“You should thank me, I made you famous” Cyprian Nyakundi tells hot lady photographed with Omar Lali

Cyprian Nyakundi gave bloggers a field day after sharing a photo of Omar Lali in the company of a stunning beauty. In his his caption, Cyprian clearly made many believe that Lali and the lady, Koko Kamillah are an item; and boy was the male species proud.

Apart from fans congratulating Omar Lali for having an amazing taste in women; others promised to have him over for the 2021 men conference that will go down on the 14th of February.

Omar Lali with ‘friend’

However after the fun and games; Ms Koko who was said to be warning Lali’s bed hit back with a new post; where she denied being Lali’s girlfriend but a long term friend from back in the day….how old is she again? Anyway she wrote;

  So I woke up today to lots of dm’s and WhatsApp messages telling me that I’m trending…. ( for the wrong reasons) some idiot…(@cyprian Nyakundi) took my pic with my old friend Omar Lali and posted it with totally out of context captions….and now I’m enjoying the shit show.

Battle between Cyprian and Koko

Seeing that the rumor he had started was about to die in matters of seconds; Cyprian went on to ask Koko to be grateful to him for having made her famous. Cyprian argued saying;

Instead of her thanking me for making her famous, she resorts to insults. Smh. Socialites are an entitled and thankless lot.


Responding to Cyprian, Koko on the other hand told off the blogger for making it look like she wanted fame. According to Koko, she is already famous to those who matter and not the online audience Cyprian manipulates with his un-researched stories.

She hit back saying;

Relax boy… first of all I am not a socialite. Don’t call me names. Secondly you didn’t make me famous…I was already a very popular   Person where it matters…so please next time relax your bs! Next time calm down your panties when you see potential scandal in a post and verify your facts before you vomit them on social media…made me famous huh

Misogynistic blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi tells off Ben Pol for making his love agenda to Anerlisa, purely Business-oriented

Anerlisa Muigai is officially set to be Ben Pol´s prospective wife after his surprise proposal just yesterday but blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi is here to tell him off.

According to the brutal misogynist, Ben Pol is in this love affair with Anerlisa, just to harvest her money, then walk home single.


On his Twitter account, Cyprian articulates:

Ben Pol is in Business, before the relationship ends he will have a stake at Keroche.

Boy Child ako kazi…..Mapenzi ni wewe.

The popular Kenyan blogger further dissed the Tanzanian land that might house couple of beauties but whose economy is a wreck.

Tanzania is home to beauties but guess what the Kenyan shilling is stronger.

Cyprian advises Anerlisa to prep up for her untimely breakup that will have greater mass than Mozambique´s catastrophic Cyclone Kenneth.

Girl Child atapewa heart break kubwa kushinda Cyclone Kenneth.????????????

Being an individual in Kenya´s history, known to rub shoulders with ladies of all status, age and capacity, Cyprian strongly condemns the act of gents going down on one knee, all in the name of ¨proposals¨:

Ben Pol proposal to Anerlisa Muigai shouldn’t be news, this is the epitome of mediocrity.

BoyChild shall NEVER bow nor kneel down to any woman whether she is a billionaire, governor or a queen.

He fires at Tanzania´s Ben Pol urging him to pick a leaf from the ´legendary´ Kenyan men:

It’s good this guy is a Tanzanian, Kenyan men are woke!

Piga magoti tu na mutaachana

Well, it would be advisable at this juncture to keep off this guy´s [Cyprian] eye view before he dismantles your entire being.

He can totally rip off one´s spirit.

“Eric Omondi has gone MIA, only Itumbi has never been shy of defending her publicly” Nyakundi castigates Jacque Maribe’s fake friends

Jacque Maribe has been presented in court four times since she was arrested, and only Dennis Itumbi has been to the courthouse to see her.

Itumbi hugged and shared jokes with the Citizen TV anchor when she was presented in Milimani law court on Monday October 15th.

The Secretary of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President also warmed up to Jacque’s fiancé Joseph Irungu in court.

Dennis Itumbi greets Joseph Irungu in court
Dennis Itumbi greets Joseph Irungu in court
Fake friends

Cyprian Nyakundi has come out to condemn Jacque Maribe’s fake friends who have failed to show up in court to give her moral support.

The controversial blogger took shots at the fake friends in a lengthy rant written on social media;

I’m sure Jacque Maribe has many friends, followers, fans and the likes. But when shit hits the fan, you’ll notice that number drastically reduce to almost zero. Because Kenya is fake. Nairobi especially has the fakest people in this world.
Only Dennis Itumbi has never been shy of defending her publicly. Her baby-daddy Eric Omondi has gone MIA, probably fearing that he will “hurt his brand” should he openly be seen associating with her.
And that’s Nairobi for you fellow Kenyans. Don’t confuse bar associations with real/solid networks. Nairobi is just full of leeches who gravitate around successful individuals. If you want to remain steady and focused, you have to shun these characters who only look for you when things are OK.
Dennis Itumbi has given us lessons on how to navigate the tricky Nairobi social-scene. Ladies especially are easily carried away by grand gestures from shadowy characters like Nigerians and the likes, people who can never identify with our struggles here in Kenya.
It’s incumbent upon everyone to know whom to share your time with. Do they add value to your lives or you just drink together? Do you feel any sort of growth/improvement when you’re around him or her or you are just glorified fuck-buddies masquerading as a couple?
A recent Q & A by Anerlisa was revealing about her skewed life choices and affinity to vanity. She was asked by a lady if it’s okay to send a guy money, something she categorically said “No” . But why should other ladies bear the burden of her poor life choices and being a poor judge of character?
If you’re looking for an eye-candy dude, one to show off to your girlfriends so as to boost your ego/self-esteem, they are a dime a dozen.
Comparing Dennis Itumbi with Jowie Irungu, you can see what Maribe’s priorities are. Skewed. She was better off with Itumbi who looks like he is focused and has a future. This other dude is just a life-ist who is just enjoying life.
So choose wisely people. This life there’s no rehearsal.


THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Cyprian Nyakundi spills the beans

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV sometimes in June 2018 after she appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson. Barely two months after she assumed office, Kanze Dena was promoted to the acting State House spokesperson and head of the Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit.

Kanze’s quick promotion came after her former immediate boss Manoah Esipisu was nominated for an ambassadorial position.

Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV
Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV


Cyprian Nyakundi has come out to claim Kanze Dena was not given the State House job because of merit. The controversial blogger alleges that the former Citizen TV anchor was handed the State House job by her benefactors.

THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Because she’s a thief like her benefactors.
Kanze Dena was in-charge of Slimpossible at Citizen TV a while back. Dis bitch did not pay the people who worked as instructors, trainers and the likes. She just kept taking them round in circles.
These are guys who spent their own money for transport, airtime, etc.
Yet when you see her on social-media, she’s always waxing religion, invoking God’s name whenever she can. Fuckin hypocrite!
If you want to know a fraudster, look at the person who speaks about God alot, even when it’s not necessary.
Corporate cartels in Nairobi are very awful. We recently saw Safaricom staffers collude with rogue promoters to steal money meant to pay Tiwa Savage. Corporate managers are the biggest scammers in Nairobi.
Because jobs in Nairobi are awarded based on sexual favors, cronyism, nepotism and the likes. So nearly 100% of employees in Corporate offices don’t deserve to be there. To survive their positions, they have to constantly steal ideas from unsuspecting people who innocently share their time and ideas.
Do you have an idea? Don’t share it with anyone working in Corporate Nairobi. Did they call you for a “meeting” ? Don’t go. Those meetings end up wasting your time and money in transport costs, only to get a regret letter, but later seeing your idea implemented without your input. Wachira Waruru of Royal Media is very notorious at this.
As Cyprian Nyakundi, I don’t attend meetings with corporate dick-heads, who think they own the world. Infact if you don’t have money upfront, I can’t even pick your phonecall. Cash first.
Kenyans stop being exploited ati just because someone is famous or on TV and you think you’re so important just because they gave you an appointment.
Treat corporate Nairobi brokers like the garbage that they are.

Cyprian Nyakundi calls on boy child to stop donating towards Njambi Koikai’s treatment

Media personality Njambi Koikai has been admitted at a hospital in Atlanta, America for the past seven months. The former Trend panelist left Kenya for US to receive treatment for Thoracic Endometriosis – a condition which caused her lungs to collapse regularly.

Njambi’s treatment wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Kenyans who raised money for her treatment. She still needs Kenyans to donate to her to offset the hospital bill and therapy costs.

Cyprian Nyakundi is however calling on men to stop donating towards Njambi’s treatment. The self proclaimed boy child president claims Njambi has double standard.


Nyakundi’s plea to the boy child comes after Njambi clashed with Andrew Kibe who lashed at Kenyan woman in a controversial video.

Also: Njambi Koikai lashes out at NRG radio presenter Andrew Kibe

Nyakundi is also calling on the boy child to boycott other feminists including Zawadi Nyongo and Anyiko Owoko.

As men, let’s prepare to boycott the pages of rabid feminists who are reporting posts by male opinionists. You can also block them too. Start with Zawadi Nyongo. Her sexual-frustrations are evident with her anger towards men. Also boycott Anyiko PR Agency. She collaborates with the likes of Sauti Sol. If Sauti Sol continue working with her, boycott them too! Men, please stop donating towards the hospital fund of Jambhi Koikai. Stop henceforth! This Chic’s double-standards are nauseating. So you want Kenyan Internet to just sing your tune? Fuck off!

Itumbi: I have no problem with Nyakundi. We even talk

The Director of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi has revealed that he doesn’t have a problem with blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

Speaking on Ebru TV during the Chipukeezy Show, Itumbi said that he doesn’t have a problem with the blogger though people assume that the two are pure enemies.

“He was kicked out of Meru university it’s a fact, in 2011, 2012. He called us. We are the ones who helped Meru university council return him to school. Akaenda akafanya the same thing and he was kicked out again. Now at that point we couldn’t really help much. I think Cyprian has held an issue since then.” he said.

Not personal

Itumbi went on to add that he has no issue with him and even sometimes has come out to defend him after he was arrested. Nyakundi has been arrested several times for defamation.

“I have no issues with him. Even when he was arrested for blogging i’m the first one who went on Twitter and called police to ask why he’s being arrested. So I have no personal issues with him. I speak to him when necessary.”

Nyakundi savagely attacks Kenyan women after actor Martin Githinji marries Ugandan woman – big mistake

Kenyan actor Martin Githinji married his Ugandan sweetheart Christine Kokueendera Lwanga in a traditional ceremony last week.

For starters, Martin Githinji together with Catherine Kamau are the lead actors on TV drama series ‘Sue And Jonnie’ which airs on Maisha Magic East.

Githinji is the latest celebrity to marry a foreign woman (Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno recently married a Burundian woman) and Cyprian Nyakundi thinks Kenyan women are driving men to marry exotic women.

Martin Githinji married his Ugandan sweetheart Christine Kokueendera Lwanga
Martin Githinji married his Ugandan sweetheart Christine Kokueendera Lwanga
Marry your sponsors

Nyakundi took to social media to attack Kenyan women after Githinji married his Ugandan sweetheart. He said Kenyan women’s sponsor mentality is the reason why Kenyan men prefer to get wives from outside the country.

“After Polycarp of Sauti Sol married his Burundian sweet-heart, now Martin Githinji, a popular actor/presenter has married his girlfriend Ugandan Koku Lwanga. Once again kama madame wa huku mtaani wanafikiria tutakaa hapa tukingoja mumalize upoko ya kubomolewa na ma-Sponsor, mtashangaa nyinyi ma-Umbwa! Ati mpigwe miti na ma-Sponyo, mzae watoi mtuletee? Kumanina! Pelekeeni wazazi wenu hao watoi. Hao ndio wamemfundisha tabia zenu mbaya za upoko. Halafu wamuoe pia. Ghasia! Upoko tu ndo zenu. Mumetuchokesha yetu yote,” wrote Nyakundi.

Insults won’t accomplish anything

Martin Githinji replied after Nyakundi used his case as reference to explain why Kenya men are gong after foreign woman. He urged Nyakundi to exercise restraint and stop using insults.

“Thank you for your kind words to myself and my wife. Use the same gentle spirit to talk to other Kenyan women you feel have erred in their ways. The insults won’t accomplish anything. There is a lesson yes but that’s not the way to drum it. BE KIND. It won’t cost you a thing. I respect and value all Kenyan women alike. If you feel they are flawed. Let’s mitigate, not agitate,” wrote Martin.



Nyakundi’s message to Anerlisa Mugai after she annoyed Kenyans with her petty obesity rant

Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai was forced to apologize to Kenyans after making a ‘fat shaming’ post that immediately went viral.

Muigai, who was once overweight, was blasted for her post which was seen as demeaning. Self proclaimed boy-child president, Cyprian Nyakundi, has also weighed in on her post saying that it’s time the rich kid takes a break from social media.

Also read: Anerlisa Speaks of her struggle with stomach ‘tyres’

“Anerlisa Keroche went from most loved to most hated. 0 to 100 real quick. She needs to switch off her Instagram and disappear for a while,” said the controversial blogger. 

Nyakundi’s post on Facebook

Went for surgery

Anerlisa has lost over 60 kgs in her journey to fitness; but rumours have insisted that she went for liposuction surgery and never worked out.

In her apology, she claimed that she was targeting another famous person who Kenyans are familiar with though agreed she crossed the line.

The post angered many online users who attacked her in all manner before forcing her to apologize.

“I will never lack” Eric Omondi responds to claims that he will end up being broke like Louis Otieno and Swaleh Mdoe

Eric Omondi has assured his critics that he will never open pay-bill for his medical expenses. The comedian is said to be spending beyond his means to please his fiancée Chantal Grazioli.

Eric surprised his sweetheart with an expensive gift on Valentine’s Day. He caused tongues to wag when he was seen giving Chantal BMW X6 as her Valentine’s gift.

Also read: Eric Omondi surprises his fiancee with a new German machine on Valentine’s Day

Will you donate?

Cyprian Nyakundi carried out an opinion poll to determine whether Kenyans would help Eric Omondi in the event that he ends up being broke.


“Once Eric Omondi appeared on K24’s “Young Rich”, claiming to be worth Kshs. 30m. A month later, he was on the news after being evicted by his landlord for non-payment of rent. Yet the same joker, will one day open a pay-bill for his medical expenses. Will you donate?” Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted.

I will never lack

Eric responded to Nyakundi’s tweet assuring him that he will NEVER lack. The comedian states that he will be a blessing to his generation.

“While chilling on a couch I have come across a very saddening post by one blogger. This blogger twitted that @mwalimchurchill and I will one day put up a paybill seeking help. No one knows tomorrow but words are powerful and I will SPEAK mine. I WILL NEVER LACK!!! I WILL NEVER KNOW SHAME!!! I WILL BE A BLESSING TO MY GENERATION!!! NO WEAPONS SET AGAINST ME WILL PROSPER!!! I AM CHOSEN OF GOD!!! CALLED BY HIS NAME!!!” Wrote Eric.


Nyakundi to be released on a Ksh 500,000 bond after posting defamatory information against CS Fred Matiang’i

‘Boy child president’ Cyprian Nyakundi has found himself in trouble after sharing a tweet that was negatively describing CS Matiangi.

This saw the blogger arraigned  and charged at Milimani law court yesterday. However this is not the first time he is pulling such a stunt; but sadly he poked the wrong person.

Also read: Photos from Miguna Miguna’s house after it was attacked earlier this morning 

According to reports, he refused to attend court on Monday as order by the chief magistrate. But, on Tuesday he was arrested and was charged with posting defamatory information against the CS Matiangi by the chief magistrate senior principal magistrate Martha Mutuku

Denies being responsible

Nyakundi on the other hand denied being responsible for the tweet.

Even with this he was released on police bond of Ksh 500,000 which has left many talking on social media.

Others went on to ask him to release a pay bill number where they would help raise the amount. Anyway, I bet this is just for fan as no one is willing to part with their money especially judging from how hard January was.

Fred Matiang’i denies dating a church girl, refuses to comment on frustrating Nyakundi using the police

Cyprian Nyakundi claims Fred Matiang’i sent 10 CID officers to arrest him over an article he wrote. The Interior Cabinet Secretary was said to have an affair with a church girl.

On Tuesday January 23rd Standard newspaper wrote a story about a Cabinet Secretary who was having an affair with a church girl. The daily didn’t mention  any names but Cyprian Nyakundi did in a separate article.

Nyakundi said Matiang’i sent 10 CID officers at his home to frustrate him for unmasking him as the CS whose name was not mentioned in the Standard article.

Matiang’i is a morally upright civil servant

Matiang’i has since responded to the allegation through a letter written by Interior communications director Mwenda Njoka.

The interior CS denies having an affair with the church girl or buying her a house as written by Standard. Matiang’i demands the retraction of the defamatory article and an apology published on Standard within 7 days.

The letter didn’t not address claims by Nyakundi that the CS sent CID officers to his place to frustrate him. Below is the letter:



KOT finds man whose girlfriend hid his face with emoji in viral photo that took twitter by storm

Kenyans on Twitter took issues with a lady who hid her boyfriend’s face with an emoji. Tweeps launched a campaign to find the man and they did.

Cyprian Nyakundi raised alarm about a photo of a slay queen with her boyfriend. The boy child defender argued that the lady covered her man’s face with an emoji because she was ‘keeping her options open’.

“You buy her breakfast, pay the bill, then she posts a photo with your face covered by an emoji. That’s new-age Kenyan prostitution for you. Kenyan bitches want to keep their options open. They don’t want to be linked to one dude. Stay woke my nigga’s. Don’t be misused like this. If a bitch doesn’t want to take pics with you, huyo ni malaya,” Nyakundi wrote.

KOT springs into action

Nyakundi’s tweet went viral as KOT launched a campaign to find the man in the viral photo. Tweeps finally traced the man who was identified as Anto.

The boy child defender condemned Anto for ‘being used’. Nyakundi says Anto ought to have heed his calls to boycott the exploitation of the boy child.


“KOT investigators mpaka wamepata ule jamaa wa emoji. Even the precise shirt. Hawa ndio Boy-Child wenye hawaskizangi Nyakundi. Wanaendelea tu ku-friendzoniwa na madame. Mbwa yeye! If you see Anto, mleteni hapa. Yeye ni takataka. Didn’t we say nigga’s to NOT buy ANYTHING for these bi**hes?” Wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.


Former slay queen who now looks like a shamba girl blames Cyprian Nyakundi for her woes

Boy child defender Cyprian Nyakundi is celebrating as a lady cries foul. Jacky Raizo Blandina is a victim of Nyakundi’s boycott.

Nyakundi is opposed to all forms of exploitation of the boy child. The blogger calls on all male to stop funding women they are dating.

Jacky Raizo Blandina is living a hard life as a result of Nyakundi’s boycott. The lady called out the boy child activist for ruining her life.

Jacky Raizo Blandina in her glory days

“Cyprian is nyakundi God will surely punish u..look what you have done to me through the boychild…” Jacky Raizo Blandina wrote on Facebook.

No money for salon

Jacky Raizo was forced to shave her hair because her man refused to give her money for salon. She says that she asked her boyfriend for Kes 3000 for salon and instead she was given 30 bob to shave her hair.

Nyakundi couldn’t hide his joy upon learning that he ruined Jacky’s life. The boy child defender is pleased because his policy is working.

“Di Galdem anawika ati dough ya Salon imekatika. Sasa imebidi anyoe nywele. Pole mami. Tafuta boys mmoja akuwe wako. Mambo ya ku-omba omba Pesa kwa wanaume wengi imeisha. Ama kama unataka Pesa ya salon, kuwa tayari kupeana matako. Hakuna cha bwerere tena. Mumetubeba ovyo for long. Tushamjua na tushamsoma,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.


Boniface Mwangi and Cyprian Nyakundi’s beef is the funniest thing on the internet

Boniface Mwangi and Cyprian Nyakundi are both activists but they don’t see eye to eye. The latter is a rights activist while the former is a boy child activist.

Nyakundi has been talking smack about Boniface for a while. The blogger claims Boniface’s activism is driven by monetary interests.

Nyakundi further implored his rival to take his activism in Tanzania where Magufuli is cracking the whip on women who dress indecently.

“Tanzania is seriously cracking down on Slay-Queens. This one has been banned by the Ministry from doing any performance for 6-months, because of posting nudes. Activist-for-hire Boniface Mwangi’s services are needed in Tanzania where he can also launch the #MyDressMyChoice demo,” Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted.

Go play marbles with fellow boys

Boniface Mwangi sparked laughter on Twitter when he replied to Nyakundi. The rights activist says Nyakundi has a problem because a grown men don’t refer themselves boys.

“Cyprian @C_NyaKundiH comes to twitter and calls himself a boy?There’s a problem when a grown man refers to themself as a “child”. Twitter isn’t a wet station where parents breastfeed and change diapers. Go play marbles with fellow boys,” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.



Citizen presenter Syombua Mwele sends a humble plea to Cyprian Nyakundi after the attack on Emmy Kosgei

Cyprian Nyakundi came up with an explanation why Emmy Kosgei fell in love with an old Nigerian apostle and many people found it totally offensive.

The blogger is perplexed why any woman would fall for a Nigerian man. He claims that Naija men are born liars and conmen by nature.

“In a world full of eligible men, it is baffling to see one of the country’s “top” Gospel artists fly all the way to fuckin Nigeria in search of a man. Despite all the glitz and glamour in their entertainment scene, Nigeria is a fucked-up country.

“Nigeria has perennial power and fuel shortages, despite being an oil-producer. Because they’re unable to to pursue for accountability from their politicians, their country looks like one big dumpsite.

“Nigerians are also conmen. Any Nigerian you meet will most likely lie to you. It’s wired in their genes. They’re liars and conmen. So it’s quite baffling to see that our best, is dumb enough to fall for cheap AfroSinema theatrics,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi in part.

Daddy issues

Emmy Kosgei with her husband apostle Anselm Madubuko

Cyprian Nyakundi further claims that Emmy Kosgei suffers from daddy issues. He explains that women who fall for old men try to compensate for their dad’s absence in their lives by falling in love with old men.

“Daddy Issues are unresolved complexes which women have from a childhood of inadequate relationships with their fathers. Either the fathers were absent, or if they were present, they were too busy for them.

“The women who had insufficient male presence during their upbringing, tends to go and look for it in her older age. Which is why they find themselves getting attracted to older (most times married) men. They’re normally looking for their fathers in those illicit relationships.

“Many were molested or taken advantage of in their later teen years by the men close to them. Could be an uncle, or relative.

“All these chics you see pretending to be fashion bloggers, socialites, Gospel musicians and the likes, the ones who market their wares on Instagram in search of older married men, are suffering from an advanced strain of Daddy-issues. Because they’re still in denial.

“As a Boy-Child trying to survive in this conceited world, you’re advise to avoid women with Daddy-issues. They will constantly compare you to their former experiences with married Sponyo’s. They’re never content,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.

Stick to empowering the boy child

Syombua Mwele

Radio Citizen presenter Syombua Mwele Osiany is asking Nyakundi to stop bashing people’s marriages. The presenter, who is married to former Nairobi University student leader David Osiany, says attacking married people is attacking God Himself.

“I wish Nyakundi would stick to empowering the boy child as a big brother. Attacking people’s love lives and especially their marriages shows how much you’ve lacked good material to inspire the boy. Love is a very complex issue; the old are tired, the young are crying. Marriages are made in heaven and only God allows people to walk into someone’s life. Bashing people like Emmy, Kambua etc is bashing God Himself. God put these women in those men’s lives for a REASON. Avoid this my brother Nyakundi. Please avoid!” Wrote Syombua Mwele.


Beef renewed again! Cyprian Nyakundi hits back after Larry Madowo takes a swipe at him

Larry Madowo and Cyprian Nyakundi have once again renewed their beef. The two started their beef in 2015 after Nyakundi sued Madowo.

Cyprian Nyakundi sued Larry Madowo for defamation sometimes in December 2015. The NTV anchor claimed the blogger was a gun for hire to attack and tarnish brands and various individuals.

Nyakundi and Madowo clashed again in September 2017 over an article on Daily Nation. The beef has been renewed one more time in December over another article.

Don’t take contempt for women into 2018

Larry Madowo took a swipe at his foe on his latest column on Daily Nation. He cautions men against taking ‘manly’ advice from Nyakundi who he terms as disgraced blogger.

“Let us not take this hatred or contempt for women into 2018 because it belongs in the Dark Ages. If you’re getting your “manly” orders from a disgraced blogger, maybe that should be the obvious sign that you’re misguided and on the wrong side of history. If you don’t think so, maybe you two deserve each other,” wrote Larry Madowo in part.

Nyakundi caught a major one over the article written by Larry Madowo. The blogger says Madowo has no authority to advise anyone because he’s not self-made.

“Larry Mandondo owes all his social media numbers/social media cred to media houses that have uplifted him, cleaned his makamasi and made him Mandondo. Will such a Nigga advise you or Cyprian Nyakundi who has built his cred from the streets and made himself? ??,” Cyprian Nyakundi hit back at Larry Madowo.


Huddah Monroe wows Cyprian Nyakundi and his boy child brigade with her new year resolutions

Cyprian Nyakundi is totally opposed to any form of exploitation of the boy child. Huddah Monroe’s new year resolutions are in line with Nyakundi’s preaching.

Boy child defender warns against men spending on ladies who are not their wives. Nyakundi has been running a campaign aimed at flashing out materialistic ladies.

Cyprian Nyakundi

The blogger argues both men and women should equally shoulder the burden of their relationships in as far as money is involved. Do me i do you kinda of relationship.

2018 is a year of reciprocating

Huddah Monroe has vowed to spoil her man/men come 2018. The socialite says her new year resolution is to spend on her sweetheart and treat him like a lady.

Huddah Monroe

“Buy HIM food, play with HIS hair, take HIM out on a date, Suck HIS Titties! ….. 2018 We reciprocating ladies. ?
#StarGal⭐️,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


“Nazizi is the only woman who hasn’t used her body for progression” 5 reasons why Nyakundi has decided to praise Nazizi

Cyprian Nyakundi has gone into raptures about Nazizi. The blogger says Nazizi is the perfect example of positive femininity in Kenya.

Cyprian Nyakundi believes most women in position of leadership in Kenya f*cked their way up. The blogger has repeatedly attacked women whom he thinks are bimbos.

Nazizi recently responded to Nyakundi’s warning to boy child. The blogger warned men against marrying women who are over 30 years.

Nazizi hasn’t used her body for progression

Nyakundi has spoken highly of Nazizi despite the rapper clapping back at him. The blogger highlighted four concrete reasons why Nazizi is the best example of positive femininity.

Cyprian Nyakundi affirms that Nazizi has never slept with anyone to achieve success. He also says the rapper fought Moi’s regime over artists’ freedom of expression.

“Nazizi Hirji is perhaps the ONLY example of woman whom I can think of, who hasn’t used her body and p***y for progression. In the 90’s when former President Moi had choked all avenues of artistic expression, Naz fought hard to make Kenyan music be what it is.

“And she didn’t turn into an activists like the old hags we see daily on NTV yapping about inclusivity and affirmative-action like Schaeffer Okore and Dr. Njoki Ngumi. She did her thing, and inspired us.
When the then Transport Minister John Michuki cracked down on the matatu industry asking them to have one color with the yellow line, it was Naz with her song and Wyre, who said that we shouldn’t do away with our culture. Matatu’s should be allowed to be vessels of artistic expression.

“And it was hit-song, after hit-song. She didn’t disappoint. Her generation owes her alot. She also sets a good example to women, not to rely on pussy-power for career progression. And you can always tell the women who are “lazy” are the ones who speak with a profound sense of entitlement, but cannot put in the work,” wrote Nyakundi in part.

Media coverage

Cyprian Nyakundi claims mainstream media favors some artists over others. He claims Wahu has never released a single album yet receives more coverage than Nazizi.

“For instance, Wahu Kagwi to date, has NEVER released an album. Walai bilai! Not one album. She just chomoa’s singles whenever she feels like. Lakini on the mainstream media, Wahu is the one who commands the lion’s share of media, dominating covers, etc. Does Naz get the same coverage? Bila.

“The feminine imperative is all about elevating mediocrity and suppressing talent. That’s why Kenya is shit from all angles, because feminism has permeated nearly every facet of society. Why does a singer who has no fucking album, command the lion’s share of media coverage in the country? Quite some disgusting shit!

“Then there’s another breed of women who wanted to use music so as to get noticed and get employment. They were never perfectionists. They had figured out that because of their gender, all they needed was some visibility and boom, they got jobs. Sheila Mwanyigha is one such example. She sung a few songs and (surprise surprise), landed a media job. Same as Sanaipei Tande. Sung a few mediocre songs here and there, and that is somehow the criteria for getting a media job.

“But Nazizi has never abused her gender, to transition into something else. She’s true to her trade. Art.
They are rare, but cases of positive femininity actually exist. Maybe if the feminist-dominated mainstream media, and feminised men like Linus Kaikai and Wachira Waruru could focus on such positive cases, instead of the entitled, abrasive feminazi’s they parade on TV like the dead-beat hoodrats who were on PressPass last Monday. Even if they were the last women on earth, I wouldn’t get a hard-on from those nauseating shit-heads!”


“He’s a sadistic goat” Barbara Chepkoech goes HAM on Cyprian Nyakundi after he trolled Catherine Kamau

Cyprian Nyakundi will one day be shot by ladies if he continues with his attacks. Barbara Chepkoech was quick to defend Catherine Kamau when Nyakundi took a swipe at her.

Catherine Kamau tore into ladies and men criticizing single mothers. The 30-year-old actress says men who sire kid they don’t take care of and ladies who abort their pregnancies are useless.

Catherine’s post attracted the attention of Cyprian Nyakundi. The blogger hit back at her saying that she is the poster-child of single mother cottage industry.

“Instagram was awash a few weeks ago with photos of Cate Actress getting married to some pu**y-whipped nigger. He was hailed as “bold” for overlooking the fact that she’s a single mum, and in-return, he financed a grand wedding for the who’s who, (although I didn’t see our usual Twitter A clique).

Catherine Kamau and her husband Phil Karanja during their wedding

“Cate Actress is a textbook example of what sociologists call Proactive Infidelity. She’d knocked it out with the Bad Boy (abusive, cheater) who was a “challenge” and got her excited. Now that the Bad Boy has proven himself unreliable in sharing parental investment responsibilities, the guy she “trapped” in marriage MUST assume the Bad Boy’s responsibilities and liabilities

“Cate Actress talks, acts like she “don’t need a man”, but (also) she needs a Man. The real tragedy is the desperation apparent in the false pride. The truth is she needs a Man, her child need a Man, in spite of the pretentiousness fem-centrism has conditioned into her. But her decisions have left that Daddy position open to the lowest bidder,” Cyprian Nyakundi wrote in part.

Cyprian Nyakundi is a sadistic goat

Barbara Chepkoech with her children

Barbara Chepkoech says Cyprian Nyakundi is full of bile for no apparent reason. The US-based Kenyan actress affirms that she is a proud single mother contrary to what Cyprian Nyakundi thinks of single mothers.

“Well after seeing this Nyakundi blah blah I checked out his page the Dude is a sadistic goat ?!!! Reading this article am like hahahaha so single mums we are not supposed to hope for love or even get married lol ? Ngai the way I am a walking society and proud of it???????? #mamawadodo #singlemotherof3,” wrote Barbara Chepkoech.


“Ata sisi we have age brackets lol. Focus on 40 and above” Nazizi replies to Cyprian Nyakundi’s onslaught on women 

Boy child Vs girl child has been the debate on social media over the past week. Cyprian Nyakundi is on a mission to stop boy child from being exploited by materialistic ladies.

The blogger has launched a barrage of attacks on feminists whom he accuses of ruining the lives of young men. Nyakundi advises boy child to desist from marrying women who are over 30 years.

Ben 10s are also exploiting women

Nazizi has responded to Nyakundi’s onslaught on gild child. The rapper says men between 25 and 35 were also exploiting women in the name of love.

“So kuna Hawa waseee between 25 and 35 lol wanapenda kuishi bure kwa nyumba za mademe…wanunuliwe nguo sijui babe nifungulie biz . Kidogo bae sponsor my new project .U want to tell me hakuna mtu anaeza wa expose Hawa ma Ben 10??? P.s ata sisi we have age brackets lol. Focus on 40 and above lol,” wrote Nazizi.



Janet Mbugua gives Cyprian Nyakundi a dressing down over insulting remark on Adelle Onyango

Cyprian Nyakundi sparked uproar when he made an outrageous rape comment about Adelle Onyango. Janet Mbugua has since responded to the controversial blogger.

Nyakundi says no one would dare rape or have consensual sex with Adelle Onyango because she’s unattractive. His post attracted criticisms from most netizens who were baying for his blood.

Janet Mbugua takes a swipe at Nyakundi

Janet Mbugua says Nyakundi does not understand what masculinity truly means. The former Citizen TV anchor explained women were not against men by speaking against sexual harassment.

Cyprian Nyakundu

“If a woman speaking out against rape turns you into a chest-thumping individual that calls us ‘toxic feminists’, you haven’t understood what masculinity truly means. If you think we speak out against these issues because we are against men, you don’t get it.

“You see, a lot of us are surrounded by good…no, GREAT men. They have fathered us, married us, befriended us, dated us, been born of us, hired us, lead us, followed us, respected us, loved us. So no, we don’t hate men. We hate that every second of everyday there is a woman somewhere in this world who is being harassed, assaulted, raped and in most cases, the perpetrator is a man. It’s a fact, not a blow at men and masculinity. We have to learn the difference. This woman is raped into silence, trauma and defeat. Some of these women are too affected to speak and so we will speak for them. You don’t have to like it,” wrote Janet Mbugua in part.

Janet Mbugua and Adelle Onyango

Janet further warns Nyakundu against laughing at rape. She cautions that rape culture exists because people demonize rape victims.

“As for you…yes, you…don’t laugh at rape. If I were you, instead of meming and demeaning, I would read, I’d get educated and understand the issues, I would look at the women and girls in my life that I love most and realize that they too could be victims. Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does.”


“I am a victim of feminist-rage” Nyakundi remains unshaken over outrageous rape post on Adelle Onyango

Cyprian Nyakundi sparked public uproar when he made distasteful statement on Adelle Onyango. The Twitter bigwig condemned the Kiss FM presenter for giving talk about rape.

“Adelle Onyango gave a powerful speech against the rape culture. Pardon me for my ignorance, but who in their right mind would want to rape, let alone have consensual sex with her? Asking for a friend.” Nyakundi wrote on his Facebook page.

The blogger’s insensitive post drew lots of criticisms from Kenyans on social media. Adelle Onyango also replied to Nyakundi in a long post.

“So Cyprian no, I will not pardon your ignorance, I will not forgive that YOU just like for the man who raped me this post is not about sex but is all about objectification, power and control. I will not forgive you for what your post did to me mentally and emotionally, for the hurt it caused my family; my husband, my sisters and my close friends all in the name of “pardon me for my ignorance”. I will not let you dim my light or my message.

“You have turned a powerful anti-rape message into one about YOUR sexual preferences. This is not about who will have sex with you or who you want to have sex with Cyprian, this is about the fact that in 2008 the Crime Scene Investigation Nairobi reported that there were 40,500 rape cases in Kenya and estimated that the actual figure was 3 times higher than this and that in 2010 it was reported 32% of girls experience in Kenya sexual violence before becoming adults- that is 3 in 10 women in Kenya.

Adelle Onyango

“You should not be forgiven for the example that you are setting for the next generation of men. I’m angry that every girl I know has a creepy sex story. So Cyprian please allow your mind to expand its definition of what a woman is. Being a woman is not about our bodies or being over dramatic or being soft or having emotions and changing our minds. We are not here for your vilification. And I acknowledge that men are raped too, and I am sorry, but men who have lived their whole lives as men haven’t been told and taught that they deserve to be raped, that their voices carry no weight and that their anger is invalid. So, Cyprian, I understand why you think that we deserve to be raped and sexually objectified, abused, that our voices carry no weight and that my anger and my causes are infinitely invalid. I hope this allows you to experience some sort of vulnerability, either mine or your own. For the men that support our causes and realize the bane of the womb, we say thank you, and continue to support us, love us and cherish us, as women for being women, appreciate our intellect, hear our voices and acknowledge our accomplishments for we will continue to spread the message, and keep hope alive that one day we will live in a rape-free society.
I dedicate this to anyone who has ever been hurt in the name of masculinity,” Wrote Adelle in part.

Nyakundi remains unshaken

Cyprian Nyakundi

Nyakundi however has no apology to make over his controversial Facebook post. The Twitter bigwig hit back at his critics in an article written on his blog titled ‘Define Stupidity: Kenyan Feminists Reporting Nyakundi To Twitter, For A Post On Facebook’.

“For instance, Nyakundi is a victim of feminist-rage, yet the truth is that today, no woman has gotten her corporate job in Nairobi through merit. It is common knowledge that many have had to part with sexual enticements, in-order to achieve the “success” they brag about today. Because that form of sexual-abuse is “acceptable” , hypocritical feminists will choose to give it a wide-berth, and focus on the aggregated presumption that all “Men Are Trash” .

“You see, for as long as you’re not parting with financial recompense, you are trash to women. Well the reality is that yes, we men have standards too! We can tell ugly women, gold-diggers, high body-count, sluts, but most of all, we can see through the veil of feminism abused by Nairobi women, as a tool for social and financial progression. It’s these women who have nothing to offer society, that have fallen back to feminine-activism as a default for seeking relevance and attention,” wrote Nyakundi in part.


Joe Muchiri, Cyprian Nyakundi join techies in trolling Caroline Mutoko as she makes a stupid mistake

Caroline Mutoko shocked tech savvy Kenyans with an outrageous claim that left many people utterly disturbed, to say they were surprised is an understatement.

Mobile review should be done by techies, otherwise any other person might end up explaining features that don’t even exist, just like Caroline Mutoko.

The former radio queen did a review of the new Samsung Note 8 on her YouTube channel and she made one fatal mistake that left Kenyans in stitches.

For starters Note 8 has a 12 megapixel dual camera, so Caroline told her audience that the phone had 24 megapixel camera just because it has two cameras, of course 12 times 2 is 24.

A 12 megapixel dual camera is a new technology many phone manufacturers have adopted, the second camera is meant to add depth, sharpness, detail, better zoom and a wider angle but does not mean you have a 24 megapixel camera just because you are using a 12 megapixel dual camera.

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi and Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri were among the celebrities who were quick to troll Caroline Mutoko after she made the blunder even when the phone itself is advertised as a 12 megapixel camera.

“Old camel and frustrated feminist Caroline Mutoko should stick to what she does best: mainstreaming prostitution & leave tech to techies,” Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted.

“Boy child ame choma picha this week. Sasa ni turn ya Slay Queen kuchoma ????? kwani Mutoko has no friends ??‍♂️??‍♂️ kidogo aseme if ur pregnant with triplets unazaa in 27 months ??‍♂️??‍♂️??” Joe Muchiri wrote on Instagram.

Award winning Tech blog Techweez also trolled Caroline Mutoko in a video uploaded on their Twitter handle. Watch the clip below:


Cyprian Nyakundi slams veteran journalist Alex Chamwada as a snitch for calling police on him

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi has declared war on veteran journalist Alex Chamwada whom he slammed as a snitch.  Nyakundi vowed to expose Chamwada’s dirty linen in public.

The beef between Nyakundi and Chamwada started when the blogger referred some people as ‘dogs’ after Kenya was stripped the right to host 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) football tournament due to delay in stadia construction. A Confederation of African Football (Caf) inspection team visited Kenya from 11 to 17 September 2017 and found that only one of the four venues was ready to stage the event.

Nyakundi shared a video of William Ruto taken in June 2016 in which the DP was updating Jubilee delegates about the status of 5 stadia which were to be completed within 5 months from June 2016. Nyakundi said Kenya was stripped the right to host CHAN because of lies.

Apparently Alex Chamwada  reported Nyakundi to the police for using the term “Mtoto wa Mbwa” on his post on Facebook. The blogger has since declared war on the veteran blogger for snitching on him to the police.


“Alex Chamwada Calls For Nyakundi Arrest:

Former Tv journalist Alex Chamwada has contacted the police seeking to have blogger Cyprian Nyakundi arrested because of referring to the President as “Mtoto wa Mbwa” (or Son of a Bitch).

The phrase was popularised by the now viral video, where Hon. Babu Owino referred to the President as such, leading to his arrest.

Chamwada together with the trailer-trash bimbo from Cambridge Analytica have been behind the numerous “Fake News” articles and forwards which have breached the peace in Kenya.

Chamwada is now on our radar and I’m asking any and all journalists who have his dirt, to email or text me.

It’s time we brought Chamwada out in the open.

I’m coming for you motherfucker! You can run, but you can’t hide!”

DP William Ruto explains why he had no choice but to block Miguna Miguna and Cyprian Nyakundi on Twitter

Deputy President William Ruto decided to deal with popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and vocal lawyer Miguna Miguna by blocking them on Twitter.

Ruto blocked the fierce Miguna Miguna on Monday September 18th when the former PM aide went HAM on him in his tweets. Miguna kept firing at the DP even after he was blocked.

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi was blocked on Sunday September 24th. Nyakundi is known to be very critical of Ruto’s political activities.

Speaking during an interview on KBC on Sunday September 24th, the deputy president explained that he was forced to blog the two critics because they were intruding into his family.

Ruto said he blocked Miguna because he had crossed the line by constantly attacking his family and him, something he doesn’t take lightly.

The DP made it clear that he does not like negative people on his timeline and when he finds someone who consistently cross the line they are blocked. He emphasized that tweeps needed to differentiate between him as a politician and him as a family.




Ladies go ballistic as Nyakundi’s attack on Ciku Muiruri is interpreted as misogynistic gibe

Nyakundi must have realized Ciku Muiruri’s weakness is the Artur brothers, and he exploited her association with the infamous Armenian siblings in his attack on her.

The last time Ciku Muiruri was associated with Artur brothers she decided to sue Mohammed Ali. The former KTN journalist used a clip of Ciku cozying up with one of the Armenian siblings in his exposé ‘Ghururi la Saitoti’ which sought to reveal the circumstances leading to the death of former National Security Minister George saitoti.

The clip showed Margaryan lifting Ciku and placing her on a counter; some women caught hormones for days and blasted Ali for using the clip in his exposé.

Fast forward to 2017, twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakudi has once again exploited Ciku’s weakness. He launched a scathing attack on her claiming that the reason why she hates Raila Odinga was because the Nasa leader exposed the Artur brothers leading to their expulsion from Kenya hence ending Ciku’s cocaine for sex trade.

“Ciku Muiruri, who once opened her Legs for the Artur Mercenaries in exchange for cocaine should pick one struggle: Railaphobia or whoring. The only reason why Ciku Muiruri hates Baba is because he exposed the Arturs hence cutting down/ending her cocaine for sex trade,” wrote Nyakundi.

Some people went berserk on social media because they interpreted Nyakundi’s attack on Ciku as misogynistic gibe. Take a look at some of the comments below:

Taxinkenya Freddo: Why are you so obsessed with what people do with the tools between legs.its hers and she uses it however she feels like, for mileage, pleasure etc.who are you to judge people based on who they’re sleeping with?

De Hud Mchelsea: good ..that’s how a hopeless man rants when a girl of her dream says No… .usijali…try another girl….

Koki Faith: Achana na Ciru Muriuki kabisa ..ama pia wewe unataka akugawe!!!

Omach David: Fernkenya He he, he he, he he…

Lainey Kiarie: Is she ur sister or ur mama …u coward u a buse women…

Leen Oscar: Bile…Venom! We all have a right to choose who we support anyway!

Kamau Fred: Can u get a life, why get bothered with people’s business!!

Patrick Madzuki: Wish m.k was out..ciku hates uncir……. Idoits.

Gitonga Tonnie: Some chills dude.

Maurice Joseph: Raila cut supplies of his produts

Flo Fab Gitonga: Ha ha ha telling it like it is.

Kennedy Ken Kenny: Malaya huyu mwanamke

Nyamoita Marindi: I understand your community.

Wa Bridget: Kama wangekua kama Escobar I would be in kwani….otass