Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny fall of stage after collapsing during heated performance(video) 

Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Rayvany had a minor accident during the weekend while entertaining fans in Zanzibar.

The two singers fell off stage after it collapsed while they were having a very energetic performance during the Wasafi Festival.

Diamond was performing on stage with fellow Wasafi artist Mbosso before Rayvanny joined the stage, which gave up to their weight and crashed down.

Mbosso however, was left standing and was a little bit clueless on what happened before he realized the two had fallen.

“Nakuja kushtukaa ..Heeeeee….!!! Kumbe mambo ndo yalivyokuwa …”ndugu zangu Chaliiii….., nikabaki nachungulia tu? !!! “SUMBAWANGA bwanaaa…!!! “Tupo Salama Alhamdullillah.. “ZANZIBAR Jumanne hii.” he said on social media. 

Diamond later released a statement saying that they were not injured and even resumed performance.

“They all doing fine, Thank God ?? Thank You Sumbawanga,” said Diamond.   

Just a few weeks ago, Bongo star Aslay became the laugh of the town after falling off the stage during a performance in Kisumu. He was not injured in the incident.

Here’s the clip of Diamond falling:


Shock as Tanasha Donna goes missing after Diamond Platnumz confirmed he is in love her 

Barely hours after Diamond Platnumz finally revealed that he’s fallen in love with a new woman, Tanasha Donna, she has now gone missing.

Alarm has been raised over her where abouts since the grand announcement from Diamond. Donna is a presenter at NRG Radio, Tanasha shot to fame while she was still dating actor Nick Mutuma.

She broke up with Mutuma in August 2017 after dating for at least seven months.

“Oya msimbati, mimi nipo kwenu, nimekuja na shemeji yenu, tumekuja kula good time. Ina maanisha hapa ndio sehemu nzuri kuliko kokote,” Diamond comments before posting a photo of him having a cosy time with the Tanasha.


Since the story broke, Tanasha’s phone went off and she shut followers off her Instagram. She also hasn’t reported to work since then and her friends insisted they didn’t know where she was.

Diamond’s manager shares why he didn’t perform with RickRoss while in Nairobi 

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam SK has opened up on why the singer never shared stage with Amerircan rapper Rick Ross during his Nairobi visit.

According to SK , NRG are to blame since they didn’t want to up the budget and include Diamond in the performance list.

Different approach

Diamond and Rick Ross have a collabo called Waka. Both are Belaire ambassadors and from this, fans expected to see them on stage together.  SK said NRG had a different  approach.

“Always tunasimama katika Biashara kwa hiyo jamaa alikuwa na budget hio at the time tulinegotiate price. Alipofikia akawa hana budget. Kwa hivyo it doesn’t mean kuwa kama hana budget na sisi tukafanye kwasababu ilikuwa so sure WCB. Ndio maana nakwambia nlisimama kama SK entertainment na si WCB. Ingekuwa ni WCB ina maana lazima Diamond angeenda kuperform but ilikuwa Biashara ingine kwa hivyo ilikuwa inatakiwa Diamond alipwe na Diamond kama hajalipwa hawezi kuperform. That’s it”, he told Times FM in an interview.

I will never work with Diamond- Ali Kiba tells fans 

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has said he doesn’t want to work with Diamond Platnumz and fans should stop pushing him towards it.

Diamond Platnumz’ management recently confessed that the beef between Ali Kiba and Diamond was something manufactured and there was no trouble between them.

In an interview with Tanzania’s Kwanza TV, the singer said he’s not interested with working with Diamond.

“You can’t force me to do a collaboration with anyone I don’t want to. I will be the one to make that call,” he said. 


Kiba, who is now a footballer now, has been going back and forth with Diamond for almost five years now. Though the two have said their beef was not real, they never meet eye to eye or even mention each other.

More money! Diamond Platnumz named ambassador of popular Football Club

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been named the Brand Ambassador of top Tanzanian Football Club Simba Sports. Simba Sports Club is a Tanzanian football club based in Msimbazi, Dar es Salaam and plays at two stadiums, Uhuru Stadium and National Stadium.

Huge fan

Diamond has been appointed as the social ambassador for the club, which is the biggest in the country.

“Yes ni heshma kwa @diamondplatnumz kukabidhiwa hadhi ya ubalozi wa Simba kwa kulikuza jina letu..SIMBA IN DA HOUSE leo hapa Taifa… #SimbaDay #KibingwaZaidi” shared Simba Sports Club Spokesperson Haji Sunday Manara on social media.

The announcement isn’t unexpected or rather shocking. For a long time, the WCB president has been a staunch supporter of Simba Football Club.

Sauti Sol beg fans to forgive them after missing anticipated show 

Sauti Sol have released a statement apologizing for missing a show in Rwanda. The band was scheduled to perform at the Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD) in Kigali on Sunday 29th July but couldn’t make it in time.


Posting the statement on social media, the band said the concert had to be canceled because they had issues with the promoter.

“To all our fans in Rwanda,

“We are sorry we were unable to perform for all of you at the Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD) in Kigali on Sunday 29th July. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the cancellation of our performance last night as it was a disappointment to us too.” read their presser.

“This was an organisational issue with the promoters of the festival. They reached out to us and despite our busy schedule in Zambia we took the time to accommodate this show because as usual we were very excited to come play in Kigali. We always have a blast playing for our Rwandan fans!

“This was a deeply disappointing outcome and the situation was out of our hands. If it was up to us we would have rocked out like we always do!”

Watch the video below:


Why Diamond Platnumz was temporarily blocked from leaving the country

Singer Diamond Platnumz had to spend more hours at the airport than he had anticipated after he was temporarily blocked by the government of Tanzania from leaving the country.

According to Tanzania’s Baraza la Sanaa Taifa (BASATA) the singer was barred from leaving the country to Mayotte Island where he was scheduled to perform because they are enforcing a law that requires all artists who want to travel to perform outside their country to get special permits from BASATA.

New law

BASATA Chief Executive Godfrey Mngereza,in a statement, said:

Utaratibu wa msanii kuwa na kibali anapoenda nje, yaani kutambua wapi anaelekea kikazi si mpya. Upo katika kanuni toka awali. Lengo ni kumhakikisha ulinzi wa haki na usalama wake pale kutakapotokea suala lisilo rafiki. Pia, kumuaga kwa kukabidhi bendera na mapokezi pindi anaporudi ikibidi,” said Godfrey.

‘I have moved on and I’m now focused on my life’ Zari Hassan confesses

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan is focused on her life and not the drama that might be surrounding her, her family, or her estrange husband.

“It’s a free world everybody can do what they want do, when they want to do it. I don’t care what happened between them and baba T, I have my life, I have my children, I have my job, I have so much going on. If you google Zari there’s 20 thousand things coming up. If things happen I just step back and I’m now focused on my life and especially my jobs because since Ivan died I’m so much in charge of everything,” she said in an interview with Kwanza TV in Tanzania.

Men will always come and go

Zari hassan

She also said that she has so much to focus on and wants to double her investment.

“I have so much to do because I don’t know one day I’m going to die and right now it’s all about my work, how can I make investments for my children, how do I make my kids’ lives better, I need to work hard so that they can attend private schools. My first born son is in New York and I need to be able to afford good things for my kids,” said Zari.


“Men will always come and go but when you have your kids, it is one thing you should really focus your energy into. You can have everything a man is looking for lakini atakula nyama akitoka ata tafuta mifupa,”

Drama as randy reveler kisses and cuddles Diamond lustfully on stage (Video)

Diamond Platnumz was forcefully kissed and caressed on stage by a curvaceous female fan who could not control her feelings after watching the singer perform.

Rwanda Fiesta was lit, Diamond was the main act at the concert which went down two days ago in Kigali. Rwandese turned up in big number to get thrilled by the Tanzanian singer.

The most electrifying moment of Rwanda Fiesta came when Diamond was performing his hit song ‘Nasema Nawe’. The ‘Fire’ hit maker invited well-endowed ladies on stage to dance with him as he performed the song.

Randy fan seized the opportunity to have a few seconds of fun with Diamond after the singer had just completed his performance, the curvaceous female fan dashed towards Diamond on stage, locked her hands round his head and plastered deep kiss all over his face.

Diamond turned away his face in a bid to avoid exchanging saliva with the lady who was kissing and cuddling him lustfully.

Watch how the drama unfolded in the video below: