Why Tanasha Donna should take notes from Diamond Platnumz exes, Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto

Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto are proving that dating the same man; doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the beginning of another world war. Both having been involved with Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz has actually left these two ladies behaving like best friends on social media.

Well, just a few hours ago Hamisa Mobetto dropped a short comment complimenting Wema Sepetu for her gorgeous looks; only to excite fans who could not believe their eyes.

As seen in the comment section, Hamisa Mobetto went on to tell Wema,

Wema Sepetu

Umependeza sanaa…anything for you my love

A statement that seems to have ignited mixed feelings on the post. According to fans, Wema and Hamisa’s attitude towards each other portrayed maturity; understanding and most of all…love despite having dated the same man.

Tanasha and Zari Hassan

Others also went on to add that Tanasha Donna needs to take notes from these two friends who also dated Diamond Platnumz but never threw shade at each other.

Well, I am not surprised by these comments since Tanasha and Zari got into a petty instagram exchange that left team Zari tearing down Tanasha Donna.

Hamisa mobetto’s comment

As seen on their posts, Zari’s only interest was to protect young Tanasha who in turn – threw back shade claiming Diamond Platnumz would never leave her.

Barely six months after her online drama with Ms Zari; Tanasha finally got to understand what was being said by the mother of 5. Anyway mama Naseeb Junior is currently staying in Kenya after fleeing Tz.

Just the other day the lass also got to understand what it means to be publicly trolled by Juma Lokole; who not only revealed Tanasha Donna was lazy in bed; but went on to add that this Kenyan singer was clueless on how to treat her man, Platnumz in bed.

Not quite sure how Lokole found out about this – but chances are that Diamond Platnumz did the bad mouthing behind his exes back, right?


Fans call out Diamond Platnumz mum for sharing fake photo of Tanasha’s son

Diamond Platnumz mum seems to be giving online users something to talk about.

Tanasha’s son

A few hours she went on to share a post showing off her grandson’s hair only for fans to realize the photo belongs to an unknown Caucasian baby.

This has left many calling out the lady for the fake post making people believe that it was actually Diamond and Tanasha’s son.

Mama Dangote’s post

Mama Dangote responds

Anyway even after fans criticized her surprising move, Mama Dangote has now gone ahead to share a new post showing the real ‘young Simba.’

Well, the now grown baby boy seems to be taking after his daddy in terms of color but the hair definitely came from Tanasha Donna.

Check out the photos below.

Tanasha’s son
Tanasha’s son

“Call him Sonko”. Sonko ask Diamond and Tanasha to name baby boy after him 

Diamond Platnumz and his current girlfriend Tanasha Donna are just two months away from having a baby boy.

The two made the grand announcement last weekend during Diamond’s mother’s party and asked fans to suggest names for the baby.

“(please advice the name……..????????)
Nyinyi ni ndugu zangu……nyinyi ni familia yangu….Mna kila haki ya kupendekeza jina la mtoto wetu tumuite nani……tafadhali pendekeza????????” said Diamond. 


Kenyans as usual didn’t waste time sharing names, coming up with some very weird ones too in the process.

2019soul2019soul Aitwe majuto maana next year mda kama huu Tanasha atakua na majuto mengi sana. ????.

lukmamy Kaylan kwa vile nimkenya utakua na nylan dylan na kylanchriskirwaDiaTana … jina Nzuri hilo

dunga_santuri_trinity Mansa Musa Dangote

akiliyababu Jina ni kimonyoski

smashbracket Chibuuuu dangoteeeee!!! Sharp shooter congratulations bro
iam_niryh Muite mwakitombile ????

fetty.ommy kipindi ulikuwa unampa mimba ulituomba ushauri

trishercriss Shing’weng’we????

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was also not left behind saying that Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s unborn baby boy should be named after him if he will be born in Nairobi.

While Diamond is stripping for women on stage, Tanasha is back at home showing her loyalty to him: I can’t cheat on him

During his recent concert #Onemanoneconcert in Kahama, Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz once again proved why he goes by the name of Simba!

Thanks to a few video clips making rounds on social media; we see the singer getting too freaky with a female fan on stage while performing hit song Eneka.

Tanasha on the other hand, isn’t under pressure from such stunts. She’s knows the occupation comes with its pressures and she believes she’s built for that.


No worries

The sassy presenter had to deny that she’ll cheat on Diamond  following clip on social media hanging out with her male co-workers.

She wrote:

“These are the kind of friends I have and this is us at work.”


A fan suggested that Diamond should be very careful with her because she looks like a cheat.

“I think diamond should be very careful,” a fan said. 

Tanasha responded to the fan saying that Diamond has no reason to.

“He has absolutely nothing to worry about.” said the presenter.

Publicity hungry Bey T finally drops Tanasha’s diss track. You should listen to this if you love Tanasha

Tanasha Donna has added yet another enemy to the long list of those who hate her after she started dating singer Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha, who has enemies all over starting with women Diamond has dated and dumped to just typical haters, is now being attacked by Bey T, an upcoming artist who recently claimed Tanasha stole her catch phrase.

Catch Phrase

As weak as that allegation was, Bey T is not playing around and wants her “Kenya to the world” catch phrase back. The upcoming singer has now punished Tanasha with a diss track dubbed “Don to the donna”.

In the track, Bey T claims the reason why Natasha is doing better music wise is because she sleeps around… and of course because she has Diamond now.

“Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. The only thing you got on me is p*ssy mileage,” she posted. 

Listen to the song below:


Diamond’s Tanasha: There was nothing between me and Ali Kiba. Just work

There has been a lot said between Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna. The NRG radio presenter has been rumored to date several guys including Ali Kiba.

In a recent interview, she clarified that she has never had any romantic relationship with the star but only appeared in his music video as a vixen.

“When we did that video we never had a thing. We never even exchanged numbers it was very professional. We never had a thing, matter of fact, back then I was in a relationship and my ex was at the video shoot the entire time tulikuwa tunashoot hio video.” she said. 


The radio host, who dated Nick Mutuma, also denied she slept with Wizkid who, was captured in a video showing her leaving with him after a show.

“Diamond has never asked me about wizkid and he knows the situation. We were just friends. We never dated. Let me make things clear.” she said.

Tanasha finally explains why wedding to Diamond was called off

Singer Diamond Platnumz and his new catch Tanasha Donna had a wedding on the way only to inform fans that it was canceled a few weeks later.

In a recent interview with Wasafi FM, Tanasha spoke on different subjects from her music to her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking in the interview, the radio presenter shared that the wedding was canceled because they wanted to know each other more.

“We decided to take our time focusing on knowing each other. Loving eqch other. Wedding plans will come God willing. Who knows with time maybe I move here. At the moment this works.” she said. 


Diamond was allegedly warned by her family not impregnate the singer until they are officially one. Tanasha also has been forced to deal with pregnancy rumors lately, denying that she is carrying Diamond’s baby.


Tanasha on dating Diamond: If Jesus was hated who am I not to be

Diamond Platnumz’s new catch, Tanasha Donna confessed that she wasn’t ready for all the chaos, trolls and nosy fans when she first fell for him.

Speaking on Citizen TV, the singer who was launching her new song “Radio” said that when she started dating the popular singer, she almost fell into depression.

“In the beginning, they (trolls) used to get to me. I almost fell into depression but then I overcame it. If Jesus was hated who am I not to be,” she said. 


She added that so far, Diamond has been very supportive in her music career.

“He has been super supportive through out this journey and he still supports me. I just want to thank him and the whole Wasafi team.I feel blessed,” she said. 

Tanasha proves she’s a better singer than all other Diamond’s ex-girlfriends in her new jam “Radio”

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has finally released her first song dubbed radio featuring rapper Barrack Jacuzzi.

While everyone primarily knows her as simply a radio girl and perhaps a model, Tanasha also has a hidden talent in singing and she decided to let the world in on it.

By far it’s better than all songs that have been released by other women Diamond has dated. Zari Hassan by far has the worst songs. Hamisa tried while Wema Sepetu also proved she could sing.


Tanasha took to Instagram to announce her venture to music as she thanked her team for the effort put in the songs.

“A huge thanks to the entire team on board, amazing dancers/models their social media handles are all at the end of the video but will defos be tagging them along the way!Thank you for the love so far, I shall continue to grow and perfect my craft,” she wrote. 

Watch the video below: