“Siwezi kusema kuwa sitarudiana na Diamond” Says Official Lyyn

Official Lyyn who was once Diamond Platnumz lover has come out to reveal that she is not in a position to predict whether she will get back with the Tanzanian star or not.

She revealed this during an interview with Clouds FM during her media tour in Tanzania. According to her it’s impossible to tell whether her relationship with Diamond is dead for good.

Lyyn went on to add that they could rekindle their old flame or decide not to since things have not been so good between the two.

“Siwezi kusema kuwa sitakuja kurudiana au nitarudiana na Diamond kwasababu Mungu ndiye anapanga kila kitu.”

Lynn’s music career

Having started off her career as a video vixen, Lynn now says that she will be focusing on how to her music grow.

Kwa sasa nimebase sana kwenye kufanya muziki hivyo video vixen nimeiweka pembeni kidogo

Official Lyyn

Judging from all the interviews she has been doing lately; fans feel that she talks more about her past relationship with Diamond Platnumz and not promoting her music.

Amazing! Diamond Platnumz ex girlfriend’s word of advice to the young ladies looking up to her

Official Lyyn has lately been maintaining a low profile especially now that Tanasha Donna has been on the limelight following her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Despite her silence, Official Lyyn has been working on her music career that has not only been doing well in Tanzania but East Africa as a whole.

Official Lyyn

Away from that, the lass is currently in Dubai for the One Africa Music fest and as usual fans claim that she is with Diamond Platnumz who also happens to be there.

Official Lyyn to young ladies

Not quite sure whether the two are together but the truth is, Official Lyyn seems to be maturing up. Well this is because earlier today the lass went on to share a few words of encouragement to all the young ladies who look up to her.

In a detailed post, Lyyn advised young ladies not to give up despite the many hardships life throws their way. She went on to write saying,

Official Lyyn

Kuna muda natamani nirudi kwa yule LYN wa miaka kumi na saba au sita nimwambie “LYN wewe ni tajiri, unanguvu, una umaarufu mkubwa, una nguvu pia” pengine angeongeza nguvu ya kupambana sababu Ningekuwa zaidi ya hapa nilivyo sasa. Mdogo wangu unayenifuatilia kila siku, jipe moyo, jiamini kuwa unaweza, kuna mengi kwa ajili yako yanakuja, usiruhusu mtu akukatishe tamaa, au akupotezee muda FIGHT FOR YOUR DESTINY YA ELA YOOTE!

Diamond Platnumz back with his old flame?

Word making rounds on social media is that Diamond Platnumz might be in talking terms with his old flame Official Lyyn.

This is apparently after the young lady was seen rolling around Aunty Ezekiel’s birthday party with former WCB body guard Mwarabu fighter.

Official Lyyn

However what fueled the rumors is the fact that Mwarabu was receiving orders from the WCB boss as they were spotted severally talking about an unknown issue.

Diamond Platnumz and Official Lyyn

A while back after Lyyn confirmed that she was pregnant with Diamond Platnumz baby, several gossip blogs went on to say that the lady was forced to abort her 5 month old pregnancy after receiving threats from Chibu’s family.

Diamond Platnumz with Mwarabu fighter

However, the two former couple continued to see each other until Tanasha was brought in the picture.

But after Aunty Ezekiel’s party….it’s evident that there is more we are not aware of!