Bahati & Diana Marua Answer Whether They’re Ready To Add Another Kid

The Bahati’s have finally opened up on whether they’re ready to have another kid together, despite not showing their last daughter Malaika’s face to their fans.

The two lovebirds, through a YouTube Q&A, they answered numerous questions about their life and future plans, including their marriage; which they postponed.

According to Bahati, he blames Diana Marua for the delay.

“Mimi nilisha set date 12th December akaniambia niko na a lot am doing….. a lot  is happening on that day watu watakua sherehe. Then nikachange to 1st of April, akasema hawezi juu itaonekana marriage yangu ni ya uongo.” Bahati said.

Further, Bahati also blamed Diana Marua for the delayed face reveal of their daughter Malaika.

Another Mouth To Feed?

Sharing about their future plans on adding a baby, The Bahati’s remained undivided as Diana Marua wasn’t willing to add another baby; unlike Bahati.

”Of course I want more babies,” Bahati stated.

Diana countered Bahati’s statement and claimed she wasn’t willing to carry another baby in her womb.

”At the end of the day, I’m the one who’s carrying the baby. So, I’m not planning to have another baby.

Bahati seemed uncomfortable with Diana’s sentiments, but the two sweethearts will definitely have a stance on the latter.

Watch their interview below;


Bahati & Diana Marua Explain Why They Postponed Their Wedding

Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko, known by his stage name Bahati, recently opened up about the reasons behind their postponed wedding.

In a Q&A session with his wife Diana Marua on YouTube , the two lovebirds addressed fan questions regarding the delay.

Bahati explained that their initial plans were disrupted by Diana’s priorities. She felt there were more important things to focus on for their grand wedding day, leading them to reschedule.

Bahati then suggested April 1st as a new date, but this was also met with hesitation from Diana. She wasn’t comfortable getting married on April Fool’s Day.

The back-and-forth led to a playful argument, with Diana questioning Bahati’s commitment if the proposed dates always conflicted with her commitments.

Diana asked, ”Do you want to marry me or not?”

Bahati responded;

Do you want to be married by me or not?

To move forward, they decided on a compromise – a special proposal dinner.

“It should be an announcement,” Diana explained. “A romantic dinner, where he asks me properly, ‘Will you marry me?’ on a specific date.”

This seemingly resolved the issue, with both parties on the same page about a future proposal and wedding.1



Willy Paul trashes Bahati and Diana Marua’s ostentatious gift giving

Willy Paul says he values his privacy and would never publicly show off any gift he would give his girlfriend or wife. However, he has no problem with those celebrities who choose to publicly display their love for one another.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Paul congratulated his former besties Bahati and Diana for their celebration of their marriage. When asked if he had seen the viral video of how Diana received her luxurious car, Paul said he had not. He added that he was happy for the couple and that it was up to each individual to decide how they wanted to express their love for their partner.

Paul also said that he did not plan to get married himself because he had seen men kill themselves over women. He said that he did not want to be in a situation where his wife would leave him and become another man’s wife.

Bahati and Diana have been married for seven years and recently celebrated their anniversary with a week-long celebration. Bahati gave Diana seven gifts over the week, culminating in a Range Rover being unveiled as the ultimate present.

Paul’s comments about privacy and marriage are interesting and reflect his own personal values. He is a popular celebrity, but he chooses to keep his personal life private. He also has a strong opinion on marriage and the importance of commitment.

Diana Marua Shares Her Only Wish After Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Content creator Diana Marua has shared her only wish after officially being wed in a traditional wedding: that her mother and her mother-in-law could have been there to witness it.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Marua recalled her difficult upbringing, desperate dating life, and enduring “struggle love” before finally marrying her husband, Bahati. She said that while she is grateful for all the blessings in her life, she can’t help but wish that her mother and mother-in-law could have been there to celebrate with her on her special day.

“If I was given one wish, It would be for our Mums to witness this day and celebrate with us 😭 But God had other plans. They’re watching us in Heaven and I know we’ve made them so proud,” she wrote.

“If you told me 10 years ago that on this Day 07.10.2023, I’d be celebrating my Traditional Ceremony, I would probably laugh out Loud. When you look at me, you see a Lucky girl but you don’t know what it has taken for me to get here. I faced a lot of tough times growing up, I didn’t finish school because there was no money, and begging landlords to give us a few more days was the order of the day, we had a book of Mkopo, kwa duka that we would pay monthly and that was normal for us,” she recalled.

Marua’s story is a reminder that even in the midst of joy, there can still be sadness. It is also a reminder of the importance of cherishing our loved ones while we have them.

Diana Marua Claims Men Used & Dumped Her Before She Met Bahati

Diana Marua has opened up about her past life before fame and money, recalling the first time she met her husband Bahati.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Diana reveals that she dated several men before settling with Bahati, and that some of them used and dumped her.

“I have had my own share of life, ups and downs. I have dated all sorts of men, been used and dumped, been heartbroken, been bartered, but all these were preparing me for God’s plan,” she narrated.

When Diana met Bahati, her heart felt different, and she stopped seeing all the other men she was dating. She says it has not been rosy for the seven years they have been together, noting perseverance is key.

“I met @BahatiKenya, and I dropped everyone because, for once, my heart beat differently. The moment I knew we were dating, he never let go of my hand. You see gifts, you see me being crowned, but all this has taken a lot of hard work, perseverance, commitment, apologizing when you are wrong, we’ve wiped each other’s tears, Submitting even when I can’t stand him, leaving everything and prioritizing someone’s emotions when we’re down, encouraging each other even when we can’t see the light of day… the list is overwhelming,” she shared.

Diana’s story is a reminder that even though life can be tough at times, it’s important to persevere and to never give up on your dreams.

Bahati Weds Diana Marua

Singer Bahati has officially wedded his wife, Diana Marua. He shared a video of their traditional ceremony on social media, writing that it was a surprise gift for Diana and that he was eager to formalize their marriage before their official anniversary on October 20th. He also said that the gifts he would give her the next day would prove that she is the queen of his life.

Diana Marua responded to the video, saying that Bahati is the one that Heaven prepared for her and that she promised to love and respect him all the days of her life.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Bahati reveals how he keeps Diana Marua happy

According to artist Kelvin Bahati Kioko, giving his wife Diana Marua cash gifts is the only way to make her happy. Bahati announced earlier this month that he would give his wife Diana 7 gifts over the course of 7 days to mark their 7 years of marriage and the birth of their 3 children.

While describing to his admirers the third present he had arranged for Diana, Bahati made this revelation.

“For those asking how I Keep My Woman Happy? 😉🙂😍 I Only do 3 Things….1. I Give Her Money 💵2. I Give Her More Money MONEY 💵3. I Add More and More Money 💵,” 

When Bahati first made headlines after taking his wife to the SPA, he saw firsthand how his wife was being cleaned in her private areas. A cake in the shape of a house was the second gift Bahati gave his wife, and he said that it was a symbol of things to come.

Bahati disclosed that Diana B Apartments, a residential structure for apartments, will soon be constructed. Bahati gave his wife an imported luxury ointment as the third gift.

After giving Diana the gift, the singer led her to a room with beautifully decorated bedspread and floor floral arrangements. He then handed her the box, which she opened to see seven.

Bahati and Diana Marua to Tie the Knot in December 2023

Excitement is brewing as singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, make headlines with their upcoming wedding plans. According to a close source, the couple’s highly anticipated nuptials are scheduled to take place in December, although the specific dates have yet to be finalized.

The wedding is expected to be an exclusive invite-only event, with the couple even considering implementing a no-phone policy for their esteemed guests. This recent development follows the Bahati’s secret traditional wedding, known as “ruracio,” held over the past weekend at an undisclosed location. The MC of the event is set to be Comedian Terence.

To mark their 7th year together, Bahati has also put up seven billboards in seven counties.

“Just before I gift my queen seven gifts… as we celebrate 7 year anniversary, I will go live on @diana_marua ‘s YouTube channel on Wednesday, October 11 at 3 pm as I hand over the first gift! A gift every day until October 20, the anniversary day (sic),” he announced on his social media pages.

Remarkably, this long-awaited event comes seven years after Bahati and Diana held their traditional introduction ceremony. The decision to formalize their union legally emerged after Diana Marua disclosed in June 2021 that they were not legally married despite their traditional wedding in 2017.

The couple was driven by the desire for their children to understand the significance of their parents walking down the aisle before making their commitment official. Diana Marua emphasized the importance of keeping certain aspects of their lives private, stating:

“We are not there for the people; we are public figures. But at the end of the day, we have our own family issues that we keep to ourselves.”

Fans of the couple are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding, and we wish them all the best on this special occasion.

Bahati told to return his man-card after shameful post about Diana Marua

Musician Bahati is facing backlash online after sharing an inappropriate photo of his wife, Diana Marua, at a waxing center.

The photo, which was posted on Bahati’s X account (formerly known as Twitter), shows Marua being cleaned in her private areas. The caption attached to the post reads:

“What a man can do, a woman can do better. My wife is the best.”

The post has been met with widespread criticism from social media users, who have accused Bahati of violating Marua’s privacy and exploiting her for clout.

“This is so disrespectful to your wife,” one user commented. “Why would you post such a private photo of her online?”

“This is not okay,” another user wrote. “You are supposed to be protecting your wife, not exploiting her.”

Bahati has since deleted the post, but the damage has already been done. Many people are now calling for Bahati to be held accountable for his actions.

Why Bahati’s post is so problematic

Bahati’s post is problematic for a number of reasons. First, it violates Marua’s privacy. She is clearly uncomfortable in the photo, and she has not given her consent for it to be shared online.

Second, the post is exploitative. Bahati is using Marua’s body for attention and clout. He is not respecting her as a person, but rather as an object.

Third, the post perpetuates the harmful stereotype that women are only valuable for their bodies. Bahati is implying that Marua is only valuable because she is willing to have her private areas exposed to the world.

Diana Marua Reveals She Earns More Than Bahati

Diana Marua has recently shared more details about her marriage to Kenyan musician Bahati in a YouTube video interview with her nannies.

Marua expressed her gratitude to God for bringing Bahati into her life, saying that he has transformed her in many ways. She also spoke about submitting to her husband, even when she is making more money than him.

“Even right now I can say I am making slightly more than him,” she said. “It fluctuates, yes, but there is a time when his music is doing well and he has shows here and there and makes a decent amount. When things are not okay on his side and I am making more, I still humble myself before my husband regardless of the amount of money in our respective bank accounts.”

Marua also revealed that she had dated rich men prior to meeting Bahati, but most of them wanted her to be a “trophy wife.”

Marua and Bahati are set to wed in December, and they are both very happy in their marriage.

Marua’s story is an inspiration to many women, showing that it is possible to have a successful marriage even if the couple is not financially equal. It is also a reminder that submission to one’s husband is not about money, but about respecting and honoring him.

Diana Marua Explains Why She Gives Her Husband Bahati All Her Money

Kenyan content creator and musician Diana Marua has opened up about how her husband, Bahati, has supported her ever since they met.

In a recent Q&A session with her house helps, Marua revealed that she had nothing for two years when she met Bahati, and that he would often encourage her to pursue her dreams.

“One day he told me, ‘I cannot facilitate the lifestyle that you had before, and if it is going to be difficult moving forward, this won’t work,'” Marua said. “He was so point blank. I cut my nails, I removed my polish, I went natural, and I think that was the test of time. I told God to test me with him so He can know I am patient and serious.'”

Marua said that for two years, she had no money and would wonder who she had decided to settle down with. However, when things started looking up for them, Bahati would show her how to thrive even when she was scared.

“Bahati has believed in me even when I did not believe in myself,” Marua said. “He is my everything. My beginning and my end. I owe my success to God because He used Bahati, or rather to Bahati because God used him. I have never had my money. Any business that Diana has done, when I get my money, I say, ‘Babe, what do we do with this money?’ Sometimes I tell him how much I have in my account, and he tells me what to do with it.”

Marua’s praise for Bahati is a reminder of the importance of having a supportive partner. It is also a reminder that it is possible to achieve your dreams, even if you start from scratch.

Diana Marua Opens Up About Concerns Over Her Dad’s Reaction to Her Content

YouTuber Diana Marua recently addressed the challenges of dealing with online trolls and shared her concerns about her father’s potential reaction to her content.

During a candid conversation with her four nannies on Thursday, September 21, Diana delved into her personal feelings regarding the content she shares online.

When asked about her thoughts on her dad and children seeing some of her photos and videos, she revealed her apprehensions.

“I feel a certain way about my dad. There are things that I feel uncomfortable with him seeing, and I hope he’s not on social media or that someone doesn’t send him a link to see them,” she said.

She went on to explain that there are instances when she and her husband, Bahati, play games like truth or dare, and sometimes Bahati advises her against certain actions. Diana worries about her father’s potential reaction if he were to see such content.

“Even when Bahati and I are playing truth or dare, he sometimes tells me that he doesn’t like me doing certain things. I think to myself, ‘Oh my God, what if my dad sees something like that?’ I feel a certain way about my dad,” she said.

However, when it comes to her children, Diana confidently stated that she is comfortable with her online presence and the content she shares.

Diana’s concerns about her father’s reaction to her content are understandable. She is a public figure, and her online presence is carefully curated. She wants to ensure that the content she shares reflects her values and is appropriate for her audience.

It is also important to note that Diana’s father may have different cultural expectations and values. What may be considered acceptable for Diana’s online audience may not be acceptable to her father.

Ultimately, it is up to Diana to decide what she is comfortable sharing online. She should balance her need to be authentic with her desire to protect her family’s privacy.

Diana Marua Bahati Opens Up About Online Trolls and Son Morgan’s Adoption

Kenyan content creator and influencer Diana Marua Bahati recently spoke about the challenges she faces from online trolls and shed light on her eldest son Morgan’s adoption.

In an interactive YouTube session with her nannies, Diana explained that she is unfazed by the online trolls because she knows her truth.

“So guys, a lot has been said, and I don’t blame the media; everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I know my truth no matter what anyone else says,” she said.

Diana also revealed that Morgan was adopted way before she and Bahati started dating.

“When I met Bahati, he had already adopted three children: Purity, Morgan, and Rose. All of them were in a children’s home. Morgan had come to support Bahati at one of the award events, and he won Bahati’s heart. That’s how Morgan came to live with us. He was the first person to call me mom. I will forever be grateful for that,” Diana shared.

Diana’s story is a reminder that adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family. It is also a reminder that online trolls can be hurtful, but it is important to remember their words do not reflect your truth.

KRG doubles down on hugging and fondling Diana Marua

KRG the Don and Diana Marua’s close interaction at a party a few months ago caused a stir online.

Bahati was present at the party, but he seemed like a third wheel as KRG and Diana enjoyed each other’s company.

Despite the backlash, Bahati kept quiet about the incident. However, it seems that he had been dwelling on it for some time, as he recently addressed it in a cheeky post.

He shared a photo of himself with a couple, with the caption, “Someone tell KRG that’s Where to Place your hands while taking photos with Someone’s Girlfriend / Wife 😂😉😃 Thanks to this amazing Couple @mcjimmiekajim and @wambui_kajim for Starring on my New Song #HUYU 🌷❤️😊.”

Bahati’s post was seen as a subtle shade at KRG, reminding him to keep his hands to himself when interacting with other people’s wives.

It remains to be seen how KRG will respond to Bahati’s post, but it is clear that the tension between the two men is still simmering.

Fight fire with fire! Diana Marua and Bahati clap back at Pastor Ezekiel Odero

The Bahati’s have clapped back at Pastor Ezekiel Odero following his controversial comments advising men against marrying women named Diana.

The couple, Bahati and Diana Marua, known for their strong bond and successful marriage, took offense at the pastor’s remarks and chose to respond publicly.

In one of his recent sermons, Pastor Ezekiel Odero claimed that women named Diana are not suitable for marriage and tend to dominate their partners.

“Ushawai kuona Diana yeyote kwa ndoa? Hakuna hata mmoja. Ukioa Diana ushi na yeye, yeye ndiye anakucontrol kama robot. Utaishi na Diana, she becomes the husband. Lakini wewe ndio uwe mume, Diana anaenda, hapo nimeongea ukweli”

Additionally, the controversial preacher advised against naming children Diana, claiming that the name has a bad “spirit.”

“Usimpe mtoto wako jina Diana. Sababu akiolewa, utashare na watu. Diana anapendwa bila sababu hata kama hajui. Because the name carried the spirit.”

Pastor Odero’s prophetic authority was immediately called into question by Bahati, who noted that he and Diana Marua have been wed for seven years.

“Is this a true or false Prophet??? 🙆 Somebody tell this Pastor to stop misleading the Church. @Diana_Marua and I are celebrating 7 golden years of marriage this coming October 20. Dianas are the best!!!”

On the other side, Diana Marua charged Pastor Odero with lying.

“Don’t be Married to Ezekiel’s!!! They will look at you straight in your eyes and lie! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of the Shakahola massacre???”


Diana Marua Overwhelmed By Sister Michelle Ngoje’s Pregnancy

Content creator and YouTuber Diana Marua was left in tears and speechless after discovering her sister Michelle Ngoje is six months pregnant.

In a YouTube video shared by Michelle, Diana could be seen wiping tears as she happily rubbed her sister’s huge bump.

The Hatutaachana hitmaker wondered why she never noticed her sister’s belly despite being pregnant for six months.

At first, Michelle lied to Diana that she was carrying triplets, which left her confused and shocked at the same time. She constantly asked her if it was true and demanded to see the scan report, but eventually, Michelle told her she was only pregnant with one baby.

Diana was so overwhelmed by the news that she had to excuse herself from the room to cry. She later took to her Instagram page to express her shock and happiness.

“I just don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! I didn’t see this coming, of course I hangout with my sister @mitch.ngoje quite a lot but her latest news caught me off guard. You just don’t want to see my reaction. Being shocked, overwhelmed and being at optimum level of pressure is an understatement,” she wrote.

Diana is already a mother of two children, a son and a daughter. She is excited to be a big sister and is looking forward to helping Michelle with her pregnancy and the arrival of her new baby.

The news of Michelle’s pregnancy has been met with excitement from her fans and followers. They have been sending her congratulatory messages and wishing her a healthy pregnancy.

Diana Marua Responds To Criticism Over Photoshopped Family Portrait (Photo)

Content creator Diana Marua has responded to the recent criticism she has received over a manipulated family portrait that went viral.

The portrait, which was originally shared by Marua on social media, was edited to include several male celebrities, including Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama. The edited image insinuated that the celebrities were related to Marua’s children.

Wanyama and other celebrities who were featured in the edited image have since condemned the manipulation and urged fans to respect the privacy of the Bahati family.

Marua has also addressed the criticism, saying that she is not bothered by it. She has even turned the situation to her advantage, using the attention to promote her work.

In a recent Instagram post, Marua shared a photo of herself with her son Morgan and wrote, “How can you look at me and not want to talk about me? Feel free to leave your footprint over here.”

Marua’s response has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for her resilience, while others have criticized her for being too focused on attention.

Regardless of the reactions, Marua’s response is a reminder that online bullying is a serious problem. It is important to be mindful of the impact our words and actions can have on others, especially children.

It is also important to remember that everyone has the right to privacy. We should not spread rumors or make assumptions about people’s lives without knowing the facts.

If you see someone being bullied online, please report it to the relevant platform. We can all play a role in creating a more positive and supportive online environment.

Akothee breathes fire and attacks everyone mocking Bahati and Diana Marua

Award-winning Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has expressed displeasure with those trolling and cyber-bullying musician Bahati and his family.

Bahati and his family have been trending online after unknown Kenyans photoshopped other celebrities into their family portrait.

The act has elicited mixed reactions with many condemning the incident that has exposed Bahati and his family to public scrutiny and cyber-bullying.

In her hard-hitting message, Akothee appealed to Netizens to refrain from abusing Bahati and his family for the sake of their kids.

This photoshop should stop there for the sake of the children. If you hate Bahati and Diana Their Children have nothing to do with the Children 🙏. I wish we all had Humanity,”she said in part.

“Social media is becoming demonic. People have lost empathy, respect, and self-discipline. How can you take a whole family foto and start comparing people’s children with other individuals? What exactly came into your mind? That’s what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminated society,”.

Akothee challenged those cyber-bullying Bahati and his family to put themselves in his shoes and see if they will handle the insults.

“THIS PHOTOSHOP SHOULD STOP THERE FOR THE SAKE IF THE CHILDREN. If you hate Bahati and Diana Their Children has nothing to do with the Children 🙏. I wish we all had Humanity Social media is becoming demonic. People have lost empathy, respect and self discipline. How can you take a whole family foto and start comparing peoples children with other individuals ? What exactly came into your mind? That what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminate society. How painful will it be if it were you on this picture,be it a man or a woman ,a father or a mother even the children in the photos? Bulshit, really bulshit🤔😠😠😠. The same photos will be used by bullies in school,to bully the innocent children on behalf of their parents. Which world are we living in? Dunia Gani hii jamani? As celebrities we post our families first as our albums, secondly as motivation to some of the most irresponsible parents I know and third as entertainment. Don’t take this for granted, your jelousy won’t stop celebrities from being celebrated, where Children are involved,I won’t keep quite. s celebrities are equally raising broken children, because of you bullies , you bully us , bully our families, bully our children , Yani Humanity left this streets . The entitlement internet people have is sickening. All are sadist, and narcissist causing people pain left right center. If I am DIANA & BAHATI Will sue your Dahm Assess. Even if you are as a small fan as a maggot . Chieth Nkt. Nimekasirika asanaaaa.SOME SMALL RESPECT FOR FAMILY ESPECIALLY CHILDREN 💪 Go for Bahati & Diana ndio Rika Zenu .”

Bahati finally breaks his silence as Kenyans continue to claim Diana Marua has slept with Victor Wanyama and KRG da Don

In response to the recent controversies surrounding Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua, the couple has stood together to face the haters and trolls.

They achieved this by publicly reiterating in a statement their decision to remain together in spite of the negative feedback. The ‘Mama’ singer went a step further yesterday and told Diana how much she meant to him.

Dear Diana ❤️I know You’ve been on the Headlines Trending, I Know it really doesn’t bother you but I thought I should remind you One thing before you sleep::: You are a Star!!! I wish I would have been there to tell you this Face to Face but I’m out of town for a Business meeting; Coming back to Nairobi Tomorrow. 

My Wife; You’re Loved by Many, You inspire Many, You’re Followed by Many and with that Darling you can’t miss out on hate. No Lie you’ve overtaken Many ever since I did the first post to introduce you to the World as ‘My Prayer Partner’.

At times I feel Sorry and regret forcing you to the limelight, at times I want to ask you for forgiveness for exposing you to this ruthless side of the world but looking at things Babe; This was God’s Plan, You were created for this!!! Look at your Numbers!!! You came just the other Day and you’re now the most Subscribed and Followed YouTube content Creator in East Africa.

You have whole Army of #TeamDiana and #TeamBahati behind You.. I might not say this enough times but I’m a Proud Husband… I’m happy to Call you Wifey🌹Babe your Success and influence is undeniable, Unavoidable and Unthinkable… even them that hate you will agree that they Respect You… I can’t Wait to take Over the World with you; Yeeeesss our wedding plans are 70% done and I just Can’t wait marry You 💍 I LOVE YOU ❤️ @Diana_Marua.

KRG sparks in anger after being told he slept with Diana Marua

KRG the Don has now replied to the viral assault that Bahati and Diana Marua endured when someone altered their family image to include a number of male celebrities.

KRG, a father of four, called out the trolls who inserted his image over the family portrait of the Bahati, saying,

“When will people learn to respect children in this country? You can troll me and other adults all you can but watoto wa mtu is a No Go Zone.”

He continued by urging Kenyans to show some consideration for other people’s children, stressing that kids ought to be protected from such things.

Many people might be surprised to learn that KRG has known Diana and Bahati for a long time. Even Heaven, their first child, has him as a godfather.

“We are good friends, we were having fun we were dancing, you know, she is like my sister When I am with my sister I can hold you, I can hug you, the only thing I cannot do ni mambo ya ile sasa ya mzee kabisa kabisa , lakini kushikana ku kufurahia hata tuimbe pampoja that one you can do with your sister,” he previously said to Mungai Eve.

A few hours prior to KRG’s response, another male celebrity who had been altered to look like his family had made a similar statement.

Victor Wanyama, a former Harambee Stars icon, expressed his disgust over the image in a tweet urging that Kenyans stop their slurs.

“This Foolishness Needs To Stop Now.”

Bahati and Diana Marua respond to allegations Victor Wanyama is the father of their son

Bahati and Diana Marua have been the subject of online scrutiny in recent days after a malicious individual photoshopped the images of several male celebrities onto their family portrait. The insinuations were clear to even the most casual observer.

Kenyans have been eager to see how the couple, who have the largest combined social media following in Kenya, would respond.

They did not disappoint. Bahati and Diana took the high road, choosing to “turn lemons into lemonade.” They used the viral attention to their advantage by posting a video promoting a behind-the-scenes look at their photoshoot.

The caption on the video was a subtle dig at their haters. It read, “All attention is good attention.”

This response was met with widespread praise from fans and critics alike. Many people commended Bahati and Diana for their maturity and grace in handling the situation.

The couple’s response is a reminder that it is possible to rise above online negativity. By choosing to focus on the positive, they were able to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to promote their work.

They wrote, “We are The Bahati’s… We are the News Makers!!! Leo Wanasemaje??? 😊❤️😎 @diana_marua @thebahatisfamily.”

Victor Wanyama reacts in anger to Kenyans on Twitter claiming he fathered Bahati’s eldest son

Renowned Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama has condemned the digital manipulation of a photo of singer Bahati’s family.

The photo, which was shared on Twitter by an online user, @Wesley_Kibande, has been edited to include the faces of several celebrities, including Wanyama, next to Bahati’s children.

Wanyama took to Twitter to express his disappointment, calling the act “foolish” and “unacceptable.”

“This foolishness needs to stop now!!!” he wrote.

This is not the first time that Wanyama has been linked to controversy. In 2020, a photo of him and Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, surfaced online, sparking rumors that they were having an affair. Marua denied the rumors, saying that the photo was taken when they were hanging out with mutual friends.

Wanyama has also been involved in a legal battle with socialite Shakilla, who claimed that he had paid her Sh700,000 for sex. Wanyama denied the allegations and sued Shakilla for defamation. The case was later withdrawn.

It is unclear why the photo of Bahati’s family was manipulated, but it is likely that the intention was to cause harm to Wanyama’s reputation. Wanyama’s condemnation of the act is a reminder that digital manipulation can be a serious issue with real-world consequences.

Diana Marua showers Bahati with love

Popular vlogger Diana Marua took to her social media pages on Sunday to express her love and gratitude to her husband, Bahati.

In a long and heartfelt post, Marua praised Bahati for his love, support, and understanding. She said that he is her best friend, confidant, and the love of her life.

Marua also revealed that she is willing to have a fourth child with Bahati, even though they have already had three children together. She said that she loves him so much that she would do anything for him.

Bahati responded to Marua’s post by saying that he is blessed to have her as his wife. He said that she is his dream girl and that he will love her until eternity.

The couple’s sweet exchange has been met with a lot of love and support from their fans. Many people have commented on how inspiring their relationship is.

Marua and Bahati have been together for seven years, and they have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. However, they have always managed to come out stronger.

Their love for each other is evident in their posts, and it is clear that they are very happy together.

Diana Marua Reveals She Made Out with Another Guy While Her Ex-Lover Was Driving

Content creator Diana Marua has revealed that she made out with another guy while her then-lover was driving. The revelation was made during a game of “Truth or Dare” on her YouTube channel with her husband, singer Bahati.

Marua was asked by Bahati to share the naughtiest thing she had ever done in the past. She prefaced her answer by asking him not to judge her and to forget about it after the game.

Marua then revealed that she was on a trip to Mombasa with a group of friends, including her then-boyfriend. She said that she was drunk and “out of character” at the time, and that she made out with another guy while her boyfriend was driving.

Marua also said that she had made out with girls in the past, but that she had never had any romantic relationships with them.

Bahati Insecure After Diana’s Revelation

Bahati was surprised by Marua’s revelation, but he said that he respected her honesty. He also said that he was glad that she had shared her story, as it would help other people who have made similar mistakes.

Marua’s revelation has been met with mixed reactions online. Some people have praised her for her honesty, while others have criticized her for her behavior.

Regardless of the reactions, Marua’s story is a reminder that everyone makes mistakes. It is important to learn from our mistakes and to move on.

Is Bahati cheating on Diana Marua?!

In a recent game of “Truth or Dare” with his wife, Diana Marua, musician Bahati Kioko revealed that his biggest fear is her finding him in bed with another woman.

Bahati explained that he is afraid of Diana’s reaction if she were to find him cheating, as she is known to be a fiery woman. He said that he knows she would kill him, and that is what scares him the most.

Diana was surprised by Bahati’s answer, but she also admitted that she would be furious if she found out that he had cheated on her. She joked that she would need to make plans to find him and deal with him if he ever did cheat on her.

Bahati’s answer to Diana’s question has sparked a conversation about infidelity and the fear of being caught. Some people have commented that Bahati’s fear is justified, as being caught cheating can have devastating consequences. Others have said that Bahati’s fear is a sign that he is not committed to his marriage.

Whatever the case may be, Bahati’s answer to Diana’s question is a reminder that infidelity is a serious issue that can have a profound impact on relationships. If you are in a relationship, it is important to be honest with your partner and to avoid putting yourself in situations where you could be tempted to cheat.


Bahati’s answer to Diana’s question is a reminder that infidelity is a serious issue that can have a profound impact on relationships. If you are in a relationship, it is important to be honest with your partner and to avoid putting yourself in situations where you could be tempted to cheat.

Diana Marua achieves huge YouTube milestone

Diana Marua, a Kenyan YouTuber and rapper, has reached a new milestone on the streaming platform. She has accumulated over 900,000 subscribers since joining YouTube in August 2019.

Marua took to social media to thank her fans for their support. She said that she is “officially on the #RoadtoaMillionSubscribers” and that she would not be where she is today without their support.

She also said that she is aiming to become the most followed content creator in Africa. She is currently ranked sixth, but she is confident that she can achieve her goal.

Marua’s success on YouTube is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She has been creating high-quality content for her channel since she started, and her fans have responded by subscribing in droves.

Marua is an inspiration to many people, and her success shows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. She is a role model for young women in Africa, and she is proof that you can achieve your dreams if you work hard and never give up.