Kenyan men are a scam, Nasra lost her family for love

Comedian Nasra has not been having it easy for sometime now especially after disclosing the woes in her relationship; and the sad truth is – the fairytale she had been expecting ended in tears.

Nasra announces breakup

Well its not just not about the love she lost but the fact that she also lost her fathers love and approval after choosing to spend the rest of her life with Dorector Rashid who is not from a somali Community; something she now says forced her dad to cut her off for good.

Speaking to Mungai Eve on a recent interview – Nasra for the first time opened up about her relationship with her dad – saying it hasnt been easy all through as she was forved to choose between family and the love of her life….amd juat when she thought she’d made the right choice….her pillar of strength left her for another woman.

Mistakes women make when in love

Although Nasra insists that she did not rush into marriage with director Rashid especially since they had dated for 4 years….I feel like she played herself since – the relationship was already shaky from the beginning but still chose to get married anyway.

Not sure whether to call it Msiba wa kujitakia or just bad lack but all i now know is that Nasra regrets her decision…and now that she has to go back and seek her father’s forgiveness – will just make everything worse since it will only prove he was right from the beginning….and this is not the time to have something like that rubbed in her face.

Why we might never hear Director Rashid’s side of story after ex wife Nasra accused him of cheating & moving on with another woman

Remember that time when Nasra announced she had parted ways with husband, Director Rashid? It was actually way before her miscarriage and i remember that after the announcemenr, the same Nasra came out claiming it was just a silly prank they decided to pull on their fans….but come to think of it – this was smoke from a little fire theyd tried to contain, but marriage ishachomeka.

Nasra announces pregnancy

Okay at the time Nasra was still the one sharing these personal information on social media but looking at director Rashid….he just maintained his silence the whole time and even after he was accused of cheating….Director Rashid just remains mute.

Well, when you see a man acting like Director Rashid has been acting – one has to wonder….was he really in love with her or …’clearly this man is fed up with drama’ hence his silence, right?

Nasra with husband, Director Rashid

Why Rashid maintance silence on divorce rumors

Avoid drama

You see unlike women who overreact and cause drama after a break….men actually prefer sometime off especially if the breakup happens during a heated moment.

This is why you might see Rashid holding back from announcing anything on his pages….simply because, chances are that he might not be done with Nasra….and to avoid looking like an immature man, he chooses to remain silent hence letting Nasra do the damage by oversharing.

Protect mental health

Whats better than to protect your own peace of mind? I dont thing there’s anything better than choosing yourself when things get toxic…and judging from how Nasra has been talking…..we can already tell why maybe Rashid isnt saying anything….more of like kibaya chajitembeza, kizuri cha jiuza…

Moved on already

Another reaaon I believe director Rashid remians silent on the divorce rumors is because he already moved after figuring out the woman he married wasnt what he wanted. Or maybe…because Islam allows a muslim man to marry upto 4 wives….maybe his new alleged woman has been in the picture the whole time but Nasra did not want to share.

Not compatible

Do you know that you can actually get over a person youve been in love with for years, the moment you move in and start living together?

It happens because this time around the fights will be in person and not texts….then you realize hapana, I cant do this and just like that you start wondering why you even rushed into marriage.

“No he is not stupid” Nasra forced to defend husband Rashid after revealing he left her for another woman

Comedian Nasra is doing some damage control on social media after she let her feelings control her hence revealing husband, Rashid is now living with another woman.

It all started with her throwing shade at her husband using breakup songs and with her trying to prove a point – she unfortunately made it too obvious that other fans also noticed.

As if that wasnt enough, the lady went on to hold a QnA and this is where alimwaga mtama yote. Yes, she made it known hubby, Rashid is currently seeing someone new and judging from the tone used on her responses….Nasra is hurting, bitter and yes…still hurt.


Nasra defends bae

Okay….one would say it’s a joke but come to think of it – this is the second time Nasra is coming out to announce a breakup with husband Rashid.

The other time she announced the breakup in a post saying;

 Dear #Nasrashid fans,I’m sorry to disappoint y’all but Rashid and I are nolonger together ????it’s been an exciting yet challenging journey and we both feel like we deserve better..I’ll be filing for my divorce soon because of irreconcilable issues and I’m already adjusting to being single…I take this time to appreciate the support you’ve shown us..asanteni sana..

Anyway havijg let the cat out of the box – one fan criticized (Rashid) for leaving Nasra months after the miscarriage saying;

If its bad forgive. Did he get second wife because of the incident ya miscarrige?

But Nasra being a “good” woman defended him saying;

No he is not stupid. He is just a man.


But then again – aren’t Muslim men allowed to have 4 wives? And would she be defending him if she hadn’t exposed him in the first place?

Oh well…I guess this is something new with comedians….look at Mulamwah and Obinna….now Nasra.