Dennis Okari to finally address Betty Kyalo’s allegations that he’s a dead beat dad 

Media personality Dennis Okari is planning to responded to allegations that he is a deadbeat dad.

The allegations that have filled online, were started by his former wife Betty Kyalo who has shared several times that Okari has neglected his baby girl.

Speaking in an interview with Word is, the TV news anchor said that time has not yet come for that but soon, he’s planning to prove everyone wrong on what they have been reading about him.

“I will not discuss family now, but at some point I will speak because so many things have been written about me, but people who say those things don’t know me well.” he said. 


Okari and ex-wife Betty have not been co-parenting since July last year. The drama started when Okari called out Betty for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media, saying that she doesn’t deserve all that kind of attention and publicity.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting. She deserves to grow up quietly and no one, including myself as her father, should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he said.


“I’m working on it.” NTV news anchor Olive Burrows explains why she can’t speak Kamba despite growing up in Kenya

Olive Burrows Kalekye. That’s her real name and who in the world would have guessed she’s Kamba.

The NTV news anchor recently opened up about her Kamba background in a sit down with Nation and gave an explanation on why she can’t speak her language despite growing up in Kenya.

“I have always wanted to (to speak Kamba). I think that is one of my biggest mistakes. I have a four-year-old nephew who speaks Kamba so fluently. The other day he was asking me questions about body parts by pointing at them, the way kindergarten teachers do,”  said Olive Burrows.

Kamba Culture

She added that her mum never spoke Kamba and therefore nothing in her surrounding promoted her Kamba culture but she’s working on learning the language.

“My mum never spoke to me in Kamba and then our teachers would encourage us to speak English and Kiswahili. I grew up in Nairobi West and attended Malezi Primary School in Lang’ata, then Kenya High School. I never met any of my grandparents and my mother was a single parent but now I’m working on it.” she said. 


Ukambani tena? Dennis Okari held a secret traditional wedding in Ukambani recently with new bae 

A juicy report has been flying around that NTV news anchor Dennis Okari held a wedding recently that was well kept out of the media.

The news anchor, who had an ugly split with Betty Kyalo several years ago just months after exchanging vows, has gone to Ukambani yet again for another wife.

Red and White theme

According to the Nairobian, Okari and his undisclosed new bae were there recently and had a traditional wedding but not much about the event has been said.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.” said the Nairobian. 

Okari bonoko! Betty Kyalo confuses fans after sharing photo with colleague who looks like Dennis Okari 

Fans recently had to double check Betty Kyalo’s post on social media after she shared a photo with  balded man who looked like her baby daddy Dennis Okari.

Okari, who has made a comeback on TV as a news anchor at NTV, is now working alongside Olive Burrows to host the 9 o’clock news.

Okari and Olive

Kyalo took to Instagram to share a photo with a Dennis Onsarigo, throwing many fans off since the name sounds like Okari’s and also looks like him. Fans had a lot to say after the photo with some believing that she’s just trying to make Okari jealous while others claimed she was missing him.

Onsaringo and Kyalo.

austinewendoWewe ulirogwa na ma Dennis…. I wish I was Dennis

snyamuok07I almost said…perfect reunion. The Dennis name imenichanganya

johnnie2nd@jentrix_engefu did okari played with your emotions?…..or you were sharing him with Betty? Coz hiyo hasira yako…sio ya bure…

charlesfridaymoWonders never cease!
no_identitiBumper to bumper
nythan_blessingBoth of you bury the hatch kubaff!!!
charlesrono93huyu mwanamke anakuwaga sawa
hopkins_mcqueenKisii man x Kamba lady just liit…like if you know what I mean aha
hopkins_mcqueen@shakazulu.0 aha our shots are heavy and hard hehe
king_marangaShould be another couple working together Dennis okari
bett8lagThought it was dennis okari(hope it’s the correct name) it’s almost two years it’s high time the two of u forgot the best and develop a mutual relationship for the sake of your daughter instead of bashing each other on social media. You are not sane upright people. Na usiniambie pilipili….

Dennis Okari worried of how Betty Kyalo is exposing their daughter online

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo, just six months after exchanging vows, went their separate ways something that up to date still amazes many.

The two were in a hyped marriage that was well broadcasted on social media but ended before it really began after rumors that Betty had been cheating all along.


Betty Kyalo and her daughter

Their shot union was however blessed with a girl who now stays with her mother. In an interview with Nairobi News, Dennis stated that he’s worried of the levels of social media exposure her daughter is getting. He said that he prefers she get’s a private life out of social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he told the website. 

Betty Kyallo’s 3 year old daughter steps out carrying a Chanel purse worth Ksh 90,000

Ivanna is not only a celebrity baby but a very lucky girl who gets to enjoy the fast life.

Having celebrated her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago, her mum, Betty Kyallo recently shared a photo of the little girl rocking a ballet outfit which she combined with a Chanel bag.

Baby Ivanna

Well, looking at Betty Kyallo’s life we can all agree that she has made enough money to carry knock off bags and for this reason her Chanel bag might have cost her around $ 9,999 since this is the price at which the designer bags cost.

The news anchor shared the photo through her Instagram page where she wrote saying,

My ballerina already rocking Chanel

Ivanna on the other hand definitely looked cute and judging from her height, there is no doubt that she got it from her daddy, Dennis Okari.

Check out the photo below;