Diamond Platinumz releases new jam Dubbed “Baba Lao” and we love it(video)

Chibu Dangote alias Diamond Platinumz is clearly on a musical spree. Even amidst plans of one of the biggest events of East Africa Wasafi Festival. Diamond has dropped a new banger dubbed “Baba Lao”.

On the other hand remember his biggest Rival Ali Kiba turned down his invite to perform at the event, but that seems to be an non issue.

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Baba Lao

However, in this new jam seems to be calling out his rivals as he says that he is actually the King of music in East Africa meaning “Baba Lao”.

Further on, he goes far by showing how he appreciates current government officials like Tanzania’s president, Magufuli, the Dar es Salaam Governor, Paul Makonda and Prime minister, Kassim Majaliwa. Siasa huh!!!


The groovy single is an obvious dance tune that will be quite a thing at Wasafi Festival. Furthermore, we know Chibu Dangote is a very good dancer.

Interestingly, even as we dance around it the jam has some lyrics that you would think he is calling out those who hold beef agains him.

He says“,….Mondi nyangema, Shimo ametema (ametema),Amefosi bifu mseleleko (Eeeh! Tumemkwepa)
Amebaki masononeko….”mchokozi huyu aisee!!

Lucky enough, the song has been well received across his audience some saying he wanted to Squash “Uno” by Konde Boy -Harmonize. Could there be some truth in this? Well, will find out.


Apparently as we dance to this banger there is an allegation that Platinumz sponsored the song to trend at number One in Tanzania and at number two in Kenya. True?

Not so sure about the allegation but this is is a per revealed bu some screenshots of bloggers from Tanzania.

baba lao

Th after math of the Wasafi Festival is a wait and see. I mean is Simba himself!

In the meantime I rate this at 8/10. Tell us what you think.

Diamond Platinumz says “Kanyaga” Ma-ex in new Jam

Just before we could absorb the juice of  his previous song that we are still jamming to , Diamond Platinumz is back in the scene with a bigger jam dubbed Kanyaga.

Well, with a trail of controversy on his name almost everyday ,this new song seems to be sending a message. A message of change and growth and new beginnings.

However from the lyrics you’d sense some anger and frustrations in his voice. I mean who won’t get tired of being talked of by almost all sorts of people?


Being the master of the game, Diamond Platinumz is proving that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Kanyaga loosely translates to Step literally.

Kanyaga is a reflection of your everyday society. A society that thrives on gossip, malice and exes that are out to tarnish you with any chance they get.

“Ati kanyaga ka ana pigo za unafiki,Kanyaga kama mmbeya asiye rafiki
Kanyaga kama fisi ana roho ya usnichi,Hakulishi, hakuvishi kwani vipi?”
 The song goes on you realize he also admonishes men that go borrowing drinks in clubs instead of buying their own.
Wazee wa shombo kudandia, kanyaga,Klabu kuomba omba bia, kanyaga
Further talks of slay queens that struggle to impress and when greeted with a simple hi, they go talking all sorts of nonsense.
…….Slay queens vitisho vya bandia,Ukivipa hai ati madai vinavimbia”…….
Wueeh!! Clearly baba Tiffah is pissed off!!


The chorus on its side carries the bigger weight of the song.Diamond calls out on fake people saying Kanyaga, the nay sayers Kanyaga, the fake in-laws and best part is when he says,

……Mpaka ma ex, Kanyaga!Mikosi, Kanyaga!Woooya Kanyaga!…… Hayaaaaa!! Nani amechokoza huyu mtu?

I sense another controversy in the the next few days. Meanwhile we will dance to this song as some people in our lives really  deserve “kukuanyagwa”


The music video was shot by Director Kenny under Zoom Production in Dar es Salaam. I must say they do a good job when it comes to music videos.

Anyway as we ponder on the deeper motivation to the making of this song, we shall keep dancing.

For rating I give  it   8/10.Below is the video watch and tell us what you think.

Tanasha Donna´s pregnancy has her craving for a white dog

Diamond Platinumz current ride, Tanasha Donna is not keeping the pregnancy secret anymore after revealing weird cravings she has been having lately.

Pre-motherhood journey is nothing easy let alone the post-motherhood, with crazy cravings topping the list, through the 9-months period.

With the 2nd trimester shooting the graph to its highest.

Unfortunately, it is just not food, more of stuff that once you´re past that stage, would make you wonder who exactly you were at the time.

That is just to say the least but I will not delve into that.

However, Tanasha Donna Oketch is going through her first pregnancy and judging from the look of things, she is most likely in her 2nd trimester.

Well, her cravings are no ordinary, because she is craving for an animal.

Up on her post, the Kenyan personality asks ´baby daddy´, Platinumz to get her a specific breed of a white dog even pleading with dog vendors to post comments on the same.

Please let’s just get one pleaseeee? @diamondplatnumz You know how much I love them ????????

Wale wakuuza mbwa comment ????????


The Wasafi King sure wasted no time commenting:

anything for you baby…❤️

Before Tanasha came in and specifically pinpointed on a white dog.

@diamondplatnumz Yaaay ???????? And the whites are my favourite ????❤️

However, Diamond tried his best to negotiate the breed type indicating:

but those White ones though, hao wa rangi hio hawakawii kutuchenjia ????????


Well, who are fans to not take note of whatever fine details one could be missing out on?

They crowd Tanasha´s comments section questioning:

Mimba ikapenda mbwa????


Cravings ni za doggy?


????????????????????mbavu zangu tu mie Mimba inapenda nini????????????????????


I really don’t understand Kenyans…you already have “simba” and now you want the dog…

Wataka kufungua orphanage Ama????????anyway @tanashadonna tunakubali


When I was pregnant and still dint know I fell in love with kittens.


Hizi ni cravings????


Cravings ishaanza????????‍♂️ @tanashadonna

Queen Darleen: Sharing a man is no big deal, I have dated 6 to 7 guys

Diamond Platinumz´ half sister, Queen Darleen articulates that there is no big deal with sharing a man after all, her family set is full of such characters.


Speaking exclusively to Wasafi radio, the singer reveals that in the current age and time, sharing a man is just but a by the way.

We are all well acquainted with her superstar brother who is channeling his blood line across East Africa.

Queen Darleen´s history with relationships has been a total mess, ever on and off, without stability.

However, who she is dating remains a mystery to the world, avoiding that question whenever it pops up.

According to Queen Darleen, she does not feel the need to expose her current lover like the rest of the WCB team.


This she attests to the fact that she might actually be dating several guys as we speak.

After all, word on the street has been that she is bi, other times, she is homosexual.

Just because she hardly introduces her man to the world.

Married or a single man, Darleen assures ladies that they should worry less.


Additionally, the bongo singer speaks about her relationship with King Kiba, one she did a collabo with, though hardly in talking terms.

Back in 2006, she released a jam ¨Wajua Nakupenda¨ featuring her brother´s rival, Alikiba.

Subsequently, the two were rumored to be dating and pretty close.

Queen Darleen soon after came out in denial revealing that they were just friends and business partners.

Unfortunately, the friendship too succumbed to death with the two now hardly seeing eye to eye.

According to Queen Darleen, back then, they were just young, kids, but currently, they have their own issues to deal with, family as well as personal growth.

Probably, fact that Ali Kiba´s kingdom and that of Diamond are rivals, lead to the broken bond between Queen Darleen and Alikiba.

It would therefore make no sense if the two artists continued with their business relations amidst the feud.

Her music

However, all hope isn´t lost as Queen Darleen bounces back to the music industry with ¨Mbali¨ featuring Harmonize, with way over 1 Million views.

Disclosed! Diamond Platinumz reveals reasons behind his disappearance in the music scene

Africa´s Simba, Diamond Platinumz, seems to be getting overtaken in the lucrative industry citing infrastructure barriers here and there as the cause.

Speaking during his ¨OneManOneMic¨ show, to Bongo 5, the superstar expresses:

Sometimes kama huku kwetu nyumbani [Africa], sometime mambo ya kiufundi ndo inatucheleweshaga.

Kwa mfano kama wakati unakuja hapa kuna gari letu moja limepata tatizo ambalo ilikuwa linaleta vifaa unaona pia nimechelewa kufunga.

While headed for the show at Geita from Kahama, one of their vehicles, carrying the necessary tools, broke down causing a small hitch for the scheduled performance.

Kama ukiangalia steji ya Kahama na ya hapa, ni tofauti kuna mambo ambayo yanatakiwa kuenda sawa.

All in all, he thanks God for the success, having to perform the show without preservation.

Lakini tunamshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu, all in all, kila kitu kimeenda sawa.

So ilibidi nileta vybe tu zile zile niperform.

So mimi nakuaga fiti.

The bongo superstar reveals how packed his schedules are revealing:

Kama nikitoka hapa, naenda airporti, naingia Dar es Salaam, naenda nyumbani, namalizia kuedit video zangu mbili.

Nikitoka hapo, naruka naelekea Nairobi.

Sometimes ni mbinu yetu ambayo huwa inatuagushaga.

Lakini tunamshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu.


Low key

Diamond Platinumz has had his fans questioning where he went to, having gone under in terms of hits and all.

Mi mtu wa plani, mtu wa strategies.

Unajua mi nafanya muziki kama biashara.

Chibu however reveals that he had to venture into his Wasafi media, grow it because it would help him in future as well as many more people.

Mwaka jana niliekeza mda wangu mwingi katika media.

Nilifanya muziki miaka kama tisa, hivi sa hivi ya kumi.

Mwaka jana, nikasema goja kwanza niekeze nguvu katika media, hii media itanisaidia baadae.

Ndo media saa hivi, media inafanya vizuri, inaniingizia riziki.

Fortunately, that bit is done and he seeks to bounce back into the music scene ASAP.

Nimeshamaliza media sasa hivi nimeenda shughuli zangu, naanza tena.

Kwa saa hivi nina nafasi kubwa sana, naweza kupromote record label, naeza kujipromote mimi, naweza kupromote vijana zaidi.

His music journey is now in a bid to promote his brand, his music as well as many more talents out here that need the support.

Kama Wasafi media inasupporti vitu vingi sana, ata mengine for free.

So nilikuwa nataka kutengeza platform itasaidia watu wengi zaidi, here we go now.

Kwa mwaka huu, tumeanza balaa.

Show expenses

Time and again music shows have not been easy to cater for especially financially, because crew members need pay and so does the performing artist sharing:

Aah, muziki ni strategies.

Biashara unatakiwa uwe na strategies.

Sio kila kitu mpaka tu utoe hela, wakati mwingine unapata support kutoka watu tofauti watu kama Pepsi, wote nawaheshimu na kuwashukuru.

Diamond Platinumz articulates that artists should not fully use their money to fund their projects because brands also promote the artistes.

However, none should expect that their first show will bring in income.

Rather, one should find other avenues to source their income from.

Adding that there will be couple of shows they will have to stage for free.

Na sio kila siku ya kwanza unaenda unataka utengeze hela, tengeza strategies za baadae.

Wakati mwingine sio kila show unaifanya kwa sababu unakuja kuchukua hela.

Tunapiga show nyingi sana bila kuchukua hela.

Show zingine tunapiga kwa sababu ya kuonyesha kwenye dunia kwamba, jamaa ni wasanii, Africa tunaweza.

Diamond Platinumz to rewrite history during his Eid ¨OneManOneMic¨ showstopper

Bongo superstar, Diamond Platinumz is set to perform come Eid al-Fitr, in Kahama, Tanzania, a place that he is set to rewrite history in the field of bongo flava music.


The event set to go down during the Islam holiday, tomorrow, Wednesday, the 5th of June, is to be a showstopper.


The superstar is to stage two shows, one in Kahama and the other in Geita commenting:

LINAKUFA JITU hapo mjini Kahama na Geita………????????????



On the 1st of Idd, he first performs at Kahama during his show dubbed ¨ONE MAN ONE MIC¨.

Then later proceed to Geita on the 2nd of Idd.


He kicked off the trip today, accompanied by 91 of his crew members, as the only Wasafi artist set to perform tomorrow.

From Mwanza Airport, he is to proceed to Kahama where the main event goes down.


¨I normally see the clips of Zari´s boyfriend with my two children¨ Diamond Platinumz publicly confesses

Diamond Platinumz has confessed he is fine seeing Zari with a new lover, always around his kids, as long as he makes them happy, that is his delight.

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan might have given hope to the world that celebrity relationships could still last before they broke the promise.

Word has been that the two might have had it rough moving on with their lives because they were just a ´Perfect Match´.

However, there will always be something that bonds the two together no matter what; Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah.



Speaking to Wasafi FM, Chibu opens up:

I´m happy that she is in another relationship.


According to the Wasafi Founder, he holds nothing against Zari´s Mr M for spending time with his two kids.

I normally see clips of her bringing over her lover to spend the night.

I see the clips with her boyfriend with my two children.

To me that´s pure happiness because she is happy.


Moving on is nothing new and is a brave yet healthy relationship for the two:

When you break up with someone it doesn´t mean they have to be single.

I´m cool [with Zari moving on].

I don´t have a problem with that.

At the end of the day when you part ways they are bound to move on.

A step that is much more preferable to him than a solid state of continuous push and pull:

I´m happy Zari has moved on.

Mostly because if she hasn´t she would have spent her time resenting me.

Reiterating his earlier stand:

What matters to me is that she has a boyfriend who is a good uncle to my children.

How true his statements are, is worth questioning after his latest move, unfollowing his young ones´ Instagram accounts.

Additionally stating that time with his Kenyan sweetheart, Tanasha Donna is time being well spent.

Watch: Zari Hassan moves into her spacious house with a completely new set of furniture and decor

Zari Hassan has proved Diamond Platinumz wrong after walking out of his house and now moves into her spacious new house with a completely new set of furniture and flashy decor.

Ramadan season is here but seems it´s not all fast for her because the season is bringing her plenty of good tidings.


In a video clip seen by Tanzania´s Udaku Chamber, the Boss Lady is seen flaunting a new set of furniture, all being moved in and set up for her soon-to-be full house.



The mother of Diamond´s 2 kids got trolled for living in the star´s house even after they separated and seems she has had enough.


King Bae has come out to prove them all wrong after seeing his prospective wife, acquire a new home as well as fill it with the love and warmth needed.


Well, seems the South African-based business woman will be moving in pretty soon, probably over the weekend because her house is being stacked up  for a home.


Well, Zari Hassan is definitely making Boss moves.


Comment section

Fans come out to applaud the Boss Lady for shaming her haters:

Ndio wajue kua kuna k. Zingine ni zaidi ya dhahabu….s????????


mie ningeishi kwenye zote mbili manina.

Kule ni nikiwa na kingbae weekend na kwa Dai ni shuleni Monday to Friday.

Yaani siachii nyumba manina si yawatoto lol!


Wajanja walipe jeuri????‍♀️

????????????????????????????????The way M happy lyk M the one moving in

????????????????????????ooh keeping up with Ma very own African/Ugandan made Kardashian

????????????????????much live n respect

You killed slowly Mama Te

Mambo ni ????????????????


This all went down yesterday.

Exclusive breath-taking chandeliers hanging from the ceiling speak class.


And with a backyard that is complete with a horse stable, probably a house race course?


Watch out!

Did Rich Mavoko lie? Rayvanny now reveals a completely different side of Diamond Platinumz

Rayvanny has come out to applaud his Boss, Diamond Platinumz who has on several occasions been accused of mishandling his artistes.


Rich Mavoko not so long ago dumped the WCB record label after nasty allegations towards Diamond Platinumz and his crew.

The ´Kokoro´ singer alleged that his contract with Wasafi was exploitative therefore hurting him and forcing him to exit.

In contrary

However, speaking exclusively, Harmonize has instead come out to applaud the Wasafi King for his humbling support to artists under his label.

The ´Kainama´ artist has referred to Diamond as a boss who carries the blame for Wasafi artistes.

Ye ndo ngao.

Matusi, kusemwa, kufananishwa, kushushwa, kudhalilishwa vyote kavikubali yeye ili sisi tuweze kupata nafasi.


Additionally, masses might not be impressed by the rate at which Chibu makes his releases based on his kind of fame and financial status.

However, Rayvanny believes there is a reason for that:

Diamond ni msanii mkubwa yeye, anaendesha magari makubwa yeye, mazuri, ana mafanikio.

Kwa hiyo, Diamond ata akisema hajatoa ngoma, haimanishi hajatoa ngoma eti kakaa.

Hajatoa ngoma, anahangaikia wasanii wake.


Vanny Boy further cites the fact that Platinumz spares time to tour with his artistes, make collabos and ensure their break through.

Kwa Diamond, ile inatokea ni kwamba yeye anatupenda sana sisi.

Na si tunaenjoy lakini pia tunamwambia boss wetu atoe kazi

Ukiangalia ata kazi zilizotoka zote, zinazohiti sana, ye yupo.


This would be backed up by fact that the world has witnessed Wasafi artistes nominated for awards the likes of BET, MTV Africa and AFRIMMA.

That´s not all after the bongo singer articulated:

Kwa sasa Tanzania hakuna msanii kama Diamond Platinumz na hata kuja kutokea msanii kama Diamond.

Labda tungoje kizazi kinachokuja ila sio hiki.


However, Rayvanny maintains that he too listens to other bongo artists, including Diamond´s archenemy, King Kiba.


Fans fire at Diamond for underpaying artists

It is no lie that Diamond Platinumz´ WCB is the finest record label across East and Central Africa with seamless and well choreographed music videos but artists go home empty.

The WCB King has seen artistes attend numerous music tours and concerts across Africa.

Most recent being Harmonize in Tz, Mbosso in Mbeya and Rayvanny in Kenya.



However, the record label has been on the wrong side of the light after their former signee, Rich Mavoko excited the record label over underpay allegations.

Mavoko alleged that he has been ¨mistreated¨ at the label and sought to leave.

However, ever since his exit from WCB, his music and name have not hit their peak and is still struggling to reinstate his name.


Apparently, Diamond Platnumz boasts being the ¨Best Boss¨but fans are not taking that.

They have actually come out to ridicule the superstar of ¨mistreating¨ artists under his label by underpaying them.

Khaaaaa mwishowe waondoke na pumbu sasa


???????????????????? wanajaz watu wenyew had raha lkn wakija kwenye malipo ???????????????????? ajuae ni mavoko

Just recently, we saw Diamond Platinumz´ ¨Inama¨ anthem blatantly expose one of his major signee´s, Harmonize who called out the bongo star as ´disrespectful´.

Tanasha Donna´s and Diamond Platinumz´ Islam attire stirs mixed reactions

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz have served us couple goals right from their music to a flashy lifestyle not forgetting the romance and now the Ramadhan vibe.

It is globally the Muslim fasting season as we speak.


A season famously referred to as ¨Ramadhan Mubarak¨ and the two are not left out it reminding the world about it.

On social media, the celebrity couple is seen dressed in adorable Islam attire, all white and hands in position.


Radio personality, Tanasha Donna comments:

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters ????❤️

Tanzania´s Diamond Platinumz publicly identifies with the Islam religion, however, Kenya´s Tanasha Donna does not share similar religious belief.

Mixed reactions

Fans come out to applaud the two but others feel Tanasha should return to her motherland until the religious season is over.

Umependeza sana ????????????????


@tanashadonna u luk nice????


????????????????????????????woooooooow kumbe katoto kazuri hivi kakijivalisha stara❤️❤️❤️❤️ usivae tena vi putula mwaliiii
Muoe huyo huyo maana mnapendezana almost on everything, na nawapenda sana.


@love_of_fashionny sweety sioni mfungo hapo ????????????But Ramadhan Karim nawatakia
Dada kapoa huyu. Yaani hakuna matashtiti kabisa. Kimyaaa ????????????????. Ramadhani Kareem the Chibus ????
@dukalinalotembea ndo mke uyo sasa unataka awe kama wengine
Tanasha arudi kwao hadi Ramadhan iishe ????????????
For those in her defense:
@king_yade she’s in Kenya kwani humsikii kwa NRG
@ricardomomo wape mawaitha baba anrejeshe tanasha mpaka ramadhan is he ama amsilimishe kisha amuowe LLAANA HII wewe wajua dini


Weeee! Kuna mfungo kweli apo!?


Acha usenge wewe ramadhan mubarack hukuu u ashinda na kuma usioioaaa

Mmependeza lkn mungu hawatambui
However, this guy seemingly met his matches:
@raymahmoud kwani are u God???
@raymahmoud..juu wewe mungu wnakutambua…una nini
Well… Happy Ramadhan Mubarak to the couple and family!

Tanasha Donna solemnly declares to forever ride with Diamond Platinumz amidst cheating allegations

Kenya´s Tanasha Donna has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to her naysayers as she confirms this journey is hers and Diamond Platinumz, for better or for worse in open romantic message.

The last month of May having been a muddy pool filled with a war of words between the WCB King and his ex-girlfriends, who neither spared the Kenyan model.

These don´t seem to have pricked the young media personality a bit, because she affirms she is here to stick with Diamond however muddy and swampy the pool gets.

Open letter

Her open sensual letter reads:

I love you so deeply,

I love you so much,

I love the sound of your voice

and the way that we touch.

Tanasha is her to prove the world wrong, referring to the bongo artist as kind and thoughtful of her, being but a candle that lights up her smile in every way:

I love your warm smile

and your kind, thoughtful way,

the joy that you bring

to my life everyday.

She solemnly declares, that she takes this path of life side by side by the award-winning artist:

I love you today

as I have from the start,

I love you more today than yesterday

and I´ll love you more tomorrow than today.

Additionally she is thankful to the heavens for having granted her such a kind, supportive, hardworking, loving gentleman, like Diamond:

This man… Oh Lord where do I begin?

Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to have such a kind, supportive, hardworking, loving gentleman like yourself.

However, she does admit that all the ´crap´ all over the media did get into her head though Diamond never left:

I almost forgot how lucky I was when the pressure and negativity and all the B.S used to get to my head…

You stuck by me.

Tanasha articulates that Diamond is indeed a blessing in her life, ever supportive and a teacher in her life; she does love the crooner beyond words:

I´m in love with who you are inside and out,

you inspire me in so many ways,

I´ve learned so much from you and you are a blessing from God D…

The way you support what I do without me even asking you to,

honestly made me realize how lucky and blessed I am to have you.

Tanasha articulates and confirms it all once more to the world that she has made up her mind to sail in this boat with Diamond Platinumz as its Captain:

I love you and I´m stuck with you my love.

May God continue to bless you in so many ways for the heart you have.

IDGAF what people think or say,

but just know I will forever .

It ought to be noted that just couple days ago, the beauty released her trending sensual dance hall jam ¨Radio¨ that featured Barak Jacuzzi.

And her Tanzanian superstar is for her, having come out screaming to share his lover´s new jam.

Amependeka! Tanasha Donna applauded by Diamond´s mum and dad tagging her as ¨Mrs Simba¨

Kenyan model, Tanasha Donna Oketch this week released her new jam, ¨Radio¨that has hit the airwaves and her lover´s parents, applaud her.

On the video shared across media platforms, lover, Diamond Platinumz too shared it with fans and followers on his Instagram and attractively captions:


The Tanzanian bongo flava artist, shares his love for the beauty, citing that Tanasha has indeed made women across the globe Proud!


In response, the Kenyan media personality romantically shares:

Chiiiiiiii ???????????????????????? dat banger ????????????

You have no idea how much this means to me.. Not a clue.

Thank you so much D. I Love You❤️????.

Additionally, Diamond´s mom and dad too appreciate the stunning model sharing:

Kama umetisha vile ???????? Mrs ????  @tanashadonna #RADIO


Mzee Abdhul too shares:

kama umeikubali kma mimi basi twende tukaipeleke no1treding ❤️

Diamond´s ex

Many have questioned the move by the Wasafi family who have come out to applaud the Kenyan songbird yet failed to do the same for Diamond´s ex, Hamisa Mobetto.

According to the WCB , Tanasha Donna´s new banger is way better that Hamisa Mobetto´s jams that weren´t as such well received:

Hii sio mbovu kama ile ya hamisa ????????????????


Fans however feel that Tanasha´s new jam is lit and applaud:







This jam took so many people by surprise. Her voice is so dope. Great things to come????????????????????


Continue making me and the women in the world proud????????????????????…….ALIE ELEWA HII ENGLISH DIAMOND ALIETUMIA HAPA ANAIELEWESHE


Wasafi festival itatisha mwaka huu????????uku tanasha ????uku mzee mond a.k.dudulayuyu????????????

The Kenyan family did not disappoint neither, coming out in numbers to express:

???????? to the world ????????????


The real Simba!!???????????????????????? Appreciate it big homie???????? #MoJuice


Weeee nlidhani hutampost tanasha wetu tungeandamana KENYA nzima adi bongo.


@tanashaldonna chiiiiiii Tisha mbaaaaaaaya as yo name


@mj__qun ???????????? that’s our own product…we don’t do it in mother-tongue same Tanzania’s???? daima mimi mkenya????????


Tz wengi haelewi kuzungu????????????utaskia wakisema hiyo ngoma ni ni mbaya????????????

And to those throwing shades Hamisa´s way, did not spare her ego:

@wcb_wasafi_newzkweli kabisa hamisa anaimba kama analia huyu anaimba kwa kujiamini


Kama hamisa hamfikii hata akiruka.. ???? like please


Diamond Platinumz approves Zari Hassan´s King Bae as his kids´ uncle

This week has seen a war of words with allegations crisscrossing the Diamond-Zari doms, however, Diamond  says he is cool with Zari´s Papichullo.

Speaking exclusively to Wasafi Tv, Chibu shares:

I´m happy that she is in another relationship.

He further adds that he is impressed with the kind of bonding his blood kids have with Zari´s papichullo, back at home:

Pale nyumbani mimi naona clip anakujaga na boyfriend wake na watoto wangu wanakuwa naye na hiyo kwangu mimi ni faraja.

What matters most to the bongo flava artist is that his kids are under good hands, a good gentleman, one he can proudly say, are his kids´ uncle:

Akiwa na boyfriend ambaye yuko vizuri watoto wanakuwa na uncle smart.

Diamond Platinumz further articulates that breaking up, moving on and adding in a new lover in one´s life is important and not contrary:

Na ukiachana na mtu si eti ndo akuwe tu pekee yake, am just cool, I don´t have a problem with that.

Mwisho wa siku unapoachana na mtu lazima atakuwa na mahusiano mengine.

It is actually the Wasafi King´s delight to know that Zari has moved on with a guy she  cherishes, and that is important:

Mimi kwanza akiwa na mahusiano ndo nafurahi kwa maana mtu asipokuwa na mahusiano ndo anabaki kukuchukia wewe.

Kila mtu ana mahusiano yake sasa na hiyo ni kitu kizuri.

The Tanzanian music sensation seems to put across that the two are comfortable in their now separate love lives and are happy for each other, at least, he is.

Well, we hope so.

Diamond Platinumz´ aging father urges son to hastily hold peace talks before his death

Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz´father, Mzee Abdhul reveals that he is now selling second-hand shoes, and pleads with the son to arrange for peace talks before his death.

Speaking up and close with Wasafi TV, the ailing aging man states that he does not feel happy with the kind of relationship between him and his son, having last spoken in 2 decades.

Diamond´s dad believes the two need to iron out their differences by holding peace talks so that they become the family they once were, years ago.

Mzee Abdhul cites he might have wronged the Wasafi King before, but sincerely seeks his pardon, as his father.

I may have wronged but all I want is for him to take me as his father.

In fact, am giving out a note to this presenter I want him to read it and then get back to me.

I don´t want him to wait until I am in the grave to look for peace.

The artist´s dad also urges his son to make hay while the sun shines, and have a chat with him, before his days on earth lapse, leaving behind curses.

Nafua, navitembeza viatu

Angenipa support, hii kazi singeifanya, ni hela tu nahitaji.

However, the aging man reveals he is currently hawking second-hand shoes to feed himself but still seeks his son´s financial aid.

He recently featured on the music arena, but did not seem to last as long claiming he was there just to fulfill his promise to the artists.


Unfortunately, the old man´s sentiments are not well received by the audience, claiming he is merely spreading lies about the son, and occasionally contradicts himself in interviews:

????????dah baba anamuomba mtoto samahani nimeumia


amani siwanasema wanwasilianaga nae nakumuhudumia wamsamehe bwana


Mimi hua siamini kabisa kama kweli diamond helewani na babaake, ukifuatilia kwa karibu hata mzee Abdul ni muongo labda anasahau kuwa huwa anafanya interview mbalimbali,kuna kipinda anasema yeye na mwanae wapo pouwa kuna kipindi anasema huwa anawatuma watu kumletea mahitaji,pia huwa anasema, hajawasiliana na mwanae Leo kaongeza miaka 20,sio kweli Mimi nahisi kuna makubaliano hapa, hapa kuna drama inatengenezwa fanyeni tafiti mtagundua kuna kiki hapa watu wanataka waongelewe saaana anasema ivi si kweli kuna drama

Mmmmh ???????????????? miaka mingapi?
Mzee anatupia kama hivyo hizo ni kiki tu
Mmmmmh siamini kama diamond ana roho mbaya hivi, nahis kuna shinikizo la watu nyuma yake wenye uroho Wa kufaidi matunda ya diamond peke yao…..Maskini na diamond kashindwa kuchekecha akili akalitambua hilo
Mh!!! Mtajuaga wenyw Tena ????

Diamond Platinumz admits his sexual urge is still high

Tanzanian crooner, Diamond Platinumz goes live on national radio to give further insight on why he had to cheat on Ugandan businesswoman, Zari Hassan with Hamisa.

First, he throws allegations towards Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan for their failed ´perfect´ marriage, over numerous cheating partners.

Zari refused to relocate to Tanzania where we could be close to each other.

However, he also reveals why he too, had to take on a different route during their married life, with Tanzanian video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto:

As a young man, who is a superstar; and my sexual urge is high, there was no way I could stay for close to 3 months without being intimate with someone.

This he makes in reference to his love affair that resulted to his son, Dylan, from Hamisa Mobetto.

In defense, he adds:

I was ready to put up a business for Zari in Tanzania, but she completely declined to relocate from South Africa.

What were you expecting me to do; especially with all the attention I am getting from women, given my superstar status?

Alibu actually revealed that he was not going to push, he hoped that Zari would eventually opt out without having to show her the front door.

Tanasha Donna forewarned? Zari Hassan now smears mud on Diamond Platinumz name

Well, Zari Hassan now faces numerous cheating allegations from ex-lover, Diamond Platinumz, but oh well, neither is Diamond Platinumz the Angel he displays.

We are all acquainted with the multiple families the Tanzanian crooner has established across  East Africa.

Right from Hamisa then to Zari, who is next, we might not know yet.

However, what is most disappointing and shocking is how soon after, he denies his own blood, his own look alikes, his children.

Hamisa Mobetto had it rough after her court charges against the father of her son, were dropped and never saw the light of day.

Although eventually, child support for her son from Diamond, was re-figured out privately by the two.

What is funny, is the bongo artist is not even close to smelling broke, let alone poverty.

Question is; why would he deny his own children?


This is all re-explained by South Africa´s business woman, Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond´s 2 children.

Zari elaborates:

Zari´s sentiments reflect that Chibu is yet to mature up and take on his responsibilities like a real, responsible gentleman.

The Ugandan socialite even emphasizes, she would sacrifice her own kid´s souls if she ever cheated on Diamond like he has just accused her.

She additionally feels sorry for Tanasha for being one of the many ladies that fell into his trap.

One filled with pathological lies, tagging them ¨two idiots¨.

Her post reads:

Funny thing is that Zari might not be the only one out here thinking Tanasha is an idiot.

A friend, Shaq Tha Youngin adds:

Well, only the Kenyan model can decide which path to take.

Spotted: Diamond Platinumz ex-lover Hamisa re-ignites the flame with Mwarabu Fighter

Former Miss Tanzania, Hamisa Mobetto has re-ignited the flame after hiring Diamond Platinumz ex-bodyguard as her new bodyguard.

What many question is the grounds upon which Mwarabu Fighter got re-hired after he was shown the door by Tanzanian bongo star, Diamond Platinumz.


The two were spotted over the weekend when Hamisa was gracing an event by Tridea cosmetics, in the company of her bodyguard.

The Star Times brand ambassador has now bounced back and is careful not to slip, on her way to the top.


However, question posed is how comes she has hired Diamond Platinumz ex-bodyguard as her own?

Mwarabu fighter noyudo tich koni? ????????????????


Mwarabu Fighter was Diamond´s favorite security detail, always accompanying him  during his overseas tours before his dispatch.

Now an year and about 2 months, since his release and a time when Boss Lady, Zari and Diamond´s relationship waves were going south.

This was all ignited by cheating accusations filed against him, in company of video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto.

All Mwarabu Fighter had requested for was a pay rise from the WCB boss who then declined and fired him.

Mwarabu´s sentiments then hit the airwaves, exposing the Tanzanian crooner of exploiting subordinate workers with long hours of work and meager pay.

Money moves: ¨What did I do to deserve all this?¨ Zari Hassan blown away by her Papichulo´s most recent romantic stunt

Diamond´s ex, Zari Hassan´s new bae is spending large on the curvaceous beauty unsparingly.

What do you say when you receive a bouquet of roses?

That is affectionate enough to realize how considerate and loving your man is.

Ugandan Businesswoman, Zari Hassan

But Zari´s Papichulo is no ordinary kind of man.

He is a gentleman!

He sends over a bouquet of roses, Yes. But, each rose is wrapped with money. I say cash money.

Let´s not discuss how many roses were in that bouquet.

Quick flashback

The mother of 5 has been flaunting the endless, luxurious gifts King Bae is sending her direction.


Let´s not talk of her recent ride, a smoking hot Red Ferrari.


One might have thought Zari´s garden of flowers must be full by now, but we hope she spared a spot big enough.


Because the new guy in Zari´s heart, is not about to stop his signature high-end romantic roses move any time soon.

The Bouquet

I didn´t finish up on the roses story, the bouquet of red roses, is love-shaped…

The mullar inside, is each a note of 200-rand, therefore each, Ksh 1,400.


We spare the count of roses for obvious reasons.

If you think you´ve been held back by the stunt, Zari herself is still getting into terms, so let´s brace ourselves and approach with caution.

Zari´s caption reads:

What did I do to deserve all this?


Emotional fans poured out their hearts to the Boss Lady and her King Bae, and can´t wait to witness their Royal Wedding.

We love you kingbae❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


The Kenyan on her page couldn´t resist it:

This is too much oh! Does he have a brother? Asking for a friend ????


This one doesn´t even want the roses:

Eish lanes.

this is exactly how I want my flowers delivered.

or remove the flowers just send the cash


To the unlucky ones:

Ss tusiopewa hata pipi kijiti tunakoment wapi mama tee


God bless you and get married soon, can´t wait the royal wedding❤❤❤❤❤????


The comebacks:

Pale Unapotaman Uwaalike X Zako Wote Waje Kushuhudia Relationship Mpya unavyo Enjoy Waalike Aiseee Love Is The Beautiful Things????????????♥️♥️♥️


You deserve all the love  @zarithebosslady …receive more from Kenya


I agree with this particular one, are people blind?:

Am I the only one trying to count the roses *100 then covert in my currency..yaani umenipa kazi nyingi


????????????????????????????????????????you deserve it all Queen Bae????❤️????


She deserves it all like her fans can´t stop reminding her.

Mnh, and to the naysayers, you have been served!

¨That child is silly¨ Diamond´s dad responds after daughter, Queen Darleen, claims he is defrauding people of his illness

Bongo artist, Diamond Platinumz’ ailing dad, Abdul Juma has spoken publicly for the first time after reports emerged that he was using his false daughter, to seek sympathy.

The ailing old man´s condition has been worsening as his legs risk amputation due to a rare cancer condition that has affected his skin.

Pleas from the superstar´s father to have the Kwangaru singer chip in to his deteriorating status seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the Tanzanian artist seems not to be moved.

Diamond Platinumz and sister, Queen Darleen

Credit: Matooke Republic

Queen Darleen, Diamond´s sister, went on record alleging that the dad had actually lied about receiving help from another of his daughters, the London-based, Zubeda.

During an interview with Wasafi Media, Queen Darleen actually claimed that Diamond´s father told her he was lying so as to get the help he needs.

She is speaking lies.

If she (Darleen) has decided against helping me to join up with his brother (Diamond) then she should just leave me in peace.

Most of her help actually comes from her brother.

However, Mr Abdul seems to have taken it a notch higher, by declaring war on his blood children as he on the contrary, denied Queen Darleen´s claims that he was seeking attention.

He actually thoroughly maintained that Queen Darleen was busy rumor-mongering.

Diamond´s sister is allegedly simply having ill-motive in saying that the ailing old man, was trying to defraud people of his illness.

That child is silly, her mind must not be working very well.

I don´t usually talk to her because anytime we have a conversation it is always drama.

They have a vendetta with me and Queen and has never made effort to help me at any given time.

A visibly troubled Mr Abdul went on to name the daughter ludicrous, accusing her of trying to bring him down, the children having declared war on him despite his state.