The shocking amount Zari used to decorate her new house 

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has left many in utter shock after confessing that she spent millions while decorating her swanky new house in South Africa.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite who recently bought a new house and moved out of Diamond Platnumz’ house, revealed that she spent a clean Ksh 6 million in decorating the house.

Zari wanted the house to be classy hence went all out with the decorations.


“Spent almost a million rand on renovations and furniture only on my crib. I am officially broke, not even mentioning the purchase price” she wrote in her post.

The post comes just days after Zari confessed to being worth Ksh 200 billion a thing many couldn’t buy.

Zari Hassan: My new husband is the most google man in Africa but I won’t post his face

Everybody wants to know who King Bae is but socialite Zari Hassan will not introduce him to the public.

According to Zari, King Bae was the most googled man in Africa this past month as fans want to know his face. Four countries, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania are all interested in knowing who has just married her.

“He’s the most searched face BUT I CAN’T POST HIM. He’s safe where he is. He’s not into social media like me.” she said.

“He’s my regular guy. So silent and loud. He hates show off. I just want to keep him private. I’ve been in relationships which were public. I was overexposed.”


On meeting her new husband, Zari said they met in Tanzania while she was out with pals a while back.

“We met at Hyatt hotel in Tanzania and he was with someone else. He found me and my two pals having drinks at the rooftop and that’s how we ended up seeing each other,” she said. 


Zari finally lets Diamond Platnumz see his children months after blocking him

Diamond Platnumz has finally seen his two children after Zari Hassan bowed to pressure and unlocked him.

The singer has mentioned severally that he has been denied access to communicate with Tiffah and Nilan seeing as they are not in Tanzania with him.

“Mapenzi imeleta kwa wanangu vita, siku hizi siwaoni, naishia kuwa like Insta. (Love has brought beef between me and my children these days I just like their pictures on Instagram)” he sang in his song Inama. 


Diamon, however, is now one happy man, or should we say, daddy, after Zari Hassan unblocked him and allowed him to talk to his kids Nalia and Tiffah. He took to social media to share a bunch of photos clearly showing he’s glad he spoke to them.

‘@deedaylan @princenillan @princess_tiffah and I, strategizing how we gonna take this @wcb_wasafi and all wasafi companies to the next level this year…. I can see someone is really happy!And someone feel like crying coz of missing me,’ he captioned the pics.

Here are the photos:

Zari takes a hit at Diamond again and all those who have wronged her: Time to ask me for forgiveness

If you have wronged socialite Zari Hassan you better rush to her instagram page and apologize because something not so good is coming to you.

Zari took to social media to scare many after sharing that all those who have wronged her will pay dearly through Karma unless they repent their sins and ask for forgiveness.

To anyone who has ever wronged me, karma has visited you already or it’s on the way or working out in gym. Time to ask me for forgiveness,” wrote Zari.


The mother of five has many enemies but we just know only two major ones: Diamond Platnumz and Mange Kimambi. These two have really been getting under her skin and they are her true enemies per se. So we just hope they’ll go back and ask for forgiveness.


Zari claims good Mjulus from new lover, no stress from Diamond is the reason why she has added weight 

Despite being a Holly month, socialite Zari Hassan has added weight but she can explain why.

The Ugandan took to social media to praise her new lover King Bae and again take some subliminal hits at his ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz. According to Zari, good sex from her lover and little stress from Diamond is the reason why she’s adding weight.

No stress

She added that though she doesn’t want to gain weight, she doesn’t need problems to help her lose some also.

”Healthy kids, gd food, gd sex, money in the bank and peace of mind. Everything is making me fat. Gym is the only solution. I don’t want problems to lose weight. Chei, problems will finish you in a day,” She captioned her photo on Instagram. 

Zari has continuously hinted that her new lover is way better and richer than Diamond Platnumz a reason why she has been happy since winning him.

¨I salute you mama Tiffah¨ Diamond Platinumz now appreciates Zari Hassan for being a good mother to his 2 kids but fans think he´s just not moved on from Zari

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan might not be under the same roof neither have frequent chats or visits but Diamond Platinumz comes out to appreciate the mother of his 2 young kids.

Up and close with a local Tz tabloid magazine, Diamond Platinumz expresses:

…sometimes we need to forget the past and appreciate some people…

I thank Zari for being a good mother to my kids amidst all the drama.

It has not been that easy but indeed she deserves a huge credit.

Wherever you are I salute you mama Tiffah.


However fans can´t believe this comes in right now aside from the fact that it was ¨Mother´s Day¨ and just believe he has not moved on from the Boss Lady:

Leave our beauty queen u ka-boy


Leave the woman and move on


Tanasha donnah have you seen it or you still blinded by the so called love


Attention seeker
Kano ka playboy ,leave our beauty Queen alone she moved on ,now what???
That’s what he always do he uses the women to promote his career and after he appo
Let him stay where he is.should leave our boss lady alone
BLOOD blood ,if ever get a woman who does not think of yo past yo are dating nonsense