Davido’s Legal Team Set To Forgive K24 Only If They Meet These Demands

Nigerian music star Davido is suing Mediamax Network Limited for publishing a defamatory story claiming his arrest at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). The story, intended as an April Fool’s Day prank, falsely alleged Davido was caught with narcotics.

Davido’s legal team issued a demand letter outlining five actions Mediamax must take:

  1. Retraction: Remove the defamatory article from all platforms.
  2. Cease and Desist: Stop publishing any further false statements about Davido.
  3. Public Apology: Issue an unconditional apology acknowledging the damage caused.
  4. Admission of Liability: Accept responsibility for defamation.
  5. Compensation: Reimburse Davido for legal fees and any potential damages.

The letter emphasizes the significant harm caused to Davido’s reputation, built over years of hard work. His international standing and business ventures have been negatively impacted by the false allegations.

Davido’s team gave Mediamax 48 hours to comply. If they fail to do so, he will pursue all legal options available to seek justice.

Bien also supported Davido in his endeavours on suing K24; stating that Kenyan media should style up. Mediamax is yet to meet Davido’s legal team demands.

Davido Customizes His Ksh 40 Million Chain With Late Son’s Face To Remember Him (Photo)

In remembrance of her son Ifeanyi, who had an untimely death over a year ago, Nigerian musical star Davido has materialized his chain pendant with his sons face.

Estimated at Ksh 40 Million, the luxurious chain that Davido wears now has an icon of his son’s face-showing how immense his love for Ifeanyi was.

The toddler died just a few days after celebrating his third birthday. Ifeanyi was born in Atlanta to Davido and his fiancé, Chioma Rowland.

The three-year-old died after drowning in a swimming pool on November 1 2022. And his death was indeed a tragic accident. The parents of the child stated that many staff members were available at the Banana Island residence.

The body was found submerged underwater. After seeing him, the family rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late.

Davido was later blessed with twins late last year; but his memories with his son Ifeanyi remain.

Nigerian police respond to Tiwa Savage petition against Davido

The Nigerian police are looking into a suit that singer Tiwa Savage made against Davido, another singer. Savage asserted that she received threats against her life from Davido.

The petition’s veracity and progress were confirmed by SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Command’s public relations officer.

“I can attest that the petition was received by us. We’ve started our probe,” he declared.

Tiwa Savage sent a petition to Adegoke Fayoade, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

“I am writing to bring to your attention a distressing situation involving myself, Tiwatope Omolara Savage, popularly known as Tiwa Savage, and Mr David Adeleke popularly known as Davido.

On the 23rd of December, I made a post which included myself and Sophía Momodu on my Instagram Story- a feature on Instagram which allows you to put up a post for twenty-four hours, and Mr David Adeleke sent messages to my manager who’s also part of his management team that I shouldn’t worry and should never say a word to him and that I was taunting him, uttering very disrespectful, malicious and derogatory words to my person.

I responded to MR. DAVID ADELEKE’S message and told him not to reach out to me especially as I felt like I had been there for him and his daughter, Imade, and more importantly when he lost his son.”

The events of that day have also led to a barrage of calls and messages from our mutual connections, asking me what I did to Mr David Adeleke and that he’s upset that I chose to maintain a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu who he’s having issues with and also painting the exchange to look like I was the aggressor. He has also told our mutual connections to warn me to “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f”k me up”.

This is beginning to feel like some form of online and offline harassment not just to me but also members of my team.

The action of Mr David Adeleke is unethical and can be viewed as a direct threat to my rights to life, privacy and dignity of my person as guaranteed in Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), and are also in contravention of Section 2424) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015.

I therefore would like to make this complaint and state that in the event that anything untoward or harmful were to happen to me or any member of my family, I would like the members of the Nigerian Police Force to hold Mr David Adeleke responsible.”

Afrobeats Stars Collide: Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido After Alleged Threats

Nigerian music superstars Tiwa Savage and Davido have made headlines for a concerning feud that has escalated into legal action. Following a public falling out, Tiwa Savage has filed a petition with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police alleging threats and harassment from Davido over her friendship with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu.

The petition paints a distressing picture, alleging that Davido’s displeasure with an Instagram Story featuring Tiwa and Momodu triggered a series of hostile communications. Tiwa claims Davido sent threatening messages via her manager, hurling disrespectful and derogatory remarks, even accusing her of “taunting” him.

“I responded to Mr. Adeleke’s message and told him not to reach out to me,” Tiwa states in the official report, highlighting her past support for Davido and his daughter. However, the situation allegedly escalated with phone calls and messages from intermediaries, conveying further threats from Davido.

According to Tiwa, Davido issued a chilling warning: “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f**k me up.” Tiwa interprets this as a blatant threat to her safety and well-being, characterizing Davido’s actions as a violation of her basic rights.

Citing sections of the Nigerian Constitution and Cybercrime Act, Tiwa’s petition seeks to hold Davido accountable for any potential harm to her or her family. This legal action casts a dark shadow over the once-cordial relationship between the Afrobeats giants, leaving fans and the industry at large in shock and anticipation of further developments.

Davido & Chioma Unveil First Picture Of Their Newborn Twins

Renowned Nigerian singer Davido has finally revealed the first glimpse of his adorable newborn twins. Taking to Twitter, the international superstar shared a heartwarming picture featuring his wife, Chioma Rowland, lovingly cradling their bundles of joy.

Davido and his longtime partner, Chioma Rowland, welcomed their twins in October at a hospital in the United States. The couple’s journey to parenthood has been filled with both immense joy and heartbreaking loss. In November 2022, they tragically lost their three-year-old son, Ifeanyichukwu Adeleke, in a drowning accident.

During a recent interview, Davido opened up about the emotional rollercoaster of experiencing the unexpected pregnancy while still grappling with the loss of their son. He recalled, “When me and my wife found out, we were shaking and it was in the same month, happened in October and my wife gave birth in October, it’s crazy.”

Despite the immense grief they endured, Davido expressed his deep appreciation for his support system, which played a crucial role in helping him navigate through this challenging period. He stated, “There are a lot of people that those things happen to; you would never want to believe in God in your life. But to still have faith and I’m still able to do what I love, having a great team around me. And now we’re almost at the finish line.”

With the arrival of their twins, Davido and Chioma have welcomed new life and hope into their hearts. The couple’s resilience and unwavering love serve as an inspiration to many, and their adorable twins are sure to bring immense joy to their lives.

Davido Gifts Wife Chioma A Mansion As Push Gift After Birth of Twins

On October 9, 2023, the couple welcomed a boy and a girl, a year after the tragic death of their son Ifeanyi.

To celebrate this special occasion, Davido reportedly spent over $100,000 to buy designer handbags for Chioma, as well as a $900,000 mansion in Atlanta.

The news of Davido’s lavish gifts has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some are praising the singer for his generosity, while others have questioned the wisdom of flaunting his wealth, especially given the recent death of his son.

Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has also advised Davido to keep his new home address private for security reasons.

“This is how it starts,” she wrote on social media. “I like Davido’s Push gift for Chioma a mansion in Atlanta worth $900000 after my real estate search of the address. Well furnished and tasteful but videotaping the entire house over there is setting it up for burglaries and danger.”

Despite the mixed reactions, it is clear that Davido is deeply grateful to Chioma for giving him twins. In a recent social media post, he wrote, “I am so grateful to God for blessing us with these twins. Chioma is my angel, and I love her more than words can say.”

Chioma has also shared her joy on social media, writing, “I am so blessed to be a mother to these beautiful twins. They are my everything.”

Fans and friends of the couple have poured in their congratulations, with many wishing the family all the best.

Nigerian Superstar Davido & Wife Chioma Reportedly Welcome Twins

Nigerian superstar Davido and his wife Chioma Rowland have reportedly welcomed twins in the United States of America. The couple, who lost their son Ifeanyi in a tragic accident last year, has just given birth to brand new twins.

A popular Nigerian clergy, Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu shared a hint about the delivery in a post on his Church’s official Facebook page on Tuesday morning. In November of last year, Agochukwu said that God had promised him Davido and Chioma would welcome twins after Ifeanyi’s passing.

The news of the twins’ arrival has sparked a lot of congratulatory messages from fans and celebrities alike, who have been following the couple’s journey. Davido and Chioma have been through a lot of ups and downs, but they have always remained strong and committed to each other.

Despite neither Davido nor Chioma having made an official announcement, congratulations have kept coming in on social media.

Davido and Chioma are yet to share any photos of their twins, but fans are eagerly awaiting their first glimpse of the new arrivals. We wish the couple and their new family all the best!

Davido Donates Ksh 43 Million to Orphanages in Nigeria

Nigerian singer Davido has donated a whopping Ksh 43 million to orphanages across Nigeria through his foundation, the Davido Adeleke Foundation (DAF).

The singer announced the donation on his Instagram, saying that he was “proud to announce that my foundation has donated the sum of N237 million to orphanages throughout Nigeria.”

The donation was distributed to 424 orphanages, benefiting a total of 13,818 children.

Davido said that the foundation was inspired to make the donation after reading the numerous letters and messages from children in orphanages who were in need of help.

“Reading the numerous letters and messages from everyone who received this donation has reaffirmed my commitment to continually assist the less privileged in any capacity,” he said.

“This motivated me to establish the DAF to execute our mission effectively.”

The singer thanked all of the individuals and corporations who contributed to the donation, saying that it would not have been possible without their support.

“I would like to personally thank all individuals and corporations that assisted in raising the Donation Sum,” he said.

“This would not have been possible without your unwavering support and kindness. May God bless each and every one of you.”

The donation is part of the DAF’s ongoing mission to improve the lives of children in need in Nigeria. The foundation has been working to provide educational opportunities, healthcare, and other essential services to children in orphanages and other vulnerable communities.

Davido’s donation is a significant contribution to the DAF’s work, and it will help to improve the lives of many children in Nigeria.

Davido Opens Up About Emotional Father’s Day

Award-winning Nigerian artist Davido took to his Instagram stories on Sunday to share how emotional Father’s Day was for him. The father of three said that the day brought tears to his eyes, but he was thankful for God’s strength.

“Father’s Day is always a heavy day for me,” Davido wrote. “I miss my dad so much, and I wish he could be here to see his grandchildren grow up. But I know he’s watching over us, and I’m grateful for his strength.”

Davido’s father, Adedeji Adeleke, died in 2017. He was a successful businessman and philanthropist. Davido has said that his father was his role model and that he learned a lot from him.

In his Instagram stories, Davido also shared a photo of himself with his three children. He wrote, “I’m so grateful for my children. They make me a better man. I love them more than anything in the world.”

Davido’s fans and followers were supportive of his post. Many people sent him messages of love and support.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” one person wrote. “Your father was a great man, and he’s watching over you from heaven.”

“Your children are so lucky to have you as their father,” another person wrote. “You’re a great dad.”

Davido’s openness about his emotions is refreshing. It’s important for men to be able to express their feelings, and Davido is setting a good example.

Father’s Day can be a difficult day for many people, but it’s important to remember that we’re not alone. There are people who love and support us, and we can get through anything together.

Sauti Sol register big win as Davido says he listens to them alot

Sauti Sol have been winning big but it is rather refreshing to see them receive their bouquet from continental juggernauts like Davido who recently released his latest album, Timeless which has broken Spotify streaming records in Nigeria.

Therapy: Bien speaks on how Sauti Sol has survived 20 years together

In one of the songs, Davido sings about feeling some type of way after listening to Sauti Sol. He is talking about how they put him in a romantic mood and that is quite the co-sign!

Sauti Sol

For anyone who doesn’t understand how marketing works, subliminal messaging like what Davido has done for Sauti Sol will open up new markets for them as Davido’s millions of fans who do not necessarily know Sauti Sol would be inclined to give them a listen and perhaps become new fans of the Kenyan boy band.

Andrew Kibe Advices Bien To Part Ways With Sauti Sol, Says They’re Pulling His Career Down (Video)

Bien took to his social media page to thank Davido for the mention and to celebrate the very fact I just explained above. Hopefully, now we get to see Kenyan artists making headways into the Nigerian market.

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Davido Back To Music With A Message Of Hope, Months After Losing Son

Nigerian musical star Davido is progressively healing after the untimely loss of his son Ifeanyi Adeleke. Davido grieved dearly, and for a moment, we thought he was losing it. I mean, he went ahead to delete his social media posts; and hinted that he was no longer interested in going back.

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The death of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi Adeleke came four years after the one-year-old son of another Nigerian singer, D’Banj, died in similar circumstances.

Eight arrested in connection with death of singer Davido's son in Nigeria |  Africanews

Davido’s Comeback

The singer has now shared a message of hope for anyone who’s undergoing such hardships. He shared on his Instagram that he’s now set to re-kindle his musical side.

”There is a time for everything. A time to Grieve and a time to Heal.A time to Laugh and a time to Dance. A time to Speak and A time for Silence.Thank you to everyone out there for your love and support that has held me down. All the love and messages while I was away, the gifts sent, the concerts you all threw! I appreciate it all. Today, I want to remind you all that what is now Timeless, was once new. It’s time for new. My next album TIMELESS is here, March 31st. Pre-save link in bio ????”

Davido’s message has received numerous encouraging reactions from his fans. It’s in black & white that they’re eager to listen to his music again.

Davido Hints On Quitting Social Media After Deleting His Posts

Davido is definitely not doing okay after the untimely death of his son Ifeanyi months ago. The singer has been having a tumultuous period despite showing up to his fans a couple of times.

The singer has now gone ahead to clear his Instagram; from his profile picture, to his posts. He’s now remaining with snippet photos of his performance in Qatar during the World Cup; photos of his late son Ifeanyi celebrating his birthday, and that of his partner Chioma.

The three-year-old child, Ifeanyi Adeleke, who was the only son of Davido and his third baby mama, Chioma Rowland drowned in a pool at the singer’s Banana Island residence on October 31, 2022.

Baby Ifeanyi died just days after celebrating his 3rd birthday.

Nine people among them the nanny and the chef were arrested in connection to the murder.

These included his nanny, the house cook, and other house staff members.

Davido has gone on a silent spree and he’s probably not doing okay. Someone should check on him.

Nanny and Chef left incharge of Davido’s son before tragic incident refuse to take fall as they blame each other now

Losing a child whether unborn or born is unbareable for any human and even for animals….I mean have you ever seen how protective most animals i.e mother hen gets when it comes to their young ones….so imagine a human being.

Davido with fiance, Chioma and son, Ifeanyi


Words will never explain what Davido and fiance Chioma have been going through after losing their son – who is said to have drowned in their apartments swimming pool. Tragic and painful and whats worse is that word has it that the people they left incharge of the boy also claim they dont know what happened.

Well, word from lindaikejisblog.com claims that both the nanny and chef had been watching Ifeanyi before the nanny stepped out to receive a call, leaving the boy with the chef; and from what the Chef says is that he left the boy with the nanny….a blame game.

The Nanny was with Ifeanyi and the Chef came to join them. The Nanny was said to have moved slightly away to receive a call. When she returned, she couldn’t find Ifeanyi and assumed he was with the Chef but the Chef said he had left Ifeanyi with her.

Ifeanyi allegedly drowns in pool

Panick mode

Having realized they’d both left the 2 year old on his own – they then began looking for him, only to find him in the pool 20 minutes later.

The close source went on to inform  lindaikejisblog.com

They began to frantically look for Ifeanyi all over the house for close to 20 mins until a security guard spotted him in the pool. No one could explain how the boy got in the pool.

Well judging from what i know is that you cannot leave a 2 year unsupervised and if I am not wrong – there is no way a toddler will go silent for 5 minutes without you suspecting something is up, right?

I guess this is why you’ll hear most mums calling out their toddlers names every other minute….

Many Kenyan artists can’t compete on the international stage

If you are keen, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that the Western world, especially America, has started paying a lot of attention to music that is coming out of Africa. It  almost seems like they had a sudden awakening.

Artists from countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria have not only sold out shows in the US, they have also landed collabos with some of the biggest music acts such as Drake, Beyonce, Chris Brown, just to name a few.

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By any standards, this is commendable. It proves that African music (in general) is heading in the right direction. What, however, saddens me is the fact that Kenyan  musicians are lagging behind. It’s just what it is ladies and gentlemen.

The painful truth is that we have little or nothing to offer, musically speaking and that’s why when you hear a Kenyan artist saying that he or she dreams of winning a Grammy Award someday, you just burst out in laughter because it’s an impossible feat.

You see, the kind of music that is very popular (locally) at the moment can not go beyond our borders for so many reasons. In as much as Kenyans appreciate the new-age music and musicians, I’m sure even our neighbours Ugandan or Tanzania don’t listen to Lamba Lolo, Wamlambez and the likes.

I often ask myself, “What’s the point if our artists make music that can only be consumed locally?” I’m sure they all want to achieve great feats and be recognized for their work on global or continental stages but the question is how will it happen?

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Every time I see the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido and the likes performing to foreign audiences or featuring the biggest musical acts in their songs I always feel jealous because I known it will take our artists a long time to achieve such success.

Kenyan musicians need to sit down and re-evaluate their strategies because they are capable of making good music that can be enjoyed by international audiences, especially now that the Western world is paying close attention to African music.

Is Khaligraph Jones starting to lose touch with his fans?

For starters, let me state that I have immense respect for Brian Ouko Omollo, better known to as Khaligraph Jones, but of late I’ve not been impressed with his music. I feel like he is starting to lose touch with his fans.

Also read: Put some respect on Khaligraph’s name

I know you now think that I don’t know what  I am even saying but you should give me some time to explain myself and maybe, just maybe you’ll see some logic in my line of thinking.

Khaligraph Jones

The Khaligraph Jones that we all used to know used to make music for the hood but this ‘new’ version does not even care because it seems like all he is really after is to appeal to international audiences.

I get it the fact that an artist has to grow and that explains why Papa Jones is using kizungu mingi in his songs these days but look at big West African acts like Burna Boy, Wiz Kid or Davido. They all sing in their native languages.

Khaligraph Jones

To be honest, I used to enjoy the old version o Khaligraph that used to flow in Sheng, Swahili and a bit of English, I don’t know but I never listen to his songs that are in pure English more than once.

Maybe you see it differently and it is okay to have a different perspective because at the end of the day, we can’t all think in the same exact way, can we?

Watch his latest jam titled Roll With You below and tell us what you think.

Davido starts the year with an impressive single titled ‘2020 Letter To You’ (Video)

Award-winning Nigerian singer David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has released a new track and we are really feeling it. Like, really!

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The jam dubbed 2020 Letter To You, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and it’s not so hard to understand why, it’s really dope.

This song is so infectious. However, I have a feeling that some people might not really like it since it a deviation from the kind of songs that Davido usually does and that is club bangers.


The message in this joint is that we should always be true to ourselves and we should not be in a hurry to accomplish things because God’s time is the best.

2020 Letter To You also underscores the fact that nobody is perfect and that we should all treat one another without caring about things such as race, social status and what not.

Apart from the powerful message that this jam carries, I also love the fact that it is well arranged. I honestly wish that it’s a minute longer because it’s too awesome.

Davido’s vocals on this jam are great. The way he sings you can tell that the message is coming from his heart and he means it. I also loved the instrumentation, especially how subtle it is allowing you to take in the message.

Listen to 2020 Letter To You below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Davido’s new jam “One thing” will give you a reason to smile(audio)

This was the day that Davido had made. The day he made by releasing a whole album of all his audio songs. Who does that?

The album launch has seen to the release of more than 6 songs(both collabo and singles) among them is “One thing”

This move reminds me of Beyonce’s “Homecoming.”  A show that took her months of endless hard work to put up yet was a massive success.

‘One thing’ is that: This Gifted artist is past the legends in Nigeria having paved his way up the hierarchy. He has a trail of singles and massively successful collabos in the African content and outside.

Davido of One thing

His command to a variable number of genres of music has given him the much-needed push for every artist to break through the glass ceiling.

The legendary artist has produced hit after hit and ‘One thing’ is one of the many hits pegged to his name.

‘One thing’ features Davido. The manner in which he switches his voice when singing from one note to the next is impeccable. It reminds me of his song ‘If’- a jam that dominated the airwaves for the longest time possible.


The ‘Gobe’ hitmaker takes his time to unhurriedly let out the lyrics. One can clearly feel him express his interest in the one this song is meant for.

Despite the heavy native accent influence, one is still able to capture a few words.

‘You are the one thing that I’ve been wanting’

‘your body fit. Make a man wanna say do-do-do’

Well, a song hardly goes wrong when it comes to matters of the heart genuinely expressed.

This song is just it. From the writing and the effort put in the delivery. It bears a substantial similarity to ‘If’. It is the kind of song that looks good on Davido. Quite the signature kind of song despite his versatile nature.

Rating 7/10.

Davido´s adorable Princess, Hailey Adeleke takes her daddy by surprise as she turns 2 years old

Nigeria´s International artist, Davido sends heartwarming message to his breath-taking princess, Hailey Veronica Adeleke as she clocks 2 years.

Davido´s last born, Hailey celebrated her second birthday, just yesterday and daddy is more than happy for her.

On his Instagram post, the music sensation captions:

Daddy loves you Forever !


Looks like the weekend will be nothing short of splashy for the adorable girl.


Hailey´s 1st birthday was received with a mega party thrown for the little one in Atlanta, USA.

Davido is one known to be a daddy of all time to his lovely daughters, ever adorning them with love.

More love

The little Princess is shown love on her birth date as numerous personalities share:



More Blessings ????????????????


Cuteness ????????????????????????


She is super cute ???? so so adorable


Happy birthday princess ❤️❤️


She’s so adorable ????????


Happy birthday little momma


Omg she’s so lovely????

Davido romantically celebrates his love, Chioma as she turns 24

Davido shared news of his girlfriend, Chioma´s birthday on Monday night leaving his audience anxious and kept busy with sensual videos and photos of the two.


Right at midnight, 0000hrs, the International star shared:


Davido expresses that he is not only lucky, but Blessed to have the young stunning beauty under his arms every night and looks forward to a Happy Ever After with his Chi.


Wifey then expresses:

Thank you my baby. I love you more ????❤️

Chioma too shares:


Hubby comments:

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY ! IM NOT LUCKY IM BLESSED!


At age 23, last year, Chioma´s existence on earth saw her get gifted a surprise Porsche car alongside a dedication jam dubbed ¨Assurance¨ by lover, Davido.


This shook the Internet with ladies thirsty to replace Chioma from her position, as it was all extra-goals for the World at large.

This actually left fans questioning if this year would see her get dropped a Bentley, a personal jet or better yet, something more romantic like a ring on her finger.


Today marks a year when your hubby shut down Instagram ???? happy birthday to you❤️


The Chi thereeeee! Most annoying sister, in-law and client ! ???????? Happy birthday !!!!! ???????????????????? ❤️


I knew you secretly paid her bride price…cos someone you know very well told me????love is such a beautiful thing❤️Happy birthday to Chioma❤️


Happy buyday ????????????❤️




Happy Birthday hun




Happy birthday hanty chioma ❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????




happy birthday Davido’s jollof rice. Wishing you many happy returns????????????????????????????




Happy Birthday To Your Correct ???????? CR ????????????????????????


@davidoofficial happy birthday ???????????????????? to your wifey more love ????


I watched all slides more than once ????❤️. Happy birthday chef Chi keep being you.


Happy birthday darling❤️



Well, I guess it´s Happy Birthday Week for the 24 year old!


Babu Tale: Diamond was not paid a dime to perform with Davido

Nigerian heartthrob Davido performed in Dar es Salaam last Saturday before he flew to Nairobi to host the exclusive pool party at Kilimani’s B-Club.

Davido pulled a surprise on fans when he invited Diamond Platnumz on stage to perform together during Tanzania’s 30 Billion Concert in Dar.

Diamond was not slated to perform at the concert. But the two singers performed their 2014 collaborative hit single ‘Number One’ remix to the delight of fans.

Diamond and Davido perform in Dar
Diamond and Davido perform in Dar
No pay

People have been speculating that Diamond’s surprise performance at Davido’s concert had been planned and that he was paid to perform.

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale has however set the record straight that his boss was only there to support Davido at his request. Babu Tale stresses that Diamond wasn’t paid a dime to perform with Davido.

“Ile ni love tunaita, wale wawili wanazungumza, kama angekuwa anamtaka Diamond na kunifuata mimi basi angekuwa amefuata sheria lakini ameongea na yeye na wakakubaliana ule ni urafiki wao waliongea kwaio sisi tukatoa blessings tu tukamwambia nenda,” said Babu Tale.




Davido lined up for an exclusive pool party at Nairobi’s B-Club

Nigerian sensation David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is set to thrill his fans at Nairobi’s premier entertainment hotspot B-Club.

This is the second year in a row that Davido will be gracing a pool party at B-Club. Last year the Nigerian singer hosted the dopest pool party in Kenya which was attended by the likes of Babu Owino.

Davido parties at B-Club on June 28th 2017
Davido parties at B-Club on June 28th 2017
Mother of all pool parties

B-Club has is once again flying in Davido for a mother of all pool party set to be held on Sunday June 17th 2018. According posters shared on social media, Nairobi revelers will have to part with Kes 3,000 (male revelers)  and Kes 5,000 (female revelers) to attend the pool party at B-Club.

Davido will be performing in the neighboring Tanzania on Saturday before he jets into the country. The ‘FIA’ hit maker will kick off the pool party at B-Club at 2pm on Sunday.




Nyashinski concedes defeat thanks Kenyans for voting and takes a bow to the winner

MTV European Music Awards (MTV EMA) 2017 went down last night at London’s SSE Arena in Wembley. Kenyan rapper Nyashinski failed to win in the category he had been nominated for.

British singer Rita Ora hosted the star-studded award gala last night. Eminem won Best Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar scooped Best Video, Ed Sheeran won Best Live, David Guetta won Best Electronic and Coldplay took Best Rock.

French international DJ/songwriter David Guetta shows off the MTV EMA award he won


Nyashinski concedes defeat

Nyashinki was nominated for MTV EMA award in Best African Act category. The Kenyan rapper was competing with Nigeria’s Davido and Wizkid, South Africa’s Nasty C and Babes Wodumo and Angola’s C4 Pedro.

Davido emerged as the winner in that category. He joins 2Baba and D’banj as the only African Artists to win both Best African Act awards at the BET Awards and MTV EMA.


Nyashinki thanked his fans for voting for him and also congratulated Davido for the win. The rapper says he’s motivated to work even harder.

“VERY BIG Thank you ?? to EVERYONE who voted for me ?, We keep working! Congrats to @davidoofficial on the win?? #MTVEMA2017,” wrote Nyashinski.

Davido celebrates

Davido broke down in tears after he won the MTV EMA Best African Artiste for year 2017. The Nigerian singer was performing in Angola when he got the good news.

“I’M ON FiAAAAAAA!! ? Thank you everybody. THIS IS FOR YOU MOM! ❤️ ❤️❤️ #30BG,” wrote Davido.


5 Nigerian artistes with big names and little to show in live performance (Photos)

They boast of several hit songs, some of them are even signed by international labels like Jay Z’s Roc Nation. But interestingly these Nigerian artistes have nothing to show in live performance.

If you’ve been paying attention to what has been trending on social media in the last two days, especially Twitter, then you must have noticed Nairobi revelers have been lamenting over the distraught performance by Nigerian singer Tekno Miles.

Tekno Miles

Miles tops the list of Nigerian singers with big names and nothing to show for in live performance. The singer left Nairobians cursing after dropping subpar performance at Ngong Racecourse on Saturday September 9th.

Kenyans were surprisingly impressed by local artistes’ performance especially The Kansol and Camp Mulla; but Tekno’s performance didn’t match his big name and the expectations of revelers.


  1. Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

She was causing ripples across Africa with her new album ‘Red’ when she flew to Nairobi to perform at 11th edition of Barbeque Live that went down at Ngong Racecourse on November 12th 2016.

Tiwa Savage, who signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation, didn’t leave a lasting impression after her performance at Ngong Racecourse. Nobody even seemed to have noticed she performed, this is usually not the case when Wizkid or Diamond Platnumz perform anywhere in Kenya.

Remember how tongues were wagging after Wizkid’s concert at KICC on Saturday July 22nd and Diamond performance on the 17th edition of Koroga Festival which went down on 28th May 2017?


  1. Iyanya
Iyanya grinds a fan B-Club

He’s probably a shadow of his past, yes he was featured in Jaguar’s remix ‘One Centimeter’ which gave him clout in Kenya, but currently Iyanya can’t impress a diverse audience other than the bimbos who go berserk every time he removes his shirt on stage.

The Nigerian singer regularly jets into Nairobi to perform for small audiences, mostly pool parties at B-Club. The last gig he had in Kenya was on 4th June 2017, bet most of you were not even aware Iyanya was in town.


  1. Patoranking
Patoranking and Betty Kyallo at Kiza

On Saturday June 24th 2017, Nigerian sensation Patoranking was in Kenya for a performance at the Kiza restaurant and lounge in Nairobi.

The show was hyped on radios and billboards across the city but surprisingly there were no chitchats on social media to indicate that the Nigerian superstar had won the hearts of Nairobi revelers with his performance.

Big names like Patoranking are paid millions per show but if they have no impact with their performances then there is no need for local promotors to waste millions on them.


  1. Davido
Davido and Babu Owino at B-Club


Hehehe… His show in Nairobi on March 28th 2015 was the exact copy of Tekno Miles’ Saturday September 9th 2017 concert at Ngong Racecourse.

All roads led to Carnivore grounds on Saturday 28th March as Davido was set to drop the most electrifying performance ever.

But then disaster happened that Saturday night, Davido performed for 20 minutes and left the stage. Revelers were mad, twitter erupted as Kenyans who bought tickets started throwing tantrums.

All in all Wizkid and Yemi Alade are the only Nigerian artistes you should pay to watch them perform, for the remaining artistes I would advise you to stay at home and watch their performance on YouTube.

Man caught stealing Davido’s expensive chains at Nairobi’s B-Club speaks (Photos)

Nigerian superstar Davido managed to stop a thief who attempted to snatch his expensive chains from his neck while he was partying at Nairobi’s B-Club.

Davido flew to Kenya to headline a special party held at Nairobi’s premier entertainment hotspot B-Club on Wednesday night June 28th.

Also read: Davido ditches his private jet to fly Kenya Airways alongside former K24 anchor Karen Knaust

The Wednesday night party at B-Club was not without drama, a male reveler tried snatching Davido’s expensive chains while the Nigerian was partying.

Davido partying at B-Club

The incident which was caught on camera shows Davido reacting by firmly grasping his chains when the man ‘touched’ him from behind.

The ‘thief’ who was identified as Mike has seen set the record straight. Popular Nigerian news outlet YabaLeft reported that Mike didn’t want to steal Davido’s chains. Apparently Mike was happy to see Davido and only wanted to hug him.

See photos of Mike below:




Davido ditches his private jet to fly Kenya Airways alongside former K24 anchor Karen Knaust (Photos)

Davido ‘stopped’ flying commercial in 2014 when he acquired his own private jet. But the Nigerian superstar touched down in Nairobi aboard Kenya Airways plane a day ago.

Davido is among the very few African musicians who are rich enough to own a private jet. The Nigerian singer tweeted about his newly acquired private jet on August 25th  2014 while he was flying to Togo.

“Another day another dollar!! En route TOGO privately on my jet!! OBO! We did it guys! #milliondollarmoney,” Davido tweeted.

Davido seated on his private jet at the airport

The ‘Skelewu’ hit maker however flew to Kenya on a KQ flight. Davido was with former K24 anchor Karen Knaust Karimi who had visited Nigeria for personal business.

“Look at WHO was my Seat Partner on Kenya Airways (Business Class) from Lagos to Nairobi!!!!! ??? This guy made my flight worth while. #DAVIDO (David Adedeji Adeleke) better known by his stage name Davido, is an American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer. ?? #davido #nigerianmusician #myfavartist #happy #excitedmuch #lagosweekend @officialkenyaairways,” Karen Knaust captioned a photo she posed with Diamond aboard KQ plane.

Karen Knaust Karimi with Davido

Meanwhile Davido is slated to perform at the famous B-Club in Nairobi tonight.

Is Davido now interested in Wema Sepetu ? This is the comment he left under her photo

Many have been wondering who Wema Sepetu will date soon after dumping Idris Sultan who could have been her baby daddy by now if she had not suffered a miscarriage sometime last year.

Fans have been linking her to various Tanzanian actors but the lady continues to brush off the rumors and in one of her recent photos she commented telling one of her fans that she is no longer interested in Diamond Platnumz as she is now looking for a serious man who will only concentrate on her and of course one with a lot of money.

Anyway, Nigerian singer Davido has left many wondering whether he is interested in Wema Sepetu after his comment that suggests he sees the Tanzanian sweetheart as a woman worth so much. His caption read 30 billion a line from his latest hit song If.

Wema however did not respond to the comment but her fans were quick to link her to the Nigerian singer while some asked her to make a move on the young singer.

Well, we cannot say that the two talk since it all goes down in the DM right? Checkout his comment below: