Haraka aje? Diamond Platnumz sister dumped by husband after reuniting with 1st wife

Queen Darleen is having a tough time after husband Isihaka allegedly moved back in with his first wife, Sabra.

Stories making rounds on social media is that Queen Darleen and husband fell out after his first wife got pregnant and delivered an adorable baby girl who looks everything like her papa.

Well, like most men would – Isihaka decided to move in with his first wife; probably to help around with taking care of the baby – now that his second wife’s (Queen Darleen) baby is months older.

Of course for a man with two wives – this wasn’t going to be easy as both his wives need him; yet they cannot stand each other hence meaning 2 homes for the lucky guy.

Queen Darleen jealously

However word has it that Queen Darleen can not stand the fact that her husband is now choosing the first wife over her; I mean how? Even after he made it known that she (Queen) was his life now… how could he just go back on his word and embarrass her?

Well, it’s life – it happens and just like most women would – Queen Darleen has been causing trouble for her own marriage with breakup posts. So far she claims to be husbandless not forgetting to say that her husband is dead.

The drama queen wrote this through her gram where she said;

#Watajuaje kama nimaliza #EDAA ???????????????????????????? (How will they know I’m done crying for my late husband)

Queen Darleen dumped

Well, clearly the script has changed now that Queen Darleen is no longer associated with the Nyange family; but wait – are they not the same people who pushed her to hate on Isihaka’s first wife?

And now forever alone?

“Sijawai achika” Diamond Platnumz eldest sister brags after husband chooses 1st wife over her

Fans on social media are starting to feel that Esma Platnumz is being punished for her sins! And by sins they mean the fact that she always weighs in on her brothers relationships; and if I am not wrong, she could be the reason why her brother has never settled down.

Well, this is because both Esma and her mum Mama Dangote have to approve a lady before Diamond Platnumz decided to date her.

Esma with mummy dear, mama Dangote and former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto

From the rumors making rounds on social media is that Esma pushed her former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto to Diamond Platnumz; which led to Zari dumping the young singer – among other things.

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Karma hitting back?

Having put other people’s daughters through hell and back; it appears that Esma is now facing the same fate as the women her brother has toyed with before.

As seen on social media her ex husband Msizwa recently went on to claim that he wouldn’t take Esma back; even if she was offered to him for free. Ouch.

This is after their bitter breakup that has left mama Dangote quiet; but Esma on the other is doing the impossible to prove a point. Just recently after coming across her ex husbands post about her; Esma went on a live IG session to address her break up.

According to the lady, she has never been dumped by any man she has dated before; that’s including Msizwa! To her this man was not only boring but she had no affection towards him; and for this reason she opted to walk out as well as terminate their 5 month old pregnancy!

Esma Platnumz terminates Ex husband’s pregnancy

Esma who may need to take a short break from social media publicly admitted that she wouldn’t have loved the unborn baby; since her feelings for Msizwa had already ended!

Well, just when we thought they do all these things for the camera; turns out that Diamond Platnumz sisters are actually having a hard time securing themselves good men.

So does this mean karma is currently at work at the Dangote’s home?

Punishment? Diamond Platnumz sister from dad’s side kicked-out and exposed by landlord (Audio)

Queen Darleen and husband Isihack are said to be homeless after they were kicked out of their rental mansion; over failure to pay rent for a few months now.

As seen and heard on social media, the two have been struggling to make ends meet for months; and apart from Isihack’s family who have stepped in to help – Diamond Platnumz, his mum and sister Esma have distanced themselves from this drama.

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Darleen and husband kicked out

This is probably because Diamond Platnumz helped out where he could by starting businesses for his sibling in order to support themselves; but so far we haven’t seen what Darleen did with her share but as for Esma, we all know she is running a successful clothing business that has kept her afloat for years now.

Landlord speaks

After months of denying that they owed close to Ksh 1 million rent arrears; Bongo gossip tabloid ‘Original East’ recently went on to share a voice note from Darleen’s alleged landlord.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life,

In the audio one can hear how bitter the landlord is as she demands for her money; adding that she had been warned against renting them this house but she failed to listen.

Almost 6 months later and all she has is losses; and nothing to show from this stunning house she thought would bring in some profit by the end of 2020. However turned out that all Darleen has is the celebrity identity but no money to prove that she can afford the lifestyle. Listen to the audio below.

Meet the two ladies Diamond Platnumz sister will be sharing a husband with! (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz sister is engaged to be married to a certain man; said to own one of the biggest Lounges in Dar Es Salaam.

According to reports, Esma got engagement went down at the White Sands beach; where they invited close family and friends who went on to share photos and videos from the event.

What’s more surprising is that Esma got engaged only two months after building her relationship with the said fiance. In other news, the lass allegedly agreed to the arrangement knowing very well that she will be the 3rd wife to the fella.

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With the stories spreading like wildfire, those close to the groom have gone ahead to release photos of the two ladies said to be married to the hank. Apparently he has a South African wife and a bongo one who he has been supporting for a few years now.

Esma’s co wife!

Pay day?

Well, as seen on most comments left on Esma’s engagement videos; many claim that the lady got too desperate decided to settle for the nearest catch!

Wife number 2

Romy Jones who is like a brother to Esma is believed to have engineered the whole relationship; and this is because he is friends with the man engaged to Esma.

He is also said to be the main DJ who plays at his new brother in law’s lounge; making it easy for his job security at the high end club!

Romy Jons with Esma’s fiance

Since Esma has managed to make enough money for herself; she clearly did not jump into the marriage idea for the sake of money. We also can’t say that this was love at first sight since she was just pregnant the other day; and since there’s no baby to show then I guess she is done with Petitman for good.


Diamond sister’s reaction after her ex marries new wife a few months after breaking up

Esma Platnumz is no longer with her baby daddy following cheating allegations. From what we have heard is that Petit Batikayo was hooking up with young ladies; while his baby mama Esma Platnumz was busy involved with Diamond Platnumz love life.

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The two ex love birds however tried to keep their break up information on the low until Mange Kimambi spilled the beans.

This left Esma embarrassed and was quick to justify her side of the story now that her baby daddy had been spotted with a new pregnant girlfriend.

Just a few weeks after the whole scandal was revealed on social media; Petit this past weekend decided to make his union official to the new lady in his life.

Through his social media pages the young man shared a few photos from his wedding giving social media users a reason to troll Esma Platnumz.

Esma responds

Well most people were quick to console Esma for being dumped and mostly for being humiliated. The singer’s sister was however not ready to be put down as she came out to sarcastically say;

Labda nimefiwa wananipa pole

Esma’s ex marries new wife

Diamond Platnumz sister attacks her former friend, Hamisa Mobetto for getting involved with a ‘married’ man

Now this is something we never saw coming. Before Hamisa Mobetto got pregnant or rather involved with Diamond Platnumz she was close friends with Esma who is Dee’s sister and the two seemed to have a good thing going on.

But for now the two are enemies and this can be seen through their snapchat accounts where they have been taking shots at each other. Esma however seems bitter as she keeps on coming at Hamisa with quotes which can affirm that there is bad blood together.

Esma’s posts on snapchat

This comes after Hamisa Mobetto came out to reveal that her son was fathered by Diamond Platnumz – something that almost cost the Tanzanian singer his relationship.

Fans on the other hand have been telling Esma off as she is now pretending not to have known what was going on between her bestie and her brother.

Hamisa Mobetto with Esma’s husband back in the day

We cannot tell how far the beef will go but as for now Hamisa Mobetto and Esma’s friendship has been buried for good! But is it really necessary to cause all the drama?