Haraka aje? Diamond Platnumz sister dumped by husband after reuniting with 1st wife

Queen Darleen is having a tough time after husband Isihaka allegedly moved back in with his first wife, Sabra.

Stories making rounds on social media is that Queen Darleen and husband fell out after his first wife got pregnant and delivered an adorable baby girl who looks everything like her papa.

Well, like most men would – Isihaka decided to move in with his first wife; probably to help around with taking care of the baby – now that his second wife’s (Queen Darleen) baby is months older.

Of course for a man with two wives – this wasn’t going to be easy as both his wives need him; yet they cannot stand each other hence meaning 2 homes for the lucky guy.

Queen Darleen jealously

However word has it that Queen Darleen can not stand the fact that her husband is now choosing the first wife over her; I mean how? Even after he made it known that she (Queen) was his life now… how could he just go back on his word and embarrass her?

Well, it’s life – it happens and just like most women would – Queen Darleen has been causing trouble for her own marriage with breakup posts. So far she claims to be husbandless not forgetting to say that her husband is dead.

The drama queen wrote this through her gram where she said;

#Watajuaje kama nimaliza #EDAA ???????????????????????????? (How will they know I’m done crying for my late husband)

Queen Darleen dumped

Well, clearly the script has changed now that Queen Darleen is no longer associated with the Nyange family; but wait – are they not the same people who pushed her to hate on Isihaka’s first wife?

And now forever alone?

Punishment? Diamond Platnumz sister from dad’s side kicked-out and exposed by landlord (Audio)

Queen Darleen and husband Isihack are said to be homeless after they were kicked out of their rental mansion; over failure to pay rent for a few months now.

As seen and heard on social media, the two have been struggling to make ends meet for months; and apart from Isihack’s family who have stepped in to help – Diamond Platnumz, his mum and sister Esma have distanced themselves from this drama.

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Darleen and husband kicked out

This is probably because Diamond Platnumz helped out where he could by starting businesses for his sibling in order to support themselves; but so far we haven’t seen what Darleen did with her share but as for Esma, we all know she is running a successful clothing business that has kept her afloat for years now.

Landlord speaks

After months of denying that they owed close to Ksh 1 million rent arrears; Bongo gossip tabloid ‘Original East’ recently went on to share a voice note from Darleen’s alleged landlord.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life,

In the audio one can hear how bitter the landlord is as she demands for her money; adding that she had been warned against renting them this house but she failed to listen.

Almost 6 months later and all she has is losses; and nothing to show from this stunning house she thought would bring in some profit by the end of 2020. However turned out that all Darleen has is the celebrity identity but no money to prove that she can afford the lifestyle. Listen to the audio below.

Diamond Platnumz sister reveals why her brother failed to wed Tanasha Donna as planned

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch’s wedding was set to go down on February 14th 2019 — but things did not happen as planned.

The wedding plans were announced by Diamond Platnumz in December 2018, while praising Tanasha Donna as the love of his life and for being a drama free lady unlike most of the ladies he had dated before.

“I have already planned my wedding to be on Valentine’s Day next year. Valentine will be on Thursday so the wedding will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If it happens that there is anything important I will change (wedding date) but I want it so much to be next year,”

Judging from how Diamond Platnumz ranked his new found love, fans were sure that the big wedding was definitely going to take place…but 2019 is now coming to an end but the Bongo star no continues to remain silent about his big day.

Queen Darleen sets the record straight

Speaking during an interview with Global Publishers just recently Queen Darleen for the first time revealed the real reason why her brother postponed his wedding to Tanasha.

According to Queen Darleen, Diamond is afraid that marriage tie him down if he settles down early. This is because he will have a hard time balancing his music career and family (wife).

Sisi hujadiliana sana kuhusu masuala ya ndoa, [Diamond] ni mtu anayehofia sana kujiingiza kwenye ndoa. Anataka ajiandae ipasavyo kabla ya kuamua kufunga pingu za maisha,

Diamond Platnumz younger sister accuses Harmonize of betraying WCB

Queen Darleen feels that Harmonize is a traitor who betrayed Diamond Platnumz and the whole WCB team.

According to Queen Darleen singer Harmonize betrayed his boss who had helped him build a successful career when he was nothing.

This comes shortly after Harmonize announced his exit from the WCB label in September this year and went on to start his own label dubbed Konde Gang.

Queen Darleen speaks

Speaking to Tanzanian tabloid SnS, Darleen opened up saying she no longer wants anything to do with Harmonize and life should now move on.

Life still goes on. Let’s not talk about that person. Let’s leave him. When someone betrays you, you need to stay away from him. Right now, I don’t know anything about his life.

The lady also went on address rumors claiming that Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz faked their son’s birth date so that he shared a birthday with the WCB CEO.

Darleen went on to reveal that unlike Tanasha who gave birth at 10 months, Darleen apparently gave birth at 11 months.

“It is God who planned. She gave birth at 10 months, I personally gave birth to my child at 11 months. These things happen. If there was social media at the time, people would say I am bewitched,”

¨That child is silly¨ Diamond´s dad responds after daughter, Queen Darleen, claims he is defrauding people of his illness

Bongo artist, Diamond Platinumz’ ailing dad, Abdul Juma has spoken publicly for the first time after reports emerged that he was using his false daughter, to seek sympathy.

The ailing old man´s condition has been worsening as his legs risk amputation due to a rare cancer condition that has affected his skin.

Pleas from the superstar´s father to have the Kwangaru singer chip in to his deteriorating status seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the Tanzanian artist seems not to be moved.

Diamond Platinumz and sister, Queen Darleen

Credit: Matooke Republic

Queen Darleen, Diamond´s sister, went on record alleging that the dad had actually lied about receiving help from another of his daughters, the London-based, Zubeda.

During an interview with Wasafi Media, Queen Darleen actually claimed that Diamond´s father told her he was lying so as to get the help he needs.

She is speaking lies.

If she (Darleen) has decided against helping me to join up with his brother (Diamond) then she should just leave me in peace.

Most of her help actually comes from her brother.

However, Mr Abdul seems to have taken it a notch higher, by declaring war on his blood children as he on the contrary, denied Queen Darleen´s claims that he was seeking attention.

He actually thoroughly maintained that Queen Darleen was busy rumor-mongering.

Diamond´s sister is allegedly simply having ill-motive in saying that the ailing old man, was trying to defraud people of his illness.

That child is silly, her mind must not be working very well.

I don´t usually talk to her because anytime we have a conversation it is always drama.

They have a vendetta with me and Queen and has never made effort to help me at any given time.

A visibly troubled Mr Abdul went on to name the daughter ludicrous, accusing her of trying to bring him down, the children having declared war on him despite his state.



Rapper Fid Q forced to eat humble pie and apologize to Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian rapper Fredrick Kubanda, popularly known as Fid Q, recently landed in trouble with WCB Wasafi’s management after mocking their upcoming Wasafi festival.

Fid Q had to post an apology after a promo he shot with Clouds Media Group to promote Tigo Fiesta that ended up angering Diamond’s party.


In the promo, Q accuses Diamond and Wasafi of copying Clouds media after Wasafi announced their Festival. He apologized saying the promo came out bad and he’s not after promoting any enmity between the two.

Here is is statement:

@babutale @Diamondplatnumz: Yote na yote.. Kiukweli yale maneno ya kwenye promo ya “MOJA KUBWA” sikutegemea kama yangekua na uzito huu uliopelekea ndugu yangu uchafukwe kiasi cha kunifungulia bomba la matusi humu insta.. kwanza sikumbuki hata kama niliyatamka kwa nia ya kuleta msigishano huu.. Lakini kama kweli nimewakwaza… Naomba mnisamehe kibinadamu kwa hilo ,naomba tumuache SHETANI apite na mwisho naomba nimalize kwa kusema.. BURUDANI sio VITA <hivyo ninawatakia kila la heri/ MAFANIKIO ya hali ya juu ktk MAPINDUZI YA BURUDANI huko MTWARA.. KEKI YA TAIFA NI KUBWA SANA NA INA VIPANDE VINGI VINAVYOTOSHA KUMFIKIA KILA ANAYESTAHIKI KWA KUDRA ZAKE MUWEZA WA VYOTE…. MAULID NJEMA” wrote Fid Q.

Diamond Platnumz dad reveals shocking details about his relationship with Queen Darleen

Mzee Naseeb Abdul, has left many shocked after revealing that he is the biological father of Queen Darleen. This comes as a big surprise as not many were aware the Chibu and Darleen were blood related.

The two have always had a close relationship but never did it cross our minds that the Tanzanian sensation was working with his sister all along. From what we know is that Esma is Diamond’s older sister hence their tight relationship.

Diamond Platnumz spills the beans

In an interview with Shilawadu, Mzee Naseeb revealed that he was Queen Darleen’s father. However, she does not recognize him in anyway hence their bitter relationship.

He went on to add that she has been telling people that Diamond Platnumz is her dad and for this reason, he also sees no point in calling her his daughter.

Watch the clip below: