All grown up! Zari Hassan’s shares new photos of son, Nilan – proves baby daddy & family wasted money carrying out DNA test

It’s no secret that Diamond Platnumz mum has always had her doubts about Nilan – a rumor that widely spread across social media pages and later we saw how the singer’s mum would favor Tiffah and Naseeb Junior as she believes they’re the only kids her son hers.

Although we didn’t expect such especially from a woman her age, however judging from how some Tanzanians reacted on social media – this didn’t seem like something new with their mums, grandmothers or sisters.

Actually they’re used to having meddling females in their families – something Tanasha Donna also said after her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. If I remember well – she said Sanura Kassim (Diamonds mum) controlled everything including their relationship and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Grown Nilan looking like daddy – Diamond Platnumz

Well I’m not sure how many women would put up with such and seeing that all his baby mamas left and moved on – I guess Diamond Platnumz can blame his family for that too.

Anyway it’s been almost 5 years since Nillan was born and for some reason – many have been claiming the young man looks more like Zari’s late ex husband, Don Ivan; however I’m sorry to disappoint you because – Nillan is Diamond Platnumz photocopy.

Well maybe not back then…but now that he is all grown up the young boy looks like his Tanzanian dad. From the eyes, the facial expressions and the LIPS! Y’all Zari never played the singer as alleged and the photos below can show the resemblance between Simba and Nillan.

Diamond Platnumz on babysitting duties while ex Tanasha Donna enjoys vacation in Europe

Diamond Platnumz has always proven to be affectionate towards his kids – now that he has matured and isn’t about his old ways. Whenever in South Africa, the fella always makes sure to spend some quality time with his two kids with Zari and when in Tz (maybe) he spends time with Hamisa’s son, Dylan; but this is something we still can’t confirm since they’re never spotted together.

Diamond Platnumz wiht his kids

Anyway he also has a son with Tanasha Donna  which explains his latest posts where he is seen parading their son on his pages. Judging from the short clips on his IG stories we believe Diamond Platnumz was on baby daddy babysitting duties – at least to catch up with 2 year old son.

Judging from how they relate we can also say Diamond Platnumz and Naseeb share a strong bond and despite having a busy schedule throughout the year – he always tries to stay present with the baby boy.

Diamond Platnumz visits Naseeb jnr at Tanasha’s home

Tanasha Donna in Europe

This time around Diamond Platnumz was however forced to visit his son at his exes apartment – now that she is away on business/vacation in Europe.

So far she’s been to France and is currently in Belgium where’s been sharing thirst traps on her TL – leaving most of her male fans wishing they’d bag her.

Well, since she hasn’t mentioned anything about any upcoming music, can’t help but wonder whether she travelled abroad for a music video…mmmh? Maybe. Maybe not.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s son rolling like a boss in his new expensive rides! (Photos)

Baby Nillan is living the good life thanks to his rich parents, Diamond Platnumz and Zari. After turning 1 year, the boy has since been receiving gifts from his relatives but mostly his dad.

This past weekend the Tanzanian singer shared new photos of the boy rolling in his expensive rides. Just like his big sister, Nillan owns a few replica car toys estimated to cost around Ksh 300,000 to 400,000.

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Being Diamond Platnumz favorite son (it’s obvious) the boy has been enjoying life that not many toddlers his age might enjoy when older in life.

Nillan’s striking resemblance with the late Ivan

Though Diamond Platnumz allegedly fathered the young boy, it stillborn remains a big surprise as to how alike he looks like Ivan.

Well, Zari has always made it clear that the boy is Diamond Platnumz; therefore we have to believe it!


Cute! Diamond Platnumz eldest son steps out for swimming at 11 months (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz is one proud dad. So far he has accepted only three children in public. But word has it that he has a lot more out here.

He however prefers being seen with Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who he fathered with Zari Hassan. We cannot confirm why prefers the two, but we are hoping to see him with Hamisa’s baby too.

His eldest son Nillan Dangote who will be turning 1 year in December seems to have started swimming lessons already. From the photos shared on his Instagram page seems like the young man had quite some fruitful day as his mother coached his first swimming class.

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Nillan however ended up drinking a lot of water from the pool, which is normal for most people taking swimming lessons for the first time.

My face says it all…. drunk a lot of water but will try again.


Diamond Platnumz striking resemblance with the boy

Looking at the singer and Nillan one does not need a DNA test to determine the two are related. Simba’s genes played quite some role in his son’s looks.