Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

Out of all Diamond Platnumz baby mamas, Tanasha Donna happens to be the youngest of them all and unlike the others – she didn’t put up a fight after her relationship with the singer came to an end.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Actually from what I remember seeing is that she was somehow unbothered and didn’t give out interviews like Zari Hassan and Hamisa did days/weeks after the breakup. What I remember is that Tanasha went MIA for a while before she finally revealed that she couldn’t keep up with the singers lifestyle and family.

She said something about his mum having to approve every step and decision they made in the relationship. The Kenyan singer also mentioned Diamond Platnumz was a deadbeat (then) but with time this was fixed.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

Tanasha Donna weighs on marriage

Well, since we also understand she left the singer for wanting many wives and being one who cannot stoop to that level – she opted out.

However marriage is something she looks forward to as long as it’s a  strictly with a monogamous relationship. Wait. Bado kuna monogamy? Show us your way Tanasha huku nje soko ngumu…watu wana share bila kujua.

Singer Tanasha Donna

Anyway speaking in recent interview with Mpasho, Tanasha was asked whether she believes her baby daddy’s claims that marriage kills careers. Allow me to refresh your memory.

You see, about a week ago Diamond Platnumz had a candid interview with DW Africa where he revealed that the reason he is yet to marry; is because he has seen how marriage slowed down some of his friends careers. And since he still wants to put out good music – marriage is a something he is not in a rush for.

However according to Tanasha Donna;

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

Clearly with these two thinking so different, there was no way their relationship would have worked.

“I was ready to marry her!” Diamond Platnumz shares unknown details about his former relationship with Tanasha Donna

According to Diamond Platnumz, he loved and wanted to marry Tanasha Donna who for the first time made him fall in love.

The Bongo singer opened up about this while speaking on an interview with Wasafi TV. In the interview, Diamond Platnumz opened up saying that despite being called names and being accused of cheating – he actually did not do anything to hurt Donna.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

According to Diamond Platnumz, he had already made up his mind about settling down with the Kenyan singer; who unfortunately walked out on his following a few issues here and there!

Tanasha converting to Islam

For the first time Diamond Platnumz also opened up about his baby mama converting to Islam; a move that convinced him that Ms Donna was truly down to be his ride and die!

Diamond Platnumz went on to reveal that his close friend and one of the WCB’s manager’s Ricardo Momo; helped Tanasha learn and understand Islam before she finally converted to the religion.


Surprisingly Diamond Platnumz went on to add that he actually promised to buy Ricardo Momo a piece of land; that is if his teaching convince Tanasha to join his religion since he wanted to be on the same page with his Kenyan baby mama.


Speaking about what led to the break up, unlike Tanasha Donna; Diamond Platnumz did not really share much but disclosed that his break up was due to misunderstandings.

Diamond Platnumz and Ex girlfriend, Tanasha

The celebrated singer from Bongo also dismissed rumors claiming that he was busted cheating on the lady; Baba Naseeb went on to add that unlike his previous relationships, this time around he had already made up his mind about being with Tanasha however this did not  become a reality.

Ni kweli mimi na Tanasha hatuko pamoja kwa sababu, unajua kuna sababu za undani nafikiri ziko zaidi ya uwezo wangu na uwezo wake yeye.


However didn’t she just throw some major shade at him after preaching women empowerment on social media just last week?

“I broke a record as the first African female artist to hit 1M views in 14 Hours on youtube” Tanasha Donna

Here is undeniably doing quite well on YouTube and Tanasha Donna can’t keep still!

Tanasha accused of copy pasting

So far the video has 1.6 million views and just like Diamond Platnumz hit song Yope; there is no doubt Gere will keep trending for a while on social media.

Anyway to celebrate this great milestone Tanasha went on to thank her loyal fans; not forgetting to mention that she is the first African female to hit 1million views on YouTube! The mother of 1 wrote;

Tanasha Donna

Woke up feeling amazing. Legendary Swizz Beats vibing to GERE & hearing that i broke a record as the first African female artist to hit 1M views in 14 Hours on youtube. God is good and so are you all for supporting this. GERE LINK ON BIO!!! ????????????????

Thank Diamond Platnumz first

However a few fans feel that the song has been  generating the many views since it was posted on Diamond Platnumz page.

Mama Diamond responds to allegations of fallout with Tanasha

This comes a few days after several Bongo tabloids went on to claim that Diamond Platnumz was not in good terms with his mum because of Tanasha. Mama Dangote was apparently against her son’s idea of making Tanasha pay for the project; yet she is the mother of his child.

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz management was demanding payment for Tanasha; and since she could not pay Diamond Platnumz decided to upload it on his YouTube channel!

Tanasha Donna celebrates her main man on Valentine’s Day!

Tanasha Donna has joined the many people who chose to celebrate their loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

Well before the day comes to an end, the lady has also celebrated and acknowledged that her love for Diamond Platnumz is still intact; despite the many rumors claiming their relationship is on the rocks!

Tanasha celebrates Diamond Platnumz on Valentine’s Day

However without words to describe her man, Tanasha decided to share one of his fine photos; adding love emojis that clearly pass the message to haters praying for their break up.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha still dating?

A few days ago during Tanasha’s EP launch at the Sarit Center; Diamond Platnumz apparently failed to show up at the gig following an argument that forced him to leave.

Diamond Platnumz with his bae

Tanzanian tabloids however claim that Tanasha walked in on Diamond Platnumz who was making a move on one of the hotel maids! The couple however remains silent about these rumors but judging from how their social media love is slowly fading away; there must be a problem somewhere or not?

Aww! Diamond and Tanasha´s love story juices up

If you think any scandals were brewing up between Tanasha and Diamond, relax! The love script has just began.

Through his Insta stories, Diamond who is away on scheduled performances, shared a tear-jerking clip that cannot explain better how much love can make one do.

A man with an arrow shot right through his heart, walks up to his lover´s home and she comes running, baffled at the sight of the man she loves, right before her.

To our disbelief, the woman runs right through the same arrow that is stuck in her lover´s heart and they bond. The man is taken aback and they savor their last moments together.

To juice up the clip, Diamond´s hit ¨African Beauty¨ perfectly plays in the background.

That is Diamond´s post and right below, he tags his newest baby mama, Tanasha Donna.


Well received his message is and Tanasha who is also away, and in Kenya, shares exactly the same clip with her name tagged below.

Take a look:

If that is not confirmation enough, what is?