I called them out for failing to pay me. How is that even possible with Noti Flow around?


However, Noti Flow already confirmed her break up with Mustafa on Saturday morning.

“Nawadai pesa mingi sana!” Colonel Mustafa claims Nairobi Diaries management is using Trap King Chrome to tarnish his name

Colonel Mustafa has been forced to defend himself after Trap King Chrome exposed him for allegedly being gay.

According to Trap King Chrome, Mustafa has been living a fake life on social media and unlike what people think…he is not dating Noti Flow but fellow man who he lives with. He went on to write;

Trap King Chrome and Colonel Mustafa

How long you gonna lie to your fans for? How long you gonna keep up this act bro? I have no problems with homosexuals but you on TV every Monday lying to the fans that you’re straight and we all know you got a boyfriend living in your house. Be yourself and maybe that will allow some of your fans to do the same. This straight act is getting old bro. Just come out the closet already I’m sure your fans will support you just stop living in denial man. I know you gonna hate me for this but it’s time all the games and lies stop. You 40 something you can do better.
Just stop the fake relationships it’s sad to watch…
You trying too hard to keep this up…. Just breathe ????????????????????

Nairobi Diaries working against Mustafa?

Responding to the allegations, Mustafa went on to say that he believes Nairobi Diaries reality show’s management is behind Trap King Chrome’s statement.

Mustafa says that this is plot to divert people from the real story which is Nairobi Diaries has not been paying its actors!

He went on to write saying;

Pesa Nadia ni nyingi sana. Sasa inabidi watume Kijana yangu ya mkono kupoteza story la deni.

Mustafa screenshot

Colonel Mustafa hints he wants his ex Marya back following the breakup with her baby daddy

Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya recently went their separate ways after close to four years of dating. The singer announced the breakup saying she was raising their son as a single mother.

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through. #singlemum #Gold calm my hear,” wrote Marya.

Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya
Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya
You don’t have to be a single mother

Marya’s ex boyfriend Colonel Mustafa is offering her a shoulder to lean on, or at least he’s suggesting so indirectly. The rapper shared a photo of Marya and captioned it ‘IT’S TIME’.

Marya and Mustafa broke up some four years ago after their relationship was dogged by infidelity. Both parties accused each other of cheating.

“Everybody has been trying to find out actually about what happened between me and my ex and I have been silent over the matter. A lot of people said, ‘Man, he cheated.’ But our relationship had nothing to do with me cheating. She cheated and I couldn’t actually forgive her. As a man, you want to make decisions for your family, and sometimes the lady doesn’t see what you see the sacrifice and commitment you have in the relationship. I called the engagement off long before any cheating rumors came out. I was like, This wasn’t going to work,” wrote Colonel Mustafa two years ago.



“God defeated Prezzo’s evil plans” Colonel Mustafa speaks after surviving road accident

The beef between Prezzo and Mustapha seems to be growing each passing day. After uncle Muss was involved in a road accident a few days ago, his archenemy Prezzo is reportedly said to have been heard saying that ‘he wishes Mustafa could have been the one hurt instead of Luwi who is currently in a coma.

These statements sparked a debate on social
Media as fans came out to ask Prezzo to apologize – but as you can see he has not reached out to Mustafa to say anything.

Anyway, now Mustafa has come out to thank his fans for the support and prayers and goes on to say that ‘Prezzo’s evil plans against him failed thanks to the God he serves!’ He wrote saying;

An accident is always unpleasant experience. I pray that have overcome this trial in my life. God has always blessed me, Thank you my fans and friends for me praying and wishing me well. Special Thanks to Royal media for the coverage on my health. Once again God plans have defeated evil (Prezzo).

Well looks like the war between these two has just fired up!

Colonel Mustafa explains the cause of Sunday accident that saw him cheat death (Photos)

Colonel Mustafa and three friends cheated death when the car they were travelling in rolled twice before landing in a ditch near Naivas Supermarket, Mombasa Road.

The Sunday accident was said to have been caused by drunk driving, Mustafa was accused by many people of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Mustafa’s car

The accident happened when the controversial rapper and three of his friends were heading back home after a night out at Club i7.

Mustafa and a friend after the accident

Mustafa has however rubbished drunk driving accusation to blame the accident on a dilapidated section of the road. The rapper, who is currently recuperating at home after being discharged from Nairobi Hospital, explained that he lost control of the car because the section of the road was in a terrible condition.

“Wanataka kunimaliza? Sikuwa mlevi. Tukio hawalielewi. Ilikuwa noma ila nashukuru kuwa hai, ni bahati sana. Lakini nina maumivu makali ya shingoni na mikono. Gari ili roll mara mbili lakini hatujavunjika, tulikuwa watatu mimi na washikaji zangu tukitokaClub i7 tulikokuwa tumekwenda kucheki boxing ya Mayweather. So tukirudi nyumbani ndio ajali hiyo imetokea maeneo ya Naivas, Mombasa Road, hapo kuna sehemu barabara haipo vizuri vizuri na ndio ikanitatiza nilipokuwa naendesha gari ikapinduka,” said Mustafa.

Mustafa’s car that was involved in the accident parked at his home in Nyayo Estate


Colonel Mustafa reveals why he dumped his virgin fiancée and why he won’t dare unmask his current girlfriend

Colonel Mustafa was talking about marriage sometimes in October last year, but the controversial rapper ended up dumping his sweetheart anyway.

Mustafa is among the celebrities who jinxed when it comes to relationships; every time he’s about to settle down with a lady something happens to disrupt the planned wedding.

The rapper was dumped by Marya when wedding plans were in the pipeline. The same also happened with his former fiancée Mikato.

“We have been dating for two years now and I plan to take 50 cows to her family,” Colonel Mustafa was quoted by Heads Up in 2016 discussing his plans to make Mikato his wife.

Colonel Mustafa and Marya back then when they were still dating

So why did Mustafa and Mikato split before they walked down the aisle? Apparently Mustafa couldn’t stand the long dry spell, his fiancée was a virgin and was ONLY willing to be deflowered once she got married.

“I broke up with the gospel artiste because she insisted that I have to marry her when she is still a virgin. I told her that I could not wait for marriage to have sex with her. Before marrying someone, I must have sexual knowledge of the partner I will spend the rest of my life with. She could be a man and all through I had been made to believe she was a woman,” said Mustafa during an interview on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10.

Colonel Mustafa and his ex fiancee Mikato

The controversial rapper however confirmed that he’s in another relationship only this time he wasn’t willing to unmask his new catch.

“I am currently dating, and I am very serious about the relationship. My girlfriend is not someone known in the public space. This time round, I decided to keep her from the prying eyes of online users. Every time I introduce my partners to the public, men elope with them. This time round, I vow not to repeat the mistake.”


After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola

Colonel Mustafa says he doesn’t mind eating Prezzo’s leftovers and he’s not about to back down just yet from his intentions. Knowing all too well what Prezzo is capable of doing, then you don’t be wrong to say the two rappers are on a collision course.

Both Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa have eaten from the same plate before – the two rappers had a fling with Huddah Monroe. Actually Huddah revealed Prezzo was the lucky man who popped her cherry.

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And there was also a time when Prezzo and Mustafa were beefing and Huddah Monroe was said to be the cause of their fight.

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Well, Mustafa has now joined Nairobi Diaries and he’s already causing drama. The controversial rapper caused a stir when he revealed that he won’t mind having a thing with Michelle Yola.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

“I don’t have any beef with Prezzo, but if he has bile against me then that’s his problem. Kama hawezi chunga bibi then tutamchungia. Prezzo joined the show when his career was flat lining; I’m here and at the top of my game,” Mustafa told Showbuzz.

Michelle Yola and Colonel Mustafa

Prezzo hasn’t responded yet but be sure he won’t take Mustafa’s words lightly – remember Prezzo didn’t want to let go Michelle Yole at the first place.