Zari goes after Hamisa Mobetto’s neck after word emerged she can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out 

All Diamond Platnumz’s exes are fighting each other. Zari, who has two kids from the popular singer, has been attacking all other women who dated the star in all kind of ways.

It seems the mother of five is now done with Tanasha Donna and has now moved to Hamisa Mobetto.

After word emerged that Hamisa can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out of the house, Zari took to social media to mock the socialite saying that sex can’t pay her bills anymore.

“Pussy ain’t good after all huh,” Zari comment on a post from a popular site reporting Hamisa has been chased out.


Diamond had rented a beautiful mansion for the model to live with her mum and kids on top of dishing out thousands of cash for child support. It seems the singer has stopped paying for the house and now Hamisa is desperately looking for other options.

Zari: I want to be a billionaire and I can’t do that as a musician

Socialite Zari Hassan is rich but that’s not enough. No yet. She wants to be richer.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian media, Zari shared that she wants to grow her wealth and she plans to do so through her empire and not music.

“I can’t do that as a musician because it takes a lot of time before you can actually earn from music,” Zari said in an interview. 


The mother of five said that music takes time to make money in Africa therefore doesn’t impress her anymore.

“Unlike Americans, in Africa, it is not easy to become famous within a short time. So I better focus on my businesses. I have kids and music will require so much of my time because I have to be on tour all through.” she said. 

Zari has different songs that have all turned out to be flops. She said that she no longer sings or dance in music videos any more.

“I think the person needs to pay me so much to appear on their song,” she said. 

“I have had a few offers from Nigerians, but some of the offers I declined because the money was too little for me to leave my work and family to go for that,” Zari said.

Diamond Platnumz’ dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don’t even know how Zari sounds

Zari Hassan and her two kids from Diamond Platnumz have never met Diamond’s dad in person.

Despite Zari and Diamond being together for close to five years, Diamond has never bothered to introduce them to his dad Mzee Juma.

Juma recently opened up about the issue saying that he doesn’t even know Zari’s voice because they have never met face to face.

”aah!sijai ona wajukuu wangu ata sauti yake zari sijawai sikia” he said. 

Never meet

Zari was Diamonds ex and they had two kids namely Tiffany and Nillian.

It’s not a secret Diamond and his dad never see eye to eye. Diamond has been dodging his dad for years now and it’s not shocking that he has never met his kids.

The day Mzee Juma planned to pay them a visit, Diamond had gone for a music tour, denying him a chance to see his grandchildren.

Zari denies hiring cars to floss on social media: My man has all those cars

Socialite Zari Hassan is a bossy lady but all the cars she flaunts on social media might not necessarily be her’s.

Though Zari Hassan is well off, fans think she has been flaunting too much on social media and that some of the items she shows are not her own.

Replying to this, the mother of five stated that some of the cars are not hers but neither are they hired. They actually belong to her rich boyfriend who goes by the name King Bae

”My man has a collection of these beasts. I do not need to hire. If they do want to hire, they can google places they can hire,” she responded.

One year

The Ugandan socialite and businesswoman has been posting now and then about her new man ever since she introduced him on Valentines day.

It’s been almost an year off being single for Zari since she broke up with Diamond Platnumz in 2018. Zari also told fans the reason why she’s hiding Kingbae’s face is because he’s only her’s and not for social media.

I love how I make you choke! Zari responds after being told she brags too much

Zari Hassan has all the finest things money can provide in this world and she always makes sure everybody following her on social media understands that.

A fan recently took to social media to complain that Zari Hassan has been bragging too much on social media and needs to stop.

Surprisingly, Zari fired back with an expected comment urging the fan to stop being a hater.

“Even Kim Kardashian doesn’t shout that much or brag about how rich she is only those who wish to be rich are one who always makes noise about them being rich lol .what’s up shall come down bible says.” said the fan in the comments section.

Boss lady

Zari replied:

“I love how I make you choke…. careful when choking next time, I don’t wanna see vomit on my page.”

Well, there’s a reason why she’s called boss. Zari runs the Brooklyn group of City Colleges with branches in Rustenburg, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Vereeniging, Durban, and East London respectively.

Zari Hassan denies ex-husband Ivan made her: That’s where y’all get confused

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to deny that all her riches, name and lifestyle are because of her ex-hubby Ivan Don Ssemwanga. As it were, Ivan was very wealthy, a fete that got him crowned “God-father of the rich gang”.

The late Ivan who sired three kids with Zari Hassan, passed away on Thursday, May 25, in a South African hospital after 11 days in ICU following heart related complications.

Zari however has denied that she fell for him because of these riches. Responding to a comment on Instagram, Zari said that she was way way ambitious even before meeting Ivan.

While you’re looking for rich husbands, I wanna be a rich wife. #MondayMotivation to all my hustler ladies out there tryna make it in a male dominated world. We can do,” wrote Zari.


An Instagram follower then responded to Zari’s post saying her late ex-husband was her sponsor.

But after all said and done Don (R.i.p) is still the sponsor of your wealth. But I like the way you have kept up his legacy. #RESPECT,” said Jeddy.

Zari fired back saying:

@jeedymarto that’s where y’all get confused. He never made me, we made each other, we equally played the roles because we had big goals, big dreams. Y’all know Ivan after the boys have been born and grown, look back at my throwbacks and you’ll see what I mean,” responded Zari Hassan.


Diamond Platnumz sends consoling message to Kenyans following Dusit D2 attack

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has sent his condolences after yesterday’s terror attack at Dusit D2 in 14 Riverside.

Diamond took to social media after the attack which has left several dead and dozens injured.

“Maombi yangu yapo kwenu KENYA…Poleni sana na Inshaallah Mwenyezi Mungu atawasimamia… ????,” captioned a photo of Kenyan flag. 


The attack happened around 4pm when four suspected terrorists arrived at the hotel in a silver 5-seater hatchback and walked toward security officers at the hotel’s gate, where they throw an explosive at the security agents.

They then went a head to open fire shooting indiscriminately, killing and injuring dozens. At 4.30, Recce Squad managed to take over the building and neutralized the threat.




“I see you through your sons” Zari Hassan pens touching message to late ex-husband Ivan on his birthday 

It has been an year since Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan ex-hubby, died after a heart attack.

Ivan and Zari had been together for almost 5 years and had three kids together.

41 years

On social media on Sunday, Zari took time to mourn Ivan who would have celebrated his 41st birthday on that day.

According to the socialite who has always shared how important the man was in his life, Ivan left a huge void after his death.

‘Today you’d have made 41 but God had other plans, yes we miss you being here physically but at the same time it feels like you never left. I see you through your sons, I feel your presence everywhere I am. Your legacy continues to live on. Continue sleeping in peace till we meet again,” she captioned an old photo. 

Zari’s post left tongues wagging though many were glad she still remembers and respects the father of her children.

Zari Hassan hilarious message after Diamond fell off stage during performance

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny over the weekend had a scary moment after falling off stage in Sumbawanga in Tanzania during a hyped performance.

The video of the two Wasafi Records artists being swallowed by the stage has been shared online hundreds of times as fans made fun of the two after the mild accident that left no injuries.

Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hassan also joined the masses to comment on the accident after a fan took to her social media pages to inform her.

Hard fall

“Unajua kama baba yao kapata ajali Kwenye jukwaa huko sumbua wawangaji?” the fan posted. 

“Subir nitume ambulance kutoka Sauzi. Naona unanijulisha akuna madaktari uko.” Zari Cheekily replied. 

Diamond’s new lover was a little bit sympathetic and comforted him after the fall. Tanasha Donna comment on Diamond’s post saying:

“Woooiii, So sorry my Baby”. Diamond responded saying “@Tanashadonna Thank You, Mama.”


Rapper Fid Q forced to eat humble pie and apologize to Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian rapper Fredrick Kubanda, popularly known as Fid Q, recently landed in trouble with WCB Wasafi’s management after mocking their upcoming Wasafi festival.

Fid Q had to post an apology after a promo he shot with Clouds Media Group to promote Tigo Fiesta that ended up angering Diamond’s party.


In the promo, Q accuses Diamond and Wasafi of copying Clouds media after Wasafi announced their Festival. He apologized saying the promo came out bad and he’s not after promoting any enmity between the two.

Here is is statement:

@babutale @Diamondplatnumz: Yote na yote.. Kiukweli yale maneno ya kwenye promo ya “MOJA KUBWA” sikutegemea kama yangekua na uzito huu uliopelekea ndugu yangu uchafukwe kiasi cha kunifungulia bomba la matusi humu insta.. kwanza sikumbuki hata kama niliyatamka kwa nia ya kuleta msigishano huu.. Lakini kama kweli nimewakwaza… Naomba mnisamehe kibinadamu kwa hilo ,naomba tumuache SHETANI apite na mwisho naomba nimalize kwa kusema.. BURUDANI sio VITA <hivyo ninawatakia kila la heri/ MAFANIKIO ya hali ya juu ktk MAPINDUZI YA BURUDANI huko MTWARA.. KEKI YA TAIFA NI KUBWA SANA NA INA VIPANDE VINGI VINAVYOTOSHA KUMFIKIA KILA ANAYESTAHIKI KWA KUDRA ZAKE MUWEZA WA VYOTE…. MAULID NJEMA” wrote Fid Q.

Zari reminds ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz of what he’s missing with these 5 thirst-inducing photos 

It’s now almost 10 months since Zari Hassan and singer Diamond Platnumz officially broke up.

While Diamond has been accused of sleeping with almost every beautiful lady in East and Central Africa, Zari has focused on her business in South Africa and her five kids.

Zari and the kids recently took time off to enjoy some warm waters which also gave the 38-year-old socialite( or is it 43 years?) a chance to show the world her curvy body and remind her ex-hubby that she still has the looks.


Zari lately has been complaining that the singer has neglected his kids and needs to see them more.

According to a source close to the mother of five disclosed to Global Publishers that Zari hired the legal mind to ensure that their co-parenting agreement is fully observed.

“Diamond has been visiting South Africa every month because it is a legal obligation he must meet. That obligation was set by Zari’s lawyer, who was hired to ensure that the ex-couple’s co-parenting agreement is fully observed,” said the source.

Well, here are the photos:


Zari gives fan a piece of her mind after calling her daughter bipolar

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan recently had to check a fan after posting a rather unexpected comment on her instagram page.

We all know Zari manages her daughter Tiffah Dangote’s Instagram page which has almost two million followers now.

Zari recently got angry after one fan who called her out for using the word bipolar on the daughter’s photo caption.

“Mama said act and sit like a lady. Well, am counting fingers before my ‘biopolar’ kicks in”, posted Zari On Tiffah’s account. 

Sip tea

Not many were happy with the caption which means a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

“How on earth can you use such a illness on your little girl, please when you come back to the UK be my guest and come to our mental hospital to see people who suffer from bipolar.” a fan complained. 

Zari had to check the fan telling her to mind her own business.

There’s a Harry Potter in East Africa! Zari Hassan trolls Hamisa Mobetto after she was accused of witchcraft 

Diamond Platnumz exes are accusing him of practicing Witchcraft despite the singer recently claiming that Hamisa Mobetto used juju on him.

Diamond was recently in the news after he came out to share Hamisa used juju on him and made him buy a house for her. Hamisa was allegedly recorded asking a witch doctor to help her tame Diamond so that they can get married.

Blame game

Fans then brought an old article posted a while back that has Wema Sepetu’s mum accusing the singer of using witchcraft on her daughter so that she loves him.  According to the mum, Diamond buried three live sheep and some other weird rituals to get Wema Sepetu.

Zari, while following the matter, indirectly called Hamisa Harry Porter of East Africa

“Who else is here for the comments …and what did I miss?” Zari wrote and fans were quick to fill her in on the drama she has been missing.

Here’s what fans told her:




Zari fires back with savage response after being called ‘Mshamba’ by popular actress 

Socialite Zari Hassan is back on Instagram and she’s back with a lot of fury. The socialite was recently forced to fire back with a blunt reply to actress Faiza Ali who tried to troll her..again.

Faiza accused Zari of looking down on Tanzanians despite being a “villager from Uganda.”

“Na zaidi anazarau sana watanzania..halafu mie namuonanaga mshamba tu na style zake za kishamba,” Faiza commented on Zari’s post.

Stay in your lane

Zari, who is coming off multiple Instagram hacks, fired back at the actress who has cultivated a tendency of trolling her online.

“Mshamba wakiganda, alafu mie napenda ushamba wangu. Twende kazi…. maneno ata kwa kanga yapo… secure the bag,” She wrote.


Zari’s hacked Instagram stops posting porn, starts sharing Hamisa and Diamond’s photos

Zari Hassan’s team insisted that they have her account back, but over time, hackers have proved that they are still in control.

Hassan was hacked on August 6 during her daughters birthday. Her team, hours later, came out to share that they have managed to win back the Instagram page but it’s highly unlikely.

Not Zari

The page has been posting shocking content since then, starting off by sharing pornographic material. Now the hackers shocked over four million followers by posting Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu photos photos.

The images uploaded on account forced his Manager Galston Anthony to state that Zari was not in any way involved in posting.

“I would to recommend to everyone not to hit the like button, as Zari has not posted this. As her manager I will let u know once the account is back in her control. No content posted from yesterday is co-signed or approved by Zari. for the hacker. As for the hackers, U might do this for recognition but sadly, u will make no money off this and no one will remember ur name. U will go to bed feeling a deep sense of emptiness as u have the very short end of the stick. Zari the winning team!! Hacker in a few days….everyone will forget u even existed” shared Zari’s Manager.

Diamond’s mother’s message to Zari before traveling to South Africa for birthday party

Singer Diamond Platnumz has organised a one-of-a-kind bash for his daughter Tiffah Dangote ahead of her birthday party in South Africa.

Diamond’s mother had a message for Zari Hassan and the kids before she jets there for the party which will see 30 other members flown from Tanzanian to South Africa to attend.

Like me

Sandrah shared a video of the kids and said that the kids are a true reflection of herself and that she loves them so much. The message comes at a time when Zari and Diamond are leaving miles apart after parting ways.

Unajua nataka kuchukua files zangu zote nikuletee huko huko south Mama Tee, huo mtambo wako wa Photo Copy utakuwa balaaa! Yaani nikiwatazama watoto hawa kama najitazama katika kioo na Tiffah ukaona uibe na shingo ya Bibiiiii kabisaa duuh!!” said Sandrah.

Diamond Platnumz’ family share they might miss his son’s birthday

Diamond Platnumz’s family are not sure they will attend his son’s birthday party. Diamond’s son with Hamisa Mobetto, Abdulatifah Naseeb, will have a birthday on August, same month as his daughter with Zari Hassan.

The family said they are focused on Tiffah’s birthday according to Global TV. Tiffah’s birthday is on 4th August while Naseeb’s is on 7th August.

Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister, said she won’t attend the event because she has never been invited to any other function in the past.

Why now?


“Hivi ushawai one kina Hamisa wanatualika kwenye issues zao hata kidogo? Hivyo hatuwezi enda hata kidogo wala hatutarajii kuenda kabisa”, she said.

Diamond’s family members was also reported saying that there is no need to hide the fact that they are focusing on Tiffah’s birthday party.

Zari Hassan responds after hearing Diamond is coming with Wema sepetu to her house

Diamond has announced that at least 30 fans will be flown to South Africa for his daughter’s birthday party. His manager, Babu Tale, revealed that they’ve offered free flights to a number of Bongo Movie actresses who had organized Zamaradi Mketema’s son 40 days celebrations.

One of those offered the chance to fly there is none other than Wema Sepetu. She took to Instagram to share the news, saying she was excited to be part of the team picked.

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Don’t come

Zari Hassan, the woman of the house, doesn’t look too happy about the 30 guys, especially Wema, coming from Tanzania to her house. On Instagram she answered a fan who alerted her that the 30 were coming, to which she replied they shouldn’t at all.

“Mama Tee Tiunakuja sauzi sisi shangazi zake Tee na mama zake wa Kambo” said the fan on her Instagram

Zari responded saying: “Haha sitakikunichafulia nyumba samahani. Mkai uko uko”

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.


Zari Hassan leaves fans panicking with excitement after photos being kissed by Mzungu 

Who is that?

That’s the question four million Instagram followers had for socialite Zari Hassan after she shared a few photos getting a warm kiss from a white guy her fans had never seen before.

South African

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-wife posted the photos on insta stories getting a kiss from the white South African guy leaving many debating whether she has finally found someone to replace her Casanova ex.

The photos also come hours after Diamond hinted in his new song “Biala” that Zari was after using him and nothing more.

Why Zari Hassan needs your help

Socialite Zari Hassan has asked her fans to help her track down con men who are using her name on social media.

Zari, who has now 4 million flowers on Instagram, shared that people are suing her name to con innocent fans and also soliciting money from innocent people using her Charitable Foundation.


On Instagram through her manager Galston Anthony, she asked her fans to unite and report all the fake social media accounts using her name since all her accounts have been verified.

“Please be alert of SCAMMERS! There are people creating fake IG and Facebook Pages under the pretense of “ZariTheBossLady Foundation” or names quite similar. Zari has never asked for money from the public to carry out any charitable work. Please also note that if she hasn’t post it on her verified IG, Facebook or Twitter then it cannot be regarded as official. We kindly as you to please report these pages if they look suspicious. Your assistance is highly appreciated. @zarithebosslady” reads a statement from Zari Hassan manager Galston Anthony.

Diamond Platnumz bodyguard shares photo showing how freak accident damaged him(photo)

Diamond Platnumz’ most trusted bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter, was recently involved in a freak accident that left him in hospital with a cracked skull after the motorcycle he was riding collided with another as they both tried to overtake a lorry.

Lucky to be alive

Mwarabu has now come out to share that he’s lucky to be alive and updated fans on his progress saying that he’s feeling much better.

“Namshukuru mwenyezi mungu kwa kuniwezesha kuiona siku ya leo maana kama sio mapenzi yake inawezekana kabsa leo hii nisinge kuwepo kutokana anajali mbaya sana nilio nusurika…” mwarabu said.

Here is the photo that show how the accident could have killed him:

Zari Hassan lands lucrative deal that will see her mentor young girls 

Zari Hassan has been appointed as the a judge of the upcoming competitions for Miss Uganda 2018.

Taking to Instagram, the Ugandan-born socialite shared that she excited and while help the participants fully.

Within every woman is the power to create, nurture and transform & I am proud to be a patron and judge of the @missugandaofficial 2018.
Beauty with purpose is not only the motto for the Miss Uganda foundation but also a powerful tool for change.

“Uganda I’m looking forward to coming home and mentoring & inspiring the contestants that will participate in the #MissUG18 on the 10th of August 2018 at the @kampalasheraton.” she said on Instagram.

The socialite has also been doing numerous charity events in her home country lately. Miss Uganda 2018 kicks off on August 10.



Zari Hassan’s son now a rapper, releases his first track called “Goal”

Zari Hassan was a singer, she married a singer and now, her second-born, Raphael, has now officially joined the club after dropping his first rap song called “Goal”.

The young kid, who goes by the name Lil Flex, took to Instagram to share about his new song, asking his followers to support him by sharing.

“Guys please go do the most on my new track ❤❤??” he posted,

Zari Hassan and Raphael,

Nothing from Zari

Zari Hassan not yet talked about the song on her social media but she might soon considering how she supports her kids.

Listen to his new song which he features DOWAP and KXLVIN HERE 

Zari Hassan: Keep on thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen overnight

Many people are always quick to argue that socialite Zari Hassan is a gold digger who just got lucky after landing a rich man. Zari Hassan, however, has one message for all of them: Keep dreaming if you think a man will change your life.

It’s me behind it all

Taking to Instagram, Zari shared a message hinting that she’s the one who pushed the men she had to success. In other words, she’s the woman behind it all.

Here’s the captioned:

“Pale unaposkia pesa za urithi… apo vipi. Success isn’t sexually transmitted my dear. Endeleeni kudanga thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen overnight. Even if he did you will be like part of the furniture he has a right to take out old ones and bring in new ones, as for me it’s not easy to get rid of me. IAM THE FOUNDATION not the roof…haha, She said. 



Shocking amount Zari was paid while in Kenya

The Colour Purple concert at the Uhuru Gardens last Saturday saw popular socialite Zari Hassan land in Kenya to grace the event.  Zari also did a few visits to different hospitals in Nairobi including one in Kayole where she toured with gospel singer Size 8.

Lump sum amount

Word has now emerged that Zari was paid a cool Ush37.3 million, which translates to a million Kenya shillings. The Star newspaper states that after all her expenses were catered for, she walked away with the amount.

“Zari was paid Sh1 million. Let me tell you something else, the accommodation and transport costs were over Sh500,000, so that is KSh1.5 million,” said a source close with the operation. 

Zari becomes the latest foreigner coming to Kenyan and reaping big checks, a thing that Kenyan artists have always been against.

Zari to Maina Kageni: Everyone knows I loved Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan is currently in Kenya for the Purple concert which will be tomorrow at Uhuru Gardens. She has been doing a bunch of interviews, hyping up the event.

In her Classic 105 FM interview with Miana Kageni today, she confessed that she loved Diamond and it hurt her when they broke up.

“I loved him so much and everyone knows about that. You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with ‘madharau’ that is when it became too much. I felt that my integrity was so low.


Like, when my big boys see trolls, Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up. I asked myself, why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media. Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.