Diamond Platnumz needs to stop being a mama’s boy

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been trying to convince us that he has a romantic relationship with Zuchu….but ubaya ni he doesnt understand weve also evolved after the pandemic period – and unlike back then when he would lie and pull stunts on her, this time around were woke….. And can see through his stunts.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz with his mum and step dad

So with that, all I am saying is that we Diamond Platnumz is single and has been on his own for a while now – and this is because most women he seems to approach tend to dislike his meddling mum who cant keep her nose off his private life.

I mean, Wema Sepetu complained aboit her and so did Zari Hassan, Official Lyyn, Hamisa Mobetto and so did Tanasha Donna…actually it was worse for both Hamisa and Tanasha who were forced to give back gifts they’d been given by Simba.

From what Tanasha Donna said is that her new Prado was given to Mama Diamond Platnumz after she ‘walked away’ and for Hamisa Mobetto….well her son got rejected from the Nyange family as mama Diamond Platnumz felt he was a ba$t*rd son to simba.

Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum
Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum

Diamond Platnumz mum will make son a single for life

Although i know we all feel that Diamond Platnumz should keep his mum off his relationships – we also have to understand that the two share an unbreakable bond of single mum and her son.

I mean, all sons get attached to their mums especially after they’re abandoned by their dads….which explains Diamond Platnumz situation but again – he seems to have given his mum too much power that she gets a say in whoever he dates or wants to marry.

However – we can’t say mama Dangote is that bad towards all her sons girlfriends – I mean, she liked Tanasha Donna and now likes Zuchu….which mean chances are that she knows whats best for her son.

Again – we’ve also established that Diamond Platnumz always goes through his mum and so will all his women….meaning a mama’s boy will always be a mama’s boy.

Mama Diamond Platnumz hospitalized days after Esma was discharged (Photo)

Mama Dangote may not be feeling well if the post shared on her IG stories is anything to go by. On Monday, 23 November the old lady shared a new post showing that she was getting some medical care from a certain hospital.

However since she appears to have been put on a normal drip; we can’t say that her condition was that serious compared to that of her daughter Esma Platnumz. As for now all we know is that Mama Dangote was hospitalized for a short while and the grandma of 5 is doing much better now.

This is because she has since been updating fans through her IG stories where she has been sharing photos and clips of grandson, Naseeb Junior. According to the rumor’s making rounds on social media; word has it that this particular grandma feels that Tiffah and Naseeb Junior are the only children Diamond Platnumz has fathered.

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Mama Diamond hospitalized

Picky grandmother

As for the rest; lets just say that their fate will be known the day Diamond Platnumz decides to share his inheritance amongst his children.

Naseeb Junior with grandma

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Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dyllan is the only grandchild who has faced rejection and abuse from his fathers side of the family; and although others claim he might be Jaguar’s son, singer Diamond Platnumz has always made an effort to bring him close.

Dyllan’s grandmothers on the other hand continue to beef as they both have an eye on the same man ‘Uncle Shamte’ who seems quite comfortable with Mama Diamond.


Diamond Platnumz gifts his posh multi-million hotel to the love of his life!

Diamond Platnumz is a generous man who not only has so much money to dish out and spoil those he loves; but he has proven to do just anything to make the love of his life happy.

Well if you are not aware, Diamond Platnumz adores only one woman and that is his mother. Rumor has it that Mama Dangote controls all businesses registered under her son’s name and will not be letting any slay queens take advantage of her son’s sweat.

Just recently Diamond Platnumz purchased a 3 star hotel in Dar Es Salaam which was to be renovated before the grand opening. Speaking during an interview the singer mentioned that the hotel can be used for quarantine at the moment since business is slow and inactive.

Diamond Platnumz new hotel

Launching hotel

However, thanks to a post shared by Mama Dangote earlier today, fans believe the hotel will be operating very soon.

This may also mean that the 3 star hotel will not be available for any COVID-19 patients as Diamond Platnumz is planning to have the hotel running in a few weeks.

In the comment section Diamond Platnumz not only revealed that the hotel is back in business; but also revealed that it belongs to his dear mother.

Diamond Platnumz gifts his mum the new hotel in Dar Es Salaam

Is Mama Dangote wicked?

Well, many women on social media describe this lady as a mean; and selfish mother in law who doesn’t respect boundaries. However, there are those who feel that the singer’s mum has every right to run her son’s businesses!

If Diamond Platnumz exes including Tanasha Donna think mama Dangote is too much; then they better brace themselves because Diamond is all about his mother!

By now ladies thinking of dating Diamond Platnumz already know what to expect; and for the wise ones, I am sure they want to be on Mama D’s good side even if it’s for a short while before he moves on to the next. But chances are, the singer will not be leaving his mum’s side anytime soon!

Hamisa Mobetto claps back after Diamond Platnumz and his mother troll her ‘fake’ lifestyle!

Mama Dangote and her son continue to do what they do best when it comes to making Chibu’s baby mamas lives a nightmare on social media.

Shortly after parading her new ride a Land Rover Discovery on Instagram – seems like this took Diamond Platnumz family by surprise especially since Juma Lokole (Diamond Platnumz friend) was the first one to troll Hamisa for buying a second hand car.

According to Lokole, Hamisa Mobetto was either involved with the owner of the Land Rover Discovery as a client or had borrowed the ride to show off since her life is allegedly all about showing off. He went on to post saying;

Juma Lokole

Diamond Platnumz and his mum against Hamisa

Since it’s obvious that Mama Dangote has never been in good terms with Hamisa Mobetto….the grandmother of 4 did not hold back from shading Misa through an Instagram post which she captioned;

Pale uwezo wako wa chupa la chai vikombe viwili unaforce viingie vinne pole sana Chill Dogo utapasuka Msamba ????

Mama Dangote

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand went on to share yet another post where he wrote;

Diamond Platnumz

Seeing the posts, Hamisa Mobetto also decided to hit back saying;

Hamisa Mobetto

Why Diamond Platnumz mum enjoys her son’s money with no single regret!

Mama Dangote aka Sandra is very thankful for the far she has come and if anything she has no regrets enjoying her son’s wealth

The mother of 2 revealed this in her latest post where she opened up about her past struggles before her son became a celebrity.

Mama Diamond Platnumz

From the stories shared on social media we understand that Bi Sandra struggled to raise her children Esma Khan and Diamond Platnumz due to poverty.

Proud mother

According to her post, things were never easy back then but so far God has made it possible for her to enjoy life after all the hard times and struggles she faced back in the day.

Thanks to a post share on her Instagram page mama Diamond Platnumz went on to write saying;


MUNGU NI MWEMA ????????????

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Now you know why she cares less when people troll her for being a ‘clingy’ mother!

They grow up so fast! Diamond Platnumz small brother looking handsome and all grown up!

Mama Dangote’s husband Uncle Shem aka Rally Jones fathered his first child with one of his side chicks despite being married to Bi Sandra.

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

The news about his affair with a lady by the name of  however left him in a lot of drama as he denied getting her pregnant only for her to deliver a son that looks exactly like him.

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan

Well, this also caused tension between Mama Dangote and Iffah as they went on to insult each other on social media now that they were sharing a husband.

Handsome young man

Despite being born at a time with so much drama and rejection from his biological father; it appears that the small baby boy is growing up just fine.

Rally Jone’s son news

His mother recently left many complimenting the boy after sharing his latest photo on Instagram that proves how healthy he is. Also it’s quite evident that he got his looks from his daddy.

Diamond Platnumz mum throws shade after fans assumed she was ready to accept Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Mama Dangote is definitely not feeling the Hamisa vibe and even though her super star son is trying so hard to bring peace between the two; the lady seems to be focused else where.

A few days ago Diamond Platnumz left a comment referring the lady as Bibi Dully; and as expected many assumed that the Dangote family was now in good terms with Hamisa Mobetto and her son.

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Mama Dangote throws shade

Well, the lady is yet to share Dully’s picture for starters but it may not happen anytime soon.

This is after she once again shared a photo of Zari’s kids and went on to caption “Naseeb Family”. Not quite sure what else the lady meant but it’s clear to see that Dully is not falling in that category.

“Mnafik ni mamako aliyekuzaa!” Zero chills as Mama Diamond Platnumz tells a male fan

When you come after Mama Dangote then you better be ready for a battle. While fans take shots at her, the Tanzanian singer’s mum is often ready to hit back at fans lashing at her.

After maintaining her silence for months, Bi Sandra was recently caught up in an online fight that left other fans spectating from the side.

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It all started when a certain fan came out to call Mama Dangote a fake woman who likes attention from her son’s fans.

The comment opened a platform for other fans to join in but Mama Dangote was ready to defend herself.

Mama Dangote throws shade

After calling her an attention seeker, the lady went on to respond telling the guy to go back to his mother as he was barking on the wrong tree. She said,

New photo of Diamond Platnumz mum continue to fuel pregnancy rumors

Bi Sandra, Diamond Platnumz mum was rumored to be pregnant a few months ago. However, this was not confirmed since in her new photos she appeared to look normal.

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However, in an interview with Dizzim Online she came out to say that she was ready to give her new man a child. Looking at her age, it quite hard for her   to conceive but with the technology from this generation; one can’t be too sure.

Anyway there is a new photo making rounds on social media where she look heavy again. Well, this could be from the choice of outfit she chose to step out in but could it be a coincidence?

Diamonds mum with her husband

Diamond Platnumz mum living in SA

For months now Bi Sandra has been living with her daughter in law in Pretoria, South Africa. From her social media pages we understand that she is currently helping out with the kids while Zari runs her businesses.

But, could be that she is planning to relocate to South Africa since her son bought about two home there.

Back when Mama Diamond Platnumz boyfriend was a young man giving ladies sleepless nights!

Diamond Platnumz mum indeed bagged herself a handsome man. Word has it that the two’s age difference is quite huge but love can’t see that.

The guy, Rally Jones and Bi Sandra are in love and nothing can split them apart. They are said to have wedded lady year in a low key ceremony and judging from how Diamond Platnumz and his family treats the guy, seems that he is now part of them.

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Rally Jones and Diamond Platnumz age difference

Apparently Rally Jones is around 10 years older than Diamond Platnumz. So the fella is still in his 30’s though he could be hitting 40 soon.

Young Rally Jones

In a new post shared by the fella, we have a chance to see how handsome he looked back when he was in his early 20’s.

Clearky he gave ladies sleepless nights and the photo below can prove it!

Is Diamond Platnumz mum already pregnant? (Photo)

As Diamond Platnumz mum criticizes Hamisa Mobetto, the more ‘her online haters’ continue to dig up dark stories about her.

At the moment several social media pages indicate that Sandra Aka Sanura might be with child. This comes shortly after her photo with baby Nillan made it’s  way on Instagram.

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The unconfirmed rumor was sparked after she was spotted with what looks like a baby bump.

Judging from her age, we cannot be too sure if she is in a position to give birth. Therefore, the photo could have been taken right after having breakfast or at lunch time; hence the bump.

Was she pregnant with Ommy Dimpoz baby?

Other gossip tabloids claim that a few years back the lady was hospitalized after losing her baby with Ommy Dimpoz. It is however unclear but as far as we know is that Ommy Dimpoz admitted to having a romantic relationship with the lady.

Mama Diamond Platnumz new man reponds after being told he hooked up with the singer’s mum for money

Bi Sandra and her new man, Rally Jones are not having such a happy time especially with some of the nasty comments from fans.

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But having mastered the art of ignoring such comments the two Love birds continue to act unbothered. However, Rally Jones was recently forced to reply a comment from a fan who claims he is a gold digger.

The fan went on to say that the reason Rally Jones hooked up with Diamond Platnumz old mum is because he wants to escape poverty. This comment attract many more from fans who felt the same way.

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Mama Diamond Platnumz man responds

Suprisingly, Rally responded by correcting the fan saying that his main reason he is attracted to the lady is because of her beauty. According to him, all he sees is a young stunning lady when he looks at her.

Lets us just say that love knows no boundaries!

Diamond Platnumz mum planning to have a baby with her new found love

Diamond Platnumz family seems to be on a roll! After his recent stunts the singers mum now wants to join in by giving birth to her last child now that she has finally found love.

The news about her new thoughts on having a baby was shared by Dizzim online who currently spoke to her. For the very first time Mama Dangote aka Bi Sandra revealed that she has a man in her life and in fact the two are married. She said,

“I’m married.”

Dizzim online however kept on pushing to get more details about the fella. When asked about their age difference, Bi Sandra responded saying;

“Nimeolewa…Ana udongo gani? angekua mdogo singeona. Ni mkubwa. (He is not young, if he was young, I’d have not married him.)”

About adding another child to her family

Well, now that her children have all settled down, Bi Sandra thinks she should add another one. Sandra told the bloggers to be patient and wait as she will soon be announcing about her last born with her new hubby.

‘Hahaa. Nasibu atapata mdogo wake…basi subirieni mdogo wake wa mwisho. (Nasibu will get a baby sibling, just wait for the last born.)’

Shots fired! Ommy Dimpoz open letter to Diamond Platnumz mum causes a stir online

Okay…hold up! The kitchen is getting hotter in Bongo land and if I am not wrong, they don’t know what chills are!

Well, after Diamond Platnumz dropped his new song calling out Hamisa Mobetto and King Kiba in his lyrics – Ommy Dimpoz has decided to jump in the mix by writing an open letter to Bi. Sandra who is Chibu’s mother.

In the letter, he questions why Diamond Platnumz would publicly acknowledge to take care of 5 kids knowing 3 are not his and refuses to take responsibility when it comes to Hamisa Mobetto’s son.

He posted the photo below,

Followed by the caption below sparking mixed feelings including Diamond Platnumz younger sister who rushed to ask Ommy to avoid involving her mum in issues she has nothing to do with! Checkout the post below;

Diamond Platnumz mum flaunts her Versace handbag worth Ksh 100,000

Mama Dongote is now rolling like a boss thanks to her son who is doing quite well with his music. Her lifestyle has changed from that of a struggling woman to an expensive one which can be seen from her house, clothes and the bags she is now carrying around.

This morning the lady shocked many after parading her Versace handbag that costs around $ 1,660 which is equivalent to Ksh 116,000.

This is however not the first time she is doing this and as much as many might assume that the bag is a knockoff, we highly doubt this since Diamond Platnumz has been receiving around 4 million for him to perform at events.

Well, I guess this are just a few of the perks that come with the joy of being a mother who struggled to keep her children from going hungry. Checkout the photo below;