YY Disputes Wakimani’s Claims About Churchill Gifting Comedians Cars

Stand-up comedian YY has taken to social media to refute recent claims made by fellow comedian Paul “Wakimani” Ogutu. Wakimani had alleged that comedy icon Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Churchill, gifted all his comedians on the Churchill Show with cars and Ksh300,000 each at a meeting.

YY, through his Instagram, strongly denied these claims. He questioned Wakimani’s motives and clarified that the car and cash story is entirely fabricated. He expressed concern that Wakimani’s statements paint both YY and other comedians as ungrateful, while also putting them in the awkward position of publicly debunking false information.

“Let me clarify because a lot of people are asking,” YY stated. “No one bought us cars, no one Paul. You cannot make people look ungrateful. Of whose interest is all this showroom story?”

He further expressed frustration that many comedians hesitate to openly contradict Wakimani’s claims for fear of appearing disrespectful towards Churchill. This, he claims, creates a difficult situation where factual clarification becomes challenging.

“Comedians can’t talk because they will look like they are fighting Churchill and everyone is carefully looking for a specific angle to respond to this story. The direct answer is nobody bought us cars. Sijui mahali Paulo ametoa hiyo story,” YY concluded, implying his complete lack of understanding regarding Wakimani’s motives or source of information.

‘Young Men Are Usually Rejected By Women Because They Are Struggling’- YY Comedian

The complexities of modern dating often ignite heated debates, and comedian YY has joined the conversation, offering his perspective on the concept of “settling” in relationships.

YY, known for his appearances on Churchill Show, argues that the narrative of women “settling” for financially struggling men is a simplistic and misleading one. He draws a parallel, highlighting that men in their 20s who chase women while still financially unstable are also driven by a sense of desperation.

“Men in their 20s’ are usually rejected by women because they are struggling and lack resources.
During the twenties that’s when men also simp a lot so if you(a man) get someone to date in your early 20s, they were probably rejected. If you are desperate and you get someone to date, they are equally desperate,” YY stated in a conversation with his wife on her YouTube channel.

He challenges the romanticized notion of “building an empire together” with a man, suggesting that it can sometimes mask a deeper need for security or validation. Instead, YY advocates for building genuine partnerships where both individuals contribute and grow together, regardless of their financial starting point.

While acknowledging the pressure to succeed in a world increasingly focused on material wealth and the rise of platforms like OnlyFans, YY encourages young people to prioritize building meaningful connections. He emphasizes the importance of finding someone who respects and values your individuality, not just your perceived role in their success.

Comedian YY Defends Sonko For Showing Off His Money

Kenyan comedian YY has defended the source of wealth of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. YY made the comments during an interview with SPM Buzz, where he was asked about his opinion on the high rise of celebrities living a fake lifestyle.

“Sonko does not need to prove he has money,” YY said. “We have seen him help people. We have seen him send cash to people via mobile banking. He has paid for people’s burials, and school fees among other things. If he gives it is because he has money. He has been an MP, Senator, and Governor so we have not been brainwashed to believe he has money. Some Kenyans are just haters hence they need to be shut. He does not need to be a governor to be making money.”

YY also shared advice on how to get rich and remain there. “If you go to a club and see someone pouring down alcohol, maybe he is a thief or he has just gotten a deal for the first time,” he said. “One secret to getting rich is good decision-making. Poor decision-making does not bring wealth.”

Sonko recently showed off 30 million after a ‘friend’ alleged the former governor had stolen from him. The man in the viral audio also accused the politician of neglecting his kids. In the video, the politician can be seen opening huge suitcases full of wads of cash in foreign denominations as he called out a certain person for doubting his wealth.

Sonko’s wealth has been a source of controversy for many years. He has been accused of corruption and misuse of public funds. However, he has never been convicted of any crime.

YY’s comments come at a time when there is a growing debate about the source of wealth of many Kenyan celebrities. Some people believe that celebrities are living a fake lifestyle and that they are not as wealthy as they appear to be. Others believe that celebrities are entitled to spend their money however they want.

The debate about the source of wealth of celebrities is likely to continue for some time. It is a complex issue with no easy answers.

Comedian YY Shouldn’t Take Lightly Andrew Kibe’s Sentiments On His Daughter

Andrew Kibe has once again roped in response from a celebrity after he insinuated that Comedian YY’s daughter isn’t actually his daughter.

According to Kibe, the uncanny resemblance of YY’s daughter to Butita is one to question. Recently, YY Comedian had shared a video of his daughter playing with Butita’s phone and in the process, the mobile phone fell and the screen cracked.

The two jesters started a conversation about who should be responsible for the phone repair. Eddie Butita said YY should pay since his baby dropped the phone while YY said Butita should be responsible since he gave the phone to the baby and he should also try to reason with her.

Kibe’s Reaction

Since Kibe is used to such ‘tea’ his reaction was imminent. He went ahead and shared the clip, denigrating YY comedian.

“Looks like YY Comedian Amechezwa na Boot Eater, he wrote and shared.”

YY Comedian Reacts

Upon seeing Kibe’s sentiments, Comedian YY responded and claimed that he won’t have beef with Kibe since it’s part of his content.

“We cannot be mad and triggered by jokes….Kibe is doing what he knows best which is to entertain…Even in my jokes,I offend others and make others laugh…let’s enjoy and move….Kibe anafanya tu kazi yake.”

Comedian YY’s daughter Circe turned a year old in December 2022.

Comedian YY has responded to Kibe saying he was cuckolded

Kibe is not the nicest of men when it comes to passing a message and he decided to warn the comedian, YY that his wife might have cuckolded him with his friend and fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

Mammito takes shots at Butita saying she dated the wrong person

And though he was speaking on the rather uncanny similarity between Butita and YY’s newborn child, the way he went around it was rather jarring cos honestly, who openly blasts someone with such information on social media?

Andrew Kibe calls out feminists for missing Maandamano Monday

YY has finally responded to Kibe and he simply said no one should expect him to be triggered by what the latter said because he understands that it’s simply his way of generating content.


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His approach is rather enlightened. he clearly has a great sense of humour and we wish all our celebrities would be like this. Afterall,, It was YY who put out his information first when he posted this piece of content:


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A post shared by Comedian YY (@yycomedian)

Kibe however isn’t wrong when he tells YY to go for a paternity test because that is something we all need to do as men. In Kenya, 30 per cent of the men who do go for one find out that their children aren’t theirs biologically and they’ve been cuckolded into raising another man’s bastards.


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Comedian YY Shows Off His Musical Talent (Video)

Comedian Oliver Otieno (YY) is not only a renowned jester, but also a talented pianist. The comedian has on several occasions shown us how good he is when it comes to playing the piano. And indeed he is.

The jester recently flaunted his skills via his Instagram page; where he collaborated with gospel artist Jabidii.

In the video, YY is seen playing the piano as his friends sin in unisorn ‘usifiwe, uabudiwe’.(Be praised and worshipped).

YY flaunted the video and wrote;

”Had fun last night with the Boyz ????????@didimanmusic @jabidii_music @roland”
Comedian YY
The comedian evidently has a passion for musical instruments. And we won’t be surprised if he releases his own music soon. Watch his video here


Comedian YY should not have apologized to Kenrazy and Timmy Tdat because he is right

YY recently issued an apology to Kenrazy after making hilarous comments about him and Timmy Tdat…and although the came out wrong and mean – truth is YY is one funny man.

Churchill Show comedian, Oliver Otieno alias YY

Like honestly YY is one of the most underrated comedian in the country…but the good thing is that – he has a loyal fan base, that keeps up with jokes on social media; which explains why he remains among the surviving successful comedians we have from Churchill show.

Anyway with his fun and jokes…..the comedian may have recently overstepped boundaries when he picked on Kenrazy and Timmy Tdat during an interview – where he was discussing Willy Paul’s expensive rate card……saying it’s the reason why most people no longer give him gigs like they used to.

However not to worry because…..

Kama tusipokuafford, tutaita Timmy Tdat na atakuja Hadi na Kenrazy na 40k.

Kenrazy in his feelings

Okay, like i said – the statement may have been mean but come to think of it, this is true in a way….yes?

Like when has the last time you played a kenrazy song or even read anything about him online (apart from that time he was said to be living in a studio) or name one latest project from Timmy Tdat? See, i am pretty sure you had even forgotten they are musicians, right?

So yea, tell me why you would pay them hundrends of thousands or tens of thousands to perform songs from 2012? I mean look at Tz artists….Diamond Platnumz ama tuseme Alikiba started his career around the same time as Kenrazy but till now he still releases new music….because anajituma and understands times are changing and has to keep up.

Which we cant say Kenrazy or Timmy Tdat have been doing….so why would YY apologize for speaking his truth?


YY Comedian Responds To Comparison Of His Relationship To Mulamwah’s (Screenshot)

Comedian YY recently unveiled his newly found love after she gave birth to their first born child. It was a shrewd move for the jester as he waited meticulously for the right moment to introduce the new chick to the public; despite lying to fans that he never had someone in mind to be his partner. Moreover, he claimed in a previous interview that he was a virgin.

YY went on to promise his baby mama Marya a vacation to a destination of her choice but jokingly requested her not to choose a place outside Nairobi.

“Thank you for pushing….I want you to choose a destination you would love to visit..na isikuwe nje ya Nairobi please ni January @officialmarya_1,” he said.

The two have been an item for a while but preferred to keep their relationship under wraps.

YY Responds

The comedian was recently provoked to respond to sentiments about his relationship not lasting, just like Mulamwah’s relationship with his baby mama Carrol Sonie. We’re well aware about Mulamwah’s relationship with Sonie that ended in premium tears and an expose that left so many fans flabbergasted.

He insinuated that his relationship would be an everlasting one like our predecessors. Below is his reaction to one of his fan’s comment;


YY comedian addresses claims of stealing 100k from Linus, the alleged shoplifter

YY comedian does not regret stepping in to help Alvin Linus Chivondo, the man who was jailed for shoplifting at Naivas supermarket just recently.

As reported, the 21 year old allegedly stole 5 kgs of rice, honey, tea leaves, and sugar, all totaling Ksh. 3,165. And looking at the list – it’s all foodstuffs.


Well, whether small or big, a crime is a crime which explains why a Nairobi court
sentenced to 1 year in jail or a fine of Sh100, 000 for his freedom. So yea, imagine a man who can’t afford food being asked to pay 100k – atatoa Wapi?

Anyway with the story trending, comedian YY says got involved by mobilizing netizens to contribute to Ksh 100,000 fine for Linus’ freedom. This is because he could relate with the young man who also like him, has a 4 months old and, understands the hardships that come with this current economy.

So imagine life for a 21 year old with a wife, no job and a 4 months old baby….Linus was clearly desperate for quick solution.

YY side of the story

Unfortunately despite YY’s  act of kindness keyboard warriors on Facebook somehow managed to tarnish his image.

This is after his harambee move was countered  by Sonko who stepped in to pay of Linus’ bail…hence  leaving YY with the money already contributed by well wishers way before the MP came on board.

Anyway, having Sonko pay the fine then pushed the few Kenyans who had earlier contributed to reversing their money back, which brings us here.

Well, as seen on some comments, many have accused YY of pocketing the money now that Linus got help, while others went lower by reversing their money back.

For some reason, netizens painted him as a thief, conman whose aim was to rob Kenyans in the name of ‘helping Linus’ adding his aim was use was to use the funds to sort out his unfinished house back in the village.

However speaking to Mungai Eve, YY denied the allegations – adding that the money contributed was meant for Linus, so why reverse it back? As for those complaining, the comedian made it known that the money went to the guy’s rent, food and fare.

Comedian YY: “My dad used to beat my mum sana”

Comedian YY recently had a candid interview with one Churchill show recently where he opened up about his life; among other things he thought his fans would benefit from.

Speaking during the recording of Churchill Show’s ‘Journey Series’, YY for the first time opened up leaving many shocked; but at the same time impressed by how far he has come – and mostly his main reason for not touching alcohol.

Comedian, YY

Just like most people who grew up with abusive fathers; comedian YY unfortunately happens to be one as he witnessed how alcohol affected his family thanks to his late dad. According to the comedian, his dad who was an alcoholic became too violent towards his mum – to a point where he (comedian YY) was forced to intervene.

We lived in Nairobi for eight years and my dad died when I was in class three. He was an alcoholic and he used to beat my Mum sana. So I wanted really to protect my mother. So most of the time akipiga, nilikuwa naingia hapo katika, to intervene.
And this changed me since I did not want to end up like my father in that specific regard.

Blessings on blessings

Although his dad passed on when he was still young; YY says seeing him drown in alcohol was a blessing in disguise since it taught him not to be like his late dad.

Churchill Show comedian, Oliver Otieno alias YY

Speaking about how they struggled with life back then; YY went on to open up saying;

We lived in a muddy house, with metallic window panes and no glasses. I was not an undisciplined child but I was very tricky. My wish was to get my mother out of that situation. It’s a situation I would not wish on any child, mother or father to be living in,” he said.

However as time as passed by, he has managed to work on himself to a point where he can afford to give his mum and siblings the life they always dreamt of.

Like they say, no situation in life is permanent; and YY is a living testimony!

‘Tulikuwa Tunaishi Kwa Nyumba Ya Matope’ Comedian YY Reveals His Struggles Growing Up

Comedian YY, whose real name is Oliver Otieno, revealed the various hassles of life he has undergone since his childhood. The rib-cracking comedian revealed that most of the struggle involved physical abuse.

In an interview on Churchill Show, Journey Series, YY reveals that he loved his dad and that’s why he took his name as his stage name. However, the aspect of his dad being a drunkard was the only thing he disliked about him since he got very abusive to his mother when drunk. This is why the comedian swore never to drink alcohol in his life.

The funnyman also revealed that their house was made of mud.

tulikuwa tunaishi kwa nyumba ya matope na hii nyumba tulikuwa na dirisha za chuma lakini hazina vioo…”

Comedian YY chimes in on Mulamwah quitting comedy

”I was raised in Nairobi for 8 years until my Dad passed on when I was in Standard 3. My dad was actually an alcoholic and he used to beat my Mum sana. So I wanted really to protect my mother, so most of the time akimpiga nilikuwa naingia hapo katikati to intervene.

Churchill Show comedian YY blasts Kenyans, shows off new car (Video) –  Kenyan News

And this changed and that’s one of the reason mimi mpaka sai sikunywangi because I did not want to be like my father in that specific regard. My dad was a great person in all other aspects and that’s why nilichukua jina yake nikaanza kutumia kwa usanii. But that aspect of kuwa drunkard ilinichange sana as for who I am today.”

Most successful people seem to have undergone a lot through their earlier life. This should be an encouragement to our youth today that great things takes time to happen.

YY comedian steals the show during Jalango’s live interview (Video)

Churchill Show stand-up comedian YY took many by surprise after recently taking over Jalango’s interview where he was the guest.

YY born Oliver Otieno started by narrating how he had to ran away from the hands of his no-nonsense uncle in the middle of the night, in order to pursue to his dream career – comedy.

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Having to spend nights hopping from a friend’s single-bedroom to another, because he just had nowhere else to stay.

Comedian YY talks of his career breakthrough

Doing up to roughly 16 episodes on Churchill show before he could get aired on TV. That meant he had to survive on his friends for several months until he made a career breakthrough.

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YY’s eventual breakthrough

Which he eventually did after staging a show on Churchill where he was impersonating fellow comedians, that immediately went viral.

Comedian, YY

That is when an excited Jalang’o asked the 28 year old to imitate one or two comedians including DJ Shiti, Owago Onyiro, Fred Omondi among others.

Only to soon after imitate Jalang’o himself that saw him kick his feet in the air full of excitement, giving YY the honors to take over the show for several minutes.

You’d actually mistake the interview for a comedy show, with YY being the main act and all that Jalang’o needed to do was make sense the humor and laugh his lungs out.
Have a listen:

YY’s piece of advice to struggling comedians during this pandemic

Comedian YY is not doing so bad on his own especially now that there are no paying gigs due to the pandemic. Just like most comedians, YY is investing in online comedy and just like Jalang’o, Njugush; and the rest, he has managed to win more fans through his YouTube skits and interviews.

Speaking to People Daily recently, the young man not only opened up about his life; but shared important information that will come in handy to upcoming comedians.

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According to the comedian, life for him was not so easy and for this reason he felt the need to change it. Knowing very well that he had come poor back ground, YY says he made sure to study hard to ensure his future generations has something to be proud of.

For those who did not know, YY is actually a graduate who studied Health Management and Information at the Kenyatta University.

Comedian YY

  I was enrolled in the School of Health Sciences department of Health Management and Information at the Kenyatta University to pursue a course in Health Records and Information Management. It basically deals with medical data.

Advice to fellow comedians

Seeing how most people have been affected by the pandemic; YY went on to open up advising the youths and fellow comedians on the importance of staying positive.

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He went on to urge them to avoid turning to drugs for quick solutions; as they often end up drowning in depression without realizing it.

Everyone may go through depression as we don’t choose it, but how we handle it is our choice. Drugs and substance abuse isn’t one of the ways to manage it. Instead, it sinks and drowns you even deeper. Remember, choices have consequences.

Well, there you have it!

Comedian YY reveals why he vowed not to ever fall in love again

Comedian YY is not shy to confess that he was once in love; but things did not turn out like he was expecting.

A while back the comedian lost his daughter due to what he referred to as doctors negligence.

Comedian YY

Speaking about this horrifying experience, YY says his ex had a few complications and needed a C section as soon as possible. However doctors at the hospital they went to could not attend to her since all OR (operating rooms) were all occupied!

Churchill show’s comedian

Heart break

Sadly his (Ex) lady lost the baby and things from then became complicated. After a while he parted ways with his ex – an experience that left him heartbroken and in pieces.

Thanks to a question and answer sesssion on his Instagram page; for the first time YY confesses that 2018 was one of his hardest years he had ever faced in his life.


YY opens up

In another detailed post, the comedian went on to confess that even after vowing not to love again; 2018 brought him a big surprise that I am sure has helped him grow stronger.

He however went on to say that he would open up about his major break soon; not forgetting to credit his close friend Butita who played a big role in helping him get through the break up.

YY speaks

Comedian YY: I went into depression after losing unborn baby

Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY, has revealed that he was stressed out and depressed following his unborn baby’s death four years ago.

YY said that they were left with a tough decision of choosing between the mother or the baby after she developed some serious complications.

“I had a lot of expectations and I was so excited but the excitement was cut short in a manner I did not expect. We went to the labour ward but the doctors recommended she has a Caesarian section. I went to book [for one] but they said the theater was full.” 


YY still remembers the unborn baby despite having parted ways with the lady she was dating.

“Sometimes we question what happens but it may be a blessing or even could be a lesson that God wants us to learn from those particular situations. I took it as a lesson and although I endured the pain for a while, it made me a better person and I am now able to accept things as they come.” he added. 

On Father’s Day, YY celebrated himself as a dad on Instagram saying, “Happy Father’s Day To Me…my late daughter would be four years old today but everything happens for a Reason.”


Former Churchill comedian loses family member

Comedian YY has lost his grandmother.

The comedian, who also started off under Churchill, took to social media to share her photo only saying: Rest well Grandma…we will all miss Adila #CelebratingLifeWellLived

His fans mourned with him after his loss.

“She has been with me through hell” Comedian YY showers his mum with praises

Former Churchill shows comedian YY has every reason to praise and flaunt his mum. According to him, the mum is the only best friend he recognizes and this is because they have both faced good and bad times together.

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Like most celebrities who were raised by single mum, YY is no different. His mum played the role of a dad and mum to ensure that they never lacked anything.

However coming from a humble background, sometimes they were forced to go hungry; but he is grateful for such experiences.

YY introduces his mother

In a new post shared by the comedian he introduces his mum to his online family; but what caught many people’s attention is the caption. He praises her for having played the role of a super mum in his life saying;


Why he quit Churchill show

From what we heard is that the comedian felt that he was being underpaid and chose to walk away. He however makes appearances once in a while since he is still good friends with Churchill.