“Fagia Kwako nanii” Diana Bahati tells off hater warning her against entertaining Bahati’s baby mama in her matrimonial home

Diana Bahati has lately been keeping a low profile especially with hubby busy campaigning for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

Diana Marua and Bahati

She however hasn’t stopped updating her fans on social media about her whereabouts not forgetting the kids too. This is however the first time she’s been this low key on social media but then again – time is changing everything and so are people growing up too.

Anyway with that said, Diana Bahati recently hosted Yvette Obura to their new home since she is Mueni’s mum and Bahati’s baby mama.

Heaven hanging out with Mama Mueni

Being one who has been pushing for a positive relationship between her and Yvette – for sure – we’ve seen Diana Bahati do some wonderful things most women in her shoes would never to do for their partners exes/baby mama.

Diana Bahati deaf to the haters

Well maybe not them but Diana – says she does this for the sake of kids. By now fans should understand they are a blended family and need to build a strong foundation for their kids relationship. Right?

But despite making this known, there are a few characters on the sideline who feel that Diana Bahati may end up regretting her choices – since keeps entertaining Yvette at her home.

Maybe too many Nigerian movies? 

One of the fans warning Diana Bahati wrote;

Diana, I repeat you will regret it.just a matter of time her second born will be Bahati’s again.


To which Diana Bahati on the other hand responded saying;

Kila mtu afagie kwake. Watoto ni Baraka Ama?

Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

Diana Marua Bahati finally sat down with her husband’s ex girlfriend, Yvette Obura who also happens to be the mother of his first daughter, Mueni Bahati.

Their meeting however came as a big surprise to their followers especially after witnessing the tension they’ve both built between themselves for the past few years. Judging from the comments, fans described these two as mature women who can sit down and have grown up talk; despite their differences brought about by  their different relationships with Bahati.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura and wife, Diana Bahati

Not many women are open to coparenting with their ex’s new woman but luckily for the Bahati’s, this is happening and far as we know is that, they’re all happy!

Diana comes clean on securities

However, the coparenting has only become easier with time that is judging from the interview mama Mueni had with Diana Marua.

From what she says is that they started getting along in 2020 – thanks to Mueni who would praise her aunty Diana to her mum, Yvette and with this a new bond started forming between the two.

Yvette Obura and Diana Bahati

Before that, Diana confessed to having been insecurities about her man (Bahati) communicating with baby mama; something she now feels was inappropriate and childish.

Speaking about this, the lady said;

  me I’d catch feelings like; saa yote mnaongea unaniambia, I want to know what you guys are talking about and at times I would take Bahati’s phone; and see that you’ve talked for three minutes. I wanted to know whatever it is that the two of you were talking about for three minute

According to Yvette Obura, she believes this same insecurities drove Diana Bahati to calling her, ordering her not to call or text Baha if it wasn’t about Mueni.

  That phone call was so random. We had never spoken or met before… you were the first person to call me that mornin

However, in Diana Marua’s defense at the time – she’d found a text from Yvette asking Bahati for something, and being new lady in his life, it didn’t sound right for exes to communicate these two were.