Baby Taiyari is 1! Corazon Kwamboka goes all out to give son special 1st birthday (Photos)

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and hubby, Frankie Just Gym It are celebrating another new milestone achieved by their son, Taiyari!

Well as seen on Corazon Kwamboka’s page we understand that baby Taiyari is marking his first year today; and just like any other mum – the lass cannot help but celebrate the far her son has since come.

Through her Instagram page, Ms Corazon earlier today shared a few photos from Taiyari’s 1st birthday shoot to which she captioned the photos;

My little baby is 1 today. I’m so blessed to be mommy to this ever smiling baby. My days are never dull and my heart is full. Thank heavens for opening my womb so I could bare you #endowarrior

Frankie’s message to son

Well, this being Frankie Just Gym It’s 3rd son, looks like daddy didn’t have much to tell his ‘lastborn’ son as he shared just a few of Taiyari’s photos to which he captioned;

Happy Birthday @taiyari_kiarie !

The birthday comes just a few weeks after Corazon and Frankie marked their second anniversary with special messages; but judging from their fans reactions – clearly no one was aware that they had been dating for such a long time.

Anyway, although these may-be ranked among the most ‘disliked’ relationship goals couples at the moment; we’re still grateful since they keep giving the entertainment industry content!

Checkout photos of baby Taiyari as he marks his 1st birthday in style!

Baby Taiyari turns 1
Like father, like son: Adorable as Taiyari marks 1st birthday
Baby Taiyari turns 1

Lanes: Corazon Kwamboka reveals ‘useless’ gift she bought newborn son for Ksh 60,000

New mums always have a tendency of buying everything they imagine they newborns will need. For some like Corazon Kwamboka – they would rather spend whatever amount on baby stuff; just to make sure baby is comfortable- but all I know is this only happens with first time mums!

A day after Corazon Kwamboka welcomes son, Taiyari

As seen on her latest IG stories, Ms Corazon who welcomed her first child 6 months ago with Frankie Just Gym it; shared a QnA post inquiring whether other mums feel that they may have bought useless stuff for their newborns. This is after learning that parenting in terms of ‘baby stuff’ is never that serious.

Speaking from her own experience Corazon says that she not only bought everything she assumed baby Taiyari would need; but turns out that one of the most expensive gifts she got him is useless – after all.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka

Through her page, the new mum wrote;

I’ll start; A pram/stroller is a total waste of money. Imported mine for a whopping 600$ and can’t even go anywhere with it. It’s just not our culture besides most babies hate staying in them. A complete sham.

Advice to new mums

Now that she knows what to buy and not what to waste money on; Corazon Kwamboka went on to advice new mums to be saying;

To all incoming mums: my advice is to get whatever the f you like. We are just having fun and venting don’t listen but to you and your babies needs.
But don’t buy everything at once…after some time you realize some things are not even necessary.

Corazon’s post

They grow up so fast! Adorable photo of baby Taiyari at 6 months

It was just the other day Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It welcomed their first child together. For some reason, the couple received mixed reactions from fans who did not hold back from weighing in on their relationship.

Some fans called out Corazon Kwamboka for allegedly stealing Frankie from ex, Maureen Waititu; but hey, how can one steal an adult man? Impossible.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

While others felt that these two needed to explore their new found love; and just like that – Corazon and her man ended up trending for weeks. Just to prove how much they loved each other, the couple welcomed their first child together 6 months ago; confirming that this was a serious relationship.

Corazon after welcoming son, baby Taiyari

Baby Taiyari at 6 Months

Away from that, just like most celebrities on social media Frankie and Corazon rarely share their son’s photos or videos on social media. In fact, they have been keeping him on the low until recently when he turned 6 months.

Baby Taiyari at 4 months

This being his half first birthday, dear mummy Corazon Kwamboka decided to shower her son with nothing but love. As seen on her social media pages, Corazon poured out her heart to son saying:

When you realize you’re 6 months old and boobies won’t be your only source of food but then your realize you’ll be eating mama’s delicious food ????.

Baby Taiyari at 6 months

I can’t believe it’s been 6months already. Everyday I get to be this boy’s mama is a blessing. Happy 1/2 year @taiyari_kiarie

Corazon Kwamboka flaunts her sensational post-baby body a week after welcoming bouncing baby boy (Photo)

Corazon Kwamboka is back on social media after taking a weeks break to focus on her new born son, Taiyari.

From the look of things, the new mum is definitely having an easier compared to most new mums; but hey, with money anything is possible, right?

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Anyway just a few hours ago the new mum in town went on to unveil a new photo parading her post baby body through her Instagram. Although it may seem early to start showing off, it’s evident to see that the lawyer is slowly getting back to her old body!

Dressed in a gym biker and bra, Corazon paraded her curves as she made fun of her pouch which she remains grateful for as it carried the love of her life, Taiyari. The boss mum captioned the post:

Corazon Kwamboka post baby photo

1 week post C-section, loving my mom pouch, it came with so much blessings I can’t start to even explain.

New lifestyle changes

Of course being a mum now means changing and adjusting her life to suit her baby perfectly! And yes, Corazon says she will soon be talking about her pregnancy experience, the changes she is and will be facing in the near future.

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Corazon Kwamboka welcomes bouncing baby boy

However, one thing is for sure….Corazon Kwamboka was definitely prepared for motherhood with or without her baby daddy. This is because for a long time she had been dreaming of becoming a mum and now, everything had fallen into its rightful place!

What I want to do is be very open about my new journey, from the changes that my body will go through to my lifestyle changes,

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It finally welcome their first child together! (Photos)

King Taiyari is finally here!

Yes Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have finally welcomed their bouncing baby boy as seen on their social media pages!

The couple who started dating just a few months after the fella broke up with fiancé, Maureen Waititu; are officially parents and judging from the video shared by Frankie Just Gym It this is definitely something they were prepared for!

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Details of the unborn baby remain unknown however speaking on one of Frankie Just Gym It’s YouTube videos; the new dad in town explained how his current baby mama had to undergo C section to avoid more complications with her blood pressure.

Baby Taiyari

We also understand that the new born arrived 3rd August, 12 days earlier! However since this was to help save both the mother and child; we can only imagine how happy the two must now be!

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So far all we can confirm is that Corazon Kwamboka was looking forward to meeting her child: especially after years of battling endometriosis which had her battling with fears of becoming childless.

New mum in town, Kwamboka

However after years of wondering whether motherhood is something she will ever experience; the happy Mum now holds her own flesh and blood in her arms!

Frankie Just Gym it with new born, Tayari


Corazon Kwamboka reveals her unborn baby’s gender!

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie just gym it are expecting their first child together after dating for just a few months now.

The couple who have been making headlines for days now recently held an interview with blogger Edgar Obare; revealing unknown details about their relationship.

Of course many continue to believe that Corazon is the main reason Frankie walked out on Maureen Waititu; however during the interview the father of 2 made it known that he had already parted ways with his baby mama.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Reveals gender

Well, even with the negative publicity the two have been getting; it appears that both Corzazon and Frankie prefer focusing on their private lives – ignoring what the media says.

While on the interview, a few fans got to learn the baby’s gender as Corazon ended up revealing this unknowingly. Apparently during the interview Corazon Kwamboka went on to say;

we want our kids to group up as brothers

A clear indication that the two will soon be welcoming a baby boy into their new home.

Corazon Kwamboka reveals her baby’s gender

Frankie a dead beat dad?

Anyway after Corazon Kwamboka mentioned that Frankie was good with his boys; her statement left him looking like the perfect daddy until Maureen’s interview with mpasho surfaced on social media.

When asked about her current state; Maureen Waititu opened up saying…

Ms Waititu

I’m a single parent and the father tried to be there for the kids.

This comes as a surprise since Frankie has not only been portraying himself as a good father; but with the red flags Maureen dropped during the interview leaves many worried for Corazon Kwamboka.

Speaking about parenthood as a single mum; Maureen said,

It has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I love them to death. There my life, give me strength and hope. It’s been bliss, amazing!