Back Together? Frankie Just Gym It Spotted Hanging Out With Corazon Kwamboka

The colloquy between flamboyant socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her Gym instructor boyfriend Frankie Just Gym It has once again erupted  after the two were spotted on vacation, months after the two announced their break-up.

The two lovebirds insinuated their separation after Corazon’s black rose, which meant they were no longer in good terms. The post was accompanied by the two unfollowing each other on their socials.

The tiff between the two was further ignited when Frankie revealed in an interview that the reason for their breakup was due to Corazon’s daddy issues(he claimed that Corazon didn’t have a father figure while growing up). Corazon then took to social media and called out Frankie for disclosing a private matter just for clout.

According to Kwamboka, they made the drastic decision to pull away in order to concentrate on growing their relationship away from the prying public.

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Taking a look at Frankie’s exes, it’s needless to say that the Gym Instructor is in love with big nyash. And this is a probable reason that he’s willing to go back to Corazon Kwamboka.

Re-kindled Love?

The two love-birds were recently recorded surreptitiously enjoying life, reportedly in Kisumu- according to popular online tabloid Nairobi Gossip. They’re seen walking together suggestively; and the truth of the matter is, they’re probably on bae-cation to sort out their differences. And like netizens say, mambo ya watu wamelala pamoja achana nayo. 


Frankie Just Gym it reveals why he would still pick Corazon Kwamboka over Maureen Waititu

Frankie Just Gym It who is celebrity gym trainer is out here giving interviews about his baby mamas and truth is – he still can’t find it in himself to sort of forgive his first baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

The fella kinda made this obvious during recent interview opening up about his past and current life. Speaking during an interview with Tanzanian , the fella opened up about dating women with no father figures in their lives.

From how he put, it appears that Frankie Just Gym It blames these women issues on their absent fathers who unfortunately turned them to ladies with daddy issues. Speaking about the two baby mamas, Frankie said;

The women who I’ve been with the two ladies who I’ve been with, they didn’t have the father figure. Corazon and I have talked about it. She’s never had a father figure, her dad wasn’t really there full time. So when the dad would come around she would ask him for something.

Friends over drama

Having had it rough with Maureen Waititu who blocked and denied him access to the boys after their ugly breakup; looks like Frankie Just Gym It no longer sees anything positive in her.

This is after he revealed who he would choose between Maureen or Corazon incase he wanted to get back to any. Not that it surprises us but Frankie Just Gym It openly chose Corazon saying;

Obviously Corazon because we talk every day and I get to access the kids when I want to, so there are no issues there.

Wait….he just did that when Maureen Waititu celebrated him on Father’s Day applauding him for a job well done. And now……weuh! Anyway watch the interview here.

Finally Engaged! Frankie Just Gym It Proposes To Lover Corazon Kwamboka In Zanzibar

Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka has finally been granted her wish of being engaged to her baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It. Flaunting a ring on her finger, the High Court advocate took to Instagram to announce the great news.

”I said yes!!!! To happiness, to love and to a whole lot of fun with the one person I don’t ever want to live without. @frankie_justgymit can’t wait to say I do.”

The two sweethearts are currently on vacation in Zanzibar, which was apparently the location Frankie had in his proposal plan.

It was Corazon’s wish to get engaged and get married to Frankie after their baby Taiyari was born a year ago.

“Right now I’m just enjoying getting to know him and being parents.”

When asked about proposing to Corazon, Frankie said,

“This one is mine. Trust me.”

Frankie’s previous relationship was with Maureen Waititu; and together they had two sons. Both of them however, moved on.

Corazon further added that Frankie is the best father of her child.

“I made the best choice having him as the father of my baby because he has helped me from day one. I was so clueless but he had some experience, so he was really helpful. He is a great dad,

There’s no stopping their love now. Hopefully, they’ll wed soon.


Frankie Just Gym It Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With Curvy Lover Corazon Kwamboka

Fitness instructor Frankie Just Gym It and her exquisite curvy lover and advocate Corazon Kwamboka are celebrating two years of being together.

The muscular gym instructor, (Frankie Kiarie), has taken to his Instagram to celebrate their 2 years of love.

”Two years and still counting. Happy Anniversary to us! ????”

Corazon responded;

”Ten toes down hubby, I love you.”

Frankie was previously Maureen Waititu’s lover. Together, they had 2 kids; but their relationship ended with unclear reasons.

Frankie started dating Corazon shortly after; leading to speculations that he dumped Waititu for Corazon. However, Frankie shut down the allegations and said he was single even before meeting Corazon.

They now have a son together whom they named Taiyari Kiarie; who will be turning a year older in less than 10 days.

Frankie, Taiyari and Corazon-IG

On the other hand, Maureen Waititu seems to have also moved on. Even though she keeps her man’s face a secret, it’s only a matter of time before she unveils him.

Maureen Waititu with her new catch.

Anyway, Frankie has now held on to Corazon for two years, but he’s yet to marry her. It’s Corazon’s wish to get married to Frankie; and she expressed this recently;

”I hope he proposes one day. But I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m taking one day at a time, if it happens and it’s the right time, I will say yes”

From the bond they share, it’s needless to say Frankie is definitely going to make things official.


“Start over if you have to” Trouble in paradise for Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It?

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have lately been laying low; but we kinda understand since the honeymoon phase is over and the two love birds are now back to reality.

Of course with Corazon Kwamboka giving her son, Taiyari all the love; baby daddy Frankie must also be feeling some type of way…probably a 3rd wheel between mother and son – but hey it happens to all new parents!

Baby Taiyari

Anyway unlike before this couple has stopped parading their love on social media; and apart from their working out sessions – honestly, we never see them act all lovey dovy like they did in early 2021.

Corazon throwing obvious hints?

Awag from that, we believe that Corazon Kwamboka has been hinting about a probable ‘break’ as seen on her post. In the latest one she went on to advice her fans to ‘start over’ if  a situation forces them to. The lady wrote;



In yet another post the yummy went on to post saying;

It’s a throwback Thursday. April 2017.

Never blame anyone in life. The good people Give you happiness. The worst people give you lessons. The best people give you memories that last forever.

Well, it wouldn’t take a relationship expert to conclude that these two are not okay; but hey – it’s called life after the honeymoon phase.