Nanny and Chef left incharge of Davido’s son before tragic incident refuse to take fall as they blame each other now

Losing a child whether unborn or born is unbareable for any human and even for animals….I mean have you ever seen how protective most animals i.e mother hen gets when it comes to their young ones….so imagine a human being.

Davido with fiance, Chioma and son, Ifeanyi


Words will never explain what Davido and fiance Chioma have been going through after losing their son – who is said to have drowned in their apartments swimming pool. Tragic and painful and whats worse is that word has it that the people they left incharge of the boy also claim they dont know what happened.

Well, word from claims that both the nanny and chef had been watching Ifeanyi before the nanny stepped out to receive a call, leaving the boy with the chef; and from what the Chef says is that he left the boy with the nanny….a blame game.

The Nanny was with Ifeanyi and the Chef came to join them. The Nanny was said to have moved slightly away to receive a call. When she returned, she couldn’t find Ifeanyi and assumed he was with the Chef but the Chef said he had left Ifeanyi with her.

Ifeanyi allegedly drowns in pool

Panick mode

Having realized they’d both left the 2 year old on his own – they then began looking for him, only to find him in the pool 20 minutes later.

The close source went on to inform

They began to frantically look for Ifeanyi all over the house for close to 20 mins until a security guard spotted him in the pool. No one could explain how the boy got in the pool.

Well judging from what i know is that you cannot leave a 2 year unsupervised and if I am not wrong – there is no way a toddler will go silent for 5 minutes without you suspecting something is up, right?

I guess this is why you’ll hear most mums calling out their toddlers names every other minute….

You better shape up Chioma! Davido´s girlfriend slammed on social media after sharing bare photos

´Assurance´ hit maker, Davido and his girlfriend, Chioma are out on holiday together, getting romantic.

The multi-award winning artist shared a video on his Insta story with the two having a good time together in the Bahamas.

Chioma and Davido have hooked up once more after close to 2 months, apart.

However, what caught the eyes of many is the additional weight on Davido´s girlfriend, Chioma.

As part of ongoing investigations, social media´s ¨CID¨ have taken note that the beauty is adding weight at an alarming rate.

Her titties are unusually grown and her face is all puffed-up.

Furthermore, her code of dressing put off her fans and followers who took to her Instagram page to tell her off.

Comment section

First, her titties were way out of order according to her followers:

So the vacation you went for was to go pump your breast….


Jesus pure fake her boobs was not like dis before


Going out of normal


Fake if hear


Ur so called decent and shy???????? jeez, @chefchioma

stop forcing cleavage with bras u´ve got small breasts mami @davidoofficial


If u noticed that chioma breast are now bigger pls gather here let´s discuss family issues


And they said you are pregnant


Chioma is now doing nonsense and am beginning to hate her


Secondly, she was publicly disgracing her dignity (according to fans):

You are silly chioma


No wonder they always call chioma prostitute.

What kind of dress is that and you claim you are decent I always said this girl is just pretending she is not decent anything…

Your nakedness supposed to be for davido alone not for public..


NNE u r now changing ooo, I use to admire you especially yr mode of dressing.

This one doesn´t fit you at all, you look descent from day one I saw yr picture nd pple love u for that.

Pls maintain it. Be who u are not this.


Y are you showing ur body too much dis days


Please always cover what God gave you.

It doesn´t fit you no shape, legs bend


Is that tattoo on her body????


Ur leg no even straight self common cover that your body it is not meant for outsider to see…u r really not the chioma we know…we want our chioma back


Hmm devido will dump you make my word I said soon


Quick question.. Are those tattoos or scars?