Corazon Kwamboka allegedly on vacation with Boyfriend weeks after accusing him & family of trying to take her kids away

By now I guess mambo ya watu wachana nayo should listed among Swahili saying because weuh people out here are making bloggers look like jokers with false online breakups – only for the couples to be spotted together later on.

I mean – have these celebrities having boring relationships that they have to spice it up on social media to remain relevant?

Anyway barely 2 months after Corazon Kwamboka revealed how things were between her and Frankie…she spilled almost everything including the fact that the fella and his family almost took her kids away in the name “helping so that she can rest.”

Yes – while Frankie was busy exposing her for having daddy issues – Corazon on the other hand was online telling her fans about her in laws; and one thing we learnt is that just like Maureen Waititu – Frankie’s family only cares about their sons kids and not the mums.

Still growing strong

With this information there are those who quickly rushed to comfort Corazon Kwamboka telling her she deserves better oh she can have any man of her choice; forgetting the heart wants the heart wants.

Yes – looks like Corazon Kwamboka may have gone back to Frankie that js judging from a screenshot shared from a certain entertainment news tabloid where a fan reached out revealing she had spotted Corazon and Frankie together in killing.

Not quite sure whether its them fooling us or they’re basically just fooling each other. But again Frankie with already 4 kids – I wonder if there is any woman willing to step in as a step mum…but seeing him already back with Corazon means the streets are just bad.

Wait…didn’t Corazon Kwamboka say she has a new man just the other day? Or was it a fling?



Maureen Waititu reacting to Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It’s breakup?

So word has it that Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It are no longer an item. This was actually announced by Corazon Kwamboka herself who shared a black rose on her Instagram page, captioning;

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I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on.

Okay, okay…what I am thinking is that the breakup went down around 1pm on Sunday 20, Feb – meaning probably that’s the time Frankie Just Gym It walked into their home after a long Saturday night. Wink.

I mean it happens right? They go out, then come back smelling different perfumes the next day. This is then triggers heated argument – and before thinking the whole thing through – y’all end up announcing a breakup on social media out of hurt emotions.

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Trouble in paradise

Well judging from Frankie’s silence it’s clear to see that the breakup in one sided. probably because he knows he is on the wrong or is trying to get his woman back and of course talking about the breakup at this point will do him more harm than good…so yea silence is the way to go.

He who laughs last, laughs best!

With the breakup news spreading like a virus on social media, guess who got to learn about it too…. Maureen Waititu… yes mama boys heard about the rumors and judging from her latest posts looks like she couldn’t hold herself from publicly laughing it off.

As seen on her Instagram page, Maureen Waititu shared funny meme talking about how fast the weekend moves…but in all honesty, the post had nothing to do with her short weekend.

And just like that…poof