Corazon & Frankie Back Spark Re-Union Rumours After Working Out Together (Video)

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie seem to be co-parenting well despite their breakup. In a recent video, they are seen working out together. They walk and jog in the street, and even eat together ‘mahindi choma’.

On several occasions, Corazon has spoken positively about Frankie on social media, thanking him for his support on the children.

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The video speculates that Corazon and Frankie may still be together or may be co-parenting well despite the break up announcement. The video ends by saying that time will tell what Corazon and Frankie’s true relationship status is.

In February 2022, Corazon confirmed publicly that she had broken up with her then fiance, Frankie JustGymIt. This came only two months after the birth of their daughter.

Corazon announced via her Instagram account, posting a picture of a black rose to symbolize the crisis in her love life. She accompanied the image with a caption noting that she was now single.

In July 2022, Frankie said in an interview that Corazon couldn’t keep a man because she had unresolved daddy issues.

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But the two seem to be happy with co-parenting. Frankie has 4 kids; 2 with Corazon, and another 2 with Maureen Waititu.
Watch their full video below;


Fans laugh along as Corazon Kwamboka “shames” Frankie Just Gym It

Influencer Corazon Kwamboka, who specializes in beauty and lifestyle, attempted to share a joke with her Instagram followers recently, but it appears that not all of them found it funny. “You’re a good mom,” the mother of five wrote as she posted a video of herself drinking lemon water with the caption, “I don’t know who needs to hear this.” The children are very awful. It’s most likely what their father gave them.”

While some fans understood the post’s satire, the majority took it personally. See the responses from the fans:

Tanduniki: People are really hurting out there, can’t you all get a joke?!!!! It’s not that serious guys😂

Everthing rcaheL: So siku hizi hatutaniani !!!🤔watu mko sensitive kuliko avocado 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Miss olivett: People’s sense of humor in this country is Opaque! To say the least ei. But I understand people are hurting and need to project

Dee taree: Tulikuwarn 🥹🥹🙂 😂red flags zilikukukalia tomeros (tomatoes) 😊😂 utaheal no shade hang in there hugs😊

Stellambochu: Manufacturers fault you say😂😂😂😂

Gakiishelmith:  mean you gave him another chance, what did you expect 🙄🙄🙄he was back to finish what he had left blazing😂😂😂😂

Rwarerunjeri: 😂😂😂😂 of course after 9 months, anything bad they do the dad should take responsibility

Mayamuritmi: ikr…dna comes from both sides😂😂😂im good..he must be the problem😂😂😂😂

Debbiekinyanjui: Eiii people baana! Uncleanch and JUST take in the joke! Goodness..

Teenacertified: People on the internet are always ready to pounce and fight, people can’t have dark humor now? Mnabore:

Frankie Just Gym reveals he still loves his baby mamas

Frankie JustGymIt, a fitness instructor and father of four, is grateful for his family and is living his dream life. He recently opened a new, fully equipped gym, which he will be showcasing to the public on October 7th.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Frankie expressed his gratitude for his family, saying that they are the key to his happiness. He also talked about this new phase in his life and how he deals with challenges.

“People will try to hit you, people will try to bring you down,” he says. “That’s ok, that’s natural. But how do you get back up? Are you gonna lay down and become a sissy about it or are you gonna get your a** back up?”

Frankie’s amazing transformation has impressed his online followers, who have shown their support for his new gym venture.

@trackandfieldbychicco…Family Is Key……Good Stuff Frankie Keep Grinding

@collinsmaina7037…Many thanks to you Frankie, for the motivation boost.

@bernicerogo9190..You are making great progress with your new studio👏

@jacklinekendikinoti…This is an awesome move.keep up the good work and success in the new space

@harrietajema9627…Am happy for you Frankie, a true definitition of goals and growth

@harrietbosibori…Congratulations Frankie,must feel awesome to have your dreams to come true

@liliankwamboka3173…You deserve this. Well done Frankie 👏👏👏👏You are a hard worker

@njkimbo219…Congratulations bro ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I would love to visit and work out one of these daysWell done

Corazon Kwamboka allegedly on vacation with Boyfriend weeks after accusing him & family of trying to take her kids away

By now I guess mambo ya watu wachana nayo should listed among Swahili saying because weuh people out here are making bloggers look like jokers with false online breakups – only for the couples to be spotted together later on.

I mean – have these celebrities having boring relationships that they have to spice it up on social media to remain relevant?

Anyway barely 2 months after Corazon Kwamboka revealed how things were between her and Frankie…she spilled almost everything including the fact that the fella and his family almost took her kids away in the name “helping so that she can rest.”

Yes – while Frankie was busy exposing her for having daddy issues – Corazon on the other hand was online telling her fans about her in laws; and one thing we learnt is that just like Maureen Waititu – Frankie’s family only cares about their sons kids and not the mums.

Still growing strong

With this information there are those who quickly rushed to comfort Corazon Kwamboka telling her she deserves better oh she can have any man of her choice; forgetting the heart wants the heart wants.

Yes – looks like Corazon Kwamboka may have gone back to Frankie that js judging from a screenshot shared from a certain entertainment news tabloid where a fan reached out revealing she had spotted Corazon and Frankie together in killing.

Not quite sure whether its them fooling us or they’re basically just fooling each other. But again Frankie with already 4 kids – I wonder if there is any woman willing to step in as a step mum…but seeing him already back with Corazon means the streets are just bad.

Wait…didn’t Corazon Kwamboka say she has a new man just the other day? Or was it a fling?



Corazon Kwamboka addresses claims linking her to Frankie Just Gym It & Maureen Waititu’s ugly breakup

Corazon Kwamboka saw a hard 2020 especially after she was linked to a romantic relationship with Frankie Just Gym It.

At the time corazon had just moved up the rank as the gymnast’s new girlfriend –  months way before he called it quits with first baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Being media personalities handling a breakup on social media – of course both Maureen Waititu and Frankie put up a messy split; and rumor has it that their issues are yet to be resolved in order for them to coparent.

From what we know is that since the breakup Frankie no longer has access to his two older boys; but again fans believe that his stunt of having his ex and sons moved out from an apartment belonging to Frankie’s mum is what  made everything else worse.

Corazon on Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s breakup

As most breakup stories go – Frankie moved in with his new found love but barely 2 years into their relationship, socialite Corazon Kwamboka ended her romantic relationship with Frankie – who had previously left 2 kids and ex wife to start a new life.

However unlike Maureen Waititu – this time around he was the one getting dumped, which brings us to here.

Well, after hearing the many whispers claiming she caused Maureen’s unhappy ending with Frankie, Corazon finally responds.

As seen on a video shared by Corazon Kwamboka, which she captioned;

Corazon Kwamboka

  When you are being blamed for breaking a relationship”.

she goes on to lip sync saying;

I did not open the door I found it opened…I did not touch the door.

Well – from where I’m standing, I can say that this message was aimed at those who blamed her for Maureen’s and Frankie’s breakup.

To her, the man did not belong to anyone at the time she had bagged him for herself. Not quite sure why she feels the need to address this right now….it’s been 2 years mehn.



Corazon Kwamboka shares her battle with depression weeks after ‘breakup’ with baby daddy

Months after Corazon Kwamboka welcomed her second, turns out that she still struggles with depression and I’m starting to believe that it could be postpartum depression often experienced by new mums. And the fact that she has a two year old and a newborn in her house – it’s easy to see how the PPD got to her so quick.

She made this known in a new post shared on her Instagram where she confessed to have some struggles with mental health saying;

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Yes I have struggles with depression, what I’m going through is not easy.⁣And I’m not the only one who is gone through it. One day when I heal I will address just to encourage and give strength to another woman who feels how I feel.

I need privacy

Just to prove how serious her battle with depression has been, the mother of two asked fans to give her some privacy for now; especially after seeing how a few characters were digging in her private life – knowing very well that her state of mind hasn’t been okay.

Addressing these people, Corazon Kwamboka went on to add;

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Corazon with baby

For now, I ask for privacy. Thanks for all the beautiful messages.⁣ Ps, I can’t believe people can be so insensitive to make such as a topic of discussion

Her confession on depression comes a few weeks after she claimed to have parted ways with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

Why so sudden?

Well – from how fans see it is that Frankie and Corazon had been having issues during her second pregnancy. They however tried hiding it until Corazon shared a post saying she needed an extra hand from her partner, Frankie; who was always on the move and no where to be found knowing very well she pregnant and had a year old baby boy to look after.

And just like that, she’s dealing with depression for a second time months after the arrival of her baby girl.

Corazon Kwamboka unveils daughter’s face for the first time, she looks like daddy (Photo)

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it make the most beautiful kids. Truth is, yes there are those that don’t like the couple following Frankie and Maureen’s ugly split but it’s now time to move on cause clearly – these two found happiness in each other.

Frankie shared family photos

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So far the couple has a 2 year old son and were recently blessed with a daughter whose name we are yet to know. Anyway, it’s has since been three months after baby girl was born and unlike their firstborn – Frankie and Corazon have been keeping on the low until Valentines Day when they finally unveiled her face.

As seen on Corazon Kwamboka’s page, she proudly paraded daughter to the world; and this day being special to lovers and loved ones around the world….she went on to appreciate both daughter and son saying;

The sunshine that makes my day, the reason I wake up every time I stumble. With you around, there’s a reason to believe life is full of blessings and miracles. Thank you for making me experience love like never before. My Valentines.

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Frankie and Corazon’s kids

Daddy’s girl

From the photo shared above, it’s only fair to say that baby girl took after her papa – which is not bad since the prettiest girls take after their dads, right?

Anyway with celebrities unveiling their baby daddies, baby bumps and photos of their kids…what are you doing on this special day? Ama it can never be you?

Corazon Kwamboka steps out to party 12 days after C Section surgery, leaving Frankie with the babies! (Photos)

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka just had a baby girl 12 days ago and the mother of two is already hitting drinking joints to ease off some stress.

The new hot mum in town revealed this through an Instagram post where she shared new hot photos of her 12 days post baby body; leaving fans with mixed reactions especially since she indicated the fact that she was about to step out for some mock tales (non alcoholics) with her girls.

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Well in case you were wondering who was left behind with the newborn and baby Taiyari; Corazon praised her husband Frankie saying;

Decided to step out for a sundowner with my girlfriends. Was feeling a little blue and my man said go do your thing baby I got the babies today.’ And sure enough just being able to enjoy a mock tail and a little gossip with my girlfriend gave me a new energy.

Supportive husband

Although many believe that this couple may not last for long; their love for each other continues to disappoint the haters since it’s obvious they ain’t going no where!

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According to Corazon, Frankie has not just been the man of her dreams but the most supportive husband she could have asked for. Praising him in a different post, Corazon wrote;

Away from all that lovey dovy stuff, couldn’t help but notice how fast Corazon Kwamboka’s  body is quickly shedding off the baby fat.

I mean, two weeks ago she was around 100kgs and today, she appears to have shed all that fat

Corazon Kwamboka flaunts post baby body
New mum in town, Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka Successfully Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl (Photo)

Curvy socialite and advocate of the High Court Corazon Kwamboka has welcomed a bouncing baby girl today, December 8. The exquisite socialite has taken to her Instagram to announce the successful delivery after previous adorable photoshoots of her baby bump.

She monikered her little bundle of joy Koko; whom they sired with popular gym instructor Frankie Just Gym It.

”Zero hours of labor, 1hr 15 mins inside theatre, and 6 hours of lying on my back with drips and chills, unable to twist or turn, I am finally holding my little girl. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents koko. We can’t wait to show you the world and love you forever.”

Daddy-Daughter Love

Her hubby Frankie reiterated their exuberance as he expressed his undying love for Koko; his 4th born child.

”First dance. First embrace. First kiss. She’s one of my greatest treasures in life and I cannot wait to see what a great woman she’ll surely become. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains! #GirlDad”

Corazon Successfully Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl-Instagram (courtesy)

It’s important to note that this is the first time Frankie is having a daughter. He already has three sons; 2 sons with his former lover Maureen Waititu, and one with Corazon Kwamboka.

The delivery also comes at a time when the two sweethearts are on the verge of getting married after Frankie proposed to Corazon several weeks ago while she was still pregnant.

The duo has since received numerous congratulatory messages from fellow celebrities.

From our side, Ghafla! Kenya team; congratulations are in order for the two lovebirds.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it giving obvious hints about unborn baby’s gender (Photos)

Socialites Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are currently expecting their second baby; and we have reason to believe that the father of 3 boys may now be expecting a baby girl.

Having fathered 2 boys with ex fiancé, Frankie moved on to Corazon Kwamboka who gave birth to baby boy about a year ago; and now the couple has another baby in the oven about to drop anytime from now.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with his two sons with Maureen Waititu

Unlike their first pregnancy with baby Taiyari, this time around the couple is giving obvious hints about their unborn baby’s gender; as they stepped out wearing lilac outfit for their latest photoshoot – making us assume they could be expecting a baby girl.

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Frankie Just Gym it with newborn, Taiyari

Frankie to finally have a princess?

If the colors of their outfits have anything to do with their baby’s gender then this means that Frankie finally has a best friend on the way.

And having seen how celebrity dads like Brown Mauzo and others are gushing over their daughters; I bet he will also step up his game when baby girl is here. But remember, we have not confirmed about their unborn baby’s gender but due to their photoshoot theme – chances are that issa girl!

Corazon Kwamboka with hubby, Frankie Just Gym It
Corazon Kwamboka turning heads with new photoshoot
Ms Corazon

Corazon Kwamboka Gushes Over Unborn Baby In Exquisite Photoshoot (Photo)

Popular Gym instructor Frankie Just Gym It and his curvy fiancée Corazon Kwamboka are on the verge of welcoming their 2nd child together. Together, they already have a son Taiyari; who turned a year old several weeks ago.

There two sweethearts revealed their 2nd pregnancy way back in September, the same period when Frankie proposed while they were in ‘baecation’ at Zanzibar.

They shared adorable photos of Corazon’s grown baby bump, stating how much of a blessing the pregnancy is.

‘Thank you Jehovah for blessing my womb yet again!!! How many praises can I sing, how loud can I say thank you my God. From a hopeless Endo warrior to a soon to be mom of 2!!!

To my angel; Your big brother and I can’t wait to meet you and to love you forever” shared Corazon Kwamboka.

Frankie also expressed excitement as he wrote;
“And the family keeps growing! We can’t wait to meet you..”
Reiterating over their blessing, Corazon has yet again gushed over their unborn baby;
”May you always know that you were longed for, wished for and prayed for my little baby. We can’t wait to meet you.

Loved doing this collaborative shoot with
???? @veejaystudios (your studio is so beautiful, congrats on what you’ve achieved)

???? @za_afrika (thanks mama, all I did was show you a photo and you created my dream gown, can’t wait to work with you again)

???? @careybeautyke (the way you’ve slayed my face this whole pregnancy and even taught me how to do my own makeup, you’re the bestest’) ”

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka complains about her living arrangement with Frankie, she feels neglected (Photos)

So Frankie Just Gym it and Corazon Kwamboka not only have a son together but are engaged to be married. However unlike other couples you know, these two decided not to live together (probably to keep things spicy) but it’s clearly not working for pregnant Corazon.

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Well, just a few hours ago the pregnant lass who happens to have a one year old by the way –  shared a post complaining about hunger; and trust me it’s not the kind of normal hunger you’re used to.

And seeing Corazon talk about her empty tummy on a post means the hunger came with emotions too. So blame it on the hormones. She wrote,

Now I’m literally dying of hunger!!! What should I make? Living Solo isn’t fun????

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Cry for help

Although it’s evident that Corazon Kwamboka’s idea of letting Frankie enjoy his ‘freedom’ is a smart strategy to keep him coming back; truth is, this move is proving to be one big sacrifice that she may have to rethink in the near future, especially with another kid on the way.

Anyway, since she doesn’t want to keep her man cooked up in the house (like his previous girlfriend) shouldn’t baby daddy be offering to spend sometime with her? But again, Ooliskia wapi? 


Rumor has it that apart from flaunting his abs on social media and camping with friends, Frankie is apparently enjoying life thanks to his girlfriend’s free pass.


Anyway while he eats life with a big spoon, Corazon is having Ugali and Mala since juggling the pregnancy, a toddler and house chores is simply wearing her out.

Baby Taiyari is 1! Corazon Kwamboka goes all out to give son special 1st birthday (Photos)

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and hubby, Frankie Just Gym It are celebrating another new milestone achieved by their son, Taiyari!

Well as seen on Corazon Kwamboka’s page we understand that baby Taiyari is marking his first year today; and just like any other mum – the lass cannot help but celebrate the far her son has since come.

Through her Instagram page, Ms Corazon earlier today shared a few photos from Taiyari’s 1st birthday shoot to which she captioned the photos;

My little baby is 1 today. I’m so blessed to be mommy to this ever smiling baby. My days are never dull and my heart is full. Thank heavens for opening my womb so I could bare you #endowarrior

Frankie’s message to son

Well, this being Frankie Just Gym It’s 3rd son, looks like daddy didn’t have much to tell his ‘lastborn’ son as he shared just a few of Taiyari’s photos to which he captioned;

Happy Birthday @taiyari_kiarie !

The birthday comes just a few weeks after Corazon and Frankie marked their second anniversary with special messages; but judging from their fans reactions – clearly no one was aware that they had been dating for such a long time.

Anyway, although these may-be ranked among the most ‘disliked’ relationship goals couples at the moment; we’re still grateful since they keep giving the entertainment industry content!

Checkout photos of baby Taiyari as he marks his 1st birthday in style!

Baby Taiyari turns 1
Like father, like son: Adorable as Taiyari marks 1st birthday
Baby Taiyari turns 1

‘Why Do Kenyans Have So Much Hate?’ Corazon Kwamboka Hits Back After Being Trolled For Posting A Throwback Photo

Corazon Kwamboka is proving to be vulnerable to online trolls after posting a rare throwback photo when she was in New York. The hilarious reactions on the comment section seemed to have gotten into Corazon’s nerves.

After allegedly snatching Frankie from Maureen Waititu, it seems like a section of her fans are not happy; and neither is she happy with them.

Here are some of the various reactions she got on the photo that pissed her off;

Enough Is Enough

Corazon has made her comeback; saying that Kenyans are idle. She wrote on her Insta stories;

”Why do Kenyans have so much hate and idleness? Could this be the reason most of the youth are struggling and broke? Focusing their energy on people they know nothing about. How stupid do you have to be to go to a strangers post to comment nonsense. Most of them have never left their village borders and it shows.”

This is not the first time Corazon has been upset by people’s comments. Earlier this year, Corazon savagely hit back at people who advised her on how to raise her kid Taiyari; and said she doesn’t need anyone to lecture her over the same.

Unlike other celebrities, Corazon doesn’t assume her haters on the comment section. Maybe she’s just too sensitive to ignore.

Alaar! Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka unveil never seen before photos from their vacation back in 2019

It’s been a minute since we saw Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka parade their love in social media; and just invade you thought they are over the honeymoon phase – then think again.

Just a few hours ago the love birds unveiled two adorable photos taken during their private vacation back in 2019.

The photos shared by the couple confirm that these two have been dating for close to 2 years or more; but since Frankie was seeing Maureen Waititu back then – he never got to share them.

Not quite sure why the two decided to share the photos with the captions

@Corazon Kwamboka 2019????



@Frankie_justgymit ????????????


Maureen Waititu in Colombia

Since the two new photos we not shared on a ‘Throwback Thursday’ nor ‘Flashback Friday;’ let’s just say the two decided to randomly share these photos – especially now that celebrities are taking trips and vacations in different countries.

Speaking of vacations, we also understand that Maureen Waititu who is Frankie Just Gym It’s baby mama; is currently in Colombia with her new black American man as revealed by her posts.

Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

The lady who was left high and dry by baby daddy seems to have finally bagged a man who makes her happy; and y’all – she is also living life to the fullest and from the left by fans on her page; clearly everyone is happy that she moved on from her pain.

Corazon Kwamboka openly shares her dream of marrying Frankie Just Gym one day

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka is now in that phase where she wants to spend the rest of her life with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

This comes a few months after she had openly confessed that marriage is not one of those things she is planning; but after living with baby daddy for a couple of months – Ms Corazon now wants to seal the deal.

Speaking during the recent launch of Safaricom’s new Baze platform; the lady went on to talk about possibility of settling down with Frankie – which shows that she is now deeply in love with the guy.

Well, at first it was all fun and games for Corazon who is the boss in the relationship (money wise) but now; looks like she fell in too deep. During her interview, Mama Taiyari said;

Corazon Kwamboka

I hope he proposes one day. But I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m taking one day at a time, if it happens and it’s the right time, I will say yes.”


Although this is a phase all women go through especially after the first child; but at least Corazon isn’t pushing for marriage at least not on social media; but I hopefully her engagement won’t end up like Ms Waititu’s… tears.

Ms Corazon with baby, Taiyari

But as for now, Corazon says that both her and Frankie are just focusing on parents for the sake of their baby boy.

“Right now I’m just enjoying getting to know him and being parents.”

‘You Are Idiots!’ Corazon Kwamboka Fires Back At People Advising Her How To Take Care Of Her Sick Son

Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka is angry at a section of her fans for criticizing her on how she’s taking care of her son Taiyari. The socialite explains that whenever she posts a picture of her son, she gets all kinds of advice; which she doesn’t think are worth it.

A Chip Off The Old Block;

Corazon and her hubby Frankie JustGymIt welcomed baby Taiyari early last year. Photos of Baby Taiyari were only unveiled after he turned 4 months; and revealed the sharp resemblance with his dad.

They Grow up so Fast: The Son of Corazon And Frankie Looking Chubby – LitKenya
Baby Taiyari, Frankie and Corazon-Google

Anyway, Corazon has taken to social media to warn people about giving her advice on how she should take care of her son. Baby Taiyari has a condition called adenoids, which gives him difficulty in breathing. On her Insta stories, Corazon expressed her anger as she said;

”Something I’ve noticed;, every time I post my baby, some bloody fools, idiots, lunatics, will come to my page and start telling me; oh, mbona uyu mtoto anakuanga na homa kila siku… This baby is having difficulty breathing. Sijui do this, do that. You guys are idiots… You are a fool if you think that me Corazon is on my page posting my baby waiting for your opinion because I don’t see a problem with what he has… Do not come to my page trying to give me advice on what to do… People should mind their business”

Corazon continued to explain her baby’s breathing condition and said that she already has a pediatrician for Taiyari. She also threatened to block anyone who would piss her off with the same issue.


“Start over if you have to” Trouble in paradise for Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It?

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have lately been laying low; but we kinda understand since the honeymoon phase is over and the two love birds are now back to reality.

Of course with Corazon Kwamboka giving her son, Taiyari all the love; baby daddy Frankie must also be feeling some type of way…probably a 3rd wheel between mother and son – but hey it happens to all new parents!

Baby Taiyari

Anyway unlike before this couple has stopped parading their love on social media; and apart from their working out sessions – honestly, we never see them act all lovey dovy like they did in early 2021.

Corazon throwing obvious hints?

Awag from that, we believe that Corazon Kwamboka has been hinting about a probable ‘break’ as seen on her post. In the latest one she went on to advice her fans to ‘start over’ if  a situation forces them to. The lady wrote;



In yet another post the yummy went on to post saying;

It’s a throwback Thursday. April 2017.

Never blame anyone in life. The good people Give you happiness. The worst people give you lessons. The best people give you memories that last forever.

Well, it wouldn’t take a relationship expert to conclude that these two are not okay; but hey – it’s called life after the honeymoon phase.


‘You’ll Heal And Love Again’- Corazon Kwamboka Advices Ladies To Get Over Their Exes

It’s hard for some people to get over their Exes after a break up. While some might decide to get out of a relationship through mutual consent and become friends, most decide to totally forget about each other and move on. After the dissolution of a relationship, some go into depression while others even commit suicide.

Well, Curvaceous socialite Corazon has shown us that you can get someone better than your ex. You don’t have to give up on love. On her Instagram, she has disclosed how she reduced weight because of breaking up with her ex; something she got over in a couple of months. She has also advised girls not to be afraid to love again after being heartbroken.

Corazon’s Advise

She wrote,

”Flashback!!! See how skinny I was… stress ????????. I had broken up with my ex like 2 months before this moment.

Corazon Kwamboka-IG

My naive self thought I’d never be able to live without him, so I decided to curate a plan to try and get his attention/ get him back…

I packed my bags, collected some coins from my bank and off I went to Paris, just 1 hr flight from Rome..
In my silly little mind, he’d see I’m in Paris, call me and we’d get back together ????????. Only to not even receive a call looool!!! So I did a solo trip, France for a week and Ibiza for a week then came back to Kenya. I was miserable the whole trip.

I didn’t know the plan God had for me and my future, I thought I’d never be able to fall in love again. To any young girl going through a heartbreak, it might feel like you’ll never heal and things will never be the same, they won’t be the same, they’ll be better. So if you need to cry now, do it. But remember it’s not the end, days will turn to weeks, weeks into months, you’ll learn to love again, you’ll heal.”

Corazon seems to be contented with her hubby Frankie. They already have a son together. I think men should also heed the advise; things will get better even after break up.

Lanes: Corazon Kwamboka reveals ‘useless’ gift she bought newborn son for Ksh 60,000

New mums always have a tendency of buying everything they imagine they newborns will need. For some like Corazon Kwamboka – they would rather spend whatever amount on baby stuff; just to make sure baby is comfortable- but all I know is this only happens with first time mums!

A day after Corazon Kwamboka welcomes son, Taiyari

As seen on her latest IG stories, Ms Corazon who welcomed her first child 6 months ago with Frankie Just Gym it; shared a QnA post inquiring whether other mums feel that they may have bought useless stuff for their newborns. This is after learning that parenting in terms of ‘baby stuff’ is never that serious.

Speaking from her own experience Corazon says that she not only bought everything she assumed baby Taiyari would need; but turns out that one of the most expensive gifts she got him is useless – after all.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka

Through her page, the new mum wrote;

I’ll start; A pram/stroller is a total waste of money. Imported mine for a whopping 600$ and can’t even go anywhere with it. It’s just not our culture besides most babies hate staying in them. A complete sham.

Advice to new mums

Now that she knows what to buy and not what to waste money on; Corazon Kwamboka went on to advice new mums to be saying;

To all incoming mums: my advice is to get whatever the f you like. We are just having fun and venting don’t listen but to you and your babies needs.
But don’t buy everything at once…after some time you realize some things are not even necessary.

Corazon’s post

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka shares 5 ways to maintain a healthy relationship

We have honestly never seen Corazon Kwamboka this happy! After bagging herself a handsome man, Frankie Just Gym It – the former socialite has been nothing but head over heels for her man.

This is however not the only love she has been receiving – but just part of it. In order for her to learn how to love her man, she needed to love herself first and that is what she did.

Corazon Kwamboka

As seen on one of her latest posts, Corazon Kwamboka goes on to share 5 unknown tips of learning to love and accept yourself the right way. She wrote;

#Be grateful for your body. Practice gratitude for your body and notice the beautiful things about you. Stand in front of a mirror everyday until you can list at least one thing you love about yourself.

#Be kind to yourself. Be intentional about nutrition, exercise and also remember give yourself a treat once in a while.

Love yourself

According to the lady, many have never learnt the art of loving themselves – which ends up affecting them even when they jump into a relationship.

To share more points concerning this, the lady added:

Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka all loved up

#Let go of your perfectionism. Stop obsessing over tiny details and putting pressure on yourself to look a certain way. Stop telling yourself how you’re not good enough and accept yourself for who you are, love even the parts of you that you think are imperfect. Do this and you’ll see how much confidence you’ll exude

#Be less judgemental; most times we judge others in order to feel good about ourselves but it’s very unkind. Catch yourself the next time you want to judge someone around you for how they look or behave. Practicing kindness and acceptance towards others is a step to becoming more mindful of our thoughts.

#Notice your internal critic. Stop telling yourself those negative nasty things. Turn down the volume of your internal critic and swap the negative statements you tell yourself to positive ones. Stop worrying about the things you cannot change and appreciate how unique and amazing you are.

A Chip Off The Old Block-Corazon Kwamboka Flaunts Her Cute Son Who Looks Like His Dad

After revealing that last year she wanted to become a mother, socialite Corazon Kwamboka has finally taken up the task to motherhood. The mother of one has shared photos of her son Taiyari after he turned 6 months old. She couldn’t hide the joy for her son. She posted,

”When you realize you’re 6 months old and boobies won’t be your source of food but then your realize you’ll be eating mama’s food.

I can’t believe it’s been 6months already. Everyday I get to be this boys mama is a blessing. Happy 1/2 year @taiyari_kiarie.”

Corazon admits that being a parent is not easy. She opened up about her battle with anxiety soon after welcoming son Taiyari on August last year.

The curvaceous Corazon first rose to fame after pictures of her went viral on social media. She was ranked as one of the top socialites in Kenya. Corazon claims she had no intention of being a socialite. However, she is grateful that things worked out the way they did.

I haven't undergone any cosmetic surgery,' says Corazon Kwamboka as she urges women to love the gym

The socialite shared how her first day as a mother was in a video posted by her boyfriend Frank Kiarie. Corazon is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She says she rarely practices law because of the socialite title that gives people a different perception of who she really is.

Balancing career and parenting is not the easiest of tasks. Corazon is evidently a tough mother, owing to the fact that she was trolled about her scars after birth but chose to remain strong.

Frankie Just Gym It unveils son’s face for the first time, he looks everything like his mummy (Photo)

It has been almost a year plus since Frankie Just Gym it broke up with ex fiancé, Maureen Waititu. For some reason, this might have been the best thing that happened between the two are they all portrayed toxic traits when around each other; or even when trying to converse.

The gym instructor then moved on to Corazon Kwamboka who is the current girlfriend and baby mama. The two were recently blessed with a baby boy ‘Taiyari’ who is currently 4 months old.

After keeping him on the low for the few weeks, the couple recently decided to unveil his face; and boy is the young man handsome!

Meet baby Taiyari

He not only looks like his mum’s twin but for some reason it appears that Corazon’s genes were much stronger – that is judging from how Frankie’s sons with Ms Waititu look like.

Well his brothers look like their papa but the new born looks like his mum but with a touch of Frankie’s skin tone. Indeed he does make handsome boys and judging the photos shared on both Corazon and Frankie’s social media pages – we can see how handsome the new young one is.

Through his social media pages Frankie went on to post saying;

Baby Taiyari

  What can I say, I make HANDSOME men! ????????‍♂️ #RaisingKings. Awesome photography work by @loliphotographer

Corazon on the other hand went on to write;

Baby Taiyari at 4 months

Most precious gift.

Thank you @loliphotographer for capturing this beautiful pic of my son @taiyari_kiarie

Corazon Kwamboka opens about the struggles and insecurities of ‘not having a perfect body’

One would assume that Corazon Kwamboka’s confidence is off the roof; but thanks to a new post shared on her IG, the new mum made it known that she also has her own struggles.

In the post shared to show how she looked at 2 months pregnant; Corazon also used this opportunity to open up about some of the insecurities she used to face before baby happened.

According to the new mum, she not used to worry about her face but almost each of her body parts seemed to be off to her. Although this is a phase most women tend to struggle with in life; one wouldn’t have expect Corazon to complain about insecurities with her banging body.

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Corazon Kwamboka pregnant at 2 months

I was 2 months pregnant here, I have always been insecure about about something (different parts of me every other time) today I would be insecure about my acne scarred face, tomorrow about my thighs, next day about my teeth, it has always been something.

Finally embraces her insecurities

However after conceiving baby Taiyari, everything about her body insecurities disappeared; and unlike before, she has now learnt to accept and deal with such issues.

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She went on to reveal that Taiyari’s pregnancy helped her realize the value of her body; and now, she appreciates the person she has since become. The new mum in town wrote;

Socialite Kwamboka

But strangely enough when I got pregnant I wasn’t insecure even one day, I loved my body the most. I developed self love and appreciation and whatever I did I was exuding confidence. PS; that went out the window once I had the baby ????????. Anyway; this is one of my fav photo in @genio_sport wearing mono set in large.

Trouble in paradise already? Corazon Kwamboka sending mixed signals with new post

Corazon Kwamboka knows how to keep fans entertained and after days of not posting anything on her page; seems like she just dropped a post that has left fans and bloggers asking questions.

Knowing very well that most women see her as home wrecker/boyfriend snatcher and a lawyer struggling with English; Miss Corazon has given these busy bodies a reason to question whether her relationship with Frankie is falling apart.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie during an outing with baby Taiyari

This is after sharing a suggestive post which proves that she may feel used by an unnamed person; that pushed her off the edge to a point of poting it on her page. Ms Corazon who is currently in a serious relationship with one Frankie Just Gym it went on to write;

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People will love when it’s beneficial.

True colors finally coming out?

We cannot confirm whether the post shared by the new mum in town had anything to do with Frankie Just Gym It; but we can’t help but wonder who else could be using Corazon.

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This is the first time Corazon Kwamboka is sharing such a post and since she did not share much; we can’t help but hope she soon sheds light on this issue about being used. Or could it be Karma already knocking on her door? Let’s wait and see.

Beautiful moments as Corazon Kwamboka officially introduces Frankie Just Gym It and months-old son to her mom (Video)

It is in the actions, the strive to build each other as you both rise up, the commitment to each others visions and promises that explain how much you mean to the other person.

Corazon Kwamboka’s and Frankie Just Gym It’s love story has been nothing rosy, especially since the day they confirmed they are an item, before bringing a baby boy on board.

Also read: They grow up so fast! Corazon Kwamboka flaunts adorable 3 month old son (Photo)

But despite the storms, the backlash, the pitfalls, the tears…the couple has even grown stronger and fonder of each other.

Frankie and Corazon

Many believing the simplicity and unscripted lives of the two is what might take them further than the human eye can see.

Visit to the countryside

Well, to prove it all, Corazon took Frankie and their 3 month-old son over to her hometown to officially introduce them to her mom, spend some quality time together and make good memories.

The couple left the city on Friday, to return on Sunday but the 2 days were nothing short of fun times.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The babe drove to the place, in Kisumu County, having both Luo and Gusii genes.

What surprised many is the young mom’s mastery of her mother-tongue that saw Frankie watch and learn.

He visited Kwamboka’s primary school, the clubs she frequented, the places that she made memories in and of-course, her mom’s home where Corazon has an ongoing construction project.

“She wants to show me her childhood, she wants to show me everything. Literally, I explored everything that was her and I’m trying to learn more about her and it’s been eye-opening and fun,” he disclosed.

Corazon takes Frankie to her hometown

Once they are done with Corazon’s childhood, then it’s Frankie’s turn to return the favor.

“I’ll definitely take her to places I made my childhood memories. She needs to learn more about me, the way I’ve learnt more about her,” he stated.

The couple enjoyed delicacies popular in the hometown, savored good moments in Lake Victoria and made good memories of the past, in the place.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The lady friends of Corazon could not help drool of her fitness coach, fighting over the well-built lad and it was beautiful!