Diamond to Harmonize: If you want to leave, leave. You’re not helping us

Diamond Platnumz has finally given his take on the ongoing drama between singer Harmonize and Wasafi Record Label.

Harmonize has left the record label which has been in the spotlight of late for misusing its artists. Lavalava and Rayvanny who are also signed at the label complained and have threatened to leave.

No value

Harmonize on follow me

In a recent interview, Diamond said that he will not force anyone to perform in any of his shows. If Harmonize feels like departing, then he should leave because he’s not adding any value to Wasafi anymore.

“Ila kama yule mwingine (harmonize) ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini? (just like that other guy [harmonize] who did not want, he should leave, go, what is he helping us with?)” Diamond said in a caustic response.


Harmonize is not joining politics, Singer clarifies

Singer Harmonize has come out to shoot down allegations that he’s thinking about joining politics in the near future.

Word had it that the popular singer ditched Diamond Wasafi Records because he has started his own label and will then move to politics after that.

But in an interview with global publishers, Harmonize said those were just baseless rumors and he’s not interested at all in politics.

“In short, I do not think of venturing into politics. Instead, I want to take our music to greater heights. My dream is to take our music international. That is where I put all my energy. I will do anything and everything for music and nothing else, not even politics,” he said.


Harmonize on follow me

Though the singer has been helping a lot in his hometown in Mahuta village, Tandahimba in Mtwara and guys have been requesting him to run, Harmonize seems not yet interested.

Alitoka? Harmonize not included in upcoming Wasafi Festival

Harmonize will not be apart of the Wasafi 2019 Festival performance.

Wasafi has officially made the announcement about the festival but has not yet explained why Harmonize is not part of it. This has left many believing the singer has ditched the label.

The annual festival usually features all artists signed to the record label; among them Rayvanny, Mbosso, LavaLava, Queen Darleen as well as Harmonize and Diamond.

This year, however, only Ruby, Country Boy, Young Killer, and Dulla Makabila and now the Wasafi artists will perform.

Wasafi Festival 2019 is scheduled to start on July 19, 2019 at the Zimbihile Stadium and is expected to proceed to other venues afterwards.


Harmonize on board for Lava Lava Saula

The missout comes at a time when Harmonize has been fighting rumours of splitting for the label and comparison of being better than Diamond Platnumz.



Your turn Khaligraph? Harmonize finally responds to Ben Pol’s allegations that he wanted to sleep with his fiancée Anerlisa

Tanzanian singer Harmonize, who has a fiancee and Khaligraph Jones, who also has a fiancee, were recently frogmarched on social media by singer Ben Pol.

Pol claimed the two have been trying to sleep with his fiancée Anerlisa Muigai and have been camping on her inbox.

“Wasanii wapo ninawaona Shettah. Harmonize, Khaligraph wasanii wapo nawaona kwanza blue ticks pale verified lakini sishangai kwa sababu ni msichana mrembo na ukipata nafasi ya kukaa naye kama hivi ndio unaona uzuri wake Zaidi. Zinaonekana,”said Ben Pol.

Harmonize recently responded to these allegations saying that Pol was just sharing those stories to create buzz for his new song.

“Unajua mkiwa katika mahusiono kila mtu anataka kumheshimu mwenzake kuwa usinichukulie poa, kuwa kuna mtu, Fulani alishawahi kunitongozanga, Kuna vitu vingine vinaongelewa vinaweza kuwa vya ukweli au sio kweli. So as a gentleman ukisikia vitu kama hivyo si vizuri kuweka kwenye Public. Angeniambia tu bro wife kaniambia hivi na hivi, na mimi ningemwambia that’s not true. Hamna ukweli kwa hilo, before I was feeling bad lakini nikasema sisi binadamu. Mwanamke wa Ben Pol mimi nimemjua hata kabla hajamjua Ben, like three years ago” he said. 


Profile for Harmonize

The Wasafi singer added that there’s no way he can see two people dating and still try to spoil what they have. He added that he has known Pol for many years now and there’s no way he could do such a thing to him.

“But mimi naheshimu na sisi ni binadamu sometimes tunateleza. Labda shemela wetu pia kaamua kusema ivo kumwasha bro kuwa usinichukulie poa, kuna watu bado wananifuata. Mimi sio stupid kuona watu wako kwa mahusiano serious alafu mimi namtext DM. Ben Pol is my brother and I love him so much an nimeshiriki katika kazi yake ya Why and I like him he is just humble and my role model too because mimi nimeanza kumskia Ben Pol back in the days at a time I was nobody,” said Harmonize.

Diamond denies he’s losing popularity to Harmonize: People try to put me against my own artists 

Singer Harmonize denied it. His team also denied, and now his boss, Diamond Platnumz has also come out to deny it.

Several sources have claimed that Diamond is losing his popularity to Harmonize but the two have completely shut down insisting that Diamond is still the king.

Still the king

The Wasafi Records Boss recently spoke to Bongo 5 where he played down the whole rivalry with his mentee, saying it is not the first time he has been compared to his own artists.

“We as Wasafi are already very big. Especially me individually that is why people are trying to compare me with other artists. For a long time every upcoming artist has been likened to Diamond. Since they can’t beat me they have started putting me up against my own artists,” he claimed.

Mhe Jokate Mwegelo: Mimi actually ndio nimefanya watu wengi wampende Harmonize

Kisarawe District Commissioner, Mhe Jokate Mwegelo has come out claiming she is behind Harmonize´s success because she urges her people to listen to his anthems.

The youthful Tanzanian politician articulates that her bid to promote Harmonize, has seen many embrace and listen to his songs as well as love the star.

Speaking up and close during an event held in Kisarawe by the ´Tetema´ singer, Jokate expresses:

Mimi actually ndio nimefanya watu wengi wilayani kwangu wampende Harmonize.


She further surprisingly reveals that Harmonize´s Kainama and Kwangwaru jams are their recent best hits:

Sasa hivi wimbo ambao tunaupenda ni Kainama na Kwangaru,

Na sio unafiki.

Sisi nyimbo zake tunazitwanga sana, maana yake ukiingia field lazima upige muziki kidogo

This the beauty adds is because of the touch and the feeling they give, whenever you listen to them:

Sisi Kwangwaru, Kainama na hii Never Give Up tunaisikiliza kwa sababu inaamsha.

However, her last words to the bongo artist is to get married and to always feel welcome in her territory, Kisarawe.


Harmonize begs fans to stop comparing him to Diamond Platnumz 

Wasafi Records signee Harmonize has asked fans to stop comparing him with his boss Diamond Platnumz. Fans of late have been comparing the two trying to figure out who is better and Harmonize things it’s all wrong.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, singer said that Diamond is a mentor to him and comparing the two will just generate animosity.

“Diamond yuko proud kushindanishwa na mimi. Kwenye career yake ameshindanishwa na watu kama Ali Kiba, Ommy Dimpoz, Ben Pol, Rich Mavoko,” he said.

New song

Never give up by Harmonize

Harmonize has released a motivational song called ‘Never Give Up‘, which narrates his life experiences. The singer was rejected by almost everyone while building his musical skills until he met with Diamond who gave him a chance. He said he believes Diamond is proud of him.

“Hao watu wote ni watu waliotoka kwingine, lakini ikifika anashindanishwa na msanii ambaye amemtengeneza, he is so proud. I believe he is so proud, he has made me be Harmonize. Lakini vikizidi sana vinatengeneza chuki.” he added.

Watch ‘Never Give Up’ below:


Singer Harmonize Harmonize forced to explain why he hasn’t paid dowry for Sarah

Singer Harmonize has recently forced to explain why he hasn’t fully committed to marrying his Italian fiancee Sarah.

The singer proposed to her several weeks ago in front of family and friends. The two have dated for two years now after Harmonize broke up with former girlfriend Wolper, following a disagreement.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Harmonize explained why he hasn’t paid dowry yet saying that it’s not about the money.

“We have not talked about the dowry. It was just an engagement first, it’s not about the money,” he said. 

More than happy

Regarding the proposal, the singer said Sarah was more than happy to get the ring.

“I am a Muslim and chances of me having an Islamic wedding are very high. as high as 98% though we both believe that we have one God. I can’t wait for the biggest day of my life. Only her mum and I knew about the surprise. she was so happy she was even crying,” he said. 

Is Harmonize planning to overthrow the King at WCB, Diamond Platinumz?

Sensational bongo artist, Harmonize, has fervidly denied claims that he is planning to ditch the King of WCB, Diamond Platinumz.

Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) is a label owned by Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz, which first discovered the Atarudi hitmaker.


Harmonize further denied claims that he has been working on plans to overthrow the head of WCB, Chibu and become Tanzanian´s most refined bongo artist.

I do not want to talk about that, it is not fair at all.

Please ask me about something else.


You as journalists need to ignore some stories, not everything people talk about online is true.

Sometimes people publicise things that can not really happen.

The Kwangwaru star revealed it all during an interview with Global TV, urging people and the media to stop believing all they see on Instagram and in Blogs.

You need to understand that I am growing everyday as a musician, and with the growth, people will say all manner of things.

This is after Harmonize was questioned on whether it was true that he has intentions to be the next top Tanzanian music artist.

Kwangwaru hitmaker, Harmonize

The Kwangwaru hitmaker saw the song set a new East African record, hitting 10 million views in one month.

I am like a baby born at WCB, it is hard to fight with my father or ditch my home.

Seems the young lad was trying to affirm that one can´t bite the hand that feeds them.

Or can you?

The rumor has been doing the rounds for a while now probably due to Harmonize´s recent smashing hits.

Diamond´s fans might have had the illusion that based on Harmonize´s many international shows that he has been selling out, he is slowly becoming a threat to the WCB King.