Diamond has signed Harmonize for 15 good years as contract details emerge 

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize aren’t currently in good terms as Harmonize is aggressively trying to leave Wasafi Records.

Details of Harmonize’s contracts have now emerged and it’s one hell of a contract. According to sources, the contract was set to be 15 years long something that has shocked many social media users.


It has not yet been confirmed for sure if those were the number of years on the contract but does it matter? Harmonize signed the contract and now has 12 more years left.

Diamond, however, is not ready to beg him to stay. In a recent interview, Diamond said that he will not force anyone to perform in any of his shows. If Harmonize feels like departing, then he should leave because he’s not adding any value to Wasafi anymore.

“Ila kama yule mwingine (harmonize) ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini? (just like that other guy [harmonize] who did not want, he should leave, go, what is he helping us with?)” Diamond said. 

Diamond Platnumz clarifies on his friendship with Ali Kiba

Diamond and Ali Kiba are brand Empires that are moving crowds in the motherland of Tanzania.

The two hardly, if ever, see eye to eye. It just happens that the two don´t collide in random places.

However, their fans and their careers betray them. They ignite the fire, cool it down, before breaking hell loose once more.

But this time, Diamond shares positive sentiments about his arch rival brother, King Kiba.

Speaking to the media, Chibu articulates that he has no reason whatsoever to draw a wall of hatred between him and Ali Kiba because the two are just doing their job.

According to the Wasafi founder, he finds no purpose in partnering with his fellow star, Harmonize, to pull Kiba down.

Mimi sioni sababu yakutengeneza bifu na Harmonize kwaajili ya kumwaribia Alikiba kwani kila mtu anaridhiki yake mimi naamini kwenye kazi na sio mambo mengine.

Further urging his fans and masses at large to stay away from propaganda because it is not a noble thing to do.