Down memory lane! Diamond and Tiffah´s fun moments together that have lit up the Internet (Videos)

Even after an ugly split between Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan, the bond between the artist and their two children has stood the test of time.

This is especially after the co-parents seemingly settled their differences, with Zari now granting Naseeb some chat time with his children.

Though not physically, Diamond´s presence in his children´s life has enlivened both the kids’ mood and spirit as seen on social media.

Diamond and Zari´s kids: Prince Nillan (left) and Princess Tiffah (right)

In a recent update shared by Mama Dangote, a throwback video of Diamond acting playfully around his two young kids: Tiffah and Nillan was a moment to adore.

It is no lie that Tiffah is her daddy´s girl and especially since she stands as his only daughter whom he bore with Zari out of at least 3 boys from different baby mamas.

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The two are spotted biting onto some candy that eventually ends up in Diamond´s mouth, before they both burst out in laughter. Nillan is at the background, enjoying some sun and his candies.


In a recent video, Zari records Princess Tiffah proudly bragging about his dad, who he talks to on phone everyday.

So hi guys. My name is Tiffah. I love papa everyday . Everytime he loves me and calls me everyday. Yah.

The gist of it was when the Boss Lady asked the 4-year old what her dad does and she literally had no clue, like she had to be reminded her dad is a musician.

Zari asked:

So what does your papa do?

Zari with daughter, Tiffah Dangote

To which Tiffah responded:


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When asked what Diamond´s actual job is, because they see him on TV, the clueless girl took her time before saying:

I don´t know but he is DIAMOND PLATNUMZ!

Probably she´s still too young and still growing and we understand. But Chibu and Tiffah are pretty tight.

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Impressed by the father-daughter bond, fans and followers asked the family to patch things up, forget the past and live as one big happy family.

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She’s so beautiful

¨She is real and does not show off¨ Diamond takes a jibe at ex, Zari while celebrating Tanasha Donna

Zari and Tanasha will for long remain two parties under comparison for as long Diamond was part of their lives.

Last week, Thursday, the East African heavyweight was asked to reveal key traits that his current Kenyan queen, Tanasha has, compared to his exes.

He mentioned no names but it does not need explaining for anyone to understand the targeted persons here.

Diamond praises Tanasha Donna unlike his exes, among them Zari

First, Diamond hailed praise on Tanasha for leading a real life, uninfluenced by social media. Plus, respecting their love relationship by keeping it private.

Ndio maana umeona mahusiano yetu yamekuwa sio ya kwenye mitandao, ni mtu flani amabaye yuko real, sio mtu wa kufanya kitu ili kumdalilisha mtu, anafanya kitu ambacho kiko moyoni mwake. [That is why you realize that out relationship has not been on social media, she is a real person, she is not a person to do things that belittle others, she does what her heart tells her to do.]

Secondly, Chibu stated that Tanasha is a civilized character who does not ignite quarrels with anyone and will neither look down on others.

Tanasha ni mkarimu, mstaarabu, hapendi maswala ya ugomvi, hapendi kufanya vitu kwa sababu ya show off. [Tanasha is friendly, civilized, she does not like quarrels, she don´t like doing things for show off.]

Speaking to Wasafi TV, Naseeb concluded that Tanasha´s exceptional traits give him more reasons to make her his wife.

Full interview: Here is everything Zari said about Diamond Platnumz that has left many shocked 

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had an exclusive one-on-one interview with Milard Ayo where she revealed a lot of shocking things about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

The interviews, which have been divided into four parts have been causing shocking waves online as Zari exposed how Diamond broke her trust and heart.


Zari opened up to many things saying that she had to dump the singer because he had gotten to a level where he didn’t care about her at all.

Zari also revealed that Diamond Platnumz is actually the one who was insisting on the two to get married but she said no. According to Zari, Diamond was only interested in doing this for damage control and to prove to haters that he was capable of settling down.

Here are the full interviews:





I have never been left by any woman I have dated. I just stress them so that they dump me- Diamond

All the women Diamond Platnumz has had dumped him but the singer says it’s because he wanted them to.

After Diamond confessed how Zari Hassan was cheating on him with singer Peter Okoye of P Square and a gym trainer, he has now come out to reveal that he has never been dumped by any of his lovers.


Zari dumped the singer on Valentines day a year ago but according to Diamond, he frustrated her into doing it. Intentionally.

“I have never been left by any woman I have dated. If she ever gives me a hard time, I cause scenarios that will make her get so heartbroken she leaves on her violation,” he shared. 

Diamond added that the reason why he wanted Zari to dump him is because he realized that she never loved him as much as he did.

“Maybe I was the reason [For her cheating on me because of my infidelity] but I loved her more [and differently] that she did me.” he said. 



Peter Okoye of P Square after Diamond accused him of sleeping with Zari: It is stupid of him to say what he said

Hours after Diamond Platnumz claimed that one of the reasons he walked away from his union to socialite Zari Hassan was because she was cheating with half of P Square, singer Peter Okoye, the Nigerian musician has already addressed the claims.

Speaking in an radio interview at Cool FM, Okoye said that Diamond’s remarks are baseless adding that he might be jealous of his success.

“To be honest with you, I do not know what they [Diamond and Zari] are talking about. I can never, and would never say anything. Please, I have a new single [‘One More Night’ featuring Niniola], and I do not want to get distracted. I do not want to comment on Diamond’s allegations. In fact, it is stupid [of him to say what he said],” Peter Okoye told Cool FM show hosts.


Diamond in a radio interview claimed that Zari was sleeping with the singer and that he even got messages from the two. He also said the Zari was having an affair with her gym instructor.

Okoye, who is married, said that despite Diamond’s comments, the two are still friends.

“Once people discover that you are doing well, the devil just finds a way of rearing its ugly head. Nonetheless, we are friends with Diamond Platnumz; he is my guy,” said Peter Okoye.

Mbosso’s ex-manager rants following Mbosso’s new mansion from Diamond

Singer Mbosso recently had to come clean following a recent post that he has bought a mega mansion worth millions.

In his post, Mbosso failed to mention that his boss Diamond Platnumz actually paid for the house. Several statements later, his management made it clear that Diamond Platnumz gave him the house.

Fans started trolling Mbosso’s ex-manager, Mkubwa Fella TMK later saying he was a fake manager. Mbosso used to be in an all-boy-group called Yamoto Band and fans wanted to know why he never bought him a house a house.


The manager, took to his social media defending himself saying that when Mbosso and the tree other members of the band were under his management, he bought them a house.

“There are foolish people asking where is the house Yamoto band members. I repeat, they have homes in Mbande, Kisewe. I have been there for them when they started out, when they were mere kids. Mbosso’s brother lives in that house and his fellow ex-band-mate, Beka is paying the guard,” he said.


“I’m not a fake manager ever since the days when I was managing Juma Nature. You can call him, he owns a home, even Mh Temba and Chege Chigunda. I was the one who invested heavily to ensure they have homes.”

After that rant, Mbosso responded saying:

“Mkubwa Sisi watoto wako tunajua maisha na msingi uliotupatia hadi kufika hapa .., …Midomo hii tumeumbiwa kuongea acha waongee tu… (“Sir, we as your  protege’s we saw the life and foundation you have given us to this point in our career. These lips have been created to speak and talk, let them talk…)” he said.

‘Always compared but never matched’ Zari continues to throw shade at Tanasha

Singer Diamond Platnumz recently confessed that he loves his new bae Tanasha Donna and even promised never to cheat on her.

Yes, Diamond will never cheat on Tanasha like he did to other ladies he dated. This message was received differently by several people including Zari Hassan.

It seems Zari threw shade on instagram regarding the two yet again saying that people will keep comparing her but they can never fill her shoes.

Drama free

It’s not the first time Zari has shared such a statement as she continues to hint why she’s better than Tanasha.

On International Women’s Day, Zari shared another post saying that she’s glad she’s living a drama free life.


Why Ezekiel Mutua has banned Diamond’s Kwangwaru in Kenya

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua has banned mega hit ‘Kwangaru’  from being performed or listened to by school going children.

The ban, which comes way late, is the first among many to come as KFCB continues to clear the airwaves.

“That song has a bad meaning, we have banned it in schools,” the KFCB stated.

Mutua warned teachers from allowing students to listen to the song saying it corrupts their minds.

“Dances and discos must be regulated to ensure foreign artistes do not flock to Kenya to erode our values, cultures and tradition. Why do they perform music that has been banned in their countries to Kenya?” he asked.


The KFCB boss stated that he would ask the Ministry of Education to take action against school heads who defy the order.

It will not be business as usual, foreign musicians who are coming to undermine our cultures and values, children are singing for their mothers inama inama even in schools,” Mutua said.

Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, has been sending a lot of hints lately that Diamond doesn’t support her after leaving her with two kids.

It seems she’s now tired of hints and she’s now switching to prayers in hope that things might change.

The Ugandan socialite continues to unleash subliminal attacks aimed at the singer who is now dating NRG radio host Tanasha Donn. Zari took to social media to announce that she’s planning to pray for Diamond and all other debate dads who have neglected their kids.

“Good morning fam, join me this week as I fast renouncing and rebuking generational curses of diabetes, cancer, dead beat fathers, Satanism to mention a few, Amen,” read her post.

Supports kids

This year, Zari has posted similar messages several times. In January she hinted again that Diamond has neglected her kids in a post in which she claimed she works hard to support her family.

“When your the only financial provider for your kids, you need to work not hard but wayyyyyyharder#momprenuer,” she captioned. 

Tanasha denies relatives are pushing Diamond to marry her before knocking her up 

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna, who is also Diamond Platnumz’ bae, has denied that her family is pushing the singer to marry her first and avoid taking a route he did with his other exes.

Early this week a quote from a person claiming to be Tanasha’s relative made rounds on social media saying that her family has warned him not to get her pregnant before they exchange vows.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals. We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” the relative said. 

Not my family

Tanasha has denied all this saying that her family members are just OK with her relationship with Diamond and, that they are very humble in the first place.

“My relatives ain’t never that type to even say something like that. They’re the most humble, respectful people ever,” she said. 

Wewe! Don’t try and impregnate Tanasha before marrying her- Tanasha’s family warns Diamond 

With at least three known kids with two different women already in the public domain, Tanasha Donna’s family aren’t taking any chances with Diamond Platnumz.

The family has asked the singer to first marry their daughter before thinking of starting a family with her. According to Global Publishers, Diamond, according to sources, has been heard saying he plans to get Tanasha pregnant before the end of 2019.


A family member was quoted saying that the singer has now been warned against doing this and should first put a ring on it before planting any seed.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals,” the relative said. 

Diamond and Tanasha were to get married this Valentine’s Day but quickly postponed the wedding to an unknown date. The family says that they are afraid Diamond might dump her.

“We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” Tanasha’s kin said. 

Tanasha ako wapi? Zari continues to hint Diamond has neglected his kids and not supporting them financially 

Singer Diamond Platnumz has several kids with different baby mamas, who, once in a while, have all accused him of the neglecting them.

Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hassan has yet again hinted that the he has neglected his two kids and hasn’t been supporting them financially. The two have a daughter and one son, Tiffah and Nilan respectively.


On social media, Zari, who has been sending subliminal shots to Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna, posted a photo and said that she’s the one providing for her kids.

“when your the only financial provider for your kids, you need to work not hard but wayyyyyyharder#momprenuer,” she captioned. 

It’s not the first time Zari has claimed that Diamond has neglected his kids. Zari once revealed that diamond has never visited his kids down in South Africa yet he has time for other women.

“Diamond has not visited nor talked to his children since the break-up. If he wants to support his children he can do that but if he doesn’t want to its still okay. I can manage on my own.” she said. 

Hamisa Mobetto has also claimed that Diamond has neglected his kid and hasn’t been supporting her financially.


Diamond Platnumz’ father begs Tanasha and Diamond to let him attend anticipated wedding 

It’s not a secret Diamond Platnumz and his father Mzee Abdhul Naseeb don’t see eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz has always left him in the dark on when handling his stuff and now, mzee Abdhul has come out to public beg the singer to invite him for his much anticipated wedding.

Speaking to Showbiz Xtra, mzee Abdhul confessed that he has been hearing about the wedding like any other normal person but has been totally excluded from the talks.


He pleaded with Diamond to invite him, saying that it would be very sad for his son to wed Tanasha Donna in front of the nation and he wouldn’t be present.

‘No one has told me anything about any wedding, I have heard it from people in the hood. Above all, I only want the wedding to be successful. But I just want him to invite me, if he fails to do that he will have disrespected me a lot, I will not be happy.” Mzee Abdhul said.


Activist Mange Kimambi in trouble for calling Hamisa Mobetto mother’s brainless

After finishing up with Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan, It seems Tanzanian Activist Mange Kimambi is now after Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa Mobetto has been posting a man after the other on social media and fans have not taken it well. The socialite was also in trouble for allegedly stealing model Tahiya’s boyfriend.

Mobetto’s mother recently spoke to a local newspaper and said that people should let her daughter live her life as she pleases.


Mange, who had an ugly beef Zari Hassan and even claimed that Zari’s kids with Diamond were fathered by her ex-husband Ivan, took to social media to tear apart Mobetto’s mum and claim that she’s the one misleading her daughter.

“Leo natoa la rohoni, Hakuna mtu mbovu kwa Hamisa kama mamake. Mamake Hamisa ni bogus zero brain, na nimeelewa why Diamond alimchamba that time. Maza hana akili yule. Siku ile watu tumeongea yeye akatuona maboya akasema tusimcontrol mtoto wake, aache waposti bwanake. Yani hawa wamama wa Instagram hawa ni bure. Mama hujaletewa mahari wala washenga hawajakuja kwako then unasapoti mambo hayo. Lazma una mpungufu mkubwa mno,”reads part of Mange’s caustic post.

The post didn’t go well with many as they complained why she had to call her brainless. Many demanded an apology from her after that.



Why Diamond Platnumz wants Tanzanian government to make his wedding day a public holiday

Singer Diamond Platnumz wants the Tanzanian government to mark the day he will marry his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna because he wants it to be more than just another day.

Speaking to a local news paper, Diamond said that he wants the Tanzanian government to make it a national holiday so that all the family members can attend.

He also explained why the wedding had to be pushed from Valentines Day saying:

“The reason why we had to change the date is because Tanasha’s mother will be working on Valentine’s day. I do not want a small wedding, If it is possible I would like the government to consider it a public holiday,” he said. 

Met family

Diamond and Tanasha have already made things official after the beauty met the artistes mother in Tanzania. They have not shared the exact date when the wedding will happen.

Diamond gets new ‘simple’ hairstyle to officially kick off 2019 as he starts recording music(photos)

Singer Diamond Platnumz has a new hairstyle for the year 2019.

The singer, who hasn’t officially posted a photo yet on his social media pages, is now having a clean shave, ditching controversial hairstyles that he has been rocking in the past.

Last year, the singer was trolled after he switched to braids. The ‘Nibebe’ hit maker previously had dreadlocks.


When launching his braided hairstyle, Diamond complimented the new hairstyle with new large studs, and got homophobes talking. The singer has had to fight off claims of homosexuality multiple times.

In 2016 Diamond sparked public uproar when he pierced his nose and early this year he also caused a stir when he wore ankle bracelet.

Here’s the new simple style

I spend Ksh 40,000 a week on cloths- Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna 

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has become a trending force ever since she became Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend.

The NRG Radio presenter has been in numerous topic of discussions since the two announced their love. She even got a promotion at her work place whereby she’s now hosting two shows.

With that said, Tanasha’s life has changed a lot and she recently left many impressed, if not surprised, after announcing that she spends a clean Ksh 40,000 on cloths only in a week.

On social media, the young lady complained that different shopping stores have exposed her spending despite her plea not to.


The beauty said the fact she coughs up around KSh 160,000 per month on clothing, she deserves some privacy.

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you,” Tanasha ranted. 

Kenyans didn’t buy her comments, most asking where her cloths are because all they see is her recycling her cloths.

I will move to Kenya. They are very supportive- Diamond Platnumz

Singer Diamond Platnumz has spent the better part of December hoping around Kenyan towns and he has enjoyed huge support. The singer also dumped all his girlfriends and baby mamas for a Kenyan lady, Tanasha Donna, who he claims he’s hoping he’ll marry soon.

In short, Diamond loves Kenyans and Kenyans love him.

In an interview, the singer confessed that he’s actually thinking about relocating to Kenya because of the immense support.

“Having a good relationship with people, being loyal and working hard is what gets me going. When we perform remember people have left their families to come and make these events happen. As for Kenya I love Kenya and I consider it my home. And the way Kenyans love me and my music makes me want to move to the country. Maybe one day I will,” he said.


His statement comes after his back and forth with BASATA and government over his music. The authority has punished the singer several times after releasing dirty music.

Diamond reveals how much he charges per show and it’s enough to buy you a bungalow in Syokimau

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is one paid kid. While some artists are struggling to make money in the industry, the singer is really making a killing from his music.

Diamond recently had to remind the Tanzanian government how much he makes per show after they banned Rayvanny’s new hit “Mwanza” because of its explicit lyrics.

On Instagram, Diamond said that his music targets a bigger fan base than just Tanzanians therefore he puts a lot in consideration when making the songs.


He went on to explain that he’s called for performances in other countries and they pay him at least $70,000 for a performance which is same as Tsh168, 300,000 or Ksh 7 million. How much does a 3 bedroom bungalow in Syokimau cost again?

He added that banning of his songs would not only affect his career but also the government in terms of taxes.

“Wazee wetu, vijana wenu ama wasanii wenu sasahivi tumefanikiwa kuingia kwenye masoko mbalimbali hivyo sio kila nyimbo ni kwajili ya soko la nyumbani Tanzania tu, mfano: UGANDA kuna Tamasha Linaitwa NYEGE FESTIVAL….na kwa nafasi niliyonayo UGANDA na kwajinsi nyimbo hii ilivyovuma kwa kishindo kila kona ndani ya siku tatu tu Viewers 1.5+ Millions Youtube, basi naamini kabisa Mwakani lazima NYEGE FETIVAL waniite kutumbuiza…na kama mnavyofahamu bei zangu huwaga si chini dola elf Sabini za kimarekani ( $70,000) kwa show
sawa na milioni (160,300,000 za kitanzania).…mbazo kwa show moja tu ningeweza kuchangia pato la kodi si chini ya milioni (48,090,000 ya kitanzania)…hivyo naomba mlitazame na hapo Balaza letu Pendwa” 
wrote Diamond.


Diamond finally responds after Alikiba said he won’t perform in his festival but he’s willing to partner 

It all started out after singer Diamond Platnumz said that he wants fellow singer Alikiba to perform in the upcoming Wasafi Festival that kicks off on November 24.

Ali Kiba came with an unexpected reply after that telling Diamond that he won’t be able to perform because he won’t be in the country but he’s willing to partner with him and become a sponsor in the event.

Alikiba he said that he will be launching his energy drink Mofaya in other countries and would want Diamond to let the new drink sponsor his event.

Diamond, who is currently in Canada for a show, said that he got the message and his team is already working on it.

Limepita Hilo Ally K… @sallam_sk anamcheki Seven now #DiamondKaranga #MoFaya #WasafiFestival2018 #NewBongofleva #BongoflevaToTheWorld @WasafiFM @WasafiFestival,” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

Contract in place

Sallam SK, Diamond’s manager, also shared that they are working on drafting the papers and will soon make the deal official.

Baada ya kukubaliana baadhi ya terms na Seven Mosha kuweza kudhamini Wasafi Festival nasubiri tumalizane maandishi tu basi wote tuseme #MchezoUsiuchezeeWewe #Kaaaaabisa#KonkiKonkiKonkiMasta Tunaanzia Mtwara Tarehe 24 November,” said Sallam.

Diamond’s mother finally speaks on Zari dating Ommy Dimpoz rumor

Diamond Platnumz mother has finally addressed a rumour that has been doing rounds on social media that Zari Hassan and singer Ommy Dimpoz are one.

Speaking to a Tanzanian local daily Mama Dangote said that the two are just friends and fans are just over reacting.

Zari and Ommy were a trending topic after photos emerged online showing them rather cozy. Diamond’s mum said that the two can hug just like any other people since it means little.

“Kwani kuna ubaya gani? Hivyo ni vitu vya kawaida kwa mtu kukumbatiana na mtu aliyekutana naye. Mimi sijaona hiyo picha ambayo kamshika pajani lakini bado nasema hayo ni mambo ya kawaida tu. Ina maana Zari asiongee na watu?” said Mama Dangote.

Watu wanasema Nasibu na Ommy wana ugomvi, mimi sijaona wakipigana, najua wanaongea na wala mimi sina ugomvi na mtu,” she added.


Zari also posted on her social media platforming that she’s still single and afraid of committing to anyone after Diamond broke her heart.


Why Zari is still very much single despite men like Ringtone begging for her love 

She’s sexy, rich, wife-material, motherly, stylish but still single.

Fans still can’t connect why with all these qualities Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan still sleeps in those expensive sheets alone while very many  out here are ready to kill to have her.

Many have speculated she misses Diamond but Zari has said over and over she’s not interested in getting a man.

The mother of five said she was still single because she was scared of getting hurt for the same reasons. This is after rumours started flying around that she’s now dating singer Ommy Dimpoz.

“Being single is cute, no stress, more fresh and flawless skin,” said on Snapchat.

“Not scared to try again, just scared to get hurt with the same reasons,” she added.


Diamond and Zari still co-parent. The socialite dumped him on Valentines day this year due to cheating.

“This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.  I will continue to build as a mogul, I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. HAPPY VALENTINE’S” read Zari’s post after parting ways.

Jokate sends lovely message to Diamond after his humble act

Tanzania actress turned district commissioner Jokate Mwegelo recently surprised her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz with a special message after his kind act to his home village.

During his birthday on October 2, Diamond spent time with youths from his village where he donated several stuff and encouraged them to stay away from drugs and crime.

His ex-lover Mwegelo was very impressed with his actions and sent him a special message on social media commending him for his work.

“Ni jambo zuri sana kukumbuka kule ulikotoka. Unabaki kuwa mfano hai kwa vijana wengi. Kile ulichofanya leo kitadumu kwenye mioyo ya wana Tandale kwa muda mrefu sana. Ubarikiwe na uendelee kuihudumia jamii zaidi kama ulivyofanya leo @diamondplatnumz” he said. 


Diamond also offered to provide health Insurance to more than 300 kids in his home village, to ensure that there medical bills are taken care of also.

“Wiki Nzima ya Birthday yangu, Ijumaa nitakuwepo pale Tandale na nitaalika watu tofauti tofauti. Na lengo langu kubwa ni kuzungumza na vijana wa Tandale na kuwapa maneno ya kuwapa moyo ile wajue ni wapi tumetoka ni wapi tunaelekea. Na siku hiyo nitatoa health Insurance kwa watoto sio chini ya miatatu.”

Zari swears the worst will happen when she catches Jemba who hacked her Instagram again

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has sent out a bitter message to her said hacker Jemba Farid after he account got hacked yet again.

Zari revealed that her account is still under her hackers’ mercy despite the fact that she can still access it.

On snapchat, Zari warned the man who she claims is behind the hacking saying that she will make him regret once she gets her hands on him.

“Embwa ya Farid gwe iwenakukukwata, ojakwejusa ekyakufula omusiyazi. Which loosely translates to (This dog called Farid; when I get hold of you, you will regret why you became gay) You’ve crooked so many reaching an extent of changing your real names on FB. Even further creating charity pages. A broke lad like you can afford to do charity… mxuiiii,” cursed.


Her rant comes after she warned her fans not to donate anything posted by her account which has been begging for funds after being hacked. Jemba Farid Gilbert is the guy who helped her get her IG account verified and was accused of hacking it several weeks ago.

Mrg, so my IG account is active but the hacker can still access it even after changing passwords and all. Am working on it BUT DONT PAY ANY MONEY TO ANY LINK. I’ve never asked for donations in my life,” said Zari Hassan on her Snapchat account.


Zari fires back with calm reply after Diamond called her a ‘thirsty monkey’ 

Singer Diamond Platnumz shocked a section of her fan after indirectly referring to her ex-wife Zari Hassan as a thirsty woman.

On Instagram, a fan angered the singer after blasting him off for always touching women inappropriately on stage.

Diamond however, didn’t seemed like he cared and even went on to promise that he’s gonna continue doing it for as long as he wants. In the process, his response was seen as a direct attack to Zari Hassan.

Touching women is part of my job and every woman I date knows that. I will not stop touching women, its part of my job as a musician. And no woman can stop me from doing it. It’s part of my job and I cannot stop because of one monkey talking when what brought her to me was horniness after she saw those clips of me touching women,” said Diamond.


Fans weren’t pleased with the comment and they asked Zari Hassan to put the singer in his place. Zari however, chose to stay away and offered a rather classy reply.

“So I am supposed to react to that? Nah babes, am better that,” she told a fan who asked to fire back at Diamond.


Video: Diamond and Rich Mavoko finally meet face to face after falling out 

Singer Diamond Platnumz has met his former employee Rich Mavoko for the first time since Mavoko launched a nasty legal fight against his label and won.

The two men who have been topping headlines after their fall out met face to face at the National Arts Council, Tanzania (BASATA) on Thursday after Mavoko launched a complaint against WCB claiming that his contract had a problem.

Mavoko managed to break free from his contract with Wasafi records after winning the case against WCB he had submitted before BASATA.

Cool down

BASATA then came out to share that it will intervene the situation and try to calm the two parties down.

Rich Mavoko signed a contract with WCB in June 2016. The singer was previously signed by Kenyan record label Kaka Empire.

Diamond’s manager Sallam SK Mendez , speaking during an interview on The Playlist on Times FM, said Rich Mavoko was not honest in claiming that WCB was exploiting him.

Mpaka sasa sielewi malalamiko ya Mavoko ni yapi kwa sababu ukisema sisi tunamnyonya mtu hicho kitu hakiwezekani alafu isitoshe pesa ambayo tumewekeza kwa Rich Mavoko haijarudi hata robo,” said Sallam SK Mendez.

Watch the video below: