Bishop David Mureithi speaks after baby mama paints him as a violent abusive man

Mlisema even men of God are human right? Well, Bishop David Mureithi of House of Grace has found himself trending thanks to his baby mama, Judy Mutave; who now claims that the pastor has anger issues.

David Mureithi with his family

Judy Mutave revealed this while on an interview with Massawe Japanni; where she revealed new information on her life with the man of God. Of course as we all know, the negative story is often told after a break up which brings us to Mureithi dark side as revealed by the mother of his last born.

Well, apparently the Bishop is a narcissist who doesn’t like being confronted; and if you do so, it ends ups in blows which he would later blames it on the baby mama. Speaking to Massawe, the BM said;

Between 2016-2018 there were alot of issues, it was very abusive sometimes. He is not a man who likes being confronted. He will hit you.


After that he tells you ‘you are the one who actually pushed me, you provoked me

Bishop responds

Well with such a story making rounds on social media; the Bishop seems to have come across the interview where his baby mama exposed the unknown dirt.

Judy Mutave

But most people who would want to give their own version of the story; Mureithi did not bothered as went on to tell one of Radio Jakob’s journalist;

Mwambie aseme kila kitu anataka kusema, uongo yote anataka kusema aseme. Asante.