Diamond´s father, Mzee Abdhul set to stay away from any interviews

Ailing Mzee Abdhul is to avoid any further interviews after the media allegedly compel him to share false information about his life and family.

Diamond´s aging dad has created a circus in the airwaves after making shocking and brutal revelations about his lifestyle and his son.


Up and close with Global TV, Diamond´s dad reveals he no longer will feature in any interviews whatsoever, though thankful for the far he has come:

I do not want any type of interview.

Please forgive me, it is not like I do not want to be interviewed.

You have been with me, you have supported me, you have talked a lot.

But I will not do any interview with anyone.

Soon after he apparently saw his superstar son close to 20 years ago, the 2 reconciled during a radio interview at Wasafi FM.


According to the bongo star, the media compel his dad to take interviews, forcing him to turn against the singer and share false information with the public.


A move that has angered the WCB King who now urges the dad to stay away from any media interviews if he seeks to restore peace in his family.

Earlier on, Diamond´s sister, Queen Darlene expressed that their dad has been signed into WCB.

Additionally, the two children are toiling to ensure that his new management keeps him off the diminishing interviews.


Darlene adds that they actually do see their dad through his financial constrains and that news about his neglect are all stage-managed.

According to Diamond and Darlene, media houses seek to have these false interviews with their ailing dad, just for self gains.

Diamond Platinumz´ aging father urges son to hastily hold peace talks before his death

Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz´father, Mzee Abdhul reveals that he is now selling second-hand shoes, and pleads with the son to arrange for peace talks before his death.

Speaking up and close with Wasafi TV, the ailing aging man states that he does not feel happy with the kind of relationship between him and his son, having last spoken in 2 decades.

Diamond´s dad believes the two need to iron out their differences by holding peace talks so that they become the family they once were, years ago.

Mzee Abdhul cites he might have wronged the Wasafi King before, but sincerely seeks his pardon, as his father.

I may have wronged but all I want is for him to take me as his father.

In fact, am giving out a note to this presenter I want him to read it and then get back to me.

I don´t want him to wait until I am in the grave to look for peace.

The artist´s dad also urges his son to make hay while the sun shines, and have a chat with him, before his days on earth lapse, leaving behind curses.

Nafua, navitembeza viatu

Angenipa support, hii kazi singeifanya, ni hela tu nahitaji.

However, the aging man reveals he is currently hawking second-hand shoes to feed himself but still seeks his son´s financial aid.

He recently featured on the music arena, but did not seem to last as long claiming he was there just to fulfill his promise to the artists.


Unfortunately, the old man´s sentiments are not well received by the audience, claiming he is merely spreading lies about the son, and occasionally contradicts himself in interviews:

????????dah baba anamuomba mtoto samahani nimeumia


amani siwanasema wanwasilianaga nae nakumuhudumia wamsamehe bwana


Mimi hua siamini kabisa kama kweli diamond helewani na babaake, ukifuatilia kwa karibu hata mzee Abdul ni muongo labda anasahau kuwa huwa anafanya interview mbalimbali,kuna kipinda anasema yeye na mwanae wapo pouwa kuna kipindi anasema huwa anawatuma watu kumletea mahitaji,pia huwa anasema, hajawasiliana na mwanae Leo kaongeza miaka 20,sio kweli Mimi nahisi kuna makubaliano hapa, hapa kuna drama inatengenezwa fanyeni tafiti mtagundua kuna kiki hapa watu wanataka waongelewe saaana anasema ivi si kweli kuna drama

Mmmmh ???????????????? miaka mingapi?
Mzee anatupia kama hivyo hizo ni kiki tu
Mmmmmh siamini kama diamond ana roho mbaya hivi, nahis kuna shinikizo la watu nyuma yake wenye uroho Wa kufaidi matunda ya diamond peke yao…..Maskini na diamond kashindwa kuchekecha akili akalitambua hilo
Mh!!! Mtajuaga wenyw Tena ????