YY comedian addresses claims of stealing 100k from Linus, the alleged shoplifter

YY comedian does not regret stepping in to help Alvin Linus Chivondo, the man who was jailed for shoplifting at Naivas supermarket just recently.

As reported, the 21 year old allegedly stole 5 kgs of rice, honey, tea leaves, and sugar, all totaling Ksh. 3,165. And looking at the list – it’s all foodstuffs.


Well, whether small or big, a crime is a crime which explains why a Nairobi court
sentenced to 1 year in jail or a fine of Sh100, 000 for his freedom. So yea, imagine a man who can’t afford food being asked to pay 100k – atatoa Wapi?

Anyway with the story trending, comedian YY says got involved by mobilizing netizens to contribute to Ksh 100,000 fine for Linus’ freedom. This is because he could relate with the young man who also like him, has a 4 months old and, understands the hardships that come with this current economy.

So imagine life for a 21 year old with a wife, no job and a 4 months old baby….Linus was clearly desperate for quick solution.

YY side of the story

Unfortunately despite YY’s  act of kindness keyboard warriors on Facebook somehow managed to tarnish his image.

This is after his harambee move was countered  by Sonko who stepped in to pay of Linus’ bail…hence  leaving YY with the money already contributed by well wishers way before the MP came on board.

Anyway, having Sonko pay the fine then pushed the few Kenyans who had earlier contributed to reversing their money back, which brings us here.

Well, as seen on some comments, many have accused YY of pocketing the money now that Linus got help, while others went lower by reversing their money back.

For some reason, netizens painted him as a thief, conman whose aim was to rob Kenyans in the name of ‘helping Linus’ adding his aim was use was to use the funds to sort out his unfinished house back in the village.

However speaking to Mungai Eve, YY denied the allegations – adding that the money contributed was meant for Linus, so why reverse it back? As for those complaining, the comedian made it known that the money went to the guy’s rent, food and fare.