Diamond Platnumz rejecting his son with Hamisa Mobetto will one day cost him

Singer Diamond Platnumz is good at what he does and as far as his music career goes – we can all agree that he remains the one super star from East Africa giving fellow artists a run for their money.

However despite all that success, Diamond Platnumz also happens to have a few failures in life that is – making babies and denying them during interviews. If you doubt this….let me remind you of the video he shared telling his son, Nillan and daughter, Tiffa that they were his only kids.

Well with such stunts, the fella has now exposed his kids to public scrunity and this is why two radio hosts recently decided to troll Hamisa’s son, Dylan; claiming he might not be the singers son and even had guts to drag in kenyan Singer Jaguar who they suspect might be the biological dad.

Hamisa defends son

From the posts shared online, its obvious to see that these said radio presenters went abit too far with the allegations hence forcing Hamisa to speak.

Hamisa back with Diamond Platnumz

Although she blames the grown men for discussing her son on radio – i honestly feel that she shoukd take it up with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz who is the reason why people attack his kids on social media.

I mean, looking at other celebrity dads online, they all (apart from future and Eric Omondi) protect their kids from the public scrunity; but in Diamond Platnumz case – he willing hands them to wolves without a care in the world.

Problem is – I feel like he forgets that these kids are growing and will one day find out about their dad denying them. But again….his funeral, right?

Eric Omondi to Kenyans after photo in bed half naked: I’m surprised that people think the lady is Hamisa

Comedian Eric Omondi has denied that the lady Kenyans saw in a video recently with him is actually Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

On Wednesday, the comedian, was promoting his usually pay TV campaigns and used the socialite asking fans to vote between her and Vera Sidika.

Not her

Speaking to Edaily however, Omondi had a rather unexpected reply when asked whether he’s dating Hamisa now.

“I’m surprised that people think the lady is Hamisa. Though I cannot reveal her name, I wish to clarify that the lady is not Hamisa Mobetto,” he told E Daily before

As you can see in the video, I was asleep, so I couldn’t precisely know that she was taking a video. But, to be honest, it’s just a simple video that doesn’t prove anything.”

If you wondering whether you eyes lied to you, here’s the video you can counter check to see who is playing games.


Kenyans angry after Diamond failed to perform because he was sick yet spotted ‘grinding on Tanasha’ at a club 

Tanzania’s Diamond and Nigeria’s Yemi Alade failed to appear at the Morgan Heritage Tomorrow’s Leaders Concert held at the Kasarani Stadium on Saturday.

Kenyans have been demanding answers after the two top artists failed to show up without any explanation.

Diamond, who had not updated anything about the show on his Instagram – after arriving in Nairobi on Friday – confirmed that he would not perform as he was “unwell” while Yemi pulled out because of unclear reasons.

According to Morgan Heritage, the two artists missed the show because of the weather which had a toll on them.

“Yes, the weather here is so funny and diamond has been on a very busy tour, his voice went out and Yemi got sick.” they said. 


Pregnant Tanasha

That is however hard to believe because Diamond was allover Kenyan clubs partying with his bae Tanasha that night. The show was also marred with organisational conflicts and was doomed to be a flop from the word go.

About 3,800 people, among them Permanent Secretaries, MPs and UN officials had each paid up to Sh12,000 for the VVIP ticket but couldn’t enjoy the event since the VVIP section wasn’t even set up and it was raining.

Activist Mange Kimambi in trouble for calling Hamisa Mobetto mother’s brainless

After finishing up with Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan, It seems Tanzanian Activist Mange Kimambi is now after Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa Mobetto has been posting a man after the other on social media and fans have not taken it well. The socialite was also in trouble for allegedly stealing model Tahiya’s boyfriend.

Mobetto’s mother recently spoke to a local newspaper and said that people should let her daughter live her life as she pleases.


Mange, who had an ugly beef Zari Hassan and even claimed that Zari’s kids with Diamond were fathered by her ex-husband Ivan, took to social media to tear apart Mobetto’s mum and claim that she’s the one misleading her daughter.

“Leo natoa la rohoni, Hakuna mtu mbovu kwa Hamisa kama mamake. Mamake Hamisa ni bogus zero brain, na nimeelewa why Diamond alimchamba that time. Maza hana akili yule. Siku ile watu tumeongea yeye akatuona maboya akasema tusimcontrol mtoto wake, aache waposti bwanake. Yani hawa wamama wa Instagram hawa ni bure. Mama hujaletewa mahari wala washenga hawajakuja kwako then unasapoti mambo hayo. Lazma una mpungufu mkubwa mno,”reads part of Mange’s caustic post.

The post didn’t go well with many as they complained why she had to call her brainless. Many demanded an apology from her after that.



‘Another day another billions’ Diamond Platnumz thanks God after lucrative deal with Pepsi

If you have noted Diamond Platnumz has suddenly started drinking Pepsi and is carrying the drinking all over, it’s because he has signed a lucrative deal worth millions to endorse the drink.

The singer, who also endorses many other products, landed the deal late last month. Pepsi will also be among the sponsors of Wasafi Festival which is already in high gear.


Taking to social media, Diamond thanked God for the deal saying that it’s all because of his fans.

“Another day another billions….. Mwenyez mungu nakushkuru sana kwa upendo na baraka zako za kila siku…tafadhali naomba uendelee kunipa moyo wa upendo, kuthamini, kusameh, kujali na nguvu ya kuzidi kuwatumikia na kuwashika mkono vijana wenzangu mtaani…maana naamini unijaliacho si changu bali ni kama daraja tu la kuwa fikishia vijana wenzangu… @pepsi_tz nawapenda mpaka naumwa!!!” he posted. 

Other endorsements that the singer has include Belaire and Vodacom.


Rapper Fid Q forced to eat humble pie and apologize to Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian rapper Fredrick Kubanda, popularly known as Fid Q, recently landed in trouble with WCB Wasafi’s management after mocking their upcoming Wasafi festival.

Fid Q had to post an apology after a promo he shot with Clouds Media Group to promote Tigo Fiesta that ended up angering Diamond’s party.


In the promo, Q accuses Diamond and Wasafi of copying Clouds media after Wasafi announced their Festival. He apologized saying the promo came out bad and he’s not after promoting any enmity between the two.

Here is is statement:

@babutale @Diamondplatnumz: Yote na yote.. Kiukweli yale maneno ya kwenye promo ya “MOJA KUBWA” sikutegemea kama yangekua na uzito huu uliopelekea ndugu yangu uchafukwe kiasi cha kunifungulia bomba la matusi humu insta.. kwanza sikumbuki hata kama niliyatamka kwa nia ya kuleta msigishano huu.. Lakini kama kweli nimewakwaza… Naomba mnisamehe kibinadamu kwa hilo ,naomba tumuache SHETANI apite na mwisho naomba nimalize kwa kusema.. BURUDANI sio VITA <hivyo ninawatakia kila la heri/ MAFANIKIO ya hali ya juu ktk MAPINDUZI YA BURUDANI huko MTWARA.. KEKI YA TAIFA NI KUBWA SANA NA INA VIPANDE VINGI VINAVYOTOSHA KUMFIKIA KILA ANAYESTAHIKI KWA KUDRA ZAKE MUWEZA WA VYOTE…. MAULID NJEMA” wrote Fid Q.

Hamisa Mobetto shares that she has no problem with Zari Hassan

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has said that she has no problem with socialite Zari Hassan unlike what many believe.

In an interview with Times FM Mobetto said that she has never been in a grudge with Zari Hassan because of Diamond Platnumz.

Mimi siwezi kuweka beef na mwanamke kwa sababu ya mwanaume ndio niko hivyo kwamba nikimdate mtu tukiachana Alhamdulillah riziki inaishia hapo you move on with life. Kwa sababu mimi naamini tukiachana na huyu kuna kizuri Zaidi kinafika. Alafu sio kama sitongozwi saa zingine nabaki kama nang’ang’ania hapa nafanya nini,” said Hamisa.


She also went on to share why she’s not dating and the only man she needs in her life at this time is a smart man who is ready to be a father to her kids.

Sitaki mwanaume mbayani sasa hivi nahitaji mwanaume smart aliye tayari kuwa baba wa kambo wa watoto wangu,” she said.


Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto finally end their nasty beef

Tanzanian singer Ray C and socialite Hamisa Mobetto have ended their ugly beef which started in July and saw them publicly exchange words online.

Ray C had trolled Mobetto different times on social media which made the socialite fire back with her own bitter words.

She trolled Hamisa after she released her new song Madam Hero which she claimed was bogus.

“Mnaharibu maana nzima ya Bongo Flava! Acheni utani na kazi za watu! Sio kila mtu aimbe. It’s bullshit. Am tired of listening to bullshit song! #LevelUp,” Ray C commented.

Ray C had also accused Hamisa of selling fake designer cloths in her new shop.

“Pale unapoishi umevaa FENDI kumbe ni Feni. Wachina sio watu wazuri! Bora kujishonea kitu chako mwenyewe hukutani na mtu… Mi staki.. #Wachina shikamoo #Hamna adabu #Tanzania ya viwanda mtakuja kuvaa mpaka FFU mje mkamatwe,” Ray C posted.


Ray C recently took to social media to share that the two have kissed and made up, sharing Hamisa’s song that she had dissed earlier and encouraging people to support each other.

They also went on to joke about the Fendi skirts that made them bang heads.


Hamisa Mobetto lands lucrative government job 

Socialite Hamisa Mobetto has landed a major deal with the Tanzanian Government.

Mobetto has been appointed musician Barnaba Classic and comedian Dullvani as the ambassadors of a government initiative dubbed “Be Smart” started by the Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

The initiative aims at educating the youth on how to use social media in the right way.

“Mwanamitindo Hamisa Mobetto, msanii Barnaba, mchekeshaji @dullavan611 pamoja muimbaji Shilole wamekula shavu la kuteuliwa na Baraza la Ushauri la Watumiaji wa Huduma za Mawasiliano (TCRA CCC) kuwa mabalozi wa kampeni ya Be Smart inayojihusisha na kuelimisha vijana kuondokana na matumizi mabaya ya mitandao ya kijamii mashuleni.” reads a statement from TCRA.


On social media Hamisa made the announcement saying:

“Dunia ipo kiganjani mwako kupitia mitandao ya kijamii sasa unaiambia nini dunia?
Umepata nafasi na kilichobaki ni kutumia nafasi hiyo kufanya mambo makubwa! Be Smart Campaign. Its cool to be smart.


Diamond given tough lecture by former photographer after calling son with Hamisa ‘side kid’

Diamond Platnumz has been lectured by his ex-photographer for a recent statement he made when referring to one of his kids.

Kifesi, who parted ways with the singer early this year, had a lot to say after Diamond went on and called his son with Hamisa Mobetto a side-kid during his birthday.

Just wrong

On Instagram, he shunned the singer in a long post saying:

“Japokua i dont n a will never glorify cheating or side chick thing but labeling innocent kid wachilia mbali ur own blood n flesh as SIDE-KID this is too wrong in all levels brother watoto n gift from God amepatikanaje siyo makusud yao they didn’t ask to be born n I don’t think kuna excuse or reason for labeling an innocent kid with such name imagine this kid growing up one day n watch his own father call him worldwide as side kid from side chick knowing he wasn’t born out of love aka a unwanted,” he said.


Zaid badala hata uusie watu wa stop cheating n umalaya n stay with only one partner instead u teaching people is oky ku cheat as long watumie condom kuepuka watoto na cyo UKIMWI honestly brother uyafanyayo these days umekua siyo good role model kwa vijana or anyone what are we teaching the young generation. Children are very sensitive n whatever they see or hear they take it..imagine watoto waanze kuwa wnawazomea na kuita watoto wenzao wa nje ya as SIDEKIDS imagine ur son akikuwa mtaan or shulen watoto wenzie wawe wanamtania na kumzomea as a sidekid at the end all these Will negatively impact the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of that boy..n zaid vitamjengea chuki zidi yako n hope u knw hiyo inamanisha nn ..My advice if possible Beg even pay the internet to delete that post cuz internet never forget..n because most times those u calln sidekid are the ones tht will en up being there for u when u need them the most but atapkuja ona hiyo clip i dont knw..

He finally finished by saying:

“Fame n money visitupumbaze n kufnya yasofaa they won’t stay forever they always Go n u won’t be young/Rich or celebrity forever n those friends wa NDIO MZEE /NDIO BOSS watapotea But UR FAMILY will always be with u hata vyote vikipita family is the important thing kwa mwnadam ndio kitu mtu anapswa akiheshim n kukilinda kuliko anythn one day u gonna need them the most but if today u disrespect them,causing pain ,humiliation them i mean ur kids even mothers of ur own kids wht will happen tomorrow??Mungu huwa hasahau machoz ya mwnamke na maumivu ya watoto ..Think Twice Brother n do the right thing. Najua huwez kuchukua ushauri kama huu huenda utaisoma kusonya but may God open ur eyes ..God bless u n ur Family.”


There’s no beef between Elizabeth Lulu Michael and I- Hamisa Mobetto

Socialite Hamisa Mobetto has come out to share that doesn’t have any beef with her baby daddy’s girlfriend Elizabeth Lulu Michael.

Mobetto and her baby daddy Majizzo, who dated years back were blessed with a daughter Miss Fancy, before they parted ways.

All fine

According to Mobetto they have never met but she believes Lulu needs some space right now.

“Siajwai kuonanaa naye honestly speaking unajua pia mtu ukitoka huko unakua you need some space ndio maana nadhani hata bado hayuko kwa social media but mtoto wangu huenda wikendi pale kwasababu ya baba yake so I think she is fine. Kwasababu nikiulizia naambiwa yuko sawa,” she told Ayo TV after being appointed as Afroprimmo ambassador recently. 


Hamisa Mobetto, Irene Uwoya forced by government to apologize for sharing dirty photos

Tanzanian celebs Hamisa Mobetto and Actress Irene Uwoya had to recently apologize to their fans and the government for posting incident photos on social media.

The two had been called by Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority and given a tough warning over their Instagram posts.  Hamisa had been accused of sharing nude and semi-nude photos on her Instagram account on June, 23 2018. In her apology she blamed impostors who are using fake accounts to tarnish her name.

Fake accounts


Hamisa’s apology

“NAOMBA RADHI KWA UMMA: Husiku Na Kichwa Cha Habari Hapo Juu.
Mimi Hamisa Mobetto
Ambaye ni Mfanya Biashara Wa Mitindo (Fashion Entrepreneur) Apa Nchini Tanzania Na Pia Ni Raia Wa Tanzania, Naomba Kutumia Fursa Hii Kuomba Radhi Kwa Watanzania na Wengine Wote Ambao Ni Watumiaji Wa Mitandao .
Kuhusiana Na Kitendo Cha Mimi Na Washabiki Zangu (Fans) Wangu Kutuma Picha Zangu Zinazoonyesha Nusu Utupu Kwenye Page Zao Za Instagram.
Pia Natumia Fursa Hii Kuwashukuru Kamati Ya Maudhui Kwa Jinsi Walivyonita Kwenye Kamati Yao Na Kunipa Nafasi Ya Kujitetea Na Mwisho Kufanya Uamuzi Wenye Haki Kwangu Na Kwa Wapenzi (fans) Wangu Wote . Ninawashukuru Sana. Mwisho Kabisa Niwahusie Vijana Wenzangu Kuepuka Kutumia Mitandao Ya Kijamii vibaya Kwani Kwa Sasa Kuna Sheria Kali Zinazokataza Picha Mbaya kutumwa Kwenye Mitandao .Naomba Pia Wapenzi (fans)Wangu Kuanzia Sasa Kutuma Picha Zangu Zenye Staha Au Kutumia Biashara Zangu Kunisapoti.

Hamisa Mobetto

Irene’s apology:

“Wapenzi Wangu …ndugu zangu…wakubwa zangu na wadogo zangu naomba radhi kwapicha niliyopost…najua niliwakwaza mnisamehe sana sikujua ntawakwaza nisababu tu ya role model Wangu beyonce!!!nimejifunza Sasa!!!nawapenda” Irene.



Hamisa Mobeto: I no longer just do videos, I have to love the concept first

Video vixen Hamisa Mobbetto is no longer appearing in music videos as much as she used to. In short, she not just an ordinary vixen now, she has to study your concept and see whether it matches her image.

Stepping up

She recently explained why she has been missing in videos insisting that quality is what she considers now rather than just quantity which she focused on when starting her vixen career.

“I don’t just do Videos, sifanyi tu videos for the sake, am very picky na chagua nyimbo, nachagua maudhui ya Nyimbo kwanza, so for me ktokea kwenye video nyingine lazima iwe nzuri Zaidi ya Salome,” she told her fans online.


“I have to love the concept, so far I have been approached with many videos but they are not up to the level of Salome, so I will not consider doing another video, if it’s not up to the levels I want and the concept is appealing to me.” 

Hamisa Mobetto pulls a new move on her baby daddy leaving many talking!

Is Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz in good terms? Well, believe it or not the two are actually doing just fine despite having called off their relationship but are focusing on raising their son together.

When many have been convinced that Hamisa Mobetto will never be accepted by Diamond Platnumz mum; we are now sure that this does not affect her in any way.

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She has been responding the bad deeds with good…making one unique lady since it’s not everyone who can manage to act like she does!

Hamisa Mobetto supports Diamond Platnumz probject!

Just like a good baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto joined the list of fans purchasing Diamond Platnumz latest album as revealed on her gram.

The model shared a new photo on her Instagram story showing off the CD she had purchased! This has left many talking as no one saw it coming. Anyway checkout the photo below.

Hamisa Mobetto hints she is back with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto has been sharing new videos on social media playing Wasafi records music in the back ground.

This has left fans asking whether she has found her way back to Diamond Platnumz heart. Well, this could be true since she was also spotted in the company of Lukamba (Zari and Diamond Platnumz photographer).

Apparently he was behind Hamisa’s latest video where she is showing off her shoes and figure and in the background you can hear Diamond Platnumz song playing.

Is she back to rescue him?

Well, this comes shortly after Diamond Platnumz clashed with Clouds Media house which has been spilling a number secrets that they have against the singer.


Having Hamisa back in the picture clearly creates a destruction which draws fans away from Diamond Platnumz scandal.

Anyway, we are however watching to see how things turn out for the two.

Diamond Platnumz meets Hamisa Mobetto in court over child support finances

Diamond Platnumz and his ex lover Hamisa Mobetto earlier today met in court to settle the case over child support issue.

This is after Hamisa Mobetto reported the singer for failing to support their son who was born last year in September.


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According to reports Diamond Platnumz had promised to be sending the lady Tsh 10 million weekly which the baby daddy has failed to deliver.

However they met up today to solve this and from the look of things, the case has found a solution. Speaking during an event with Millard Ayo, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he is ready to give any amount for his son as long as he is well taken care of.

Hamisa Mobetto

Video vixen, model cum business woman Hamisa Mobetto has not said anything about the case but judging from her Instagram post, seems like things worked out like she expected.


Proof that Hamisa Mobetto will make a stunning bride!

Model Hamisa Mobetto is proving to be unbothered. After trending for months because of her affair with Diamond Platnumz the lady is now single.

She announced this on her Instagram page where she talked about starting over despite all the issues she faced after her son was born.

Well, now that her life is doing just fine the lady is back to doing what she loves best. In new photos shared on her Instagram page the mother of two stepped out wearing a wedding dress that has left many complementing how gorgeous she looks.

Diamond Platnumz denies dating Hamisa Mobetto

In an interview with popular Rwandese station Diamond Platnumz recently confessed that he has never seduced any of the women he is accused of being with.

Well, if this is true then we cannot explain how baby Dully came to happen.


Baby mamas drama! Zari Hassan claps back after her husband’s ‘side chick’ embarrassed her on social media

The war between Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto will definitely make its way into 2018. As far as the two are concerned, sharing the same man is something that they will not be doing.

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After they both managed to attract huge crowds in Uganda during their parties that went down on 21st December. It has been nothing but shade being thrown around on their Instagram pages.

During the online war, Hamisa Mobetto told Zari that she was already a wife to the singer and unlike her she needed no ring to prove things.

Zari’s post to Hamisa

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This left thousands of fans trolling Zari for having picked a fight with the hot headed video vixen. However what they didn’t know is that Zari and her on and off boyfriend were going to have the last laugh.

The Ugandan socialites post read to say;


Diamond Platnumz rumored to have flown his favorite baby Mama to Dubai ahead of his show (Details)

Word making rounds on social media is that Hamisa Mobetto has left Tanzania. The lady shared a few photos and video on her Instagram page but did not reveal her destination.

However close sources to Diamond Platnumz have revealed that the lady is in Dubai. She apparently flew ahead of Baba Tee but her main reason for this trip is to spend time with Diamond Platnumz.. Hamisa Mobetto’s business class flight and hotel is also said to have been fully paid by Diamond Platnumz.

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Well the Tanzanian singer will also be in the Arab country on the 16th. From his posts, he is to perform for his Dubai fans while he spends time with his second baby mama.

Hamisa’s reasons for travelling

The lady is apparently using her new clothes business as a cover up. She apparently told her fans that she will be bringing new stock for them soon. However, word has it that she will be with Diamond Platnumz after his trip to London where he spent time with Zari Hassan.