“You need to introduce them to their half-siblings” Diamond Platnumz advised by his mum

Diamond Platnumz almost swallowed his tongue after his kids bluntly asked why he broke up their family. Yes, at barely 10 years Tiffah Dangote who is Diamond Platnumz eldest daughter is asking some serious questions and as a dad – Diamond Platnumz couldnt believe his ears at first.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids, Tiffah and Nillan

Well by now im sure you have all come across the popuoar video uploaded by Diamond Platnumz and judging from how both Tiffah and Nilan are concerned on why their parents are still not together – means Simba has some serious explanations to do in future.

With the video out, one thing his fans agree on is that Diamond Platnumz was wrong not to tell both Tiffah and Nilan that they have other siblings. This is because we all saw him deny them (not really deny) but at least mention they have two other brothers back in East Africa.

Time to introduce kids to each other

As seen on the many comments left under the video, one came from his big sister Esma Platnumz who wrote;

Diamond Platnumz wiht his kids

Umewakosea watoto ulitakiwa uwaambie kuna Tom Kaka(Naseeb Jnr) pia ndugu yao iliwajenge mapenzi tangu wakiwa wadogo km vipi wakutane nae pia

A statement that was backup by his mum saying;

Kumbe siku nyingine unakuwa na akili na kwanini pacha wake walie fanana mwezi mpaka tarehe hajawatajia ndugu yao Naseeb hapo. Hujatenda haki itabidi tuandamane kwa Tom Kaka

But the funny part is that these two are the same people said to have contributed to Zari and Diamond Platnumz breakup; from what I remember hearing is that they knew Hamisa was secretly seeing Diamond Platnumz right under Zari’s nose. Mmmh.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

Diamond Platnumz is currently in South Africa to see his baby mama and kids; But his sudden visit has however left fans assuming that he is plotting something on the low; especially now that Zari appears to have completely moved on with thee dark Stallion.

Of course this has somehow scared Diamond Platnumz especially with his kids comfortable around a stranger; yet their daddy is still alive – but absent.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Well, we can assume that this is a form of marking his territory but truth is his baby mama,Zari Hassan; on the other hand appeared quite excited to have the singer visit and dine with her.

Diamond Platnumz bringing confusion?

This is however the first time Diamond Platnumz has jetted into SA; years after baby mama broke up with him and also moved out of the house he had bought them there.

Juma Lokole takes a swipe at dark Stallion moments after Diamond Platnumz arrives at Zari Hassan’s home

But seeing how dark stallion was easily taking over may have scared the singer; and being one who understands how PR works – the Bongo made sure that everyone is talking about him and Zari – and look we’re already doing it!

Anyway below is a video of how Zari welcomed his baby daddy into her home.

Daddy’s girl: Diamond Platnumz proves his relationship with daughter, Tiffah is still intact! (Photo)

Diamond Platnumz has lately been busy with his businesses; and most of all politics now that Babu Tale was recently elected to parliament through a CCM seat. Rumor has it that he hopes to walk away as the MP of Morogoro where he comes from.

Well, with such on his plate Diamond Platnumz has been up and down trying to ensure that all runs smoothly! Of course it also means less time with his kids especially those in South Africa, Nillan and Tiffah Dangote.

However as the young girl celebrated her 5th birthday; her papa Diamond Platnumz also made it known that he still adores his baby girl despite the distance.

Diamond Platnumz and baby Tiffah

The message shared on the singer’s page proved many wrong for assuming that the singer had recently used his children to get attention on social media. He went on to write;

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Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life…..

And went on to confess his undying love for his baby girl by saying;

words can’t Express how much i love you my tee…. @princess_tiffah ❤????❤

Back to co parenting

This comes just about a month when both Diamond Platnumz and Zari revealed they were now out to co parent for the sake of their children. According to Zari this was not only healthy for her the kids; but also as parents now that they would help out each other when it comes to bills!


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The singer who is now in his 30’s has also been doing the same with his other baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto; but in their case, rumor has it that Diamond has been promoting her clothing business to enable her to stand on her own two feet!

Smart move! With this at least child support won’t be an issue.


“True Definition of an ICON!” Wema Sepetu gushes over Diamond’s act of philanthropy amid Zari’s rants

Wema Sepetu has come out to defend Diamond Platnumz in his bid to help 500 families during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Not many took his act of charity as any form of kindness. His baby mama, Zari Hassan bashed him for hypocrisy and selling a lie to the people.

Zari could not fathom how the father to her two kids was busy helping out other families, while he cared less about his very own young children: Tiffah and Nillan.

Wema Sepetu

However, movie actress Wema Sepetu, was not going to sit and watch a dear Zari tarnish the bongo star’s philanthropic acts.

The Tanzanian model revealed she had thought about putting up this post several times and had finally decided…that so be it!

I have thought so much about putting up this post and it never gave me peace, holding it back. That’s why I decided to post it, regardless…!!!

Bongo actress, Wema Sepetu

Up on Instagram, the former Miss Tanzania thanked Chibu for going out of his way and helping badly afflicted families during this particular time of COVID-19.

Wema believed that being especially the holy month of Ramadhan, this was kind of him and if it was a show of wealth, then every rich person would have given.

They say when you give, God will give you in return. During this holy month of Ramadhan, may he surely bless you manifold. Giving is not all about wealth. Because if that was the case, so many moneyed individuals in Tanzania would have done the same but why YOU…???

The model describe Diamond as a ‘sweet and caring person from day 1’.

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz

Adding that having come from a not so well off background himself, Naseeb indeed knew how it felt to lack basic needs.

You deserve lots of blessings and grace in your life and I am sure you already have that and what you are about to do, will only multiply it the more because you deserve it…

Winding up, she wished Diamond well.

God Bless You Naseeb…!!! @diamondplatnumz ????

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game
Diamond Platnumz


You are a True Definition of an ICON…!!!????????????

Mbwa wewe! Zari angrily blasts fan who ordered her to return Diamond’s kids back to Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz’s ex Zari Hassan was recently forced to blast off a fan during an Instagram live session.

We all know Diamond has been claiming that Zari has denied her the rights to see his two kids but in real sense, Zari has insisted that its Diamond who has been avoiding the kids.


Zari fired back at a fan who commanded her to take the kids back to Tanzania and stop hiding them in South Africa so that Diamond can see them.

With an angry response, Zari Said:

“Mtu ananiambia tunataka watoto. Unawataka kama nani wewe umbwa? [someone telling me they want back their children are they yours?]. Just let me be! We’re comfortable, living a good life. Mind your business and don’t make me insult you,’ she told the fan,” she said. 


Ati rudisha watoto Bongo. Watoto wenu? [bring back the kids to tanzania, are they your children?]. When it comes to my kids I fight for them so shut up and mind your business.


Zari claims good Mjulus from new lover, no stress from Diamond is the reason why she has added weight 

Despite being a Holly month, socialite Zari Hassan has added weight but she can explain why.

The Ugandan took to social media to praise her new lover King Bae and again take some subliminal hits at his ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz. According to Zari, good sex from her lover and little stress from Diamond is the reason why she’s adding weight.

No stress

She added that though she doesn’t want to gain weight, she doesn’t need problems to help her lose some also.

”Healthy kids, gd food, gd sex, money in the bank and peace of mind. Everything is making me fat. Gym is the only solution. I don’t want problems to lose weight. Chei, problems will finish you in a day,” She captioned her photo on Instagram. 

Zari has continuously hinted that her new lover is way better and richer than Diamond Platnumz a reason why she has been happy since winning him.

Why Zari is still very much single despite men like Ringtone begging for her love 

She’s sexy, rich, wife-material, motherly, stylish but still single.

Fans still can’t connect why with all these qualities Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan still sleeps in those expensive sheets alone while very many  out here are ready to kill to have her.

Many have speculated she misses Diamond but Zari has said over and over she’s not interested in getting a man.

The mother of five said she was still single because she was scared of getting hurt for the same reasons. This is after rumours started flying around that she’s now dating singer Ommy Dimpoz.

“Being single is cute, no stress, more fresh and flawless skin,” said on Snapchat.

“Not scared to try again, just scared to get hurt with the same reasons,” she added.


Diamond and Zari still co-parent. The socialite dumped him on Valentines day this year due to cheating.

“This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.  I will continue to build as a mogul, I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. HAPPY VALENTINE’S” read Zari’s post after parting ways.

Zari reminds ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz of what he’s missing with these 5 thirst-inducing photos 

It’s now almost 10 months since Zari Hassan and singer Diamond Platnumz officially broke up.

While Diamond has been accused of sleeping with almost every beautiful lady in East and Central Africa, Zari has focused on her business in South Africa and her five kids.

Zari and the kids recently took time off to enjoy some warm waters which also gave the 38-year-old socialite( or is it 43 years?) a chance to show the world her curvy body and remind her ex-hubby that she still has the looks.


Zari lately has been complaining that the singer has neglected his kids and needs to see them more.

According to a source close to the mother of five disclosed to Global Publishers that Zari hired the legal mind to ensure that their co-parenting agreement is fully observed.

“Diamond has been visiting South Africa every month because it is a legal obligation he must meet. That obligation was set by Zari’s lawyer, who was hired to ensure that the ex-couple’s co-parenting agreement is fully observed,” said the source.

Well, here are the photos:


Zari gives fan a piece of her mind after calling her daughter bipolar

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan recently had to check a fan after posting a rather unexpected comment on her instagram page.

We all know Zari manages her daughter Tiffah Dangote’s Instagram page which has almost two million followers now.

Zari recently got angry after one fan who called her out for using the word bipolar on the daughter’s photo caption.

“Mama said act and sit like a lady. Well, am counting fingers before my ‘biopolar’ kicks in”, posted Zari On Tiffah’s account. 

Sip tea

Not many were happy with the caption which means a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

“How on earth can you use such a illness on your little girl, please when you come back to the UK be my guest and come to our mental hospital to see people who suffer from bipolar.” a fan complained. 

Zari had to check the fan telling her to mind her own business.

Zari’s ‘disrespectful’ birthday message to Diamond Platnumz leaves many talking

Zari Hassan has given social media users a reason to talk following the birthday message she sent Diamond Platnumz.

According to the comments left on the post, most fans think that Zari took it too far; especially since Diamond Platnumz chose to send her a special message as she celebrated her birthday about a week ago.

However judging from her message which read to say, Happy birthday to mwenye vikima vyake only confirmed that there is still bad blood.

Zari’s don’t care attitude

Having been played and humiliated by the Bongo singer seems that Zari has not forgiven nor forgotten what she went through.

Unlike before when she was close to Mama Dangote and Esma, lately the boss lady keeps to herself and of course is surrounded by her family. Anyway you can read the hilarious comments below.



Zari fires back with calm reply after Diamond called her a ‘thirsty monkey’ 

Singer Diamond Platnumz shocked a section of her fan after indirectly referring to her ex-wife Zari Hassan as a thirsty woman.

On Instagram, a fan angered the singer after blasting him off for always touching women inappropriately on stage.

Diamond however, didn’t seemed like he cared and even went on to promise that he’s gonna continue doing it for as long as he wants. In the process, his response was seen as a direct attack to Zari Hassan.

Touching women is part of my job and every woman I date knows that. I will not stop touching women, its part of my job as a musician. And no woman can stop me from doing it. It’s part of my job and I cannot stop because of one monkey talking when what brought her to me was horniness after she saw those clips of me touching women,” said Diamond.


Fans weren’t pleased with the comment and they asked Zari Hassan to put the singer in his place. Zari however, chose to stay away and offered a rather classy reply.

“So I am supposed to react to that? Nah babes, am better that,” she told a fan who asked to fire back at Diamond.


Zari Hassan’s manager buys multi-million off-road beast (Photo) 

Zari Hassan’s personal manager Glaston Anthony has bought a brand new car worth millions.

Taking to social media, Anthony posted the brand new Ford Wildtrak that goes for about Ksh 5 million.

“Another 1! Added to the fleet. #ford #wildtrak now to pimp it put. Any ideas Still thinking of a name….. car purchase inspired by Teddy Mboweni. I used to be very hyper active, but maturing in age has calmed me down. But I’m still very athletic in my mid 30’s in the new Ford Pick up! I think my new Pick Up new a name and New shoes,” he captioned.


He also went on to share though he bought a the Ford, his dream car is a Mercedes Benz G Wago and he’s optimistic he will buy it soon. The costs about 10 million.

“My wish list but a reality real soon,” he captioned.

Zari Hassan leaves fans heartbroken after postponing Tiffah’s birthday Party

Zari Hassan has postponed her daughter’s birthday party hours before it kicked off.

The highly anticipated birthday party that had been scheduled for August 17 in South Africa has been shifted to a later date because of Zari’s tight schedule. Tiffah Dangote was set to celebrate her birthday alongside a huge crowd after she turned 3 on August 6.

Using her (Tiffah) Instagram account, Zari announced that the party won’t be happening this week. Zari is still in Uganda and it seems something might have forced her to cancel the party.

I will throw my bday Party before the month ends Inshallah. Change of plans. Mom is caught up” wrote Zari through her daughters account.

Diamond is expected to fly 30 fans from Tanzania to South Africa to join his family in the celebrations. Zari, severally, has hinted that she would prefer the party cancelled and the crowd set to jet in stays in Tanzania.


Zari Hassan welcomed like a true hero after landing in Uganda (Photos)

Socialite Zari Hassan was given a warm welcome on August 3 after landing in Uganda to launch the Bryan White Foundation offices and charity work.

The Bryan White foundation is ‘A charity organization aimed at empowering & awakening the youths from poverty.’

Ugandans were eagerly waiting for the her and filled the streets the moment she touched down at Arua town in the Northern Region of Uganda. She later on joined the Foundation on the ground for the distribution of scholastic materials and sanitary towels.


Some of the beneficiaries included; Arua parent P/S, Arua Islamic, Arua public, Niva P/S, Nile high school and Arua Hill P/S.

Here are the photos:


Diamond Platnumz’ family share they might miss his son’s birthday

Diamond Platnumz’s family are not sure they will attend his son’s birthday party. Diamond’s son with Hamisa Mobetto, Abdulatifah Naseeb, will have a birthday on August, same month as his daughter with Zari Hassan.

The family said they are focused on Tiffah’s birthday according to Global TV. Tiffah’s birthday is on 4th August while Naseeb’s is on 7th August.

Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister, said she won’t attend the event because she has never been invited to any other function in the past.

Why now?


“Hivi ushawai one kina Hamisa wanatualika kwenye issues zao hata kidogo? Hivyo hatuwezi enda hata kidogo wala hatutarajii kuenda kabisa”, she said.

Diamond’s family members was also reported saying that there is no need to hide the fact that they are focusing on Tiffah’s birthday party.

Fan to Zari: Are you a Christian or a Muslim because you praise both Allah and God 

Socialite Zari Hassan found herself in unexpected grounds after a fan demanded to know her religion. For a long time, not many have been able to place which religion the socialite belongs to.

It seems the guessing game will not end anytime soon after she shooed off a fan who asked the question with a rather vague answer.

maryamlipo Are you Muslim or Christian coz sometimes you’re at church sometimes praising Allah @Zarithebosslady,” asked the fan.

Zari however, didn’t want to choose sides and instead replied:

zarithebosslady @maryamlipo yes babe I do as I please not how you others want me to,” she fired back.


But which side does she really belong?

It’s hard to tell. The mother of five, wore a Hijab as she marked her late mother’s(a Muslim) one year death anniversary.

She’s been in church just as many times as she’s been spotted with the Hijab. Ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz is a Muslim while Ivan ssemwanga was a christian.

Some even argue she’s Illuminati, so perhaps, only Zari can tell us the truth.

Revealed: Everything you need to know about Zari’s trip to Kenya on August 4th 

Kenyans have been curious on Zari Hassan’s trip to Kenya which she has been dropping hints all over on social media. It seems the word is finally out,

The socialite, together with Diamond’s brother Romy Jons, will be in Kenya on August 4 for an all-white party dubbed #ZariAllWhiteParty set to go down at club Moven Pick in Nairobi.

Romy will be the official DJ of the night in the event that has been organised by A1 entertainment.


Second visit

The entertainment company has been planning the event for a while know. The event will see Zari step into Kenya for a second time in less than four months after attending Colour Purple Concert on May 12 that was held at Nairobi’s Uhuru Gardens.

“The wait ends on August 4th, courtesy of the best in the game @a1entke . Take a voyage into luxury with us, create your next adventure, the power is in your hands . #zariallwhiteparty goes down in Nairobi at the Movenpick Hotel on August 4th featuring celebrity DJ @romyjons And of course The Boss lady herself @zarithebosslady . Pull Up! Dress Code : Strictly white with a touch of gold !” A1 shared. 


Zari’s promise to Vera Sidika after she opened her exquisite high-end Beauty Parlour

Vera Sidika has impressed Kenyans after launching one of a kind high-end Beauty Parlour in Westlands, Nairobi dubbed Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour.

The Parlour is in a class of it’s own and even Betty Kyalo’s “Flair by Betty” or Susan Kaittany’s “Posh Palace” have nothing on it after being hyped for months.

Will pass by

Business mogul Zari Hassan had a promise for her friend Vera Sidika after seeing the launch. On Instagram, Zari promised Vera to pass by when she’s in Kenya.

“Congrats Babes….. Will drop in soon” Wrote Zari.

Zari is expected to travel to Kenya soon courtesy of A1 entertainment. She shared the details but didn’t share exactly when she’ll be around.

“It’s your one and only Zari the self-made Boss Lady calling on all ballers to pull up for…… (Wait for/on it powered by the Best in the game A1 entertainment bliiiiiiidat! Kenya are you ready????” she said.

Zari accepts expensive gift from Diamond and leaves singer Ringtone vibrating with anger 

Gospel singer Ringtone offered Zari Hassan a rented brand-new Range Rover forgetting that the Uganda socialite had just bought hers recently. Zari rejected his gift.

The singer was left heartbroken but is now in more pain than ever after Diamond Platnumz gave his ex-wife a collection of expensive gifts. And they were accepted.

A collection of gifts sent to Zari by Diamond

Thank you Diamond

The singer took to Instagram to complain and warn Zari not to fall in that trap of forgiving Diamond while there are many men out there who are ready to love her.

“Dear @zarithebosslady You can’t continue reading pages of a book that you already know how it will end. You left Egypt for Canaan it will be sad if you quit and go back,” said the singer 

“What will happen to all the millions of girls who you told you building ZARI? My advice this is the time you need to seek the face of God. Go into prayer and fasting ask God to give you direction. Meanwhile since we all know you won’t go back to Diamond we are not worried.” 

The plea comes just days after Diamond Platnumz allegedly flew to South Africa on Tuesday in an attempt to settle his differences with Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz scared that his daughter will be used by men if she joins music business

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been in the music business for a long time and he knows some of the evils it comes with.

The music and entertainment business is a tough job and people in power know that most entertainers can do all most anything to get an edge in the field.

Scared for her

Diamond Platnumz knows this all and is now afraid that his daughter Tiffah might be used also.

“Naogopa iwapo tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi,” said Diamond.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Diamond has a reason to be concerned. Ladies are mostly used in the entertainment industry as many men try to sleep with them in exchange for different favours . As a parent, lets hope that it won’t happen.





Zari to Ringtone: Donate that Range Rover to Hamisa Mobetto, she has an old one

Ringtone has been topping headlines last weekend after trying to lure Zari Hassan with a brand new Range Rover. Kenyans made fan out of it and even started the Ringtone Challenge to see if Zari will accept their offers too.

Though the gospel singer hired a brand new Range Rover 2017 for Zari, the socialite rejected it, saying that she doesn’t want anything do with Ringtone and his offers.

She however suggested someone who might.

Try Hamisa

Zari took to Instagram on Saturday, May 12, to ask Ringtone to donate the fuel guzzler to Hamisa Mobetto, her ex-husband Diamond Platnumz’s lover, adding that she drives an old Range Rover model and she might need a new one.

She went on to add that she already has a brand new Range Rover –that she bought for herself and doesn’t need another one.

Zari’s comment

Zari: Who is this Ringtone? I don’t Know him

It’s a moment singer Ringtone has waited for months but now that it’s here, there’s a problem. Zari Hassan is in Kenya to grace The Colour Purple event this weekend at the Uhuru Gardens. Ringtone has been doing everything possible to get her attention and now that she’s in Kenya, he has been optimistic that they might finally meet, and maybe wed.

Zari, however, has no idea who this Ringtone guy is.

In an interview with Kiss FM, the Ugandan opened up that she doesn’t know him and doesn’t have an idea how much he’s into her.

“I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me,” she said in the interview.

Zari in kenya

Can’t give him my number

While Ringtone has been feeding Kenyans a lot of tales of how he’s trying his best to win the mother of five, Zari, has been sharing how she doesn’t need a man. In the interview, she was quick to say that she wouldn’t give ringtone her number.

When asked if she can share her number with Ringtone, she said,  “I wouldn’t want that to happen (laughs).”


‘I have moved on and I’m now focused on my life’ Zari Hassan confesses

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan is focused on her life and not the drama that might be surrounding her, her family, or her estrange husband.

“It’s a free world everybody can do what they want do, when they want to do it. I don’t care what happened between them and baba T, I have my life, I have my children, I have my job, I have so much going on. If you google Zari there’s 20 thousand things coming up. If things happen I just step back and I’m now focused on my life and especially my jobs because since Ivan died I’m so much in charge of everything,” she said in an interview with Kwanza TV in Tanzania.

Men will always come and go

Zari hassan

She also said that she has so much to focus on and wants to double her investment.

“I have so much to do because I don’t know one day I’m going to die and right now it’s all about my work, how can I make investments for my children, how do I make my kids’ lives better, I need to work hard so that they can attend private schools. My first born son is in New York and I need to be able to afford good things for my kids,” said Zari.


“Men will always come and go but when you have your kids, it is one thing you should really focus your energy into. You can have everything a man is looking for lakini atakula nyama akitoka ata tafuta mifupa,”

Zari Hassan’s allegedly now involved with a rich South African tycoon who owns several gold mines

For Zari Hassan to walk away from Diamond Platnumz it only meant that she had found someone better. However, we don’t have enough details about her Mr X who has lately been spoiling her with gifts.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Zari Hassan did confirm that there is a Mr X somewhere; He even sent her flowers and an IPhone X on Valentine’s Day.

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Mr X unveiled

Sources close to the lady have apparently started spilling the beans; and Zari is now allegedly involved in a rich South African tycoon.

Judging from a new paper shared by Millard Ayo; the tycoon is said to own several gold mines and if anything; he plans to relocate Zari and her children to live abroad.

If this is true then now Diamond Platnumz will not live in peace – especially after Zari finds a better man to take care of her and the kids.

Diamond Platnumz eldest sister hints that her brother and Zari Hassan are still together!

Esma Platnumz and Zari Hassan have not been the best of friends ever since Hamisa Mobetto cane into the picture. From the stories shared on social media it seems that Zari blames Esma for having linked Hamisa Mobetto to Chibu and this is how she got pregnant.

For a while now Esma has not been spotted anywhere near Zari and if anything the two don’t follow each other on social media.

Also read: Diamond Platnumz takes shots at Zari Hassan, calls her a stray dog

Speaking to Millard Ayo recently, the mother of two revealed that she had no idea about Zari and Diamond Platnumz breakup. In fact she is still convinced that the two are together since she doesn’t meddle in her brother’s love life. She said,

“Haiwezekani, mimi naona wako pamoja, mimi sijui kama wameachana, mimi nachojua ni kwamba wako pamoja….Hamna tatizo, hamna kitu ambacho kinachoendelea.”

Esma Khan went on to add that even though she is close with her brother, there are some things they don’t talk about.

“Kuna vitu vingine unawachia wenyewe ,kuna vitu havikuhusu wewe. Tutaongea mambo ya kifamilia lakini kuna vitu vingine unaviacha.”

Zari Hassan clears the air

During Zari’s live Instagram session, the mother of 5 confirmed that her break up with Diamond was real.

According to her, they are now involved like two parents and not lovers like before. This is after her man was rumored to be roaming around with other women in East Africa.


“I chase paper not people” Says Zari, has she finally given up on Diamond Platnumz?

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz seem to have split up but they are not saying anything about their relationship. It is however tricky to determine where they stand especially with their on and off love affair.

While Diamond Platnumz is battling to stay alive after Clouds Media decided to bring him down; his baby Mama in South Africa has shared a post that has raised a lot of questions.

Well the post comes a few hours after Diamond Platnumz official photographer was spotted with Hamisa Mobetto a few hours ago. From what many are saying is that the lady is back with the singer and in a matter of time, this shall be revealed!

Zari claims she does not chase anyone

Though she has always been defensive about Diamond Platnumz, Zari now says she cannot chase anyone.

It now seems that she is done with Diamond Platnumz but only time will telll this time around.