Why no one takes Diana Marua’s marital advice seriously

Diana Marua is currently embroiled in a spat with Andrew Kibe and for some reason, what she is saying only seems to resonate with bitter feminists who already had an axe to grind with Kibe anyway.

Say what you will but Diana Marua is a great wife

Don’t get me wrong, I am on record having said that I believe that from what we see between her and her husband Bahati, her’s is a rather well grounded marriage but she is an outlier and that is something alot of Kenyans are cognizant of so they do not take her rubbish seriously.

Diana Marua

You see, Diana Marua is a former heaux. Not a pro who is in it for the direct monetary gain, she was just the party girl people would pass around kama bhangi or a rite of passage before you become a fully fledged member of the Nairobi Boys Club.

Diana Marua Reveals What Led To Her Relationship Downfall With Yvette Obura, Bahat’s Baby Mama

One truth that is universal is that a woman’s past behaviour is a great ndicator of her future behaviour so no one with a brain and self respect would ever publicly claim a heaux (current or former). As a result of being aware of this truth, she knows she must make her marriage work.

So we see her play a role; the doting wife and mother. Diana Marua is the consumate Stepford wife but that is a bid to rehabilitate her public persona. Bahati is a clueless schmuck who just happens to be reaping the rewards of her campaign. As a result, he cannot speak on marriage and have men take him seriously. If you asked him what makes his marraige work he will give you the bimbo response of “Ni God manze, ni Mungu!”

Diana Marua Promises Bahati Yet Another Child

In conmtrast, Andrew Kibe is a man who attempted to go that way. He made his marraige his entire world and lived by the creed of “happy wife, happy life”. He failed at being marraige and he doesn’t shy away from owning that failure. He has since rerforged himself and he now has become a man teaching younger men how to be men the right way. And I don’t know about you but I am not listening to the fool that has never had to swim in troubled waters so I am not listening to Diana Marua, a former heaux!

As Franklin Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”. Give me a man who I can talk to over a stiff drink as he regales me on his failures and the sessons learned (introspection is an important aspect in a mentor).

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Say what you will but Diana Marua is a great wife

Diana Marua has for a long time been the butt of every joke meant to denigrate her husband. Why you ask? Because she was known to be quite the wild card in her youth.  She was essentially the IT girl for a gang of celebrities and some powerful men.

Diana Marua Reveals Her Children Cried After Realizing She Was Pregnant With Baby Number 3

As a result, whenever people wanted to take potshots at him, they do so through his wife. And the fact that she is older and more aware of the ways of the world are something that make for low-hanging fruit.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

Add to this the fact that he is clearly within his wife, Diana Marua’s, frame then you sort of understand why people are always ribbing them but I am here in her defence for once. No really, when someone does something worth celebrating, we have to truly celebrate it.

Bahati Exposes Diana Marua’s Behaviour Of Denying Him Conjugal Rights For Days (Video)

And today we are here to discuss the fact that she is a great wife and spouse (same thing right?) to Bahati. We are going to start with the fact that she has put her ego, and her pride to the side and is actually taking care of Bahati’s daughter by Yvette Obura, young Mueni Bahati. That’s right, she has accepted her into her home and she is being raised as one of her own children.

Diana Marua

This is no mean feat and this alone makes her worthy of all the praise we can heap on her aswell as encouragement. Why? Because that means she is doing something that is truly rare. More often than not, step-mothers abuse their husband’s children by other women. This is a very well-documented phenomenon known as the “Cinderella Effect“.

Diana Marua needs to stop discussing her marriage to Bahati

To explain that briefly, it is essentially a theory in evolutionary psychology that captivated the tendency of step-parents to harm children that aren’t biologically their own.

Yvette Obura with daughter, Mueni Bahati

“Powerful evidence in support of the Cinderella effect comes from the finding that when abusive parents have both step and genetic children, they generally spare their genetic children. In such families, stepchildren were exclusively targeted 9 out of 10 times in one study and in 19 of 22 in another. In addition to displaying higher rates of negative behaviors (e.g., abuse) toward stepchildren, stepparents display fewer positive behaviors toward stepchildren than do the genetic parents. For example, on average, stepparents invest less in education, play with stepchildren less, take stepchildren to the doctor less, etc. This discrimination against stepchildren is unusual compared with abuse statistics involving the overall population given “the following additional facts: (1) when child abuse is detected, it is often found that all the children in the home have been victimized; and (2) stepchildren are almost always the eldest children in the home, whereas the general … tendency in families of uniform parentage is for the youngest to be most frequent victims.”

And Diana Marua is not one of those bad eggs. She is actually taking care of her stepdaughter like she is her own child. That takes sacrifice and going above our base humanity.

Eyebrows Raised As Bahati Ditches His Wife Diana Marua On Mother’s Day

Perhaps it could be argued that her tribal culture makes it more acceptable for her to do this as the children are her husbands and the man of the home can bring children from previous relationships or from outside their union for her to raise but we live in a time when modern women refuse to sacrifice themselves for anything and are immensely selfish. She is a great example of love.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura and wife, Diana Bahati

Diana Marua is sacrificing a bit of her human nature for the sake of ensuring not just her children but all her husband’s get the best possible childcare and she’s willing to personally offer it. That is a great wife!

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Diana Marua and Bahati are an example of a healthy couple

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati should be the first couple off your lips when you talk about happy young couples and that is a debate I am more than willing to sink my teeth into.

“My ex told me to my face that his side chick is pregnant for him,” Diana Marua opens up on fully financing a guy who turned ungrateful

Their philosophy is one that most have failed to emulate and by that I am referring to the fact that the couple has adopted an “us against them” mentality. They are genuinely happy with each other and no, I am not saying this because of all the lovey-dovey captions she posts or because of all the publicity stunts she and her husband keep getting upto.

Celebrity “power” couple Diana Marua and Bahati

Diana Marua and Bahati seem to be cognizant of the fact that they are a couple, a business if you will that has to find a way to survive through Kenya’s 3rd world economy and the best way for them to do so is to frame their days as them (as a team) fighting poverty, haters and whatever else makes that laundry list.

Diana Marua Vs Yvette Obura: Bahati is the cause of his blended family breakup

And whether or not you agree with her rather littered past is irrelevant. They have made it very clear that they are all about their children and building their businesses together. And yes, their brand is that business and it is a rather lucrative one.
Diana Marua and Bahati
There is a lot to learn from the singer and his wife. There is a lot to learn even from how supportive she is of her husband up to and including accepting his daughter by another woman and at least attempting to co-parent that child with his baby mama.
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We can only hope that Bahati is getting therapy

Bahati vied for the Mathare parliamentary seat and lost. His was a campaign period fraught with betrayal and intrigue and though he braved the battle, Kenyans have made him their whipping boy with their incessant mocking.

Eyebrows Raised As Bahati Deletes All His Photos On Instagram

And we have all noticed that this took quite a toll on the young man. he clearly had his heart set out for the position and he believed he would win it easy… I don’t know why, perhaps it was delusional confidence.

Bahati roughed up by goons

But Bahati as we all know, lost. And he has taken it hard. It didn’t help that it exposed haters in hidden corners. While we here at Ghafla were busy praising him for having the guts to take this step, most of his own peers and fans were busy laughing at him.

Bahati and Diana Marua really did Willy Paul dirty

And since then, he has been seen out in public only a handful of times. He was seen at a family function as they celebrated a family affair with is wife -Diana Marua- and kids. But we have also seen him delete his content on social media.

We can only wonder about the toll that this failure took on him. He was also met by the stark reality of just how crazy politics is as he was first denied a certificate that would allow him to vie and then the members of his own coalition came out to attack and mock him.

All well with the Bahati’s? Singer Masauti confirms he can nolonger reach him 

And this is why we need to hope that he has gone to seek counselling because he is clearly showing signs of struggling with depression. And while it is great for him to inundate himself with people who love him, Bahati needs professional help.

That is what will help him lift himself above the funk and then focus on the future. A mental issue like depression is something that could also affect his family because he will not only not be present but he might even take a much darker path.

Diana Marua comforts husband Bahati after 2022 general election loss

Bahati needs to take care of himself before he can continue to take care of his family and I for one hope he seeks the professional help he gets.

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Bahati and Diana Marua really did Willy Paul dirty

Willy Paul is lucky to have survived the rape allegation that Diana Marua levelled against him and he knows it. There are a lot of ways to implode your career but by far, a sexual assault allegation is the most nuclear. And Bahati stood by and allowed that entire scam to unfold and play out for the sake of clout.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

I get it, Bahati and Willy Paul are only really friends when the cameras are present and for as long as they are present. They both hailed from Mathare and both got their start from their mentor, J Blessing. Bother were gospel artists. So you’d be forgiven for thinking they should be the closest of friends.

Willy Paul

Perhaps it is the nature of the circumstances they grew up in but they started a rather fierce competition. And since they first blew up, they have fought like cats and dogs sewn up into a gunny bag (gunia). And any act that can give Bahati an edge over Willy Paul, he’ll do it, no questions asked and vice versa.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

That however cooled off once Willy Paul gave up being a gospel artists there was no real fight over the audience. That didn’t stop them from trading jabs once in a while but by and large, everything calmed down. Or so we thought.

One day, out of the blue, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua came out and accused Willy Pozze of raping her. That was something no one had expected and though we were all blindsided, no one was as caught off-guard as Bwana Mkunaji.

Willy Paul on how false claims of sexual assault almost ruined his career

He has been the subject of other accusations that have never gone anywhere but in this instance, the allegations made no sense. It sounded a lot like an artist who met a fan and decided he wanted to sleep with the fan (Willy Paul has very little d-control) and after the fact that she was now married to his rival, she resented his treatment of her like a jump-off.

Diana Marua and Pozee

And the worst part of all this is the fact that there were witnesses one of whom came out to corroborate Pozze’s account of things. And she was none other than Niccah the Queen who was his neighbour at the time. According to her, Diana Marua was happy to be at Willy Paul’s side and even after they went off to do their thing, she was still eager like a beaver to hang out around him. She even said she’d invite some witnesses to back up her take on things.

Willy Paul Teases Bahati After He Lost Mathare MP Seat

This sounded more and more like the case of regret getting weaponised. And Bahati watched it all silently. He could have stepped in to either get to the bottom of things and take his wife to report her claims to the police but instead he remained silent, doubtlessly enjoying this new torment his wife had unleashed on his frienemy.

And life simply moved on. A false allegation that could have been career-ending was allowed to go unpunished. And as I sit down reflecting on just how messed up Diana Marua has to have been to be making up such serious allegations, I realised that though Willy Paul gets a lot of flack for being arrogant, he didn’t deserve to have his career crippled by such a crazy allegation.

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Diana Marua needs to stop discussing her marriage to Bahati

Diana Marua is the reason no one takes Bahati seriously as a politician which is a horrible fact for his political ambitions but the fact was made abundantly clear when Edwin Sifuna said he would be apologizing to her and not him.

“He could have left, but he didn’t” Diana Marua admits Bahati had a hard time first 2 years of their marriage

The reason his disrespect was that brazen is he, like the rest of us, understands that the power dynamic is clearly in her hands and she does indeed call the shots. While this is a great thing for feminists and their female empowerment schpill, it is absolutely terrible for him as a man or even as an aspiring leader.

But thing is, Bahati is not a leader because we can tell he doesn’t lead his own marriage. He is a tamer, more localized version of Will Smith and no amount of chest-thumping and Twitter insults will change this fact. And the fact that he hasn’t realised his wife’s penchant for publicising their marriage is the biggest reason for this perception is telling.

Pregnant? Diana Marua Raises Eyebrows With Protruding Belly

Diana Marua is sadly, always taking us through the dynamics of their marriage and whenever she does so, we do not get to see just how strong her husband is as a man. If anything, the opposite is true. She recently spoke about the earlier years of their marriage (the first two years) and what she described as an indecisive manlet. He didn’t know whether to stay or to leave her. Why? Were there legit reasons for him to leave? If that’s the case then why didn’t he? Because he is scared of public sentiment?

Gospel artiste, Kevin Bahati

Or how about the fact Bahati is always wearing her clothes. What is that crossdressing supposed to prove? That he is more comfortable in his wife’s panties and dresses than he is wearing the pants in his house? No wonder whenever she praises him it feels like a disingenuine attempt at propping up his masculinity.

‘I Was Jealous’- Diana Marua Narrates Challenges Of Co-Parenting With Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura

And now we can come back to his political ambitions. The fact that there was a muted uproar about the travesty he was subjected to says a lot about his support base. The fact that he decided to cry on camera and frame himself as the victim was also very telling. And off0putting. Bahati is not ready to become a national leader. He is weak and not very good at being a man.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

And a great solution for him would be for him to actually look for masculine mentors who can teach him how to get better at being a man. And it should go without saying that while we all deal with emotions, there is a masculine way to actually deal with emotions and it does not involve him calling a press-conference to start crying and bitching. They also need a PR team around them charged with making him look like less of a weak pansy and more like a man in the making.

What next for Bahati?

Or perhaps he is praying for a political appointment should Azimio La Umoja win? Maybe that’s what he’s playing at but this is not the way to go about it. Because we have seen these games get played out on the political arena with the likes of MC Jesse who responded to UDA giving away his UDA ticket in a very commendable and brave way.

Whatever Diana Marua and Bahati decide to do, they cannot allow her to continue to set the narrative of their love story. She is framing this man as a weak, ineffectual simp who needs constant propping because he is a bumbling uh… Yeah, I think you get the point I’m trying to make.


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YouTube and drama: Diana Marua is just pulling some publicity stunt

Diana Marua is busy crying crocodile tears over her YouTube account as if we have forgotten that she attempted to ruin Willy Paul’s career with false allegations of rape that she couldn’t substantiate beyond claiming it was true. And to make matters worse, some eye-witnesses stepped forth tpo say they saw her conduct before and after the alleged crime was committed and she was not only in good spirits but was super happy about being in Mkunaji’s company.

Diana Marua’s YouTube Channel With Over Half A Million Subs Hacked (Screenshot)

But what I love most about the way everything is playing out is that it is beginning to seem like Kenyans are becoming savvier to the wily ways of this Jezebel lady. We now know to look out for publicity stunts and mindless schemes meant to shop for attention.

Diana Marua

Whether or not this has immediate damage to their brand as a couple, Bahati and Diana Marua don’t appear to be done with stunts just yet. Anyway, her new stunt has Diana Marua claiming her YouTube account was hacked and taken down. Apparently, this was done by her peers in the music industry who are scared of her prowess. Facepalm.

Diana Marua Gives Update On Her Hacked YouTube Account

In case you already forgot like the rest of us did, Diana Marua released two songs. The production was on point but she has no talent for either rapping or singing. So after the initial launch, most people forgot about her music until now.

Diana Marua

The argument from a lot of Kenyans is that this just might be Karma for her nonsense allegations against Willy Paul. Or perhaps it was simply down to carelessness as she forgot her password. We’ll probably never know because it will be back at just about the same time she launches her latest song or episode of her latest lifestyle vlog.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

But who can blame her? After all, Machiavelli himself advised us to court attention at all costs. So perhaps Diana Marua is little more than a brilliant student of the late strategist. In which case, then she only has to weigh the costs and benefits to decide whether this is a sustainable way of doing business.

Diana Marua

Eventually, Kenyans will get tired of these antics and she will then start declaring her interest in vying for some political office. But until then, let her milk this cow dry. Until then, here we go again:

”Some Good News! My YouTube channel is almost Back ????????????. Unfortunately the Hacker had Deleted Several Videos and Changed the Name to ARK INVEST which used My Channel to post Content that Violates YouTube Guidelines and immediately I was Flagged off as a User…We are in the process of getting the Channel back to my official Brand Name DIANA BAHATI…”

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Why Bahati will always have to fight over Diana Marua

Bahati did not pay any men mind when he announced that he was going to make his “prayer partner” his wife. The lady in question was Diana Marua and when word of the fact was announced, I recall listening in as I headed out to high school and everyone was laughing about it.

Thee Pluto Weighs In On Willy Paul, Diana Marua Sc@ndal- ‘Wote Wasanitiziwe’

I have to admit that I had no idea who Diana Marua was but we all knew who Bahati was and I was listening in on a show that used to air on Kiss100 every Friday morning. And now that I have found out even more about who Diana Marua used to be, I am inclined to actually agree with a lot of the people who have raised their doubts.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

I say this because as my mentor (one of the guys who was on the Kiss show I mentioned) says, a man should be as concerned about his woman’s past as she is about his future. Bahati should have been warned or informed that given who his wife used to be, he will never truly be ever to hold his head high in a circle of men because she would always be the Achilles heel that they would attack.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

Think about it, he married a woman who had a storied history of past lovers and this is always going to be something a man cares about. To make matters worse, his sworn frienemy came out to claim that he too was a name on the list of Diana Marua’s past lovers. And you wonder why he has been silent over the entire issue?! What is Mtoto wa Diana to do? And Willy Paul is such an asshat that he came out to chide him over having slept with her before she was with him… That is a low blow.

Diana Marua

And what option did Diana Marua have other than to allege assault? I mean, it is a dastardly evil to pull on a man but I get it. It is a despicable thing to do to anyone but I can understand that she had no alternative in her brain because she knew how Bahati feels about his “brother” and she knows this might actually be the point at which her marriage is shaken to its core. Thing is, Nicah the Queen came out to offer an alternative account of how things played out. According to her, when she saw Diana Marua with Willy Paul, she was happy to be in his presence and was dancing and bouncing along to his music.

Bahati is in a tight fix -between a rock and a hard place because as a man, his instincts to defend his wife have doubtless kicked in but he has also come to the realization that she is always going to put him in this same situation. Yup, his wife will always leave him with egg on his face and looking to knock a few teeth loose simply because she allowed certain men between her thighs nd some of these men are precisely who her husband has told her he finds distasteful.

But he made a choice. He chose to settle down with this woman and as a result, Bahati will forevermore be in this position especially given the fact that she is the mother of two of his children. Damn! You had doubtless not factored that in. He is literally tied to Diana Marua for the rest of his life (assuming he doesn’t outlive their children). But this is where he should show the world just exactly how ignorant he is. He needs to actually ignore all the whispers because the happiness of his home is at stake.

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Chimano vs Diana B: Who has the better song?

Chimano released Friday Feeling and Diana B has released 2 songs, Hatutaachana and One Day and I want to compare her first song to Chimano’s release… I know what you’re thinking, that this is very unfair and I agree but she has been saying that her song is the epitome of Kenyan entertainment…  Sigh.

Willy Paul Releases Diss Track Aimed At Diana, Bahati & Eric Omondi (Video)

So Chimano released a true work of art, his song, Friday Feeling broke away from the stereotypical expected Kenyan and East African sound in a fantastic way and had a daring video to go along with it that celebrates (as many say) Chimano’s orientation.

Diana Marua

On the other hand, bro, no kidding, Diana B’s song has been described as trash by the likes of DNA and others who are doubtless reacting to the fact that she raps like she is part of Ogopa DJ’s first roster of stars back in 2000. She literally made a song that sounded dated without it being ironic nor an ode to an old sound.

Lil NasX parallels: Looking forward to the storm Chimano will kick up

That is the first way in which Chimano’s song comes off as superior. It is done to an old school electro-disco sounding instrumental and the music video pays homage to the fact. Remember when Dave Chapelle said he missed the old school gays? The tough gays? This is a throwback to that era.

Whereas Diana B’s song is just underwhelming. I am saddened that YouTube has removed the dislike counter because I suspect that most of its listeners on the platform simply ratioed it to oblivion. Why do I say so? Because the likes and views do not add up to paint a favourable reception of the song.

“I never felt like I belonged,” Sauti Sol’s Chimano opens up on being a socially awkward child (Video)

Add to this the lyrics… Man, oh man, Diana B’s song is like a nursery rhyme. A great reminder that we do not need rap music to simply rhyme like it was written by Dr Seuss. There is nothing artistic nor poetic about rhyming hatuachani with chini. I mean, she literally proves to everyone that rap music is about more than just talking on an instrumental. You need flow and charisma. Hell, even cadence is needed.

I must admit that this is a rather unfair comparison between a seasoned artist and a lady married to a musician who put out a lazy musical offering but I am justified to make the comparison because she is declaring her song as the best thing in the 254 since Esir blessed a mic. I guess she is living proof that talent is not an STI nor does it come from being in the studio as her husband “cooks up a hit song”.

Another hint from Chimano

My verdict? I am not going to be as bold as to call Diana B’s song trash but I would advise her to try working with two producers rather than one. They will then be able to craft a song for her that actually sounds pleasing rather than it being a gimmick.

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Congratulations Are In Order For Bahati And Diana Marua!

Diana Marua and Bahati have put all their haters to shame. We all thought their marriage was a sham. Come on, don’t start trying to distance yourself from that group. We all did but with good reason.

Bahati And Gorgeous Wife Diana Marua Celebrate 6th Anniversary

You see, Bahati is a young man who has his urges and the fact that he is a star (at the time he was a gospel star) meant there were more than enough women throwing themselves at him.

Add to this the fact that Diana Marua is 10 years his senior (don’t quote me on that, I am just chatting mad) and you start to understand why this would be an issue. How would she compete with all the young and fresh babes sending themselves his way?

I Don’t Love Bahati Anymore- Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura

But you know what? They have found a way to make themselves the model couple. Who would have thunk it? No really, who would have seen this being the vibes? Absolutely no one, that’s who.

And yet here we are, talking about their marriage being an example for young couples. I mean, who would have thought even I would have been one of the people cheering the legacy of their marriage.

“Huna jipya” Bahati told after sharing a video s*****g electric c*******e

Indeed, Bahati and Diana Marua have shown us that love is a beautiful thing because of how happy and stable their relationships appears to be. But maybe therein lies the devil in the details: all we are seeing is an appearance.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

Maybe vitu kwa ground ni tofauti because we all know people especially celebs only share the highlights of their lives on social media. But until we have evidence to the contrary, I will defer to what we have heard directly from the horse’s mouth.

Bahati Gifts Diana Marua A Brand New Mercedes Benz (Video)

So maybe the secret is in dating and marrying a reformed party girl. Perhaps the secret is in marrying a young man who has used the Bible and gospel to build his empire all the while living in enough fornication to produce a child out of wedlock.

Video of Bahati vigorously twerking on Diana Marua sparks controversy

But what do I know? I for one celebrate the 6 years the couple has been together. That is truly a milestone for young celebrity marriages.

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Aeedah Bambi deserves no sympathy nor hugs

Aeedah Bambi is the focus of the spotlight today after it was alleged by attendees at Bahati’s album launch and then seemingly confirmed by his wife, Diana Marua, that she was physically assaulted by her hubby, Anwar Loitiptip.

Karma? Aeedah Bambi allegedly beaten black and blue by Senator Anwar Loitiptip, she responds

Allow me to give you some exposition on the entire situation as it is alleged to have gone down: She was at the album launch party where she was chatting with different people including men and someone is rumoured to have pointed that out to bwana Senator.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi

It was at this point that he walked over to her and started berating Aeedah Bambi and accusing her of flirting with men and all hell broke loose for her only for him to realize Diana Marua was in the vicinity and he insisted they leave -according to the information given to Edgar Obare.

Lanes: Inside Aeedah Bambi and Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s fancy home that will leave questioning your lifestyle (Photos)

But while all this was coming to light, she was busy defending her man and alleging that everyone claiming she was beaten was just an envious hater who was after her joy and peace, trying to steal it and destroy her union.

Anwar Loitiptip is accused of assaulting Aeedah Bambi

And ofcourse a lot of tears are being shed over this incident and the probable others that we do not know about. I, however, feel nothing for these types of women because she had been warned by her former friend, Saumu Mbuvi when she “stole” her man.

Saumu Mbuvi needs to accept that she has lost Bwana Senator to Aeedah Bambi

You see, when Aeedah Bambi was busy getting involved with Anwar Loitiptip, Mike Sonko’s daughter warned the world that Anwar is a violent man. That would have given any thinking human being pause for thought especially because he confirmed that he did indeed used to slap her around.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo where she spoke about being abused by Anwar, Aeedah Bambi’s husband

With such a warning and confirmation, Aeedah Bambi looks dumb for choosing to stay and develop the relationship to the next level. So for a quick recap, she managed to get with a man who was cheating on her friend with her, that man was accused of being violent and he confirmed that he did indeed slap his baby mama, and now she is on the receiving end while defending the nonsense.

Saumu Mbuvi discloses heartbreaking details about the birth of youngest daughter with ex, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

So what good will your tears do? Let her suffer. Some people can only learn when experience rattles their brains. So allow her to learn from getting hit. Because the sensible thing to do would be for her to walk away but she is still focused on the sunken cost fallacy.

Aeedah Bambi seems to be more focused on not being mocked on social media for ending up with Bwana Anwar than she is about getting out alive and I say we let her deal with that mess and grab our popcorn. Perhaps the show might switch from being a drama to a horror flick but at this point, only she can save herself.

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Why Bahati and Diana Marua’s marriage will be a long lasting one

Diana Marua and Bahati are an odd couple if you’re anything north of 30 years old. You see, they are a couple who do not seem to follow rules of convention yet unlike most of their peers, they are one young celebrity couple that has not been the subject of serious breakup rumours.

‘Wakristo Wamependa Nyimbo Za Waschana Uchi’ Ringtone Mocks Willy Paul, Bahati For Getting More Views Than Him On Their Songs

Don’t get me wrong, I know they have been the subject pf beakup rumours but all those rumours were the work of their marketing machine that does such bullshit publicity stunts. But when you think of serious scandals that often spell the doom of their peers’relationships, you cannot name a single one that touched on them.

Bahati, Diana Marua
Who would have thought Bahati and Diana Marua would have lasted longer than Uhuru Kenyatta’s popularity?

I am of the opinion that Bahati and Diana Marua will actually last in their marriage for a very long time because in all honesty, they seem to understand that their marriage is bigger than them as individuals and they are aware that they are in it to win it because just like Hov and Beyonce they are bigger as an item than as individuals.

Bahati reveals why he struggles with Self-esteem issues

The very first time I hear on radio that they were “prayer partners”, I laughed my A off. I was listening to all that as I rode listening to a show I used to really enjoy that one of my mentors was a part of on that featured Adelle and Shaffie Weru back before she led a crusade to get him fired from his job. Simple times.

This goofball might actually have what it takes to make his marriage last

And what was odd to me wasn’t just the fact that Bahati had chosen to settle down with a lady who is nearly ten years older than him but that he had chosen a lady who had a certain unsavoury reputation in entertainment circles and that Diana Marua was choosing a guy who didn’t seem to have discovered himself.

The real reason why Diana Marua is pushing Bahati to impregnate her a 3rd time

Simply put, he was trading his ascendancy years for a partner was was used goods. But they surprised me and everyone else because they have managed to grow from strength to strength and they seem genuinely happy together.

Bahati, Diana Marua
Diana Marua and Bahati on one of their sponsored holidays together

That is because both of them have a united vision of what they want their future to hold for not just them as a celebrity couple but for their children too. You see, they want to maintain and build their celebrity status and the best way for them to do so is as a couple. One isn’t pushing the other, they are united in chasing higher and higher heights of celebrity status.

Ringtone vs Bahati: Gospel music is dying a slow death

Besides that, Bahati has found something I do not think even he realized he was looking for all his life: family. And Diana Marua too has found something I do not think she realizes she was craving: respectability.
One grew up an orphan (the former). While the other was the jump of very many powerful men and a few of their hangers on at 1824 from what I heard and from her confessions too. Not to mention that a certain Kenyan footballer who used to ply his trade over at Tottenham used to fly her out there to chill with him.

Bahati, Diana Marua

Whatever the future holds, I am now a converted believer that perhaps the fates should see fit to keep these two together. If only to serve as something young people like me can look up to as an example of a functional relationship.

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The real reason why Diana Marua is pushing Bahati to impregnate her a 3rd time

Diana Marua and Bahati have opened up to their fans to reveal that the lady of their kingdom thinks they should have another baby and it actually makes alot of sense if you know a thing about biology. You see, her biological clock is letting her know that she is nearly running out of time.

While bahati has been running around trading jabs with Willy Paul (which I must admit were rather hilarious), his wife, Diana Marua is more focused on not missing the window of opportunity to expand their family.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

You see, from time immemorial, men have evolved to value youth and fertility in women. This however, isn’t a fact that modern women and especially feminists like admitting. It comes into stark focus for this particular couple because Diana Marua is not only significantly older than her bae but she is also on the wrong side of thirty.

Hilarious! Why Bahati’s first born daughter feels step-mum, Diana Marua is ugly (Video)

As a result, she is actually doing the right thing in dealing with the possibility for a geriatric pregnancy and insisting that Bahati stick a bun in her oven sooner rather than later. And she should not be shamed for being pragmatic.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua wants Bahati to put a baby in her

Diana Marua is aware that the older she gets, the harder her chances of successfully conceiving a child. Add to this the fact that hers would be a complicated pregnancy with the possibility of it not being carried to terma dn you have to appreciate -nay- applaude her sense of urgency.

Why Diana Marua keeps talking about her exes

What is a geriatric pregnancy? Well, by definition, a geriatric pregnancy is what Diana Marua would have to risk if she got pregnant later in her thirties and is a pregnancy that occurs when a person is 35 years or older is also known as an advanced maternal age pregnancy.

Diana Marua
Baby number 3? Diana Marua’s dark moment as she experiences pregnancy scare in the past

And don’t get it twisted, modern medicine has made enough advances to be able to help pull through this miracle but it is still risky. The baby could end up with low birth weight, down syndrome, autism, there are higher risks of miscarriages, increased risk of preeclampsia, increased risks of complicated child birth and more often than not you will have to undergo a caesarean section.
But depending on how you look at things, the silver lining in all this is the fact that older mothers are more likely to have multiple babies -twins, triplets, you get the point.

So bahati, what will it be? Wil you give in and give your wife the baby she is clearly craving or will you wait till later and riskj missing the boat entirely?

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Why Diana Marua keeps talking about her exes

Diana Marua has made a habit of constantly dragging up her exes whenever she decides to do a solo video and this is both perplexing and troubling because she is supposedly a happily married woman.

Nilimpea Akatangaza! Diana Marua Opens Up On How She Was Caught Playing Two Men

Also, it makes having dated Diana Marua a serious pain in the posterior because you have no idea when she will bring you up. It would seem she has no idea of the concept of statute of limitations because you could very well be in a happy marriage with children of your own and boom, your ex is bringing up your relationship from a decade ago.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua is always going on about her exes

Usually, this is a sign they haven’t moved on but I am sure Diana Marua will argue to the contrary. Anyway, one can’t help but feel sad for Bahati whose wife is always bringing up her exes. this is some new-fangled method of cuckoldry but at the end of the day, he signed up for this mess.

“Sitambui madem wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga” Blogger tells off Bahati while arguing about Diana Marua

The question, however, that remains unanswered is why. Why does she keep bringing up her exes? And that is what I would like to get into. We need to delve into it as far as we possibly can in a Ghafla article.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua’s birthday series in which she surprisingly did not tell us more about her exes

I would argue that there are three reasons why Diana Marua keeps bringing up her exes and they are:
#1. They were excited as compared to her boring existence
#2. She is reliving the thrills of her past
#3. They are a source of cheap yet exciting content

Diana Marua’s younger sister reveals how terrified she was to be a teen mum of twins at only 19 years (Video)

Diana Marua’s exes were the epitome of excitement

She seems to enjoy retelling the stories of how she was once a married man’s chipo. She seems to enjoy telling us about how a former lover went around to gloat about the fact he had smashed her.
The reason for this is because these men were genuinely exciting and exhilarating and as a result, her body reacted as it should when it is aroused. Compare that to her safe, promised existence and you can see she misses the tingles she got.

Diana Marua
Mrs Diana Bahati

Diana Marua is reliving her thrilling past

Her memories are her fantasies and the fact that she has an audience that joins her along on this trip only serves to make the experience even more viscerally exciting. Whenever she posts these videos, other women share their experiences with their Wafula Thundercock former partners. To me, it reads like a digital erotica orgy. She coos about the excitement she had running around and hiding her affair. The fact that the men she was with were dominant and I cannot help but look at Bahati and realize he is not the type of man she would generally be excited by.

“My ex told me to my face that his side chick is pregnant for him,” Diana Marua opens up on fully financing a guy who turned ungrateful

Her old relationships are a cheap and exciting source of content

It is lazy but it is efficient. She doesn’t have to create anything new, she simply closes her eyes and taps into her mental wank bank and she remembers all the exciting DJs, businessmen and rumoured football players that would get her soaking wet and she excitedly tells us about the memories they made together. All she has to do is remember to “create” a moral for the story when she is done with her salacious memories.

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Tales of Bahati and the Oedipus complex he has for Diana Marua

Bahati recently said he has no problem with people calling him “Mtoto wa Diana” because when he was an orphan in the orphanage, he longed to have a mother. This statement made my skin crawl.

‘As An Orphan I always Wished I had Someone to Call Mum’ Bahati Explains Why He Accepts Being Called Mtoto Wa Diana

I am reminded by Bahati’s statement of a Greek tragedy called The story of Oedipus. In that myth, an oracle foretold the demise of a king, Laius, at the hands of his son. So when his wife sires a son, our good man bound his son’s legs and hands and abandoned him on some mountainside far from their native Thebes.

Bahati is a very interesting celebrity

I have a friend who is a major history buff so it shouldn’t bee too surprising that Bahati’s statement got me recalling this story. Anyway, some shepherd happens upon the child, led to it by it’s wailing and takes it to the King of Corinth who, being childless, decided to adopt the boy.

Bahati is running out of creativity, repeatedly rocking dresses

And when our boy achieves the age of manhood, he decides to travel about, gallivanting across the ancient Greek world and he happens upon an old man with his five servants and unfortunately, a squabble ensues and ends with Oedipus who is actually quite the hero, killing the man and his servants with the exception of one who happens to flee.

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua

Later, Oedpis happens to deal with the sphinx, blah blah blah and years later wanders into Thebes where the populace are still caught in the throes of mourning for their king who died and left them without an heir. I hope Bahati is paying attention because this is where it gets interesting. Our hero decides to take the throne and marries the queen, Jacosta, to legitimize his reign.

The wa Jesus clan is damaging their brand trying to keep up with the Bahatis

And it is at this point that through some foils, we find out why Sigmund Freud came up with the Oedipus complex: he finds out that he was the one who killed the king (that old man) and Jacosta is actually his mother. So where does this come into an intersection with Bahati?

The Bahatis

Sigmund Freud says that little boys grow envious of their father as they grow to witness their mother’s affection split between them and daddy dearest. These emotions usually get resolved as we grow into balanced adults but with Bahati who was denied a mother, he gets a fixation on the idea of who the woman was.

Bahati and Diana Marua will live to regret all their petty publicity stunts

So he ended up marrying an older woman then purposely making himself seem like he is her child. That is why Bahati has no problem with being Mtoto wa Bahati. Do with that information as you would. I just found it to be interesting.

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Why we need to pay attention to Maureen Waititu’s offer of help to Diana Marua

I know we all noticed Maureen Waititu rather publicly offer to help Diana Marua find great movers and a house to move out to while she and her husband Bahati were running the gambit of breaking up and moving on to separate lives.

Unbelievable! Never seen before photo of young Maureen Waititu before the fame and money!

We all saw the comment she left for Diana Marua’s post and were rather intrigued by it to the point of causing a few retorts and hilarious comments but most people missed the most important aspect of what she did.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

To the unassuming and untrained eye, Maureen Waititu was merely offering a woman in need some much-needed help but we haven’t seen the pair speak publicly nor have we been given any reason to suspect that they are friends. Instead, what we have is proof that the two are simply women who communicate online. So it was a peculiar sight to see indeed.

‘Mtawezana?’ Maureen Waititu displays jaw dropping moves as she gyrates to Sanaipei’s ‘Mfalme wa mapenzi’ (Video)

But it was relevant because it spoke to just how much healing she is yet to do. You see, there are a lot of “pro-women advocates” and card-carrying members of the “Ms Independent League” but none of them offered help. It was only Maureen Waititu who seems to have a bone to pick with the concept of love itself and is more than happy to swoop on and help extricate a woman from her unhappy situation where the love has ended.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu giving Corazon Kwamboka a hard time?

It is rather sad because when we look at Maureen Waititu’s statements, we would be expected to buy the narrative that she is very happy and content with her new single life but when we delve deeper and especially check out the messages she sent to her ex, Frankie Just Gym It, she is actually unhappy and angry and misery loves company. Yes, mystery loves company enough for it to swoop in to help separate a couple (this is a cheap dig because let’s face it, Bahati and Diana Marua are assholes for playing the games they play).

Corazon Kwamboka accuses Maureen Waititu of stalking and insulting her newborn son (source IG)

Anyway, rather than jump into her DMs, Maureen Waititu was rather quick to let us know about her disdain for relationships and love. You see, help could have been offered in a myriad of ways. Offering to call Diana Marua is probably what I would have done because I am a well-adjusted individual. But if I were just interested in helping, I would have jumped in the DMs. That way, the situation remains private and my involvement remains just that.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

I am reminded of something Jesus Christ said, “Let not the left hand know what the right hand has put in”. And while we could sit here and debate all day long about the reasons for any of Maureen Waititu’s reasons were, one thing stands solid and that is the huge question mark over her motives still stands.

Kenyan men, if your girlfriend supports Maureen Waititu, dump her immediately!

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Bahati and Diana Marua will live to regret all their petty publicity stunts

Bahati and Diana Marua have been the talk of the town with a lot of their fans, followers and haters angry at the fact they were taken for fools. In hindsight, you should probably stop doubting me when you read my opinions and hot takes on certain matters.

Here’s how you can tell Diana Marua is genuinely content with Bahati

But because alot of you aren’t really the cerebral type, I guess you fell for their recent celebrity stunt about breaking up. We were all not amused to discover it was a prank and the fact that these two clowns have been rubbing it in our faces is something that a lot of people have really been rankled by. Think about it, it was bad enough that a lot of you were fooled by including Maureen Waititu but now you have to be reminded about the fact that they were playing you over and over again.

Bahati and Diana Marua
The Bahatis

Anyway, we have to take a step back from our emotions -either the shame of having your schadenfreude exposed or the joy of having trapped an entire generation of fans just for shits and giggles. Now let us look at the ramifications of the prank that will doubtless come into play well into the future but will nonetheless be devastating: lack of confidence in the Bahati brand.

“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati (Video)

You see, these two have gotten their seven chuckles in at the expense of not just the naysayers feeding their schadenfreude but also their own fans. This, in turn, has cheapened their brand and while corporates will take a while to respond to the dip in confidence but it will come nonetheless.

Bahati and Diana Marua
The Bahatis

You see, the immediate effect will be that people will treat them like a joke. Yup. Now, picture if you will that Bahati and Diana Marua, collectively known as the Bahatis, still had fans who loved and defended their brand. Fans who waited on bated breath for the next song. Fans who eat up every shitty episode they post on their YouTube channel. Now, do you think those gullible fans will really be as gang-ho in their support of their next endeavours? Some might. Most won’t because they feel they have been played for fools.

Following into Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s footsteps? Bahati and wife forced to fake breakup to promote new song

How will these fans defend their favourite icons when the haters come calling and questioning their intelligence? I mean, even Willy Paul took shots at his frenemy and one can’t help but agree with his take on the matter. He is absolutely right that Bahati and Diana Marua have realized they cannot depend on their talent and must instead rely on chasing the dragon that is fleeting fan attention through publicity stunts.

Bahati and Diana Marua
The Bahatis travel upcountry

Bahati coming to terms with this reality, however, is not a bad thing as it shows he is in touch with reality. He has now realized what works for him but eventually, the corporates will begin to become concerned with attaching themselves to a brand that is seen as little more than the court jester -and not in a comedic sense either. How long until they too start getting dragged into the ridicule that Bahati and Diana Marua attract?

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Diana Marua Vs Yvette Obura: Bahati is the cause of his blended family breakup

Bahati’s marriage to Diana Marua seems to have gone belly up but then again, knowing these two, it might just be a publicity stunt. What I, however, do not believe to be a publicity stunt is the fact that his wife and his baby mama and their love child, Yvette Obura and Mueni Bahati respectively do not see eye-to-eye.

Diana Marua snubs stepdaughter, Mueni Bahati on her 5th birthday

And there can only really be one party to bear the blame of this shameful turn of events and that is firmly going to be Bahati. You see, the pipsqueak gospel artist 9I am not sure whether he is a gospel artist anymore or it depends on the weather and the day) is supposed to provide leadership for his family. Given that his is a blended family that has both his wife and their children together with his baby mama and their love-child, the responsibility of making it work fell on his shoulders.

Yvette Obura
Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati, Bahati’s illegitimate daughter

Granted, some women would go out of their way to frustrate a man’s efforts, we never got the sense that was what was happening. Who am I kidding, Bahati doesn’t strike me as the type of man who would provide leadership strong enough for his family to punch their way out of a wet envelope. So perhaps there were some fracture lines we weren’t privy to between Diana Marua and Yvette Obura.

Diana Marua hints about possible separation with husband, Bahati in cryptic message

Usually, such drama is brought about by a lack of clear direction and the need for resources for the children. Perhaps Diana Marua and Yvette Obura were competing for Bahati’s resources including his attention, time and most importantly, money. If Bahati had mentors, they would have guided him through this maze of feminine emotions but seeing as he is on his own navigating some arguably complex and choppy waters, he was bound to fail.

Diana Marua
Bahati’s seemingly ex-wife, Diana Marua

Rather than focusing on beating the man while he is down, perhaps what I should do is instead give him some advice on how to handle his situation. For starters, he needs to get masculine mentors. And unfortunately, the church is plum out of masculine leaders, it just has charlatans and men who have bought into the gynocentric ways of worshipping the virgin mother and all the members of our species who share her set of genitalia. As a result, Bahati will have to look outside the church for masculine men -preferably men who are much older than us (he and I are agemates). Men who have been married for a solid 3 decades or more.

“I appreciate and respect you,” Bahati pens heartwarming letter to baby mama Yvette

The second thing Bahati needs to do is set up boundaries. He needs to clearly state his intention for his children and then insist the two mothers fall in line because at the end of the day, he can lose both women but his children are his for the rest of his and their lives. One such boundary can be for him to insist that they both celebrate each other’s children on social media. When Mueni has her birthday, Diana Marua had better damn well celebrate it on her account and the same goes for Yvette Obura.

Bahati and Diana Marua in happier times

The ultimate last step would be for him to make peace with the idea that he can lose these women at the drop of a hat. He should be willing and ready to walk away from them should they refuse to comply and keep it moving with his life. This, unfortunately, seems to have already been decided for him after Diana marua indicated that she was the one leaving their marriage over rumours of infidelity. But then again, what would one have expected from a man who found joy in self-deprecating humour to the point of calling himself his wife’s son?

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Diana Marua and her sister are exactly what church going teenagers need but…

Diana Marua and her sister have been discussing the type of topics teenage girls in the church environment would benefit from participating in. You see, the two ladies are the quintessential Nairobi girls or perhaps I should say they used to be the quintessential party girls. They were the type to be seen at every party.

Here’s how you can tell Diana Marua is genuinely content with Bahati

And not only that, but they were also the type to chase after sponsors. While Diana Marua managed to navigate that period of her life unscathed (she didn’t have any children born out of wedlock) and though this could be explained away by an abortion or two, we have no proof that’s the case.

You see, Diana Marua’s sister became a teen mother at the tender age of nineteen. Yup, the ripe old age of 19. And as luck would have it, she conceived and gave birth to twins. And as one would expect, Michelle Marua was gutted as she knew this could very well spell disaster for hers and her babies lives.

“My ex told me to my face that his side chick is pregnant for him,” Diana Marua opens up on fully financing a guy who turned ungrateful

There are certain conversations the modern church shies away from having and one of these includes single motherhood. But with these sisters, one can see just how the church could embrace their style of storytelling and they would be able to click with the target audience; teenage girls.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

When it comes to leading lives a lot of Nairobi girls can identify with, they have done so. When it comes to engaging in a frivolous sexual lifestyle, they have done that too. Infact, Michelle Marua is very familiar with the shame that a girl has to deal with when she becomes pregnant while at university.

“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati (Video)

Meanwhile, the church is stuck either burying their heads under the sand or acting so out of sorts trying to seem cool to appeal to young people. They are a rudderless boat bouncing from one mishap to the next, from one misstatement to the next. Meanwhile, they have two ladies they could invite into their anals to help with getting across to the young girls and they are fumbling the ball.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua sheds off kilos

And if I were Diana Marua and her sister Michelle Marua, I would capitalize on this. I would approach my church clergy and offer them this idea. The only thing I would do that is the reason for that large but in the title, is that I would actually invite them to give me proper guidance counsellors who can not only oversee the entire conversation I would be having with the young ladies but I would also require them to take a hands-on approach and be proactive about reaching out to these ladies once those conversations are done.

Why Diana Marua’s admission of being a sugar babe is troubling

That way, I would be doing more than just filling the internet and actually making a change in people’s lives.

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Why Diana Marua’s admission of being a sugar babe is troubling

Diana Marua, in essence, came out and admitted that she was a sugar babe when she said she was one of those Nairobi girls who had sponsors for different economic needs in her life. She literally admitted to being a heaux for pay.

“I had a guy for everything” Diana Marua comes clean about her dark past with men (Video)

You see, the way Diana Marua worded her story, she was in various different relationships with different sponsors whose job in her eyes was to give her money for her different needs. Yes, she was in a utilitarian agreement and what are the sort of terms men set inorder for them to fulfil such agreements?

Diana Marua
Diana Marua with Bahati


“I was ready to settle down with a married man,” Diana Marua shares her experience as a side chick (Video)

And what is scary about that mess is that Diana Marua has given us the playbook of nearly every Nairobi girl; the prostitute phase of life. You see, women in Kenya, at least while they are young and attractive, have the world in the palms of their hands. They can have anything they want in life but at a price. And there are a lot of men willing to engage in such deals.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua posing

That is why like Diana Marua, girls who otherwise do not have the type of income that allow them to go on exotic trips yet we saw her in England. you have seen your favourite socialite fly out (on a private jet) to Dubai or Lagos. We have seen the beauty from down the road party in Lekki and Lagos and never have we been fooled as to how they managed to “buy those tickets”.

Bahati and Diana Marua: There are no real Kenyan celebrity role models

And those are the type of women most Kenyan men will be forced to wife up. After they are done living their best life, just like Diana Marua, they select the gullible men who are naive enough to believe these girls to be the ultimate prize and they settle down. Perhaps poverty is a major factor in this behaviour but I would argue that we as a society have gotten to the point where sex is transactional and we are just seeing the crystalizing of that fact.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua’s and her cuckold husband Bahati

And that is why men have to look at Diana Marua’s confession with some measure of trepidation. You have to be aware that one day you might end up being a cuckold just like Bahati. And when that happens, you will realize that your babe’s pair-bonding ability has been severely compromised by al the men she has dealt with and that is why when you lot have a fight, she runs back to her ex-boyfriend’s house with your baby in tow.

Why Diana Marua’s feeling the pressure of Yvette Obura looking sexier

And that is why men need to learn how to vet their potential partners and take their time doing so. At the end of the day, that same girl whose family is demanding for the moon as part of the bride-price payment has a lot of experience being a commercial sex work by any other name and those days that damaged her are now going to be what you shackle yourself to.

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We were right, Bahati has quit gospel music to put out ‘love songs’

A few weeks ago, we decided to have a conversation around the fact that Bahati was moving like he was gearing up to quit the gospel scene. You see, Bahati has been watching how the same decision affected Willy Paul his frenemy and from the look of things, Willy Paul has only managed to grow from strength to strength and he is not slowing down.

Willy Paul discloses main reason for quitting gospel music

On the contrary, the Kenyan contemporary gospel scene has been slowly grinding to a halt with several gospel artists preferring to simply chase clout on social media than churn out songs and Bahati is among that rank.

bahati and his wife
Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati

That doesn’t, however, mean that he has given up on his musical ambitions. If anything, we have been treated to Bahati slowly warming up to the idea of announcing the switch even as he did multiple collaborations with Gengeton artists.

Bahati is going to be the next gospel artist to turn secular

And now the switch has more or less been confirmed by his latest song titled Missing You:

So what now for the formerly gospel artist? Well, for starters he is the type of guy who thrives off controversy so he really should just make the announcement even if it is just a mere formality. That is sure to get some of his more conservative fans, the ones who started out his journey with him as a gospel artist to say a thing or two.

And it also opens him up to actually take his show in the clearly more mature direction he has been trending towards over the past couple of weeks with he and his wife even discussing his inability to make her experience a sexual climax.


In addition to that, he can now expand his product endorsement deals to feature condoms, alcohol and anything further that would otherwise be off-limits for gospel singers. So who knows, perhaps this just might lead to a boon for the former gospel crooner.

Bahati has mastered the art of seeking attention

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Bahati and his wife arguing about his ability to satisfy her says alot

Bahati and his wife recently shared a clip online in which a clearly insecure Bahati was asking his wife about the number of times her has made her achieve a climax from their sexual congress.


I kid you not, this is what she and Bahati are busy discussing for the sake of views but it did indeed bring into focus a truth we already knew about Bahati… He was not in the frame of mind to get married and his lack of experience is telling a clear story men should learn from.

Diana Marua will always be Bahati’s Achilles heel

And that is that before you finally to get married, ensure you go out into the world and enjoy the best bachelorhood has to offer because at the end of the day that is all that will give you the experience you need to handle such nonsense.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Well, that and Bahati really had no business marrying a woman with more experience than he did when it came to dating and sex. But we will circle back here later.

Why Diana Marua’s feeling the pressure of Yvette Obura looking sexier

For now, the focus is Bahati who lacks any experience with women outside of Yvette Obura and Diana Marua. That is why he allows his wife to lead him and why they are on the interwebs debating their sex life and we are all just sitting down and wondering when his masculine energy will flow and take charge.
At the end of the day, while we understand they are in the business of looking for views, there has too be a line they aren’t going to cross because one day their children will sit down and view these clips whether or not they get pulled down off Youtube. Why? Because the internet never forgets.

bahati and diana marua
The Bahatis

And a man who has had his fill of women before deciding to settle down is at a better place to resist his urges when other attractive women come his way and try to distract him from his family.

Also, such a man knows how to handle the female form so some of these insecurities. And he understands that such topics aren’t for him to explore with his wife because should she answer it, she will doubtless lie. And Bahati will be lucky to have Diana Marua lie because the alternative is him picturing one of her high profile exes making her achieve an orgasm -the same one he is incapable of making her achieve. So why go there?


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Why Diana Marua’s feeling the pressure of Yvette Obura looking sexier

Yvette Obura has been hitting the gym and as a result, her body is looking amazing seeing as how her target was clearly to lose weight and she surpassed even her own ambitions.


As a result, she has dropped a whopping seventeen kilograms and she is looking so sexy, one can’t help but feel good for the young mother. Add to that the fact that you got the sense she wasn’t too confident in her own body but had the mettle to work hard to change that so we are more than willing to celebrate her newfound self-esteem.

diana marua

And wouldn’t you know it, Yvette Obura has sparked a flame within none other than Bahati’s current wife, Diana Marua. And she has reacted as one would be expected to when they see their perceived love-rival get their physical glow on: she too has started working out.


And whether or not Diana Marua ios going to stick with her fitness regime is another question for another day. What we do know for sure is that she has begun at a peculiar time -after Yvette Obura posted her receipts. This only goes to prove the fact that she is feeling pressed.

Bahati and Diana Marua: loved by those who matter

The pressure is getting to Diana Marua and its showing but thankfully she has chosen a positive approach to handling it.

yvette obura

You see, Diana Marua is the mother of two beautiful children by Bahati and Yvette Obura only has his one child. The truth of the matter is that childbirth is one of the most taxing duty a woman can undertake and it usually changes her physique completely.

“I was whipped back to line” Yvette Obura recalls elder brother’s beatings when she tried piercings aged 17

And while there was a time when this situation was something men had no choice but to accept, the truth of the matter is that with social media and the accelerated pace at which the world has become a global village, our beauty standards are elevated and most men, especially men like Bahati will always have options whether or not they choose to exercise them.

And Diana Marua has another factor weighing in heavily on her mind; she is a public figure and people seeing Yvette Obura putting in the work to look sexy raises questions on what she plans to do because she should ideally have more impetus to look sexy -her marriage.

So Diana Marua is competing with Yvette Obura, Bahati’s past and the potential competition from all the people (ladies) willing to have a go at her man, Bahati’s future. So she has to put that work in. And whether or not you agree with this approach to life, you have to agree with the fact that these factors would have any woman, let alone a celebrity like Diana Marua feeling pressed.

And there is one last factor that most people do not want to admit to themselves that Bahati and Diana Marua’s ancestors no doubt knew and that is that when a wife looks good, she makes her husband look great.


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Diana Marua will always be Bahati’s Achilles heel

Diana Marua has the ignominious place in Bahati’s life of being the Achilles heel that his detractors love to hit at to take shots at him. And the unfortunate reality they face is that this will never end.

Willy Paul does it again! Asks Bahati to get a wife of his standards (Video)

Most recently, it was Bahati’s frenemy, Willy Paul who took shots at Bahati in a recent interview with Jalang’o. During the interview, Willy Paul referenced the jibe most people take at Bahati: His wife wears the pants in their relationship.

Bahati and Diana Marua

This assumption most people have is fed by the fact that Diana Marua is quite a few years older than Bahati. Add to this the fact that she also was a worldly woman whose relationships and entanglements were very public and you can understand why tongues are often wagging.

Bahati is going to be the next gospel artist to turn secular

Bahati too often feeds the nonsense with his social media posts that are meant to be a tongue-in-cheek stab at poking fun at his detractors and the fact that he does seems to give credence to the whispers.


At the end of the day, the fact that they have elected to open up their marriage to public scrutiny is always going to haunt them and with their children growing older and older, the lack of privacy will soon become an issue as their children begin to interact with their peers and Bahati and Diana Marua become fodder for gossip and teasing.

Bahati has mastered the art of seeking attention

Bahati however, should make himself comfortable with the fact that his wife will always be the foil to his caricature and because most people cannot take aim at him as he is at the apex of his career, she will often bear the brunt of the haters vitriol because they are she is seen as more accessible what with her lack of talent.

diana marua and bahati
Bahati with his wife

This though, I suspect will make the couple even closer as they will constantly have to deal with antagonists from outside their relationship and Bahati will always be stuck in a perennial defense mode to protect his wife from his haters.


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Bahati defending having a controlling wife is an admission he isn’t a man

Bahati is a cuckold and I do not think this is a statement anyone in their right mind would contest. You see, the young lad is a walking textbook example of the Oedipus complex.

Bahati’s latest Instagram pattern is his most pathetic

He is young and he chose to marry early. There is nothing wrong with that. What is interesting, however, is that he chose to marry an older woman with a wealth of worldly experience. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. One additional point of interest is that whenever they are on the screen together, Diana Marua (his wife) takes on a decidedly more active role in leading them as a couple and as a family unit. Again, there is nothing wrong with that… If you want to marry your mother.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

The truth of the matter as uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge is the fact that Bahati is not the type of man who can say he leads his family unit as it’s head and he is actually increasingly becoming the norm.

Jalang’o weighs in on Bahati and Harmonize’s beef!

And his most recent statement doesn’t just cement this fact, it also proves that he believes his own blasphemy to the point of being willing to become its evangelist.

“The house belongs to the woman. By the way, advice to men outside there, if you want to survive, if you want to be as happy as I am, just accept that controlling wife and you will be very happy in your marriage,”

Bahati and Diana Marua

And because as I stated earlier, more and more Kenyan men are buying into the idea of conceding the leadership role to their wives, this will sound off but the truth is, statistics show that the marriages that actually work are those that take on a traditional slant. That means Bahati and Diana Marua would have a better chance at winning in this thing called life if they took on a more traditional outlook to their marriage. Be sure to click on both links to check the research cited.

But make no mistake about it, this is the harder approach to life and marriage. Traditional marriages demand a level of mindful involvement from men that liberal, soft, Bahati-esque marriages do not. You see, traditional marriages demand the man understand that he is the ultimate in authority and responsibility in the family. That means that ultimately, the buck stops with him.

Because Bahati is a gospel artist so I can take this from a Biblical perspective. What that would call for from him is for him to be the priest of his family. Prophecy success and blessings into the lives of his children. He would have to be the leader, take charge of every aspect of the family life and lead his wife as the head. And the only way you can truly do this is by providing. And finally, Bahati would have to give his presence to the family. This will allow his son to model around what it means to be a man and for his daughter to see what a man is.

No one respects Bahati as a man and it’s Diana Marua’s fault

Now let the pseudo-intelligentsia come at me with nonsense arguments about partnerships and nonsense as if their parents who raised them successfully did so based on liberal models.

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No one respects Bahati as a man and it’s Diana Marua’s fault

Bahati is an orphan and I cannot blame him for not having learnt the importance of vetting his life partner/ wife from the men around him. As a result of the trauma of being born and not experiencing love from a family, a lot of orphans grow up to tolerate bullshit in their relationships with their spouses because they do not want to break up their own families.

Bahati and Diana Marua share new details about their upcoming royal wedding

Bahati, however, made something of himself and love him or hate him, you have to admit that the far he has lifted himself from poverty is commendable. And once he had made himself a star thanks to his gospel music and the fact that he knew to align himself with the gatekeepers, he began to attract female attention.
Of all the women who caught his eye, for some reason he decided to marry Diana Marua.

Diana Marua and Bahati

You see, men usually value youth when it comes to choosing a mate. It is an evolved instinct that leads us to make this decision because the younger a woman is, the higher the chances of her conceiving and the higher the probability she and the child will survive childbirth. Make no mistake about it, modern medicine is a miracle! The most dangerous endeavour women undertake is in birthing forth the next generation and modern medicine has made it a much less risky undertaking.
Bahati bucked his survival instinct by marrying a much older woman but he can be excused for doing so thanks to modern medicine.

“Huyu hawezi toshea kwa bedsitter!” Bahati warns young men lusting after his wife

Diana Marua though, was the beneficiary of the fact that Bahati didn’t know to vet his partner. That is why Diana Marua, who has a storied relationship history, managed to land Bahati and convince him she is his best bet at starting a family.

Bahati and Diana Marua pose
Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Bahati

Think about it. Every time Diana Marua opens her mouth to discuss relationships, the internet provides receipts exposing her as a virtue-signalling hypocrite. Case in point would be the very recent social media gaffe when she opened up about Jalang’o’s business. Incase you have been living in a swamp somewhere in Samburu and only resurfaced today morning, I am referring to the fact that Jalas was exposed by popular micro-blogger, Edgar Obare and he was revealed to be a fisi. One would think common sense would compel Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife to maintain sharap about the topic given her past but nah, she had to turn on her “Twitter fingers”.

I have always wanted to be someone’s wife- Diana Marua screams after hitting 30 years

This virtue signalling tweet from Bahati’s wife earned the ire of many Kenyans on Twitter who came fast and heavy with photos of her hanging out with the same men in Jalang’o’s “FBoy’s Club” that were exposed as having been paying for sex…



And if you think Diana Marua’s past is the only way she humiliates Bahati, you are sorely mistaken! She recently revealed that Bahati recycles his panties. Apparently he will wear his underpants twice or three times before cleaning them…
And this last revelation from Diana Marua brings us full circle to the moral of the story.

Mother of 2, Diana Marua

Bahati is a popular gospel artist. His position has led to him being loved and reviled in equal measure. But no one respects Bahati as a man and this is all down to his partner, his mate, his wife Diana Marua.
Whenever their marriage is discussed, it is as a joke. Whenever Bahati attempts to protect it from blunt, truth slinging assholes like me, he gets mocked.

And you know, sure when they are on their reality show they portray a united front but Diana Marua’s history of multiple high-value men hints at a damaged and greatly reduced ability to pair bond successfully and I would go as far as to set a timer on how long their relationship will last.

Also, Diana Marua in her past showed a penchant for dating high-status men. Yaani, celebrities are her cup of tea. That puts added pressure on Bahati to remain relevant so he doesn’t lose his status. This in part explains all the publicity stunts he engages in.

Why is Bahati so desperate for attention?

Add to this Diana Marua’s penchant for discussing their marital issues publicly. There is a West African proverb, No man is a hero to how own wife. But what about when the man’s wife attempts to constantly undress him in public? That is not the same ball game and it is a huge contributor to how people perceive Bahati. This particular point boils down to leadership. And in that regard, Diana marua has refused to recognize Bahati as the leader of their household and honour him as such.

Bahati and Diana Marua on the cover of Parents
Celebirty couple, Diana Marua and Bahati grace the cover of 2019´s main issue of the Parents magazine

But it’s not all doom and gloom, you see, Bahati should really just get in touch with his mentor DJ Mo and ask him to train him on how to lead, how to protect and how to select a mate. Size 8 can train Diana marua on how to STFU on social media but more importantly, how to uphold the honour of her man. Diana marua cannot change what happened in the past but she can very well mitigate how often it gets thrown in Bahati’s face.
Let this sink in, the only reason the fact that she is multiple men’s bed notches is being brought up is that she doesn’t know how to let sleeping dogs lie. Translate this to her home and hearth and you will see why Bahati needs to get Size 8 to mentor her real soon or else it’s curtains for their marriage.

And Bahati should make no mistake about this being a grave concern. As it is said, Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.


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