Zari goes after Hamisa Mobetto’s neck after word emerged she can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out 

All Diamond Platnumz’s exes are fighting each other. Zari, who has two kids from the popular singer, has been attacking all other women who dated the star in all kind of ways.

It seems the mother of five is now done with Tanasha Donna and has now moved to Hamisa Mobetto.

After word emerged that Hamisa can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out of the house, Zari took to social media to mock the socialite saying that sex can’t pay her bills anymore.

“Pussy ain’t good after all huh,” Zari comment on a post from a popular site reporting Hamisa has been chased out.


Diamond had rented a beautiful mansion for the model to live with her mum and kids on top of dishing out thousands of cash for child support. It seems the singer has stopped paying for the house and now Hamisa is desperately looking for other options.

Zari responds to pilling pressure to leave Diamond’s house: It’s mine. I used my brain to get a house for my kids and myself 

Socialite Zari Hassan will not leave her South African house which she acquired from Diamond Platinumz while they were still a couple.

In an interview on radio, Diamond reminded the world that the house Zari lives in is from him. Zari has been complaining that Diamond is a deadbeat dad and doesn’t support his kids but has never acknowledged that the house came from him.

On social media fans have been pressuring her to leave the house saying that if she wants peace, she better leave.

leemontana3788: @zarithebosslady if you are really bosslade Leave @diamondplatnumz house in S.A.

herithergodwin: If I were you,I could just leave his house, mtoto mswahili sana huyo.

rozy2054: @lolo_chaps we love zari but truth be told nyumba ni ya domo. And he has power over the house.


Zari responded to them saying that she participated in buying the house and it’s just as much as her.

“Tabia za kuzaa na wanaume bila kutumia akili sio tatizo langu. Wenye comment za toka kwa nyumba yetu. Nilitumia akili zangu kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu. Kumbuka nyumba ninazo 4 apa sauzi. Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe. (that nasty behaviour of bearing children with men without using your brains is not one that I exhibit. Those commenting and asking me to move out, listen, I used my brawn to get [diamond] to buy me this house. Remember, I have four houses in south Africa. Those who dare can come and remove me from this house).” 


Zari denies hiring cars to floss on social media: My man has all those cars

Socialite Zari Hassan is a bossy lady but all the cars she flaunts on social media might not necessarily be her’s.

Though Zari Hassan is well off, fans think she has been flaunting too much on social media and that some of the items she shows are not her own.

Replying to this, the mother of five stated that some of the cars are not hers but neither are they hired. They actually belong to her rich boyfriend who goes by the name King Bae

”My man has a collection of these beasts. I do not need to hire. If they do want to hire, they can google places they can hire,” she responded.

One year

The Ugandan socialite and businesswoman has been posting now and then about her new man ever since she introduced him on Valentines day.

It’s been almost an year off being single for Zari since she broke up with Diamond Platnumz in 2018. Zari also told fans the reason why she’s hiding Kingbae’s face is because he’s only her’s and not for social media.

Zari sends cryptic message to Tanasha during Valentines Day: You can’t change him  

Mother of five kids Zari Hassan broke up with the father of two of those kids, Diamond Platnumz, last Valentine’s day, accusing him of cheating on her several times.

Zari has marked this years Valentine’s by sending a cryptic message to Diamond’s new catch, Tanasha Donna, warning her that the singer will end up doing the same thing to her just like all other women he’s been with.

Taking to social media, Zari posted the message saying that Tanasha wouldn’t be able to change Diamond.

“I do not know who needs to hear this but unless he wears a diaper you cannot change him,” Zari shared.

Meet up

Perhaps she might not be talking about Tanasha and Diamond and fans are just over reacting. In a recent interview, Tanasha revealed that social media has always tried to pin the two against each other.

Tanasha confessed that even though she has never met Zari, she hopes she’ll meet her soon and they can iron things out.

“I hope one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing us, but one day, God-willing, we shall meet and talk,” said the radio presenter.

‘You are good for Gorilla tracking’ Zari Hassan destroys activist Mange Kimambi in new social media war 

Socialite Zari Hassan and controversial US based Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi are back at it after renewing their beef.

Kimambi started it all several months ago after claiming that Zari has been lying about her age and was even detained while trying to enter the US.

Zari, in return, shared that Kimambi was a broke bitter woman who was jealous of her success and is doing everything to bring her down.


The renewed fight, however, has switched gears and this time included their kids after they were dragged into the fight.

Zari said that Mange was bitter to the extent of neglecting her kids who were malnourished and had hair full of lice.

In response, Kimambi claimed that Zari’s kids had no teeth and if they were put together to play, his son would be scared thinking Halloween had returned.

I mean just look, they can’t even play together. Keanu angeogopa sana angehisi Haloween imerudi anakimbizwa na zombie mtoto, especially na hizo #ChineseGucci alizovalishwa,” wrote Mange Kimambi.

That escalated everything and Zari went on a rampage, posting over 10 posts dissing Kimambi and her family.

Here are the posts:

Zari Hassan wouldn’t mind Akothee moving in with her 

Singer Akothee has been doing a lot of crazy things on social media and many people would prefer watching all that from a distance.

But not Zari Hassan.

Zari recently took to social media to applaud the singer’s unique lifestyle and add that she wouldn’t mind enjoying it firsthand at her home.


On social media, Zari commented on Akothee’s post saying that she’s one crazy lady but she loves her lifestyle.

“When I said you are craiiizi I meant it. Please move in with me and make us all crazy. I like this crazy.” posted Zari. 

Akothee in return replied:

“We finished giving birth and now it’s time to enjoy life. Come soon we lit it. We control dis streets.” she said. 


There’s a Harry Potter in East Africa! Zari Hassan trolls Hamisa Mobetto after she was accused of witchcraft 

Diamond Platnumz exes are accusing him of practicing Witchcraft despite the singer recently claiming that Hamisa Mobetto used juju on him.

Diamond was recently in the news after he came out to share Hamisa used juju on him and made him buy a house for her. Hamisa was allegedly recorded asking a witch doctor to help her tame Diamond so that they can get married.

Blame game

Fans then brought an old article posted a while back that has Wema Sepetu’s mum accusing the singer of using witchcraft on her daughter so that she loves him.  According to the mum, Diamond buried three live sheep and some other weird rituals to get Wema Sepetu.

Zari, while following the matter, indirectly called Hamisa Harry Porter of East Africa

“Who else is here for the comments …and what did I miss?” Zari wrote and fans were quick to fill her in on the drama she has been missing.

Here’s what fans told her:




Zari: I have also dated broke guys before 

While many think that Zari Hassan is always getting rich guys, the socialite has come out to reveal that she also dated her own share of broke guys.

During a recent interview in Uganda, the mother of five said that she also dated a few broke guys before settling for the rich  Ivan Don and later Diamond Platnumz.


She went on to add that when dating, people should go after the connection first and understanding each other. Not money.

“You just need to find someone who understands you. It’s not about money or looks because I have been through the money phase, the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know where I fall,” Zari said during her Interview on NBS.

She also said that she’s still not yet ready to date again after Diamond broke her heart.

“Maybe next year is when I will come out with someone to date but now I am not thinking of it.” added Zari

Diamond is surrounded by birthdays! Zari Hassan’s firstborn son also celebrates birthday 

Tiffah Dangote has celebrated a birthday. Hamisa Mobeto’s daughter with Diamond has also celebrated a birthday and now Zari Hassan’s first son, who she had with late hubby Ivan, has also celebrated his 15th birthday.

Since Zari has been hacked on Instagram, the mother of five hasn’t posted any birthday message but Pito’s younger brother, Quincy, had a lovely message for him on Instagram.


“Happy birthday bro @pinto_bitw Though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. You are such a great role model for me because you are so loving and caring. Also You are my mentor and supporter in every aspect of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day. A very happy birthday big bro lots of love @pinto_bitw,” he said. 

Ivan left most of the property to Pinto when he died. Once he clocks 18, the kid will be a straight millionaire.

Hacking spree! Comedian Kansiime’s Instagram page also hacked after Zari 

Ugandans are under attack.

Hours after Zari Hassan lost her account to hackers who are now demanding $4000, Kansiime, another Ugandan, has also been hacked and they want the same amount…in Bitcoins.

Taking to YouTube, the popular comedian posted a message saying that someone hacked her and demanded the amount. She got a call from a friend informing her that something with her account wasn’t adding up.

“Yesterday someone hacked into my Instagram account. My Instagram handle was @Kansiime 256 and I had over 250,000 followers. I got a call from a friend asking what was wrong with my account. I get my phone, went to the account and it was showing me zero followers, I’m following zero people and even the profile picture is gone, ” She said on her YouTube channel.

Big blow

She went on to add that she uses the account to make money and losing it was a big blow.

“I was so scared, my arms were shaking I was sweating, I couldn’t believe I had zero followers on Instagram.” she said.  “Let’s have some mercy we know you came to steal kill and destroy but at least leave me my pictures. I found my account a virgin account, it’s like they got it to factory settings.”

Zari’s account hacked again, hackers post porn

News that socialite Zari Hassan’s Instagram account has been hacked spread like wild fire. The mother of five lost her account on the worst day possible to do it: During her daughter’s birthday.

The socialite then managed to win the account hours later but it seems the hackers still have control.


The hackers have shocked millions of die-hard followers that adore the socialite after they started sharing porn today in the morning using the account. It seems though Zari might have won the account back, she’s might not be in total control.

The hackers want a clean $4,000 to return the account and now they are punishing Zari for not paying. The post has now been deleted.



Zari Hassan slams fan who attacked her for listening to Diamond’s songs

Zari Hassan was recently forced to fire back at a fan who wanted her to stop listening to her ex-husband’s song.

Zari posted a clip listening to Diamond Platnumz’ song but a fan wanted her to stop supporting her ex. She claimed that Diamond has dumped her but she’s still in denial.

 “Unamuwaza Mondina Nyimbo zake …..ukiachwa achika” wrote QueenBinkel.

Zari wasn’t so pleased with the comment and she fired back at the fan, slamming her.

@QueenBinkel Nanikipiga za Nigeria Wote nawawaza, mtu akisema akili ndogo mnahara wiki nzima” replied Zari Hassan.

Why Zari doesn’t want to be compared to other socialites like Huddah and Wema 

Socialite Zari Hassan doesn’t want to be compared to anyone. Especially, other socialites.

On Instagram, the mother of five who has always insisted that she’s self made, threw shade to other socialites who are fighting hard for attention and still trying to make a living.

Ati sijui A or B, mimi sio izo level zenu, I worked for my name. Am not a social climber,” read her post.

Pick one?

Her words comes after Tanzanian blogs continue to compare her to Diamond Platnumz new flame, Wema Sepetu. Fans can not seem to agree on which lady the popular singer should settle down with between the two, dragging Zari and Wema in a never-ending argument on who is better.


Fan to Zari: Are you a Christian or a Muslim because you praise both Allah and God 

Socialite Zari Hassan found herself in unexpected grounds after a fan demanded to know her religion. For a long time, not many have been able to place which religion the socialite belongs to.

It seems the guessing game will not end anytime soon after she shooed off a fan who asked the question with a rather vague answer.

maryamlipo Are you Muslim or Christian coz sometimes you’re at church sometimes praising Allah @Zarithebosslady,” asked the fan.

Zari however, didn’t want to choose sides and instead replied:

zarithebosslady @maryamlipo yes babe I do as I please not how you others want me to,” she fired back.


But which side does she really belong?

It’s hard to tell. The mother of five, wore a Hijab as she marked her late mother’s(a Muslim) one year death anniversary.

She’s been in church just as many times as she’s been spotted with the Hijab. Ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz is a Muslim while Ivan ssemwanga was a christian.

Some even argue she’s Illuminati, so perhaps, only Zari can tell us the truth.

Zari fires at fan after claiming he’s talking and stalking Diamond through her kids’ accounts

Socialite Zari Hassan was not happy recently with a bunch of fans that have been trolling, mocking and throwing shade on her on Instagram.

She has now unfriended and blocked all of them.

This comes after her young kid’s posts on Instagram which has made her fans claim that she’s using their accounts to talk to her ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz.

She recently posted Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan praying asking them to also pray for him. Fans attacked her saying she’s the one behind their popular accounts, though Zari insisted praying has been a thing in her house for a long time.

Zari attacks Diamond’s TV station: If y’all continue likes this, this TV will be watched by clowns 

Zari Hassan might be out of Diamond Platnumz’ life but she still cares…. or should we say concerned.

She was recently on social media to hint on which direction Diamond Platnumz’ TV station, Wasafi TV, should take after noticing the station is headed straight to the grave because of it’s content.

Change or perish

Taking to Instagram, she posted a comment saying that they need to change their content strategy if they want sponsors to come on board.

“Real TV are bringing people real news, the accidents the burning building, politics because people want to see what’s happening in their own country, sports as in real content. If yall continue likes this, this TV will be just for a circus. No big time sponsors will want to associate themselves with this in terms of Ads. Just my 2cents advice because I love to see people make it big in life… enough na kiki zakijinga.Wote watonitukana ni clowns pia. Be Blessed,”  she stated.

Her advice comes after Wasafi launched a new segment for celebrity gossip.

“jeyf_mingreatone “@zarithebosslady ila kweli ukiangalia wats the tv is really doing.. Sioni yenyewe kufika levels za clouds na zungine zilizojimanifest tayari… Ni kama walikurupuka sijui.. Am still wondering ivi dizzimOnline na radio yake ni ya nani.. Kwann wasingeweka effort kwenye hio.. Tz inatawalwa na kiki.. Gossips ila sivyo radio na tv zinaendelea.. Afu ubaya ata izo kiki they have still based on their labelbrands.. Its time to change @wasafitv@zarithebosslady Hapa kaongea ukweli mtupu.. I have been thinking of the same thing.. Sina team.. Ila napenda kuona tvs na redios more like clouds.” said a fan.

Added another:

“Wasafi used to be one of my best music channels but nowadays im fed up with it alwAys gossiping about things that dont benefit us atleast u people should be encouraging youths on how to fight poverty give them motivationd like u @diamondplatnumz u used to be a hustle and many other artists like u why dont u give such interviews bring ua own stories to motivate us youths go out talk to youths”


Shocking amount Zari was paid while in Kenya

The Colour Purple concert at the Uhuru Gardens last Saturday saw popular socialite Zari Hassan land in Kenya to grace the event.  Zari also did a few visits to different hospitals in Nairobi including one in Kayole where she toured with gospel singer Size 8.

Lump sum amount

Word has now emerged that Zari was paid a cool Ush37.3 million, which translates to a million Kenya shillings. The Star newspaper states that after all her expenses were catered for, she walked away with the amount.

“Zari was paid Sh1 million. Let me tell you something else, the accommodation and transport costs were over Sh500,000, so that is KSh1.5 million,” said a source close with the operation. 

Zari becomes the latest foreigner coming to Kenyan and reaping big checks, a thing that Kenyan artists have always been against.

Zari to Maina Kageni: Everyone knows I loved Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan is currently in Kenya for the Purple concert which will be tomorrow at Uhuru Gardens. She has been doing a bunch of interviews, hyping up the event.

In her Classic 105 FM interview with Miana Kageni today, she confessed that she loved Diamond and it hurt her when they broke up.

“I loved him so much and everyone knows about that. You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with ‘madharau’ that is when it became too much. I felt that my integrity was so low.


Like, when my big boys see trolls, Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up. I asked myself, why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media. Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.

Ringtone rejected by Zari after showing up at Kiss FM with brand new Range Rover for her 

Singer Ringtone is not ready to give up on Zari Hassan. The gospel artist surprised Diamond Platnumz ex-wife with a brand new Range Rover outside Kiss FM offices minutes after Zari said she has no idea who he is.

In an interview with Shaffie and Adelle, Zari said that he has never heard of Ringtone and had no idea he wants her. But either way, the answer is still NO for him even without a meeting.

Love for Range Rovers

According to Kiss, the singer took the fuel guzzler to her but it seems she rejected it. She already has another one just like that anyway.

“I was told you love Range Rovers, so I decided to buy you a small gift. I did not buy you because you can’t afford it yourself. I did not buy because haujawai panda Range Rover,” said Ringtone.

“I bought for you because I realized you like Range Rovers na nimeambiwa you have a white one. So nimeamua nikuongezee, ukue na white na black na mtu hakataangii baraka so this is not attached to like we have to get married. This is just a gift for you.”

Zari Hassan arrives in Kenya (photos)

Zari Hassan will be in Nairobi in May 12 for a concert at the Uhuru Gardens.  The Colour Purple Concert will have free cancer screening for the ladies.

Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be curable and some cancers that affect women include but are not limited to breast cancer, cervical cancer which is screened when one does a pap smear and others like ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

“They say the colour purple is the colour of Royalty, and royalty is in my blood. So come join me at Uhuru Gardens Nairobi – Kenya 12 May, 2018 at the Color Purple Concert and to all my sexy ladies, there will be free Cancer Screening. Can’t imagine y’all in those purples,” wrote Zari on her Instagram page a while back when hyping the event. 

Zari arrived to find media waiting for her at the Airport. Other celebrities that are set to share stage with her include Gloria Muliro, Evelyn Wanjiru, Kush Tracey, Vivian, Wahu, Size 8, Nazizi among others.

Here are the photos:

Images: Courtesy 

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize party with their girlfriends at popular club in Nairobi

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama, Zari Hassan have been in Kenya for a few days where they got to spend their ‘baecation’ at one fancy hotel in Mombasa.

However, the switched up things last night after getting into Nairobi where they partied hard. Diamond Platnumz and his wife/girlfriend or rather baby mama were accompanied by Harmonize and his Caucasian lady to B Club and judging from the photos making rounds on social media – seems that they attracted a huge crowd that could not miss being part of the Tanzanian singers.

Zari at B Club

From the photos it is clear to see that Diamond Platnumz performed for a while before Zari was given a chance to speak to her fans then later on Harmonize hit the stage to perform his current hitsong, Anita!

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan, Harmonize with his girlfriend

Though Harmonize’s girlfriend was not as active as Zari…we can tell that she also had to enjoy the Nairobi party life!