Oga Obinna- 2 Ways Polygamy Can Work

Polygamy has been a paramount subject and whether it’s the right thing to do. For some, it’s the only way to avoid cheating and having partners out of wedlock.

There’s no doubt that men are naturally polygamous. It’s a colloquy that most women don’t want to talk about.

However, Polygamy has been accepted by some communities who believe women are supposed to be taken care of.

How To Make Polygamy Work .

The late Akuku Danger was famous for his polygamy. He had several wives and had several kids.
How did he make it work?
Well, according to Oga Obinna, there are two ways to make it work.

To begin with, you got to have a lot of money. This will enable you to take care of your wives with a minimum of fuss. Make them comfortable, and cater for their needs.

Obinna himself is polygamous- considering his baby mamas which he has left out in his life.

According to his baby mama, Mama Adalola she was finally granted custody of her two daughters. Mama Adalola made the revelations on Instagram, thanking God for the custody win. “February 7, 2023 custody granted. To the man above thank you,” Adalola said.

Obinna has now been left to struggle with getting another partner. Will he be able to make polygamy work on his end?


Oga Obinna Cries Foul Over Suspension Of His Social Media Accounts (Screenshot)

Comedian and Kiss FM’s presenter Oga Obinna is in distress after the indefinite suspension of his social media accounts.

The jester recently shared about the latter through his active Twitter account, where he cried foul citing that he was reported to be publishing false reports.

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Social Media Woes

In his complaint, the funnyman divulged that his Facebook Fan page, Instagram and WhatsApp were the accounts affected sporadically.

“So apparently I’ve violated WhatsApp Terms & my account is suspended. Same thing happened to my IG & it has a shadow BAN. Was told that I publish false information 🤦‍♂️.
My FB fanpage pia ilienda tu hivyo.
Si atleast mtu huonyeshwa evidence💁‍♂️not “we believe you violated etc..”

He shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp account (blocked).

The complaints of Obinna comes a few days after his baby mama drama. And he was at the centre of it all. He made headlines in tandem with his baby mama, who doesn’t seem to move on. This might be one of the probable reasons for the closure of his accounts.




Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

For some reason Sherlyne Anyango who was dating Oga Obinna a while back recently held a QnA session with fans, allowing them to ask questions theyve been hoping to get answers to and as expected…her fans didnt hold back.

Apart from asking about her marriage to mzungu husband – which we now unfortunately ended in tears, Sherlyne also responded to questions about ex Oga Obinna and from what she wrote – i bet things werent as rosey as we had been made to believe.

According to Sherlyne her ex man, Oga Obinna never treated her right which explains why she may have rushed into marrying Mzungu bae after parting ways with the comedian….wait or was it for makaratasi? Anyway responding to a fan who asked;

Was Obina treating you right? Au ni bbymama wake anacause drama mingi?

To which she wrote back saying;

If he was i would be with him anyway I won’t answer questions about him anymore. I am so happy where I am.


Yes he is immature – Sherlyne Anyango says about Obinna

Well having seen the drama between him and his baby mama – there’s one fan who asked whether Obinna has always been petty when it comes to such things and again….Sherlyene bluntly responded by say yes.

From her response, it’s evident to see that they too had some rough time behind closed doors…but then again – why reveal this now? I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?


Oga Obinna Threatens To Sue Baby Mama For Claiming He Has A Sugar Mummy (Video)

The perennial drama between comedian Oga Obinna and his exquisite ex-wife continues with a new twist after the comedian vowed to sue her for defamation. According to her, Obinna has been mistreating her in tandem with their two kids, who he has been dragging along whenever he goes to meet other women-including his ‘mumama’.

She recently divulged that Obinna is being provided for by an older, richer woman. In a recent interview, the baby mama revealed that one of their kids divulged the latter information while they were together;

”Dad alituambia tusikuambie tulikuwa wapi juu utagombana… Akaniambia tulikuwa kwa mama fulani. So, nilikuwa na information already kwamba kuna sponsor pale ndani… Hapo ndio nikafungua macho yangu… Nikajua tu siku moja ntawachwa pekee yangu… Wakaenda Mombasa, akanunuliwa gari yenye ako nayo saa hii”

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Obinna Hits Back

Upon seeing the epic drama, Obinna couldn’t eschew response as he got pissed and lost his cool. According to Obinna, all the information provided by the baby mama is false and just a hoax to downgrade him. The comedian has now promised to get justice on the baby mama.

Watch the full interview below;


Obinna dragged for claiming women with piercing and tattoo are unfit for marriage

Oga Obinna who has four kids with three different baby mamas now says women who have facial piercing ie lip, tongue nose piercing and those with tattoos can’t make good wives. A statement that caught the attention of many women who still can’t believe how blunt the Kiss FM presenter sounds.

Well, Obinna revealed this during the Kiss FM morning show where he revealed that women who have tattoos are devilish and can never be anything close to a wife material. I’m writing this and I’m like damn….what year is it again?


Cause honestly having a man like Obinna speak that way says a lot….like wow – imagine what he tells his boys about their mums (that is if they also have tattoos…but I’m sure one or two have.)

Netizens come after Obinna

As you already know – most modern women have tattoos and all sorts of piercing so you can imagine how bitter they all were when responding to Obinna’s statements.

Oga Obinna

Well unfortunately for him – seems like most picked on him for being a wifeless man with 4 kids…not forgetting hos many tattoos which now maybe explain why he is also single. Huh…see…see what they just did there. No throwing stones when you live in a glass house.

Below are just a few comments from fans responding to his remarks.



“He is a criminal! A conman!” Comedian Oga Obinna exposes his former friend

Comedian cum radio presenter Oga Obinna is one angry man after being conned some large amount of money by a man he once referred to as his close friend.

The comedian revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared a well detailed post explaining his situation with one, Robert Ouko.

According to Obinna, this man has been using excuses to con people around and before realizing about his so called friend – the comedian had been vouching for him only to end up as a victim of the scam!

Robert Ouko

The above person is a criminal. He is a Conman pretending to be a debt collector. If you have any dealings with him stop them immediately. Always soft spoken and pretends to be a good human. It’s sad that the same people you think you are helping are the same ones who turn out to be snakes. I’ve known this fellow for quite a number of years and he is always asking for small amounts for small emergencies from “my daughter is sick,my mum is sick,my rent etc and I always come through for him as I do for many others as well….I personally recommended jobboz for him and always wondered why there were complaints from differentpeople and I always vouched for him.

Robert Ouko a thief?

According to Obinna, his main reason for reaching out to Robert Ouko was to get help with his money since the person he had lent it to had been dodging him. Obinna went on to say;

So finally about 3 months ago I gave him a task to recover a huge sum of money from some importer guy who owed me. Nigga went took the cash and kept quiet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I decided to go arrest the importer guy only to be given receipts of this nigga being paid the whole amount 🥶🤑. Calling “my friend” , nigga doesnt pick calls, so I texted him that I have information he got the doe, nigga started complaints…”oooh I’m sorry I got your cash but used it for I had an emergency blah blah..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’ll be paying you back in small instalments over a period of time”🤣🤣🤣🤣(he wasn’t paid back my money in small instalments rem,it was a lump sum) So I decided to talk to our friend who introduced us so as to confirm is he really had an emergency and really needed the mulla only for him to also complain of a number of times he has been personally conned and a number of people that have been complaining about this same individual “our friend”.

Sadly, seems like the comedian ended up with the real conman on his corner.


So just as a warning to the Public, be aware of any dealings with the above person. Issa Conman,issa Thug, issa Thief.
The matter is being handled by the Police and soon he shall be apprehended and prosecuted 😎
NAMES- Robert Ouko
PHONE NUMBER -0728994461


Oga Obinaa: I have more than 15 kids 

Comedian Oga Obinna recently celebrated his wife birthday in style, buying her a brand new car to cap the whole publicized event that was shared all over social media.

Obinna first treated the mother of his four children to dinner before surprising her with the gift. In an interview with Radio Jambo’s, Massawe Japanni, the Churchill show comedian, however, had another surprise for his fans.

Obinna confessed..or hinted… that he has more than just four kids out there. 15 to be exact.  Obinna made the statement after Jappanni asked him to introduce himself on radio.

“Oga Obinna is a father after all,  father to they say 25 but I am sure about 17. You know some of them when they come with their mothers you look at the children and you doubt. But you know if you want to know your child look at the shape of the head,” said the comedian.

Joking or serious?

He went on adding that;

“Ok four kids are mine but the rest came with their mothers. Thirteen were ready made now four are mine, those are three ladies and one is a gentlemen, actually my second born daughter, Brianna is turning six today.

“So I am a father, a very funny person, a musician then I do event hosting where we also do artist management. So that’s what I do for now.”

Was he joking or the statement had some truth in it? You be the judge.

Listen to him below:



Comedian Oga Obinna gifts wife brand new car just weeks after buying Ksh 4 million Land Rover (photos)

Just days after buying himself a brand new Land Rover worth Ksh 4 million, Oga Obinna has surprised his wife with a car on her birthday.

Taking to social media, the comedian posted a video gifting the mother of his four children with a car after a nice dinner date.

He gifted his wife with a brand new Toyota Passo that costs about 500K.

“Happy Birthday!! Kindly Accept my Small Gift for your small market errands. Kindly use it to learn how to fight with the Kenyan Matatu drivers then when you have mastered that art we shall deliberate if you can inherit the other one. Lol,” he posted. 

The two, who have been together for 8 years now, celebrated the birthday with an exclusive dinner at an disclosed location. Obinna posted a lovely message after the meal saying:

“Quick reminder..It’s your birthday abeg Eat My Money!! You been hanging around this useless man for 8years.. We fight,we laugh but we always put our kids first and respect each other.
I have a small gift for you in abit. For now wine & Dine & make Merry?????On my BILL ?

Buying cars

The gift comes barely a month after the comedian bought a Land Rover Discovery 4 worth 3.5 million as Christmas present for himself. In February the comedian also bought another car for his dad.

“Yes it is true I brought a new car, I had a Toyota Noah which I have used for a long time. I love to travel and the car was light. My dream has always been to own a Land Rover Discovery. I saved and bought it.” he posted. 





Comedian Obinna gifts his dad with a new car (Photos)

Comedian Oga Obinna a few days ago left many speeches after revealing some of the struggles he faced before he became famous.

In his post, the guy revealed that he was so broke that he could not manage to raise Ksh 3000 to pay his rent in 30 days. This forced him to look for shelter at his friends house and when things got out of hand at times he would sleep on the street.

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Suicidal thoughts cloud his mind

With the hard life kicking him from all directions, he started getting suicidal thoughts but fortunately he never ended his life. He has since worked his way to the top and is now ranked among the top comedians who earn good money.

Thanks to a few photos on his page, we understand that he bought his dad a new car after his trip to Dubai. Speaking to SDE the comedian said;

“I wanted to surprise my dad because he deserves it. He always talked about how his friend wanted to sell him a car for Sh80,000. I had a gig in Kisumu and I told him I had brought him something small from Dubai. He came, we had coffee and later gave him the car keys. The look on his face was priceless,”


“I thought of committing suicide 3 times” comedian Oga Obinna narrates his life story before the fame and money

It’s not easy surviving in the city and no one knows this better than comedian Oga Obinna. He may seem to have made it in life, but before the fame and money he struggled to a point of giving up.

The comedian recently opened up about his past life in a post that attracted a lot of attention. Obinna narrates how he struggled to get a job just to pay his rent; but things were not so easy.

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According to Obinna, life was so hard on him that he couldn’t afford rent worth 3k a month. This forced him to sleep on the streets and even crash at his friend’s house due to his situation.

Suicidal thoughts

Having had a tough life, it got to a point where the comedian was left feeling that the only way to solve his problems is by killing him self.

However things eventually became better and he now seems to be doing better than ever. Read the emotional post below;




Nairobi Diaries Brian steps in to savagely tell off popular comedian who trolled his wife, Risper Faith

Comedian Obinna has today learnt that it is not pretty to troll other people’s wives! This is after he rubbed Nairobi Diaries actor Brian the wrong way moments after sharing a before and after photo of Risper Faith on his Instagram.

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Well, I bet the comedian thought it was harmless – I mean most of them get away with such memes but unluckily for Obinna things did not work out as planed.

Moments after sharing the photo below, he attracted the wrath of both Brian and fans who told him off for being jealous and insensitive. Brian wrote saying:

While other fans added to say;

Risper Faith’s skin tone

However, just being honest…how did the lady manage to shed off the Melanin? Anyway, only she can answer this!



Comedian Obinna finally unveils his new born daughter’s face

Oga Obinna is a father of a new born baby girl welcomed a few months ago. He proudly announced this on his Instagram as he introduced the baby girl to his social media family but we never got to see her face.

However, the comedian has finally shared a photo of his adorable cute baby girl on his social media unveiling her face for the first time. Judging from the photo he shared, one can’t help notice what a healthy and chubby baby he has and if anything she seems to share some striking resemblance with her mum.

Anyway, the family photo was taken at Sarakasi Dome and the comedian is seen with his wife and their eldest daughter. If I am not wrong, seems like Obinna finally decided to settle down with the mother of his youngest daughters though we all know he has other children with different baby mamas.

Below is a photo of his family;


Love Or Loathe? Comedian Oga Obinna debuts his new hairdo

Obinna has a new ‘do! The comedian debuted some crazy dread locks on his Instagram and he seems to love them judging from the number of photos he shared on his gram.

He certainly looks good with the long hair and Whether he borrowed the hairdo from Chris Darling, the singer cum comedian doesn’t care as he  is rocking them his way!

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

The comedian who also happens to be the latest dad in town has been trying out a couple of new hairdos for the past few years which include baby locks and Mohawk hair cuts as revealed on Instagram. Anyway, While he didn’t give any explanation for trying out the dreadlock look, he definitely approves of it — he captioned the photo,

You better #StartSomethingNew today if you wanna. Only you can make the change.

Needless to say, there’s not much our male local celebrities won’t do to their hair! Anyway checkout the photos below.

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna