Daddy Owen’s search for “kienyeji” has been unsuccessful.

Daddy Owen, the Kenyan gospel musician, has once again spoken out about his search for a “kienyeji” (rural) wife. In an interview with Radio Jambo, Owen said that he had been unsuccessful in his search, despite having taken a long time to find a suitable candidate.

Owen said that he was also too busy with work to continue his search. “The work has been a lot,” he said. “Right now, I don’t plan to look anymore.”

Seven months ago, Owen announced that he was looking for a local girl to fill the gap left by his divorced wife. He had specific criteria for his ideal wife, including that she be from a rural area.

Various women, including YouTube blogger Pritty Vishy, came forward to express their interest in Owen. However, Owen said that none of the women who came forward met all of his criteria.

At the moment, Owen is focused on his work with a center for children with disabilities in Kijabe called CARE. The center has already been completed and has begun serving children. Owen said that the center has a large extension with rooms for children who are waiting to be accepted to live there with their parents or guardians.

Owen’s search for a wife has been unsuccessful, but he is still focused on his work and helping others. He is a role model for many people, and his work with CARE is an inspiration to others.

Daddy Owen Raked In Sh1 Million Weekly During His Peak Days

Daddy Owen, a legendary gospel singer, has revealed that he used to rake in a staggering sum of nearly Sh1 million every week during his peak.

In an episode on the Iko Nini podcast, Owen said that he turned down international gigs in the US because corporate gigs in Kenya were more lucrative.

“I never performed in the US; most of the time, I was told I would perform in a church, members would give offerings, and that is what I would be paid. Yet here, a corporate could give me about Sh200,000 per week to push their brand plus other gigs within the country. Would you have gone?” Owen said.

Owen said that he learned the importance of financial discipline from his older brother, Rufftone, and legendary Calif Records producer Clemo.

“Rufftone advised me to make wise financial decisions, reminding me that some things would not last forever. And when my hit song ‘System ya Kapungala’ was at its peak, Clemo called me with a valuable piece of advice. Clemo told me to make use of the moment I had because it would reach a point where my songs would no longer interest fans,” Owen said.

The gospel sensation’s financial journey took a significant turn when he received his first major paycheck of nearly Ksh7 million from a local telecommunications company.

“That was a life-changing moment for me,” Owen said. “It allowed me to invest in my music and my business, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that I was financially secure.”

Owen said that he is grateful for the financial success he has achieved, but he is also aware that it is not something that will last forever.

“I am always looking for ways to grow my business and invest my money wisely,” Owen said. “I want to make sure that I am financially secure for the long term.”

Daddy Owen opens up about his issues with his wife that led her to leaving

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has opened up about the lessons he learned from his previous marriage, which ended in 2020.

In an interview with Iko Nini, Owen said that the breakup was a difficult time for him mentally. “Ilikuwa kuna wakati mentally akili zangu hazi work. 2020 was the worst time in my life,” he said.

However, Owen said that he has since learned a lot from his experience and is now in a better place. He said that one of the biggest lessons he learned is about hypergamy, which is the tendency for women to marry men who are of a higher social or economic status.

“Women will always marry higher, and hypergamy is real bro, most of the time machali ukisha kuwa na dame ukisha mchonga kidogo, ama apate job, ata kusare aendee mwingine,” Owen said.

He explained that this is because women are attracted to power and status, and that men who are seen as being successful are more likely to attract women.

Owen also said that he has learned about the importance of emotional intelligence in a relationship. He said that it is important for couples to be able to communicate effectively and to be able to understand each other’s emotional needs.

“A lady comes home from work and the guy has spent the whole day inside the house yet he wants to discuss issues with his CEO girlfriend. What will you discuss? Your intelligence level is not the same,” Owen said.

He added that it is important for couples to be on the same level intellectually and emotionally in order to have a successful relationship.

Owen’s interview has sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with his assessment of hypergamy and others disagreeing. However, Owen’s story is a reminder that relationships are complex and that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what makes a successful marriage.


Daddy Owen Shares Lessons Learned From His Previous Marriage

Daddy Owen, a Kenyan gospel singer, has opened up about the lessons he learned from his previous marriage. In an interview with Iko Nini, Owen said that the breakup affected him mentally and that he had to learn to deal with his emotions in a healthy way.

One of the biggest lessons Owen learned was about hypergamy, which is the tendency for women to marry men who are of a higher social or economic status. Owen said that he had always believed that women were attracted to power, not money, and that this was something that he had to come to terms with after his divorce.

Another lesson Owen learned was about the importance of emotional intelligence. He said that he had to learn how to better understand and manage his own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This was something that he said he had not been good at in the past, but that he was now working on improving.

Owen said that he was grateful for the lessons he had learned from his previous marriage, and that he was now in a better place emotionally and mentally. He said that he was also hopeful that he would be able to find love again in the future.

Kenyan Gospel Singer Daddy Owen Uses His Platform to Help People with Disabilities

Daddy Owen, a Kenyan gospel singer, is using his platform to help people with disabilities. In 2012, he founded the Malaika Tribute Awards, which recognize the achievements of people with disabilities.

Owen himself is visually impaired. He lost one eye when he was attacked by an angry mob during his teenage years. He says that the experience made him realize the challenges that people with disabilities face.

“The stigma is very hard to handle,” he said. “When you look at disabled people, they don’t see that as normal, they feel victimized.”

The Malaika Tribute Awards are a way for Owen to show the world that people with disabilities can achieve great things. The awards have honored people from all walks of life, including athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs.

“I want to show the world that people with disabilities are not limited,” Owen said. “They can do anything they set their minds to.”

Owen’s work with the Malaika Tribute Awards is an inspiration to people all over the world. He is showing us that it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve our dreams, regardless of our abilities.

In addition to the Malaika Tribute Awards, Owen also uses his platform to raise awareness about the challenges that people with disabilities face. He has spoken out about the need for better access to education and employment for people with disabilities. He has also called for an end to the stigma that people with disabilities face.

Owen’s work is making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. He is helping to create a more inclusive world where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Daddy Owen speaks up about “toxic charity”

Daddy Owen has spoken up against what he terms as toxic charity saying that this is something that hampers the entertainment scene and Kenya at large. Initiate a post that explain precisely what he was talking about.

Daddy Owen reveals women are flocking his DMs after his 37 million project was revealed

And those scary what you had to say was actually an accurate depiction of how the West has used aid to enslave Africa and other third world regions. It’s just unfortunate that he did not cite his sources.

Daddy Owen reveals how cult attempted to recruit him

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

If you give something to some ONCE they will APPRECIATE it,
If you give them the SECOND TIME they ANTICIPATE you will do it the third time,
If you give a THIRD TIME they have an EXPECTATION you will do it the fourth time,
If you give the FOURTH TIME they will be ENTITLED
And if you give the FIFTH TIME they will DEPENDENT on you for it.


So what makes this interesting is the fact that he shared his opinions on charity at a time when former Ogopa DJs rapper Colonel Mustafa has made a plea for help from his fans.

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Daddy Owen reveals women are flocking his DMs after his 37 million project was revealed

Daddy Owen was recently revealed to have been dumped by his wife because he had fallen into economic difficulties after 2020 had more or less deleted the entertainment scene.

But today he is complaining that women are all up in his DMS simply because a news report exposed the fact that he had 37 million shilling project on going.

Daddy Owen reveals how cult attempted to recruit him

Daddy Owen tongue-in-cheek as him the people who laughed at him for running with the narrative that his wife abandoned him because he was broke.

Daddy Owen

Taking to his Twitter account he said the following:

Si juzi mlisema niliachwa juu sina kakiru sasa mbona mnataka ku confuse ma enemies na admirers Anyways..KUTOA NI MOYO USAMBE NI UTAJIRI. Let’s keep transforming lives of children with disabilities. Thanks u so much

Glory & honour to JESUS CHRIST.

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Daddy Owen reveals how cult attempted to recruit him

In the wake of all the cult talk, Daddy Owen has decided to share his experience with some pastors who attempted to recruit him into a cult. Taking to his Twitter account, Daddy Owen said,

KARIBU NI JOIN CULT!!!… (Kama haujui sheng utachoka kusoma ths THREAD!.) I was young, guileless, naive up and coming Gospel musician, i used to live in Buruburu pale phase 3 with my bro, so one day a pastor calls me and we agreed to meet, so tukameet kwa restaurant zile za leafy suburbs, zile zenye all guests coming in uonekana how they drove in, kama umetembea utaoneka tu coz utaingia ka mwizi or msee amelost.
So niliingia kama the latter, the first thing huyo Passie asked was “you dont have a car?” … with a raspy and hoarse voice, you can all guess my answer. He inquired mimi huenda church gani, immediately nikamshow i fellowship at KAG Buruburu.. akaanza zile za “Thats a boring church for such a vibrant young man like you” (every time i quote him speaking nataka you picture ile deep raspy voice ya ma passie) So he invited me to his church ilikua place fulani hizo sides za ngong road. So one Sunday nikaamka ngware nikapanda 58.. i think at that time mathree ilikua imeshika ilikua inaitwa wrath! .. ths is after “drama” na “fireball” zime-dominate 58 for years! Na Castro akiwa kamagera number 1. Mimi huyo nikajipata tao, mathree ingine haraka upesi hadi ngong rd, kuingia church, nikadogo lakini wasee wamepiga mbwenya hatari kila mtu! Malales nao nikama wote wamechaguliwa, rangi za thao na nywele mbalas! Nikauma vako kwa corner fulani, kidogo lales fulani akakam (sasa yeye ndio usher) akanishow passie amesema nikae huko mbele, kidogo kidogo service ikaanza but weirdly the preaching iko centered around huyu passie, an Ogaa-man, anatupiga kipindi yeye ni big deal uko Port Harcourt in Igbo city, but vile amedunga utaamini mse! Then he’s speaking about investments and why we should invest like him and how he can show us how to make money! Time ya sadaka bahasha zinapita kama tano! Mimi sina kakiru msee, na saa hio wasee wanakimbia mbele kutoa seed ya ngiri chuani..! After service nikashow passie mimi hizo ma chapaa anaongelea siwezi afford, then he told me “relax my son, i want to buy u a car!” Wueh! Si nikajua sasa mimi nimeomoka! Kumbuka hii time sijatoa hata System ya Kapungala! Next ikakua passie lazima ajue who do i communicate with on my phone, mara tunazima simu before service, mara stima zinazimwa! After 2 months bado nangoja gari na kila Sunday nachoma ferare kuingia chachiko ya huyu Ogaa, na kila time when i ask about my car napigwa kiswahili, eventually i discovered he was looking for young influential people like me ndio akileta wasee wa new anawashow “u know even Daddy Owen fellowships with us” so i was there solely for credibility purposes. Na akipata superstar mzito kukuliko msee unakua relegated ka Norwich, unarushwa kwa viti za nyuma na story ya ndae inaisha na the new superstar ndio anakaa kwa hizo viti za hapo mbele. Ultimately, the plan is some are there to be brainwashed and to be lured into ths cultic movement whence people like us were baits ama ndowano ya kushika ma big fish! The saddest story is 3 of my friends, went in too deep, lost all thr wealth and one lady has never recovered to date, financially and mentally, she was very very successful then, i look at her today and my heart drops. The Yoruba man moved back to his country after minting innocent Kenyans and converting them with some weird doctrine. The congregants used to view ths man as a man with super powers! They used certain language and codes, they dressed in a certain way, food and eating time was scheduled like a ritual! Luckily, i was deeper in understanding the true WORD of GOD and i could differentiate heresy from the Gospel, plus anyway.. i was already relegated because nyota yangu ilikua ndogo compared to the new superstar who filled my role. Remember, cultists pick thr victims differently, we all been a victim of a “cult” its only that hatukufikia that extreme level ya Mackenzie, but most of us have been duped one way or the other, from “Deci” to the “Kamiti prisoners” who call us with unrealistic deals, pastors, deal za mashamba, gambling etc.. i see people saying ati “hawa watu kwani hawakua na akili zao wenyewe?” The point is, We all think we’re too smart to be taken advantage by someone, like u think kuna mafala but si wewe and that belief actually makes us very vulnerable. My 3 friends are learned, polished and cultured, but they left thr big houses and started living with ths man in karen. He convinced them to sell all thr properties. By the time he left all of them were poor, 2 recovered but one lady to date has never recovered. I went back to my humble church in KAG Buruburu, our humble Bishop Pius Tembu anafundisha mafundisho very deep. I bought my first car VW Passat after GOD kufungua njia through “System ya Kapungala.. moto ya balokole”

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Malindi cult: Daddy Owen addresses church leaders cowardice

Daddy Owen is one of the few gospel artists who has decided her is done with the cowardice in the church and he has spoken up against the wall of silence that we are experiencing in the wake of the shocking revelation about the Malindi based cult fronted by Paul Mackenzie.

I’d Rather Fight LGBTQ Than The Current Economic Situation- Daddy Owen

Taking to his social media account, he said,

The church and the clergy should come out and condemn to the highest degree whatever is happening in Kilifi! Ths is heinous, malevolent and wicked!
I want to extend my condolences to all the families affected, With heartfelt sympathy and a prayer for comfort, I ask GOD to comfort them during ths time of pain and sorrow.

Do you agree with Daddy Owen?

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I’d Rather Fight LGBTQ Than The Current Economic Situation- Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is not giving up his fight against LGBTQ community despite claiming that he has received numerous threats over the same.

Additionally, his social media was blocked over the same.

The social media app discarded his post where he’d gone on a rant after the Supreme Court ruling that stated NGOs barring the LGBTQ community from registering associations was discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Instagram termed the post as ‘offensive’ and falling below their community guidelines.

“Your post goes against our community guidelines on hate speech or symbols,” Instagram’s statement read in part.

Daddy Owen’s Stance On LGBTQ Vs Economic Situation

Currently, most Kenyans are focused on the ongoing demonstrations that are aimed at reducing the cost of living. And a couple of celebrities have been roped in the conversation and shared their sentiments on the way forward. Some of them include DNA, Huddah Monroe, Eric Omondi, among others.

But legendary gospel artist Daddy Owen claims his focus is on the LGBTQ, which he’s currently fighting for it not to be legalized. He shared his sentiments with radio personality Shaffie Weru on ‘Shafted’

Watch their interview below;


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Daddy Owen Set To Go The Legal Route In His Fight Against LGBTQ

Legendary gospel musician Daddy Owen is not yet done with the LGBTQ community. The singer has been among the bigwigs who have been fighting against the legalization of LGBTQ in the country. The paramount colloquy has been witnessed in several countries, with Uganda being the recent one to make it illegal.

Daddy Owen has publicly been condemning LGBTQ and asked Kenyans to join him in fighting the community. He has now threatened to take the legal route to further his fight.

”The Family protection Bill is well on course and will soon become law…. Some of us here behind the scenes we move with Military precision. We are not your ordinary keyboard warriors. The clergy team presented the petition to the legislature.”

The artist, while speaking to bloggers and online media reporters who had gone to meet him at the JKIA after he jetted in from his trip to Rwanda, revealed that he had been receiving a series of threats from strange people since he made his stand on LGBTQ  public.

“I have received multiple threats via phone calls with people warning me that I’m dealing with powerful people, “Daddy Owen claimed.

But the singer is yet to give up on his fight against LGBTQ.


Daddy Owen attacked by homosexual fan over LGBTQ stance

Daddy Owen has been very vocal, campaigning against what he describes as the “gay agenda” and this has clearly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way least of all members of the LGBTQ community.

In a recent Ghafla post, he spoke up against Lil Nas X being invited to Kenya as in the tweet referenced, Lil Nas X said he’s coming to Africa to visit with the homosexuals of the continent.

A Ghafla fan who also happens to be a member of the LGBTQ brigade voiced harsh opposition to Daddy Owen’s message, and even got personal bringing up the gospel singer’s ex-wife who as you all know left him for an affluent businessman.

Daddy Owen confronts Anitah Raey in LGBTQ debate

Daddy Owen responded and clarified that the public is still in the dark as to how that situation played itself out and we only know what was sensationalized. Which is a fair point he’s made.

Daddy Owen celebrates wife, Farida

The back and forth concluded with the gay rights activists in our comment saying everyone should be free to live their lives as they see fit and Daddy Owen acquiesced to not continuing the argument because he realised the fan might have been clout chasing.

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    @3rd_eye_migz old joke. Any other joke? U don’t even know the real story???? I laugh when people write things that they don’t even know what’s the truth. ????


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    @daddyowen venye ulikuwa walia apa IG ????????????????????????????bibi ameenda na mwanaume ako pesa ????????????????,before you deport Lil Nas go sue mwenye alikubebea bibi ???????? ???? ???? ????, stop judging gay and lesbian you’re not God to judge them.


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    @3rd_eye_migz Tafuta bibi kwanza, wait! Ama pia wewe ni gay. If you don’t like his comment stop replying


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    @3rd_eye_migz hauna habari niko na bibi na mtoto anazaliwa ths year?? Buana tafuta another joke…. mashoga na wasagaji hatuwataki KENYA!


Daddy Owen Should Stick To His ‘Kienyeji’ Wife Search

Legendary musician Daddy Owen might have decided to quit his search for a wife. The singer has been spotted on several occasions with Eve Maina.

Rumors of the veteran gospel artist Daddy Owen dating the business lady has continued taking center stage despite Eve denying them on various occasions.

Netizens appear convinced that the relationship deal between the two is sealed going by how they flaunt each other online.

The rumor of the two dating started months ago after Daddy Owen posted a photo of the two and made a joke from it.

Daddy Owen And His Rumoured Girlfriend Speak Out - Nairobi Wire

The singer separated from his wife sometime in early 2021 allegedly for a millionaire in Gilgil. The singer came out to confirm the rumors shortly after they had spread all over the blogs asking his fans to pray for him.
The drama involving their breakup was interesting as it is alleged the wife left home headed for what Daddy Owen knew to be a business trip, only to receive a call from a friend telling him his wife is being engaged by a hotelier somewhere in Naivasha

He revealed that the marital woes, which had started three years before the break up had affected his showbiz and religious life, sending him into solitude.

Not too long ago Owen captured the attention of the whole country after he said that he was looking for a kienyeji lady to wife. His appeal saw thousands of ladies sliding to his DM to shoot their shots. Unfortunately many were disqualified by the gospel artist.

Daddy Owen should revert to his previous taste of women; considering the similarities Eve has with his ex-wife.

“I want a village girl” Daddy Owen reveals the type of woman he would consider settling down with

Daddy Owen separated with wife sometime in 2020 and from the rumors – word had it that his ex wife eloped with a tycon businessman. Since then he has been single and now that he is 40 years – his mum thinks maybe he should reconsider leaving the bachelorhood and start another family.

Daddy Owen with his mum

The veteran gospel singer revealed this in recent interview where he mentioned that lately his mother has been pushing him to remarry; as she fears he lives a lonely life – which is understandable, I mean what mother wouldnt want a family for her son?

Anyway speaking on this, Daddy Owen went on to say;

She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home. She is worried that I live alone, I walk alone

However having gone through depression after his wife left, Daddy Owen says he fears jumping back into the dating pool because of his ugly past experience.

Any move with someone else might trigger my past. I am like, will I treat her well or I will be under the same pressure and the relationship end again?


I am not prepared since I understand it is not my decision alone, I need to have someone.

Daddy Owen with big brother, Rufftone

Future plans?

We really can’t blame him for wanting to be alone, but incase he fully heals and wants to have another wife Daddy Owen says this time she must be from the village;

I am Looking for a serious woman to date and marry. I am looking for a dark-skinned woman, very prayerful. She should be from the village.
I cant date someone who is born in the town.

Well his reason for this, is simply because he wants someone who will be his alone; and not one on social media looking for likes and comments….

I do not want someone who is always on social media platforms. Staki mtu wa TikTok. I want someone who will be mine and not for the whole world. I want someone who will purely concentrate on our marriage, and make me traditional meals.I want someone who wears long dresses.

And just like that….village girls are now the new thing!

Daddy Owen mourns Ngashville in emotional post

Nothing hurts worse than losing someone close to you. However death is a rite of passage all beings will have to face at some point in life and this time around – the entertainment industry is in mourning following the death of Ngashville, a gospel artist from early 2000’s.

The late Ngashville

Many may recognize him from songs like system anthem, Kaza mwendo among others he was featured on. We also understand the late Ngashville was a close friend of Daddy Owen who recently shared an emotional post mourning his dear friend.

As seen on Daddy Owens post, he described Ngashville as brother, friend and a man of the people. Having ventured into music around the same time – they got to bond and grow together and although Ngashville quit making music – their friendship remained strong.

The late Ngashville with wife and daughter

In Mourning

Anyway in his remembrance Daddy Owen wrote a detailed post where he wrote;

NGASHVILLE.. Bro manze I have seen u happy.. sad.. struggling.. making it and all through life! U r a fighter! Jana I saw u fight in the hospital bed, av seen it all with u Ngash.. but it was time, time to be with the LORD.

According to Daddy Owen – the pain he felt after learning about Ngashville’s demise not only broke him but it also gave him sleepless nights.

I had to pretend infront of everyone how strong I was at that moment, but wen I went home I couldn’t sleep.. went through all our videos and photos.. it was tough.

Dunco, the late Ngashville and Daddy Owen

Although everything happens for a reason – Daddy Owen made it known that life will no longer be the same for him and Dunco who were his closest friends.

our WhatsApp group ya THE THREE MUSKETEERS with u n @duncomusic will now not make sense! When we entered hosi juzi I thought ni madawa tu utapewa then u go home.. but I guess the home I thought was totally different… U r now HOME WITH THE LORD. R.I.P Ngash, R.I.P Ngashville mapoz!.. R.I.P Mukwaru! RIP Fabulous!

Our condolences from the Ghafla team to family and friends of the late Ngashville.

Ladies! Daddy Owen FINALLY takes off wedding ring months after separating from wife

Marriage is one hard institution. I hear it requires love, patience, selfishness and above all loyalty – a virtue (both married and single) are yet to master.

So far we have seen celebrities divorce and separate from their partners simply because things are not just working. One of these celebrities happens to be gospel singer Daddy Owen who is said to have been dumped by his wife, Farida Wambui about a year ago.

Word on the streets had it that Daddy Owen’s wife who doubles up as the mother of kids bagged a wealthy man for herself and decided to elope. The story came as a big surprise but then again – these things happen in our society everyday.


Daddy Owen moving on

Despite the separation rumors Daddy Owen continued to sport his wedding ring in public, sparking confusion and speculation that perhaps the couple were working through their problems.

Others saw this as a sign of commitment to the vows he exchanged with estranged wife before man and God. Or maybe he just hang in there for personal reasons but looks like the singer has now removed the jewellery, showing off a ring-free hand in latest photos posted to his Instagram account.

When asked about his latest move by Mpasho, singer Daddy Owen did not disclose much but was quick to say;

For now, just know it was time to remove it.

And with that – I guess it’s fair to say Daddy Owen is finally moving on!

So now it’s over to you singles looking for a good husband…..

Daddy Owen Mourns Close Friend Who Succumbed To COVID-19

Award-winning gospel artist Daddy Owen is in mourning after his close friend’s untimely demise due to COVID-19. The talented singer previously narrated how he contracted the deadly virus; and lost a lot of weight during that period. He was however, lucky to survive.

”One day after a very early morning work-out I felt weirdly tired! The 1st thing I decided to do was to get some good sleep. When I woke up later I felt some weird test in  my mouth and immediately I knew it… This is covid… Then when I went for the rest I remember I was talking to the doc and straight away I told him I have covid even before the results came out.”

Daddy Owen-Google

Daddy Owen Mourns

According to Daddy Owen, his friend might have contracted the virus on the same occasion as him. He reveals details on his Instagram saying;

”Last week I shared my experience with covid and how I recovered, I can only thank GOD ???????? unfortunately yesterday I lost one of my friend who dint make it.. the hardest part is that we might have contacted the virus at the same time and the same place. Receiving and accepting the news today morning was one of the hardest things I have faced ths year. Praying for the family ???????? will share more information plus photos only when the family shares first and if I get permission”

Daddy Owen’s friend has passed on barely a week after his recovery. The deadly virus has now killed over 4 million people globally. May he rest in peace.

‘I Lost More Than 3Kgs In Less Than 2 Weeks’- Daddy Owen Recounts Contracting COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard in both developed and developing countries. The pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work.

To some, it has proved to be a blessing in disguise; while to most, it has been an obnoxious experience. The current new cases in Kenya stand at 1,506 with a total of 4,378 deaths. Some like gospel artist Daddy Owen have been lucky to survive after contracting the virus.

Photo-courtesy of Africa News

The gospel artist has given horrific details of how the disease led to his massive health depreciation in the shortest period.

Opening up on his Insta stories, Daddy Owen wrote;

”One day after a very early morning work-out I felt weirdly tired! The 1st thing I decided to do was to get some good sleep. When I woke up later I felt some weird test in  my mouth and immediately I knew it… This is covid… Then when I went for the rest I remember I was talking to the doc and straight away I told him I have covid even before the results came out.”

He continued to add how he lost his weight but later on recovered;

”… Btw I have lost more than 3 kgs in less than 2 weeks! U know kwa mluhya wen appetite decides to travel and leave u its dangerous!… I have seen it all this year… Glory and honour to Jesus Christ for my healing. Finally I’m fine.”

‘You Will Be Betrayed, Cheated On, But Seek Help When Necessary’ Daddy Owen On Mental Illness

Renowned Kenyan gospel artist Daddy Owen has been undergoing a lot after his break-up with beautiful wife Farida Wambui. As he reveals, he had been undergoing depression for a while because of this reason. In addition, Daddy Owen already had two kids with his ex-wife. However, all that is in the past now, and Daddy is healing. He’s now encouraging those who undergo the same to speak up and seek help when necessary.

Daddy Owen deletes wife's pictures on social media – Nairobi News

Daddy Owen’s Advice On Mental Illness

On his gram, Owen wrote,

”…Since when I came out and said I have been facing mental illness many despised me, ridiculed, many called me names.. (majina zingine nimejulia tu kwa mtandao) but that dint deter me from speaking the TRUTH and I won’t stop because such things should be shouted from the rooftops!

Many dint know what I was going through (cant wait nimalize ile kitabu, pale nimefungua roho)
People are going through alot, I am not the 1st and I won’t be the last but I want to help others by speaking out!…
Yet I know very well what I am going through, but meeting people here and there I have discovered mine is a shadow, watu wanapitia mambo huku nje na bado wanapiga suti na marashi deadly na wanasmile tu ????

The messages I got and I still get in my inbox is to encourage me to keep doing what I am doing which is to encourage people out there that no matter what u r going through GOD is in control and don’t lose hope! U will be betrayed, wasted, cheated on, despised, lose your jobs, lose money, kicked out but all in all trust in the LORD, binadamu ni yule yule kama walimsaliti Yesu je wewe ni nani?
One thing is don’t be afraid to speak up and speak the TRUTH! NO MATTER WHAT! SEEK HELP WHEN NECESSARY!


“I used to hide and cry alone” Daddy Owens comes clean about battle with depression(Video)

Depression is real. In fact, there are many battling it on the low with no help from family or specialists. However what I know is, after depression very few often come out the same; due to the hard experiences and heartbreaks involved.

Daddy Owen

After his marriage became a topic of discussion on social media; Daddy Owen has been trying to keep his fans and online users off his personal life – for the sake of his kids with ex, Farida Wambui.

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

Speaking recently with Grace Msalame on Unscripted; Daddy Owen who has been maintaining a low profile opened up for the first time – discussing his experience with depression.

From how he speaks to how he encourages others – it’s easy to see through his pain; but cannot overlook at the fact that he has been using his experience to encourage others facing worse experiences than him.


Speaking about his battle with depression – Daddy Owen opened up to reveal that he may have piled up his pain for too long; which in turn pushed him the hardest battle of his life.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

From how he speaks, one can easily see that Owen’s marriage had been facing issues for a while; but being a quiet man he often let everything slide hence his broken marriage.

Although we cannot really tell what happened – it’s obvious to see the relationship may have ended due to financial struggles; that is judging from the examples he gives out while narrating his experience with depression.

I never knew I had depression until I went in for counseling. It reached a point where I felt like the walls were caving in. I started crying alone, started looking at life with no hope. Certain revelating things and like I have no future and I’m not important.

How it started

Since depression is not recognized as a real ‘illness’ in the African society; Daddy Owen says it took him several trips to the ER (emergency room) before his doctors suggested counseling.

Apparently he says it got so bad to a point where he could feel that he is not breathing; only to discover all these was happening up in his mind which is equivalent to mental illness caused by depression.

Below is the detailed video courtesy of Grace Msalame’s Unscripted show.

Meet Rufftone and singer Daddy Owen’s beautiful mother – that is aging backwards (Photo)

As the world marked Valentines Day on Sunday, 14th February – singer Daddy Owen who recently dumped by his wife went on to celebrate the lovers day in the most sweetest way.

Of course as for now Daddy Owen has no lover to show off but his dear mum who has been down for him since birth. To mark the special day, Owen went on to share a new photo of his mummy to which he captioned to say;

Daddy Owen with his mum

  HAPPY VALENTINES ❤❤❤ from me and my lovely mum

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Knowing how tough 2020 ended for him; we are sure that the beginning of 2021 has not been easy either. He not only lost the love of his life; but was facing rejection from the woman he thought he would spend his forever with.

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

Single dad at work

Although things seem hard for him at the moment; Daddy Owen has managed to wear a brave face for the sake of his kids.

As far as the rumors go; we’re told that his ex Wambui left the former singer in charge of their dad; but just like any other protective parent, Owen has not been using his kids for social media pity.

Anyway Happy Valentines to the singer and his kids!


‘I Have Learnt That God’s Will Always Prevails’ Daddy Owen’s Message As He Celebrates 40th Birthday

Award-winning gospel singer Owen Mwatia, better known as Daddy Owen, has taken to social media to thank God during his 40th birthday. Comedian Churchill and Emmy Kosgei were few of the celebrities that wished him a happy birthday on their Instagram.

On his Instagram page, the birthday boy posted,

”This day would be just any day but it remains to be a special day because on this specific day, God packaged all that I am and sent me here on earth, on a mission to reflect him in all that I do.

Daddy Owen: I've been depressed for three years – Nairobi News

In my 39 years; I have seen, felt, experienced and heard so many things. I have tasted rock bottom and experienced mountain top. Betrayed and loved.

To others I may have looked stupid, foolish, useless, worthless but they forgot one thing that I am a man of God, I get revelations that make them think u r conniving, yet is wisdom from above. Revelations which give you evidence that can shake and bring down any earthly kingdom. (Can’t wait to finish my book.
I have learnt to understand that GOD’S Will always prevails!…

I want to thank my family & fans, for being the mark of Favour in my life and for standing with me even as I was in the fire. May God refresh you as you have refreshed me and may you see God in a new way as he does a new thing. Thank you for your patience, support and your love.
May God bless you.
Love covers a multitude of sins. Happy Birthday to me.”

This happens days after the musician revealed that he’s been undergoing depression. This was mostly because he separated with his wife Farida.

Happy 40th Birthday Owen!

Daddy Owen Explains Why He Took A Long Break From Music

Owen Mwatia, popularly known as Daddy Owen, has opened up on the reason why he took a break from music.

The Gospel artist is believed to be living separately with his wife Farida Wambui. A close friend of the musician disclosed that Daddy Owen has been depressed for the past three years.

I've been depressed but am now healing — Daddy Owen

The marriage came to a halt when Owen was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha, revealing to him that he had just seen his wife getting engaged to a rich tycoon.

However, the gospel singer is yet to remove his ring as he termed it as a covenant made in church.

He said he was afraid of speaking about his mental health as a man since he feared being termed as weak.

“Those I tried to explain to my problems to thought I was mad. Others told me to be a man. But in the long run, I had to dig the problem and face it.”

In an interview, Owen admitted that he gave himself a break due to the fact that he was depressed.

We Want Five Kids From Daddy Owen and Farida” – Rufftone

” Mentally I was not okay. I’ve not been okay for a while. I discovered later because when you’re going through stuff, more so your mental health, sometimes before you realize whatever is happening to you, inakuanga very late.”

It’s evident that Farida’s love was not genuine, unlike Daddy Owen’s. Most men are not opening up on depression with the fear of being termed ‘weak’. Let’s speak up as men, we’re also human, not machines!


“Siwezi sema hajaenda kuolewa tena” Slejj weighs in on his brother’s failed marriage

One would expect Daddy Owens brothers – that is Rufftone and Slejj ti bad mouth or act cold towards there former sister in law; but that is not the case! These men are real gentlemen who still respect Farida and the kids.

After many went on to claim that Farida walked out on Daddy Owen after bagging a millionaire; Slejj who is Owen’s youngest brother has come out to speak out – concerning the matter.

Daddy Owen with small brother, Slejj

According to the young man, he cannot add or subtract whatever has been said by the media; but all he can say is that everything is fine or rather cool. Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, he said;

It’s true in a way lakini unajua media mpaka waongeze vitu zao juu. Siwezi sema wameachana na hajaenda kuolewa tena.

Couples will always fight

Slejj who seems to have perfected the art of keeping a secret did not confirm nor deny whether Farida has moved on already; but all he could say is that everything is cool at the moment. Speaking to M Tuva, Slejj went on to add;

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

Kunaweza kuwa na issues kwa watu wanadate ama wako married lakini media huongeza vitu zake… The situation right now is that everything is cool.

But question remains, is will Daddy Owen and Farida finally reunite or not?

Daddy Owen handling the single life just-fine, weeks after wife eloped with tycoon (Photo)

Daddy Owen may be spending sleepless nights praying for his ex wife and the man she eloped with; but one thing he has proven is that this did not put him down as he has young ones looking up to him.

So far we have seen Owen carry on his social media life like nothing happened; but truth is, having the love of his life walk out on him was not easy nor something to get over in hours, days, weeks or months!

However having his babies living with him has taught him how to handle life as a single parent. Just recently the father of two was photographed shopping; and looking at he cart, it appears that he may have gotten everything needed for his house. But probably being the first time he is shopping alone, he went on to caption the post saying;

Also read:Daddy Owen issues official statement weeks after wife allegedly ditched him for rich tycoon

Single dad duties

Nimesahau nini???????????????

Well it’s understandable that he may have forgotten one or two things; but hey, he seems to be doing just fine! Right?

Daddy Owen’s Statement

His post comes days after Owen went on to release a statement where he asked fans to pray for his family.

He however did not confirm whether his wife left him for the tycoon, but his statement confirmed that the rumors concerning his wife may have had some truth to them. Through his page the singer addressed this issue saying;

Owen dumped by wife, Farida Wambui

“I want to take this opportunity to issue an official statement.

Thank you to all who have reached out to me in one way or another over the last few days with prayers or encouraging words of support following news circulating in the media involving me and my family.

The word of God encourages us in all seasons to rejoice, for the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

This requires Us to main a perspective of joy in whatever we go through as we know untimely our walk will produce perfection in God for He makes all things work out for good.

He went on to add;

Daddy Owen’s hot wife, Farida

Thank you for your encouragement and as I journey through this season, I request for time, patience and lots of prayers as you have always supported me in my Ministry,

I appreciate you for always being there and remain confident God will see us through. Love conquers all and Love covers a multitude of sins. God Bless you all”

Daddy Owen issues official statement weeks after wife allegedly ditched him for rich tycoon

Rumor making rounds on social media is that gospel artist Daddy Owen; is currently single after his wife allegedly walked out on him. From the posts shared by most tabloids, they claim that Farida Wambui walked out on hubby for the first two weeks of December and never returned since then.

Well a close relative to the couple went on to open up about the scandal saying; Farida is currently engaged to a rich tycoon from Gilgil. He said,

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

“Farida is secretly engaged to a tycoon from Gilgil who owns a luxury hotel. Daddy Owen only got to find out she is engaged through pals. The ostentatious engagement ceremony was hosted in Naivasha.”

He went on to reveal that Wambui had lied that she had travelled for a business trip; only for Daddy Owen to learn that she was eloped with new bae, Njuguna.

Daddy Owen speaks for the first time

Well judging from how long these two have been married; we really find this as a clout chasing move as it would both hurt their image.

To prove how true the story is, Daddy Owen earlier today issued an official statement thanking everyone for standing with him; he wrote;