Diamond Platnumz’ father finally to be flown to London by step sister after singer completely ignored him 

While an ailing Mzee Abdhul has been crying and begging for help from his sick bed, his son Diamond Platnumz has completely ignored him.

Mzee Abdhul has however finally managed to get some help and will be flying to London for treatment thanks to her daughter who lives in the UK.

“We are in the middle of the process. We are looking for a passport for him at the moment. Once we are done with that then I will call back and inform everyone about his flight,” she said. 

Not close

The lady, who is Diamond’s step sister, is currently in the country to check after her father who is sick and broke. Diamond in the past, has said that his father neglected him when he was young and are not close as he is with his mother, Sanura Kasimu that’s why he doesn’t bother with him.

“Hatujazoena hivyo, kwa pengine watu kuniona siko na yeye katika hadara wanaona kama Diamond ana vita na babake. Kuna baadhi ya watu wengine wamekuwan na mazoea mabya ya kwenda na Babangu getini Kwangu na kumpigisha pisha kisha waseme nimemfungia geti, sio fresh aisee. Sio kila mtoto ambaye haishi ma wazazi wake mambo yao sio fresh,” said Diamond. 

Diamond Platnumz robbed chains worth millions by rowdy crowd 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz was recently left speechless after his crowed ganged up on him and stole a bunch of expensive chains he was donning.

The incidence happened on Friday while he was promoting the much hyped Wasafi Festival 2018 which attracted thousands of people.


Diamond took to social media to thank his fans for showing up but lamented that they mobbed him and walked away with several valuables.

 “This is what they refer to as not believing what you see. If you look at me keenly just after being robbed I was deep in thought. I think I wanted to cry,” a puzzled Diamond opened up. 

Diamond Platnumz was also in the company of fellow Wasafi Records singer Harmonize. The two have promised to promote talent with their festival which will run till late December.


Diamond’s peanuts launched in Mombasa (Photos)

Diamond is now expanding his business empire as he diversifies to offering consumer products. The singer launched his latest product that’s now available on shelves in Kenya retail shops.

While most musicians were concentrating on selling their branded t-shirts and hoods, Diamond launched Chibu perfume which is a unique product.

The singer also did what most people didn’t expect; he launched his own peanuts called Diamond Karanga on the very day when he welcomed Rayvanny back to Tanzania.

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“Am glad to inform you that i launched my new Product called @DiamondKaranga (Diamond Peanuts) which will be available in East Africa for 300/= Tanzanian Shilling retail Price and 20,000/= Wholesale Price …..”Wrote Diamond.

Diamond’s peanuts were simultaneously launched in Mombasa the same day, Baba Tiffah revealed Diamond Karanga were available at the Coastal city for Kes 927 a box for anyone who wished to buy.

“USISEME KARANGA SEMA DIAMOND KARANGA!!!!…Habari njema kwa Vijana wenzangu wote, sasa unaweza kujipatia Mtonyo wa ChapChap kupitia @diamondkaranga ambapo utaweza kununua kwa bei ya jumla ya shilingi elfu ishirini (20,000) kwa boksi moja lenye pakiti Mia moja (100) ndani ambazo ukiuza unapata faida ya elfu kumi fanya mawasiliano sasa na mawakala walio karibu yako. Mawasiliano kwa Kununua Jumla:- MOMBASA +254700187727”