Othuol Othuol father speaks about his son’s life – regrets not supporting his comedy career

The late Othuol Othuol was last night celebrated by friends, family and fans who turned up at the Kenya National Theater. The ceremony saw the likes of Churchill, Jalang’o, Butita and others attend as they finally said their goodbyes to the funny man who recently lost his battle to brain tumor.

Indeed this has been a tough year for comedians in the Kenyan Laugh industry as they have lost quite a number of comedians; not forgetting those who continue to silently battle with depression.

However losing Othuol Othuol has now confirmed that something has to be done in order to avoid a recurrence of what has been happening in the comedy industry.

The late Othuol Othuol and his dad

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Anyway thanks to a popular Instagram news outlet; we have a few details concerning Othuol Othuol’s dad and why he never supported his son venturing into comedy.

Baba Othuoll Othuol speaks

Unlike many know, Othuol Othuol got a B- in High school and just like any other parent; his father hoped his son would go to university and pursue a good course. However this never happened as he chose to work on his comedy career which he held on to until his last breathe.

According to the 56-year-old Mr Omondi, comedy for him sounded like a lazy man’s job but with time he came to learn the truth;

Othuol Othuol

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“In my mind, I saw comedy for people who were idle;  who don’t want to work hard and want things very easy,”

With time Mr Omondi learnt to embrace his late son’s dream hence started supporting him; but death being cruel, it snatched him away with no warning.

When asked whether he still views comedy as a lazy man’s job; Mr Omondi said;

“No, no! In fact from that is when I knew when a child wants to… You must identify your kid’s talent and be serious with it because he started very early but I realized late. Instead of encouraging him, I was discouraging him.”

Churchill Show comedian rushed to hospital in critical condition! (Photos)

Comedian Ben Maurice Onyango, popularly known as Othuol Othuol is receiving treatment at the Kenyatta Hospital where he was admitted on Tuesday, 23 June.

As reported by the Laugh Industry Ken Waudo, Othuol allegedly fainted at home before he was rushed to a private hospital in Kitengela; however due to his condition, the comedian was then rushed to Kenyatta Hospital where is currently admitted!

Othuol Othuol has been unwell on and off for sometime now. Yesterday morning he apparently fainted and was rushed to Kitengela Hospital after scrutiny and diagnosis they referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Comedian Othuol before the TB battle

Can’t feel his body

According to Ken, the comedian is still conscious but at some point, he couldn’t feel his body due to numbness. Ken went on to add that the hospital’s reception was too poor as the staff left the weak Othuol queue for hours without showing any concern!

He was conscious but he can’t feel or move his body. Do you know since yesterday morning he has been on queue waiting to be attended to?

It is indeed sad to see the comedian back to battling for his health; just a few months after recovering from TB that had left him in a critical condition.

Comedian Othuol with his boss

A few months ago, Othuol quit comedy after his health deteriorated in a short span of time. He however received the needed treatment that saw him get back on his feet in no time.

Friends step in

However barely 6 months later, Othuol is back to fighting for his dear life. Fans and friends have been urged to pray for the comedian as they hope he gets better soon.

Ken who is also a friend to Othuol went on to add; that fellow comedians spent the night at the hospital until he was admitted. He went on to conclude his post saying;

Photo credits: Comedian Othuol waiting to be admitted

Fellow artistes who took him to Kenyatta National Hospital yesternite; spent the cold evening together consoling him and trying their best to have him attended to.