Zuchu could be the female version of Diamond Platinumz in music

Tanzania’s Zuchu is nothing short of a music  genius. I mean she came from being a back ground singer to now the biggest female star at Wasafi records label. Soon she will be holding a thanks giving show for her fans.

In what seems like a start that is fast rising you cannot  dismiss the fact that she is clearly up to take the crown of the best female music star in the region.

Three months after she was unveiled under Wasafi records she has  been keen to keep a regular presence in the online scene. How? After her unveiling mid march 2020, Zuchu immediately served her fans with a 5 songs EP “I am Zuchu”.

zuchu as the female version of Diamond Platinumz

This just to reach her audience that so far is proving to be the best this she did for her career.

With that down Zuchu has been a conatant highlight for the WCB events and even collaborations including teh “Quarantine”hit song .

Zuchu’s Star

Mauzauza is clearly a version that not many people expected especially in Tanzania. Being from a family that has dominated the taarab scene, many believed she’d be a one hit wonder.

However, from her past interviews , the fact that she is her own music writer is  a plus for her. She has believes in working in groups which according to her helps build your music.

Though still an amateur that is jumping to the pro level Zuchu is curving a style like that of her boss Diamond Platinumz. How? She has the agility to reach out using all forms of media to reach out to her fans .Just like her boss back then when Diamond was starting out, he jumped to all interviews when called for. You know why? The numbers mattered at that time.

Thus for Zuchu, WCB is using the same strategy of media presence. I mean she is slated to have a thanks giving show this weekend for her fans.

What she calls a gift will be paid for with the tickets. Yeah, I know you also wondering but her confidence in her talent is also her pushing factor. I mean Diamond just popped out of nowhere, no Tandale and became now the biggest music star in the region if not the whole of Africa.

So in my opinion Zuchu is that kind of artists you want to keep tabs with in music. I mean she could get that collabo with Rihanna like she desires.

Hamisa Mobetto is a definition of what co-parenting should look like

When she first came to the limelight not many people knew that Hamisa Mobetto had a child with Diamond Platinumz.

This was not until the drama that ensued between Diamond and the then girlfriend Zari  about having an affair.

That is beside the point, at the end of the day that child had come and there was nothing to do about it other than  take care of the little chap.

On the other hand we know she has beautiful first born daughter with Majizzo , who she is also taking care of as a single mum.

One thing that stands out in this circle is that it was all planned out. According to her latest revelation Hamisa said that all her two children were planned for. Unlike some of us she says she was ready to have those children, Baby Fancy and Daylan.

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The mother of two is a proud mother despite having two different fathers for her children we have not seen as much drama.

I mean many women tend to make co-parenting look like an investment to punish the men. For one we have seen no noise since Hamisa and Diamond settled on how the child would be taken care of, at the same time the girl is all grown and their is no drama.

The father and daughter have always had the chance to be together  with no noises around it. best part is the kids fathers are now her best friends, I mean what can be better than that?

Bitterness breeds unnecessary hate.

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If we have to co-parent can we just allow the children love their fathers with less drama on who does what.  At the end of it all its the mental state of this child that has to be taken care of.

Understanding that the child’s well being is more important than the drama of provision is a factor to consider. Like it or not Hamisa has proven that  co-parenting does not need to be dramatic . The children come first.

Diamond Platinumz’s new album could be another pacesetter for the African music scene

Speaking during a tv interview with BBC,  Diamond Platinumz hinted at releasing his new album soon. The new album will be the second of his after the 2018 A boy from Tandale became a success to date.

As the Bongo world keeps growing Diamond Platinumz has been able to create music that is easy to resonate with by all sorts of people.

Amid the Covid -19 Pandemic the ‘Baba Lao’hit maker was keen to mention that he is now focused on his new album.

I believe this will be another big success for  ‘Simba’ because he is a force that many wish to work with.


Hate him or love him, as an artist Diamond has a grasp of what his audience loves.

I remember sometime back when he was on the Trend with Larry Madowo Diamond said that once you know what your fans want, it is easy to write the proper music.

For the longest time he has had collaborations all over African and all internationally with artists like Rick Ross, Neyo among others.

For a guy like this I believe his album will be another of a kind. He wil have many wishing to collaborate with him in future.

I mean the, Diamond can make Swahili sound sassy in an all English song, what of Spanish? Well its a wait and see situation.

However, I can bet that the album will have few Nigerian artists and big American stars too.

What about Kenyan artists?

I mean we have Willy Paul whose voice would be good blend with Diamond’s, if not ‘Mtoto wa Diana’ -Bahati too could be a good idea.  No? Well you be the judge.

Bottom line,this album will top charts if not be among the biggest in terms of streams on digital platforms.

In the meantime we keep waiting on good music that will set the pace for most of African artists.

Alikiba’s new protege Tommy flavour enlists him in new love song “Omukwano”

Just days asfter he was unveiled as the new artists under King’s records, Tommy Flavour has dropped his first single “Omukwano”. He features his boss Alikiba.

What’s commendable about the song is the perfect blend of their vocals. The two artists smoothly complement one another.

The transition of voices in the song is smooth, and the mood is kept constant throughout the whole song . Omukwano which is Ugandan word for “my dear”.

As the title suggests, most people would expect the song to have lots of Luganda in it but no, its in simple Swahili and very easy to understand.

Lyrical prowess

For  Tommy Falvour you’d realize he posses some strong RnB vibe thus Omukwano was just a perfect way to start off.

He starts off by telling his girl that she makes him go crazy because of the love he feels for her. Further he says her love her blown him out before he goes down to the chorus.

Tommy sings off about how he enjoys being in love with this girl.Typical right?

Ooh mukwano go, Naenjoy

Penzi lako, Niko hoi

But again everyone deserves some good serenade and the duo did justice to it.

The chorus, simple as it is, passes on the message clearly. The song is very easy to relate to as everyone can relate to love.


Shot in the beautiful beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The video is beautiful and compliments the theme of love that’s full in the video. Just watching it makes one long to visit the beach and if possible, get to take a ride on a yatch under the sweet sunshine.

Tommy flavour, signed by Ali Kiba under Kings Music, comes as a full package as he sings, writes and produces. He has written songs for artists, like Avril, Vanessa Mdee, Wahu, Ommy Dimpoz, Wanje and Nandy among many others. He is also behind the trending song dodo by Ali Kiba as he assisted in writing and performing it. Besides writing good songs for other artists, he has done songs such as Nishzama.

Ali kiba is behind songs like “Dodo” that’s still 6 on trending. This is after it was released a week ago he excited the internet after featuring Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto in the song.

The duo seemingly are to be closely watched as they seem to be resetting the pace for bongo flavour, especially now that Tommy is said to have helped write Ali’s new song.

Rating 8/10

Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with “Kwaru”

Kwaru by the new female Wasafi signer, Zuchu, is already a talk among many. This is just a few days after releasing another hit, ‘Wana.’ A good impression to her already fans that she’s set to keep the fire burning.

Kwaru is a very interesting jam, narrating a heartbreak lyrics. Zuchu introduces the song singing how all the initial love just faded and quashed. “Roho ingekua na macho ingejionea,” indeed it could see how love fades out here. A one time closest person you had in life becomes a stranger, a number of us can testify.

Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with "Kwaru"

Kwaru is a heartbreak song

Who the people Zuchu is singing about, ‘chungu nilichopika wamepakua wenzangu.’ We can’t judge that she’s already enemies, but this applies to many relationships out here. “Kitabu chetu cha mapenzi kurasa umechanachana, hazisomeki tena tezi zimepoteza maana.” Indeed if the heart could see this coming maybe it could be different but now it’s blind.

The chorus part of the jam, explains the title. Kwaru explains how the heart has been bruised and thus hurting. Indeed it’s a broken love, love and life that once existed.

Zuchu continues the lead on how it’s hard to forget about this love. The lost love brings tears for it’s barely hard to even forget the lovers name, with sleepless nights. Thus the lover of her life just went away with her happiness. What a love narration!

Kwaru song has been well done. The lyrics are beyond explained talent, the videography itself as fans praise it, it’s world-class. The artist is already an eye-catcher to many fans for so far she’s offered the best. Keep going Zuchu and thumbs up!

Being a heartbreak song, the lady has brought out the idea so well making the jam a great hit. In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.


Zuchu’s first hit in Wasafi ‘Wana’ becomes a talk to many

Zuchu welcome song after she joined wasafi group has really been well done. It’s such an eye catcher to many and through this morale we hope she’ll continue to serve her fans the best.

‘Wana’ is a love song explaining love at first sight. Zuchu narrates how she met this love and past just faded away to acquire the name ‘babe. ‘ She explains how love excites her feelings and thus comfort her in dark times.

Zuchu new first hit in wasafi 'Wana' becomes a talk to many.

Wana is a women empowerment song

The chorus thus describes the title ‘wana.’ Zuchu sings how the first sight love excited her with their hands holding each other. They thus exchanged numbers and their hearts just loved each other.

Zuchu continues the lead with her imaginative love and how she’d want it to flow. She wants to heal her past through unconditional love. In her ‘wana’ song she seems to be having haters whom she’d want them to take it no more. Her love must be burning hard inside her.

Zuchu new first hit in wasafi 'Wana' becomes a talk to many.

‘Wana’ song is so romantic that many would love their partners to listen to. Zuchu sings, for her to be swept off her feet she’d love to be treated like a queen. This entails lots of hugs for through the little things she’d give back in a massive way. This narration applies to many as well and thus a good jam for love.

‘Wana’ has been well done. The lyrics by Zuchu has been well done to bring out the title. The videography too was well done and indeed it does show love. Being her first song in wasafi thumbs up! Let’s motivate her to keep the fire burning by giving us your views as well below.

In addition, her first is a hit just a day after joining Diamond’s record label, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB). Last but not least the song gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.


Harmonize’s new Album “Afro East” might be his pitfall

For a while now Tanzania’s Harmonize, who now stands alone under the Konde Gang label could be digging his musical grave by the day.

He first came to the limelight in 2015 when he started off with Aiyola song that propelled him to the hearts of the East African market.

He first ditched the Diamond Platinumz owned label Wasafi records for self-independence musically after playing protégé and partner for the past 5 years.
With rumors around his exit Harmonize went on a spree to release music for the better part of 2019 with major collaborations.

However, the collaborations did not become ultimate hits as expected through the remainder of 2019.
Reactions from fans also indicated how Harmonize was better off at Wasafi records. Furthermore, as much as some lauded his move of exit the start off label, Wasafi, Konde Gang have to re-evaluate their model of business. How?

Audience Evaluation?

His latest releases album Äfro East is a collection of various music and so far has garnered over 1.7 views on YouTube. Well, for one you might think that it’s a big deal considering it’s just been 4days since the launch.

I mean this is Harmonize who would have a millions views for a single song in a matter of hours.

Despite his former boss Diamond Platinumz trying to quell the noise of the two beefing over Harmonize’s exit by promoting the album,  he does not stand the publicity he initially had in the past.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize

So in my opinion Harmonize should take a break and find out what his audience wants first.

He cannot just wake up and go the studio and drop songs with the hope of viewership and sales.

The album launch should not have been a priority as it is. This will only dig his musical grave much further. The numbers do not lie!

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

Diamond Platinumz has been branded the best artiste in East Africa. However, his creativity has now become a topic of discussion.

One might think it is a coincidence that he gets to have worked similar to other celebrities globally. Actually, it is no longer the case. This man is just a copycat who can no longer come up with original work.

A couple of times the singer has been lashed for copying other artistes in the video. One thing to note about Diamond Platinumz’s video is that they have always been copied.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

With his latest two songs Gere and Jeje, a lot has come out and it is clear he is no longer good. We cannot blame his director because he as Diamond Platinumz is the boss. He got to decided what is been done.

First, look at Gere, two brains, Diamond Platinumz and Tanasha Donna had to copy all video scenes from Iza’s Brisa songs. Dude needs to be creative! I mean if you have to copy, do it in a twisted way.

In addition, on Jeje he has openly stolen creativity from Burna and Wizkid. Dude this leaves us with questions like does he even write his works or he translates?

Again where does he even get the energy to copy all this and keep repeating it again and again? Also, it is not the second that Diamond Platinumz has been accused of plagiarism.  There are a lot of videos online showing how he has copied costumes of big hits.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

I know you will still argue with me that he is still the biggest in East Africa but please keep your stones. Also, this is how people slowly lose their audience and fan base.

To add on, am left wondering where did the old Diamond Platinumz go to. I’d rather watch the original work than this copied low budget scenes.

Diamond Platinumz has fooled his fans for long but Gere exposed him to the world. Lol, it is funny how he even can’t perform his work in concerts but only does the ones he has done remixes from other singers.

Diamond Platinumz improve on your work. The world will soon run away from your copied work.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Harmonize is for sure in a hurry to claim his space in the bongo industry. The Tanzanian singer has been releasing a song every week after parting ways with Diamond Platinumz.

In a span of two months, the singer has released a couple of songs that we even cannot remember where he started.  First, it is a good thing that he wants to remain relevant but in the process, he is losing.

I do not even know what the hurry is for because no one is competing. It is a good thing that he is seeking relevance but the question is from who?

One thing that clearly stands out is that his management is just lazy. They really do not watch the market. Imagine having two songs in a week and you expect them to hit? It does not work like this. Give us time to feel one song. This way we even get to interact with your songs.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Lyrics are whack

While at Wasafi, Konde Boy was the master of the lyrics but that is no longer there. Could it be because he is in a hurry to compete with himself?

Is Harmonize fighting himself because I do not see any other artiste be it from Wasafi competing from him?

It is a good thing that he considers his fans as well as his main goal. When one releases a couple of songs together, only one will win. This is even dangerous for Harmonize because he needs to sell.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Back to the lyrics, a man who used to write some strong words no longer has that skill. It leaves one questioning if he wrote his work while at Wasafi or someone did it for him?

First, we might not understand his goal but one clear thing is that Harmonize needs to strategize. His first Uno is still struggling to get to 10 million views, Hujanikomoa his latest is not even close to 1 million views within a period of four days.

Piece of advice to the bongo master, Harmonize, go slow and you will make it to the top. No one cares what your competitors have but your name Harmonize has its space.



Tanasha’s collaboration with Bongo’s finest is a boost for her music

Tanasha has for the first time proved that she is on a mission to better in the music scene. The mother of one has taken the internet by surprise after releasing a hit in which she has collaborated with Wasafi’s finest, Mbosso.

One thing we must look at in Tanasha’s music, it is evident that she has always struggled to hit the numbers. I know most will say that it is because she is not talented, but again, where did the talent come from this time around?

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In a game of wits, Tanasha has done a great job to use the Wasafi crew to her advantage. First, her dating Diamond is one great step to win in her music career.

In addition, Diamond is a big name in the region and most people knowing that he has a thing with Tanasha they will definitely rush to listen to her work.

Sometime back we talked of her being an armature and this time she seems to have mastered the game and polished her work.

Also, I am sure Tanasha has a couple of collaborations expected to drop within the week. It will not be a wonder that they will come from Tanzania.

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In addition, Tanasha has proved that to sell one needs to be smart. Don’t just go to a foreign land and be dumb. This young mama is already benefiting from Tanzania and the bongo world at large.

Seems like, in 2020, this will be her breakthrough in the music world. I know you have all had the opportunity to listen to her previous work.  It is nothing close to what she has under producer Lizer.

Actually, Tanasha will be the biggest name in Kenya and in East Africa. If she keeps on collaborating with the Tanzanian singers. For this reason, you’ll notice that her name is at the top and on the trending list. We need to promote our own and more so Tanasha.

The lass is already selling the Kenyan name in Tanzania and in places, Diamond Platinumz steps foot.

Kondegang Boss Harmonize drops new jam “Uno” its worth your time

After ditching Wasafi records to start his own label Konde Music Worldwide Records,Harmonize has finally released his first song “Uno”.

Before leaving the Diamond Platinumz run  Wasafi records, Harmonizeiss considered second in the team. Furthermore, his numbers are still  skyrocketing by the day-from the views on youtube.


As we wallow on  speculations around his exit from Wasafi by the day, the fans are more anticipatory on his music. Will his success in music remain intact? Or will it dwindle? Again its a wait and see.We got you!

Regardless, this new jam has been well received by Konde Boy’s audience.The beats and its structure are clearly a factor that is going to put him high in the charts.


“Uno “loosely translates to mean the waist. In what seems like a praise to how a whining the waist can cause all sorts of trouble. Yes, that waist.


What’s more, Harmonize  has managed to drag Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama,  Zari Hassan, in the song.

Payback? Remember when Diamond exposed Harmonize”s fiancee for having an affair with Mwarabu?

Yeesss that song, Inama that he featured Fally Ipupa. Well,  you be the judge. But for me I think its just about that.

In his part, Konde Boy claims that Platinumz’s  waist- ‘Uno’ is making Zari lose weight.He says, “Uno la Chibu Chibu  Linamkondesha Zari………”

Anyway who knows what else that waist has? I know what you thinking.

Further on, He goes on to mention the celebrities that have waists that clearly turn necks. He mentions Ray C, Fally Ipupa saying those two have no bones in their waists.

Come to think of it, these Uno’s are a big deal in their music videos.Especially Fally Ipupa eissh that man. I leave it at that.

Flip side

For what its worth, Harmonize has tried though the Lyrical break down is not as Intricate as his earlier songs. To give him a benefit of doubt lets just say it was a launch of his studio project and we will be on stand by for more music.

It was produced by Hunter and Bonga.

For rating will go with a 7/10.What say you?


Tetema Remixes now out, mixed reactions on receivership

As wasafi Records  grapples with shake ups of some artists exits,one of  their  biggest hit  song  ‘Tetema” by Rayvanny and Diamond Platinumz  is clearly doing well.

The original version of Tetema stands at 27milion views on Youtube.  Clearly, Rayvanny wanted to get a notch higher especially after his international tour.

Remix 1

Further in the past two weeks, Rayvanny released a remix  of Tetema that was featured by  international artists like Mahombi, Jeon , Pitbull and Wasafi’s CEO Diamond Platinumz.

However the first remix hasn’t been well received by  fans.

Considering the said artists are big and well known in their solo careers, this was a big flop.  As it stands now, for musicians of such caliber being at 476k views is super low.

Was it a bad idea? In my opinion even with the desire to reach the our East African music, this seemed not to have worked for the Wasafi boys.

But again it does not end here, the boys went back to the studio and I must say they did not disappoint.

Remix 2

On wards, Nigerian super talented artist Patoranking has joined the bandwagon on the ‘Tetema’ remix.

The best thing that has happened in this is that for this remix this is a banger.

I mean this is better than the first by a far. Ooooh hail African beat!!!

The remix that  features  Patoranking, as well as Zlatan Ibile, an Abuja-based act have brought more life and energy to this song and yes, it is win for Africa.

The song is out on Boomplay exclusively and this is clearly what we need for a remix.

Despite the original being banned by the KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua -the song will confined to clubs and no airplay- Kenyans will surely be playing this on repeat mode in their own confines.


Diamond features in Wawa Salegy new jam ‘Moto’

Diamond features in Wawa Salegy new jam Moto. The kind of energy he holds is out of this world. Wawa has done justice for this jam by bringing a worthy person. You know this kind of music is one that will lift your mood.

If you are into shaking your body, you need this. The instruments are just adding more taste. This man Diamond knows how to hype.

The song’s production gives room for its instrumentals to shine while its recital sing-along follow at intervals.

With lots of incredible music under his belt and a reputation of sold out tours in France and Madagascar, I must say that Wawa Salegy needed Diamond more in this Moto.

Moto, is that jam that when you are in a club and it comes along will make you go wild. I just like this jam.

Delivery of ‘Moto’

Moto is very creative and it has a special feel in it. In addition to the drums, the voices are amazing. Could you have thought of Diamond performing with Wawa Salegy? Well this is the best collaboration of the year.

This song is indeed perfect for a Diamond Platinumz feature, based on his love for fast paced songs and love to get him show his moves, it is clear that he would not object on this one.

There is no dull moment on this one, same energy it starts with, is strong all through the song till its sharp end.

Diamond and Wawa Salegy should give us more of us. It is just dope, I give it a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Diamond features in ‘Penzi’ by Ya Levis

Diamond features in Ya Levis new jam dubbed Penzi. The song which was released just a few days after the King of Wasafi released his single Kanya premieres in two languages. Diamond performs in Swahili while Ya Levis performance in Swahili.

King of Wasafi Diamond Platinumz; doing well in Ya Levis

Ya Levis was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo. He has performed other songs before and Penzi is unique. You Know why? It has a Swahili touch. I tend to think that this man Diamond is the King of Africa.

Ya Levis singer Penzi

Penzi is also performed in French. Ya Levis has done it so well. Also, you’ll realize that he does most of the verses.

‘Penzi’ Message

Penzi is a love song. Going through the lyrics you’ll get the message. In the first line, Diamond starts by saying; Upendo haupimwi kwa maneno wala  Unapimwa kwa matendo  Na acha waseme, usiku watalala  Hawatolivunja pendo. This is so true and am sure you relate.
In that first stanza, he simply says that love cannot be measured by words but only by actions. Further, he says let them talk but this love cannot be broken. Isn’t this what people want to here.

Going by the first three stanzas, You definitely get what the whole song means. Even though Ya Levis has done his stanzas in French, you can easily flow with the message.

J’attends ton coeur me chanter tout bas Ces mots que je n’oublie pas J’attends ton coeur me chanter tout bas Ces mots que je n’oublie pas. This simply means; I wait for your heart to sing to me in a whisper These words that I do not forget I wait for your heart to sing to me in a whisper These words that I do not forget. 


The video is something that will grasp your attention. It has been treated in the highest international standards. In addition, the visuals are dope. It is just amazing and am sure you’ll keep on replaying it. Penzi was composed by Stillnas (Riseandshine).  It is produced by Fanatik Production.

It is a great jam and I give it a rating of 7/10.

Haiya! Mapema aje? Tanasha forced to deny relationship with Diamond is over 

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna has come out to deny that her relationship to singer Diamond Platnumz has hit a rocky phase and the two might have parted ways.

A fan, out of curiosity, wonder why the two are no longer so much together as they used to. The fan also asked Tanasha on social media if everything was okay after she posted a motivational quote.

We all know how motivational quotes and break ups go hand in hand.

“Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” posted Tanasha. 

“The way you sound these days hope you and diamond are ok?Because your motivational quotes tho????????????????” the fan asked, wondering if everything was okay.

Doing fine

Tanasha assured her everything was fine though and that the quote shouldn’t be over interpreted.

“@naomi_kassidi_kassidi we’re more than okay. Our love grows more and more each day ❤️❤️, the motivational quotes is just a little self reminder for myself and others every now and then. ????????” she said. 


New Banger, ‘The One’ by Diamond Platinumz is all about love

Award winning Tanzanian Bongo music star Diamond Platinumz is not new to the scene when it comes to music about love.

Okay, hush!hush! about the baby mama drama. Lets break down his latest hit titled ‘The one”.

The song is basically channeling love all over  and to whether it was a love expression to Diamond’s love Tinashe or not is a story for another day.

But of course online Communities or as they call them ”online-in-laws” already made assumptions and whatever you say, You are right!


He starts of with the Wasafi Signarure followed by  the producers name…..Ayo Lizer-you say it smoothlygot it ? No? Ni sawa pia ina wenyewe hiyo.

Diamond  and 'the One' model  in the video

Slowly going down to his first line,

“My heart can never tell me lies I know you love me and the love is true And I feel the same way, I can’t deny Baby Ondi ku hole I will die for you”

Diamond is his feelings to his love in equal measure.I mean this guy knows what to tell a woman and how to make them feel. This just incase you still wonder why he got too much drama.

Look at the following lyrics,”I swear usitishwe na ya vimbelembele Oooh wanaopiga kelelelele Ati kujifanya viherehere Kwa sisi hawatoweza”.

Yaani , he gives you security of word of mouth, eeh!  You enter the box literally without question.


People with ‘Vimbelembele and viherehere‘ too bad.Diamond platinumz has marked his territory fully. Hopefully its no longer about “Sikomi”.

At the same time Diamond platinumz is under fire , with allegations of stealing this song.Initially, the audio of it was done  together with Namibian singer King TeeDee.

The reason to why  King Tee Dee did not feature in the video is not clear.As we wait for the details , I think we should enjoy this production “tukijisheketua”.

This because for me  Diamond did justice to it fully. Be it dance, costuming, ambiance and so on everything was on point. For this i give it a 9/10 rating.

Below is the video enjoy!

Diamond Platnumz shares his 2019 plans after a very successful 2018 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has had an amazing 2018 which saw him release hit after hit which have dominated both the airwaves and streaming services.

In East Africa, no other artist has dominated the market like Diamond Platnumz.


The singer, who closed the year with a performance at Uhuru Gardens, revealed that 2019 will all be about taking his music beyond boarders.

“I look forward to spreading my brand of entertainment across more borders beyond. Move my music reach from East Africa to get to an International audience. I also hope to work more with other international acts. I mean if I can write Swahili music and listen to English music and love it, I also want them to love my music. That is my biggest resolution for 2019.” he said.  

The singer has worked with several international artists such as Rick Ross, Neyo, Morgan Heritage, Davido among others to make sure his brand has spread all over the world in the past.

 BASATA warns singer Diamond: Don’t try and perform in Kenya unless you want more trouble 

Things are not looking good for Diamond Platnumz, his team and their scheduled performances set to take place in several counties in Kenya.

Despite Diamond’s manager recently promising that the shows set to happen in Embu, Nairobi and Mombasa will take place, Basata acting chief executive officer Onesmo Kayanda has warned the singer not to try and perform.

The Law

The body has banned the singer from performing in and outside Tanzania after he performed “Mwanza” which was initially banned by the body. The body has also canceled the Wasafi Festival. Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya; that’s in Embu on December 24, Wasafi Festival in Mombasa 26th and on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi.

“Sisi Basata we are the substitute of the government. Kama akiamua hivyo (perform in Kenya), hii kanuni ya Basata huwa inakuwa ni substitute ya sheria za nchi na akiikaidi lile suala linakuwa la kijinai. Likishakuwa la kijinai linakwendwa kwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali sisi tunawakabidhi mahakamani. Kwa hiyo mtu akikuika kanuni zetu za Basata, amevuka na kwenda kwenye ishu ya kijinai,” said Onesmo Kayanda.

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale, shared in an interview that they are working on getting the ban lifted and hope that Diamond will hit the stage soon.


‘They were white gold and diamonds. I had bought them in America for Ksh 1.8 million’ Diamond speaks after losing chains

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is not worried after losing his expensive chains during the weekend while promoting Wasafi Festival which has  officially kicked off.

Diamond was performing at a place called Mtwara in Tanzania and was mobbed with thousands of people and in the process, someone managed to walk away with his chains.

The chains, which were made from pure white gold and diamonds, costs the singer a clean 1.8 million Kenyan shillings.

Underestimated the thief

The singer told a Tanzanian based radio station that he hadn’t thought that his jewellery would loosen so he wasn’t afraid that someone might jack them.

“Zile ni white gold na diamond nilinunua marekani sikumbuki lakini hazishuki millioni arubanne.nilijua haziwezi kung’oka, alivyotokea mtu ghafla akazipull nikapatwa na shock.” he said. 

Diamond, however, wasn’t really sad or angry that they were stolen. In fact, he said he’ll assume he gifted the thief.

“Lakini mwenyezi mungu ndio anapanga kila kitu na wakati mwingine labda mungu alitaka nitoe viwe sadaka na kwa support walonipa ina dhamani kubwa kuliko zile vitu na vinazo zingine kibao. Mi naona ni freshi tu kama baraka yake, zawadi yake.” he said.