Rekindling Old flames? Diamond Platnumz message to Zari leaves fans excited 

A few days ago singer Diamond Platnumz went on to repost a video from his daughter’s page; but what seemed to excite fans is the caption used on the photo.

Of course we all know what happened after Zari walked out on Diamond Platnumz for cheating on her. There was drama, insults and above all, Diamond distanced himself from his kids; a mistake he probably wishes he never made.

However 2 years after the break up it appears that the two parents have eventually made their peace; and now more than ever, Diamond Platnumz is now supporting his children.

Tiffah with daddy

Zari on the other hand continues to give fans and her followers a reason to talk; and I am guessing that is why she went on to share a video of her and Tiffah dancing to ‘Waah.’

Diamond Platnumz reacts

This being a sweet gesture, Diamond Platnumz reposted the video on his page; a move that almost brought back team Zari and Diamond. To caption the post, the Bongo singer wrote;

#WAAH ya Roho za Mimi ???????????????? @princess_tiffah @zarithebosslady

With such a caption, team Zari had no option but to leave hundreds of comments and as expected most wanted the duo to get back together. One wrote;

vumbi_la_kongo_mbeya; Wapenzi wagombanapo shika jembe kalime… nmeipenda hii…????????

while others went on to add;

vuruganikuvuruge; Zari bado anamoyo wa kumpenda Dai kabisa

salt_en_pepa; Hehehe this one just woke me up from my sleep best video on Internet today the challenge is officially closed ????????????????????????????????????????????Says Salt????????

simba_wa_morogoro; Post ulokuwa inasubiriwa kwa mda mrefu ndo hii

strictly_zari; Doctor Strictly is here to tell you all that the ICU is full of patients???????????????????????????????? Papa just dosed them haterrrrrssss???????????????????????????????? #WAAH ????????????????????

hilmarahomes; Hiii “Roho za Mimi” imeniamsha usingizini. Na nilikuwa naota mambo ya kuwa mi ni roho ya mtu, na hajalala mpk sa hiz. Sasa si ndo nakutana na Roho za Kaka. Aseeeh. Roho za wenyewe tujuane hapa chini. ????????????????????????????

Watch the video below courtesy of Diamond Platnumz.


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“No matter how much we differ, my value for you will never go down” Diamond responds to Zari

Every of Diamond Platnumz’s relationship either ended sour or with children left behind.

Diamond fathers children to: Uganda’s Zari Hassan, Tanzania’s Hamisa Mobetto and Kenya’s Tanasha Donna…at least.

He however had a past relationship with bongo actress, Wema Sepetu, with whom they never sired kids and therefore before moved on with Zari Hassan instead.

Zari Hassan (left), Diamond (center) and Wema Sepetu (right)

However, soon as it started, it ended, with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah as the product of the couple’s union.

The breakup came up after several cheating allegations were fired Diamond’s end, among them being with young video vixen and singer, Lynn. But so was Hamisa Mobetto who bore the Tanzanian crooner a baby boy, Dylan.

Diamond and Hamisa with son, Dylan


Zari Hassan hoped she would co-parent with Diamond, only to later claim he had abandoned his kids and cared less how they sleep, what they eat nor how they study.

During her recent online rant, Zari bashed her baby daddy for claiming to be helping out 500 families pay their rent during this pandemic, while he cares less about his two young children back in South Africa.

Zari with Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

Zari labeled him ‘a clown’.

Diamond responds

The message reached Naseeb in good time and during his recent interview with Wasafi TV, he sought to respond on the same.

He believes Zari is bitter with him because she was the one left to take care of their two kids but assured that their lawyers had been talking through it.

You know when you are in a relationship with kids, there is some bitterness left. And that bitterness is especially with women since they are the ones left with kids. I saw the post and before then, we had been talking through our lawyers.

Diamond Platnumz

Humbly adding:

But I texted her [Zari] and told her that she was my co-parent and that her respect means a lot to me.

Chibu admitted that even though the two have their differences, his respect for her remains.

This is because she gave me my first kids and no matter how much we differ, my value for her will never go down.

Urging Mama Tiffah to keep their private issues away from the limelight. After all, they had talked beforehand and had arrived at a consensus.

I told her there is no need of putting such posts on social media since it is portraying such a bad picture. We talked and everyone put their issues on the table. We then agreed maybe there had been a miscommunication between our lawyers.

Ex-lovers Diamond and Zari Hassan

However, Diamond hopes to improve on his co-parenting with Zari once the Coronavirus pandemic is contained.

I thank God and am hoping that after coronavirus pandemic, our co-parenting will improve.


On a different note, the Tanzanian music sensation further disclosed that all he wants with his exes and baby mamas is Peace.

I want to live peacefully with anyone I have ever had a relationship with.

Diamond’s baby mamas: Zari Hassan (left), Hamisa Mobetto (center) and Tanasha Donna (right)


Right now I am single and I want to focus on my life.

Speaking of Wema, his first apple of the eye, Diamond revealed they are still good friends and the respect remains.

Wema is a good friend and we respect each other. I just want to leave peacefully with everybody I have ever wanted.

Ex-lovers Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

Looks like the East African mover and shaker is tired of all the scandals and rush decisions that see him build a string of baby mamas, every other time.

Why Zari Hassan compared Diamond Platnumz to a clown!

Zari Hassan’s love towards former lover Diamond Platnumz has turned to hatred; especially since the guy seems to have exited both her life and that of his children.

For almost 2 years now the Bongo singer has made no efforts to visit his children back in South Africa where they live with their mum Zari.

Ex couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari with their kids

In a previous interview done by Zari, the boss lady revealed that Diamond Platnumz requested to have the Children visit him in Tz; but just like any normal mum, Zari couldn’t let her children travel alone since they are minors.

Dangote family distances themselves

Well after refusing to let the kids travel to Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz and his entire family then distanced themselves from the kids too.


Diamond Platnumz and baby Tiffah

According to Zari none of them has made any effort to reach out asking about the kids; and neither does their grandmother (Mama Dangote) push his son to support Nillan and Tiffah.

Anyway with this already out in the open; Zari has lately been using this to attack Diamond Platnumz who is nothing but a dead beat dad to her.

Clown moves

Anyway this past weekend, Diamond Platnumz announced that he would be paying rent for about 500 people for 3 months in Bongo. This help will only reach the less fortunate as this is his offering during the month of Ramadan.

Diamond shared his announcement saying;

Although I am amongst those affected by this pandemic, with the little that God has blessed me with, I have decided to at least offer a helping hand by paying 3 months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe I should share your troubles and your happiness too

Zari’s response

Well knowing very well that he doesn’t support his own children; Zari used this opportunity to make Diamond Platnumz look like an unfunny clown where she wrote;

Zari’s post

  … but you dont know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. Youre selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us

“Zile hasira amezihamishia watoto” Diamond Platnumz finally addresses his issue with Zari

Diamond Platnumz is no longer holding back after being accused of neglecting his so Nillan and daughter Tiffah.

A while back Zari came out to claim that the Bongo singer was no longer helping out with the kids. She went on to add that their was no way she was going to let her kids board a plan to Tanzania alone after her exes family asked her to let them visit their dad.

This is after their nasty break up back in 2018 where Zari Hassan shared a detailed post stating that she was done being played and was now going to live alone.

Diamond Platnumz speaks

Speaking with the press on Tuesday 25th, Diamond Platnumz opened up about a few things that many knew nothing about.

For the first time he went on to admit that he indeed has issues with his ex Zari who apparently seems not to have accepted the fact that they are no longer an item.

The singer went on to add that Zari is using the kids to get back at him now that they are no longer. He however went on to praise Hamisa Mobetto who has moved on with her life and has accepted to coparent despite their differences in the past.

Watch the interview below;

Tanasha Donna claps back after Zari called her an Idiot!

Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan are cute the talk of town following the Bongo singer’s confession where he stated that Zari cheated on him.

Well, as expected Zari also came out to call out Diamond Platnumz by calling him a liar and a selfish dad who had abandoned his children. Zari went on to attack her ex and his new girlfriend by calling them idiots for living a lie.

Tanasha responds

With this, many people have been following up on the story and surprisingly Tanasha who is dating Diamond Platnumz has come out to address what Zari said.

The NRG radio presenter went on to say that she was not ready to abuse or rather call out Zari since they have never met nor been involved in any way.

Tanasha went on to add saying that she is all about positive vibe and is not going to spread any hatred despite everything that is happening in her circle. She wrote saying;


I love how I make you choke! Zari responds after being told she brags too much

Zari Hassan has all the finest things money can provide in this world and she always makes sure everybody following her on social media understands that.

A fan recently took to social media to complain that Zari Hassan has been bragging too much on social media and needs to stop.

Surprisingly, Zari fired back with an expected comment urging the fan to stop being a hater.

“Even Kim Kardashian doesn’t shout that much or brag about how rich she is only those who wish to be rich are one who always makes noise about them being rich lol .what’s up shall come down bible says.” said the fan in the comments section.

Boss lady

Zari replied:

“I love how I make you choke…. careful when choking next time, I don’t wanna see vomit on my page.”

Well, there’s a reason why she’s called boss. Zari runs the Brooklyn group of City Colleges with branches in Rustenburg, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Vereeniging, Durban, and East London respectively.

‘Always compared but never matched’ Zari continues to throw shade at Tanasha

Singer Diamond Platnumz recently confessed that he loves his new bae Tanasha Donna and even promised never to cheat on her.

Yes, Diamond will never cheat on Tanasha like he did to other ladies he dated. This message was received differently by several people including Zari Hassan.

It seems Zari threw shade on instagram regarding the two yet again saying that people will keep comparing her but they can never fill her shoes.

Drama free

It’s not the first time Zari has shared such a statement as she continues to hint why she’s better than Tanasha.

On International Women’s Day, Zari shared another post saying that she’s glad she’s living a drama free life.


Still a responsible dad? Diamond Platnumz responds to dead beat dad allegations

A few days ago Zari the boss lady came out to reveal she was her families breadwinner. With this out, it was obvious for fans to assume that singer Diamond Platnumz was now neglecting his responsibilities.

This would however not be the first time Zari is hinting that Diamond Platnumz no longer cares for his two children.

Zari accusing Diamond?

From what we have heard is that the singer has not travelled to South Africa to visit his children for a while now. Things between the two parents have been quite bitter especially now that they are dating other people.

Diamond Platnumz fires back

Anyway in a new post shared a few hours ago, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he still values his children. According to him the two continue to carry his blood ‘Lions’ and no one can change this!

It is not clear as to how the two are currently co parenting but judging from the tension between Zari and Tanasha; we can also assume that all is not well.


Diamond reveals how he cried after being dumped by a beautiful lady back when he was broke

Singer Diamond Platnuzm has been accused of being with several beautiful women this year after he broke up with Zari Hassan.

The singer recently revealed how he was once dumped by this beautiful lady he was dating because he was a broke ass.

Diamond, who recently revealed that he gets a cool Ksh 7 million for a show outside Tanzania and Ksh 2 million in the country, said that he cried after the lady dumped him.

“I had a girlfriend and we had dated for a year. She was beautiful and i had nothing at that time. She started changing and found another person who gave her more money. She came straight to me, to my face and told me, she couldn’t be with a person who couldn’t manage himself. i cried. she made me write my first song nenda kamwambie. after dropping that song, it became a hit.” he said. 

Came back

The singer, who broke out in 2009 after releasing “Kamwambie”, went on to add that the lady came back begging him to take her back after he started minting money.

“After that she started calling me telling me how she loved me, that it wasn’t her, it was just life.” he added. 


Zari Hassan fires back at fan who claimed she’s always idle

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had to bash a fan with an unexpected reply after he claimed that she’s always idle.

According to the fan, the socialite has been spending too much time on social media and needs to find a real job.

Zari however, fired back at the fan with a savage reply saying that he has subscribed to all her Instagram posts but complains she’s idle.

Zari kwani hauna kazi ya kufanya muda wote uko online,” the fan asked.

“Kwanza we ndo umewasha notification uone kila niki post, unajuaje niko online, Kwani we kazi unayo? Kazi nikuona Zari kapost nini,” Zari fired back.


Zari has more than once fired back (if it’s her) to fans who have tried to throw shade to her on her own platform. But we all know the account has a manager so maybe it’s not her after all.

I just wish Diamond told me he was cheating- Zari 

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan has come out curse him for playing him like a fool. The socialite, who has two kids from Diamond, shared that Diamond should have at least hinted that he was having someone else instead of pretending he wasn’t touching another woman.

“I had rumours about this thing but I just ignored it untill the baby was born and he was still denying. He was going on radio stations saying the father of this child should come out and he knew this was his child. I was like this girl is bringing out receipts, not only that but in my bed, our home, how are you gonna explain this?” said the socialite in an interview with  South Africa’s Phat Joe.


She went on to confess that she wanted the relationship to work despite the distance between them. She lamented that Diamond should have mentioned it to her when he cheated instead of acting all clueless.

“He should have told me, you are South Africa, I’m in Tanzania, shit happens and I just happen to get my horniness off somewhere. He should have told me,”she said.

“After the betrayal, the connection was cut. The worst part was when I decide not to be with him anymore and I’d see all these stories about him trying to revenge. I understood where he was coming from.”


Too many babies to wish birthday? Diamond’s mother attacked for ignoring Hamisa’s son birthday 

Fans are not happy after Diamond Platnumz’ mother ignored sending a birthday message to Dee Dylan, Hamisa Mobetto’s child with Diamond.

Diamond sent a very warm message to Dylan on social media during his birthday yesterday.

“A Very Happy Birthday to the Next Platnumz…My Kitinda Mimba, Mswahili Mwenzangu, Maskini Mwenzangu…Mnyonge Mwenzangu…Mengi Uloyapitia Ukiwa mdogo, usiyejua hili wala lile yamenifanya nikupende sana na kuhakikisha nakulinda na kukutunza kwa hali yoyote ntayojaaliwa…Insha Allah Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, akupe Akilu, Afya, Furaha na akubariki, Ukikua uwe Mwanamziki Kama mie baba ako, Uzidi kupendwa na ukifanikiwa uwainue Maskini wenzetu zaidi Mtaani….Happy Birthday My Handsome/ Young King / Young Lion / Young Simba / Young Dangote @deedaylan” wrote Diamond Platnmuz.


But fans waited for a message from his mother, Bi Sandra, till they couldn’t wait any more. Some were pissed she ignored him while wished her daughter a happy one.

Bi Sandra was quick to wish Tiffah, Diamond’s daughter with Zari, even sharing how she loved her in the message.


Zari Hassan Father’s Day message leaves many scratching their heads

Diamond Platnumz is no longer in Zari Hassan’s life. Her former hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga is no longer in this planet so Zari plays a big role when it comes to raising her kids.

She took to social media on Sunday to share a confusing message which left fans trying to decode the meaning. The mother of five wished herself and Ivan a happy Father’s Day but completely ignored Diamond in her post.

Here’s what she said:

Happy father’s day to me and the late Don….. Gone but you still here for us in all possible ways. We miss you!” read Zari’s post.

Deadbeat dad?

This comes a day after Diamond Platnumz sent a message to his children Tiffah and Nillan explaining the reason he could not make it to South Africa to celebrate Eid with them. Zari of course was not happy. She has been complaining that Diamond has been snubbing her kids and even at one point called him deadbeat.


Kenyans attack Zari after giving relationship advice: You have 5 kids from different fathers and you talk about condoms?

Ugandan sensation Zari Hassan has seen all kind of relationships dramas. From domestic violence, being cheated on and finally being dumped, the sexy socialite and mother of five has a story to share.

Kenyans however hated her side of the story after she shared some relationship advice in an interview on Citizen TV.

Zari asked Kenyans always to use a condom if they have to cheat, a thing that annoyed some.

Keep your advice to yourself

Zari on Citizen TV

On Citizen TV’s Facebook page, Kenyans complained that the mother of five was misleading people with her advice and should focus on getting her life together first before trying to advise other people.

“For the guys, if you have to cheat; condomise it! There is STIs and HIV/ AIDS. Don’t put your family/ partner in jeopardy,” said Zari in the interview. 

Here’s what Kenyans said:

Martin Kariuki ItaI can’t take advice from this arrogant lady with fake accent ‘n she’s Tanzanian’ about cheating yet she has a school of 5 kids with different hyenas…….
Brian Kr this woman is overrated….she should keep those advice to herself….your life is just a mess my friend ?????ata kama uko na pesa
Bonny OmmaniYoungsters drink from your on cistern, otherwise its troubling on how Ringtone could live in shadows of two men who have sired children while the lady thrives on limelight, has moaned a lot for loosing both the dead & living hubbies.
Biki Arap RongoeYou have five kids from different fathers and here your telling us to condomise cheating,you are preaching water and drinking wine.hypocrisy at its best.
Martin MuiruriWait, cheat but condomise? I guess Diamond wasnt condomising.. What of the five kids that are not Diamond’s? I bet she just learnt what condoms are used for.. ???
Ron Esh She can’t take her own advice. 5 kids all different dads. Hmmm they have names for people like that
Vincent Ochieng Zari is right, very right. You guys spewing insults at her how many ladies have you screwed!??? Are you sure the man you call your father is really your biological father??? ????. Are you sure of your HIV status!??? Reflect on your life first. How many children have you fathered outside wedlock!???? Deadbeat fathers.
Kezy Kazina Kezy The fact remains that she has said it so whenever you are going to cheat on your partner you will remember her words ‘condomise’ please …why such hate .Zari is a strong woman, a definition of beauty with brains ,your insults doesn’t give her sleepless nights.
Serena Akinyi Hahaha zari you make my night hahaha really? I thought you are in Kenya as investor as in Kenya they need more investor can you open a factory of condom in Kenya ?

Zari to Maina Kageni: Everyone knows I loved Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan is currently in Kenya for the Purple concert which will be tomorrow at Uhuru Gardens. She has been doing a bunch of interviews, hyping up the event.

In her Classic 105 FM interview with Miana Kageni today, she confessed that she loved Diamond and it hurt her when they broke up.

“I loved him so much and everyone knows about that. You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with ‘madharau’ that is when it became too much. I felt that my integrity was so low.


Like, when my big boys see trolls, Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up. I asked myself, why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media. Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.

Zari mocks Diamond Platnumz by asking his mum to move out of their Madale ‘guest house’

Is Zari finally fed up or is she putting up an act?

Well this past weekend while her hubby was busy having his fun with Tanzanian celebrities; the lady was back home spending time with her children.

However thanks to a comment she left on her mother in law’s post we now understand that there is trouble in paradise.

Well, Diamond Platnumz mum uploaded a photo posing next to her son’s awards: However Zari was quick to leave a comment telling her to leave the Madale home to Diamond Platnumz.

This is after rumor had it that Diamond Platnumz had turned his family house to a lodgin where his ladies were spending their nights.

Zari reacts to her Madale home rumors

A while back, Diamond Platnumz confessed to having brought Hamisa Mobetto to his ‘matrimonial ‘ bed.

According to him this is how baby Dully came to happen but it seems that Diamond Platnumz was bringing other ladies too.

With pictures making rounds on social media, Zari happened to hear about the rumors and went on to call out Diamond in her posts. Well, since then word has it that they haven’t been in good terms at all!