DJ Evolve Denies Seeing Babu Owino Shoot Him

DJ Evolve, who was shot in the neck by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino in January 2020, has told a court that he did not see the MP shoot him.

Testifying virtually from his bed, DJ Evolve told Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi that he was having a conversation with Mr Owino when he was shot. He said that he did not see Mr Owino with a gun, and that he did not know what happened.

DJ Evolve’s testimony was corroborated by Mr Owino’s bodyguard, Edwin Gedi Otieno, who said that Mr Owino deposited his gun and nine rounds of ammunition in the club’s armoury before entering the club.

Mr Owino is facing charges of attempted murder, and his case is ongoing.

DJ Evolve’s testimony is a significant development in the case against Babu Owino. If DJ Evolve is telling the truth, it would mean that Mr Owino did not shoot him intentionally. However, it is also possible that DJ Evolve is mistaken, or that he is not telling the whole truth.

The case against Mr Owino is still ongoing, and it will be up to the court to decide whether he is guilty of attempted murder. However, DJ Evolve’s testimony has certainly cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Baba DJ Evolve denies dropping son’s case against Babu Owino for money

John Orinda who is DJ Evolves dad has come out to speak after rumor had it that he traded his son’s case against Babu Owino for money. From what people are saying is that Evolve’s dad settled for the money and not justice for his son; but again, he says many will not understand.

Babu Owino

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Speaking to Standard Digital, Mr John Orinda denied the allegations saying he is a Christian man who wouldn’t accept any bribe; but having sat down and discussed a more thoughtful settlement – he opted to accept the help offered by Owino and his team. He said;


I hear some people claiming that I exchanged my son’s case for money. What do people take me for? A callous man who would sell his son’s welfare the way a farmer would sell his goat at the market? I am a Christian, and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that.

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My son comes first – John Orinda

According to Mr Orinda, he is aware that most people would have preferred having Babu Owino behind bars; but that wouldn’t have benefitted his son in any way – that is in terms of medical bills, movement and even where he resides.

The fella who recently lost his wife following some complications, explained himself saying;

I know there are people who would wish to see Babu Owino in jail. But, what would we gain if he is sent to prison and my son dies?


“I want to focus on my recovery” DJ Evolve withdraws case against Babu Owino

Less than 2 months after mama DJ Evolve rested following breathing complications; and her son’s case against Babu Owino has taken a new turn – and unlike before nobody is get tied sued.

Mama Evolve laid to rest

This was revealed on Tuesday, 14th December through a statement made by Senior principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi; who says the two friends don’t want to complicate their friendship due to shooting incident that occurred in 2018.

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He went on to mention that so far the two had  managed to keep their relationship afloat and despite the small hiccup that almost ruined their friendship – Evolve now wants to move past incident for good. The magistrate said;

New photos of DJ Evolve

The accused is currently undertaking certain obligations and still undertaking in relation to the welfare of the complainant.

Babu Owino finally free

In his ruling the magistrate went on to encourage reconciliation; as he finally accepted Evolve’s request to withdraw the case he had filed against Babu Owino about 2 years ago.

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Hospitalized DJ Evolve

Taking all the above into account I have come to the conclusion that this is a matter where the court should encourage reconciliation as envisaged in the Constitution and therefore I will allow the withdrawal against the accused in count one.

The new ruling comes 8 months after magistrate Ochoi had denied Evolves family; to settle the case out of court as requested earlier. He however gave in this time around as he hopes Evolve will finally find peace and time to focus on his health.

DJ Evolve in mourning following his mum’s death

Word making rounds on social media is that DJ Evolve lost his mum on Wednesday,22 September at the age of 54 years.

The news was confirmed by the DJ’s dad who revealed that his wife apparently collapsed at their shop in Lakisama and was pronounced dead when they arrived in hospital.

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DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve

The news about her death has not only shocked many but has left Mr Orinda; the husband, confused or rather in a state of disbelief. Speaking to popular media outlet, Mr Orinda opened up about his wife’s untimely death saying;

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DJ Evolve losses mum

She passed away around 5:00 pm. People just walk around not knowing they are sick. She fainted at her shop in Lakisama and was taken to the hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

He went on to add;

Mama ametuwacha tuu hivyo abruptly.

DJ Evolve still bedridden

This is undeniably one big blow to Evolve’s family especially with the bedridden DJ remains.

DJ Evolve´s dad, John Orinda

From what we know is that DJ Evolve has not moved from his bed for close to 2 years since Babu Owino shot him at popular club.

Not quite sure what the family is going through at the moment: but all I know is that this must be one of the most trying experiences the DJ is facing in his life.

DJ Evolve’s Girlfriend Still Loyal To Him Even Though He’s Paralyzed- Evolve’s Dad

Kenyan Dj Evolve has been in the hospital bed for quite a long time. The Dj has been recovering slowly for sometime now and hopefully, he’ll be on his feet soon enough. Evolve was shot by Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino. His father, by the name Orinda, has revealed that he is currently in stable condition. However, he has developed some complications of feeling cold, and at times feeling a sharp rise in temperature.

Evolve is still not able to stand well on his own. Throughout the months that he has been paralyzed, his girlfriend has been on his side, Dj Evolve’s dad reveals. In an interview on Radio Jambo, he says,

Image result for dj evolve

” Eeh, alikuwa na mpenzi tayari amemtambulisha kwangu… Sasa hivi wanasaidiana na yeye. Saa ingine ako kwa nyumba yake, anaenda, anarudi.”

His dad also reveals that his friends are also among those who visit him regularly.

When Orinda is asked what he first thought when he heard his son wanted to study to become a DJ, he says he just gave him his blessings. He didn’t have anything against him being a DJ.

Last year, Evolve wanted the case against Babu Owino withdrawn on grounds that he wants to concentrate on his treatment rather than the pending case which was affecting his healing process due to divided attention.

It’s important to note the good friends who stick with you in such moments, especially your lover. Quick recovery to DJ Evolve.

DJ Evolve to withdraw case against Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

Word making rounds social media is that Felix Orinda also known as DJ Evolve, has requested his case against Embakasi East MP Babu Owino withdrawn.

In a letter written by DJ Evolve and his lawyers, the young man asked for the case to be withdrawn in order for him to concentrate on his health. The popular DJ went on to add that this decision had been made by both him and his family.

As for now all he wishes is to continue receiving good treatment hoping to bounce back again.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

DPP asks fore more time

However the DPP told the court that they needed more time to access DJ Evolves mental health status. This is however after DJ evolve and his family came to this sudden decision.

The DPP however requested for the court to allow them to proceed with the attempt murder case against Babu Owino.

Babu Owino deserves no sympathy

A few days ago, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino posted a video where he apologized for his transgressions and vowed to change his ways.

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He also revealed that he it has been 6 months since he touched alcohol adding that he wants to maintain that habit.

“I just want to serve the people and that I will not drink alcohol again. Although, I don’t mind those who are drinking,” Babu stated.

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve

Interestingly, this comes after he came under sharp criticism on social media for abandoning DJ Evolve whom he shot at B-Club on January, 17.

The way I see it, Babu is trying to get sympathy from the public who have repeatedly called for his jailing over the incident that left the mix master paralyzed.

Initially, the legislator used to act like he didn’t really care about what befell DJ Evolve but after a lot of pressure he swung into action and paid part of his hospital bill.

Babu Owino

I am aware that he has apologized a number of times but if you ask me, he deserves no sympathy at all because his action looked intentional.

What pains me the most about the said incident is how they dragged DJ Evolve out of the club like he did not matter to them. In case you have not seen the video, here it is.

Most of us have been following this case closely and we won’t stop talking about it until Babu is jailed for the heinous act that he committed.  This is a heartless man who deserves no mercy at all.

For Babu to think that a video of him narrating how his mother had to sell illicit liquor so that they can afford a meal will make us forget what he did, then he must be living on Mars. Enough said.

Why Kenyans are rallying behind Omar Lali’s release against Babu Owino’s arrest

Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend, Omar Lali is battling for his freedom after his rearrest and charge by a Lamu Court yesterday, over the murder of the late Keroche heiress in May.

According to the DPP, there is enough evidence to proceed with plea taking as Mr Omar’s case is set for mentioning today, July 14.

Omar Lali, Tecra Muigai´s boyfriend

However, that isn’t even the bone of contention.

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What has angered Kenyans the most is just how the 54-year old Lamu native’s case that has been struggling with evidence, seems to be grabbing all the attention.

While the dragged Babu Owino-DJ Evolve’s case never seems to be making headway despite the bulk of evidence reportedly present.

DJ Evolve (left) and MP Babu Owino (right)


Babu Owino was implicated in attempted murder following an almost fatal shooting at Nairobi’s B Club in January 2020 that left Felix Orinda, born DJ Evolve, bed-ridden.

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The Embakasi East MP got arrested but later released on controversial bond terms challenged by the DPP that only stalled soon as Covid-19 hit the country.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji (left) and MP, Babu Owino (right)

DJ Evolve meanwhile spent at least 5 months admitted in Nairobi hospital where he underwent a couple of surgeries before getting discharged in June as he receives home-based care.


Taking the issue head-on soon after Omar Lali got charged with murder, Kenyans felt remorse for the “poor” man whose pockets cannot allow him freedom like Babu Owino.

“Si mtu mbaya sana,” DJ Evolve’s dad fiercely defends Babu Owino, angers Kenyans (Video)

Barely days after DJ Evolve’s interview on NTV went viral and touched the hearts of many, his dad, John Orinda has come out in defense of Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino.

The expectation is that a parent would at the very least, defend and stand up for their child especially if they were a victim of injustice, instead of siding with the opposite party.

However, that was not going to be the case for DJ Evolve, popularly known as Felix Orinda.

DJ Evolve alias Felix Orinda

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DJ Evolve’s dad speaks

Speaking to the media yesterday, Mr John Orinda expressed delight in the major improvements his son was reflecting so far.

He was however quick to note that all this was courtesy of Babu Owino born Paul Ongili. Right from the issuing of medication to the medical staff that had camped at their home to keep watch of DJ Evolve’s health.

Since my son arrived home, I have seen improvement and there is medication he is being given and the person bringing those drugs is Babu Owino. He also provided the nurses that attend to DJ Evolve, day and night.

DJ Evolve´s dad, John Orinda

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To this regard, Evolve’s dad showered Babu with unending praise, attesting that were it not for the financial and physical support the legislator has been providing, then the situation would have been worse.

All I can say is Babu Owino is not such a bad guy even though I am yet to meet him and have a talk. He has however not disappeared and I don´t think he will. I am also praying that Babu Owino helps us because we are not able to take care of Felix on our own.

Evolve recuperating from home

Before taking a swipe at Nation media for their exclusive coverage on DJ Evolve’s well-being that didn’t paint such a good picture of Babu.

I would like to ask the Nation media & the media to stop haunting him because when DJ Evolve keeps seeing his stories on TV it brings back memories of the fateful day.

Comment section

Well, Kenyans felt utterly disappointed by the DJ’s dad who had the audacity to pick sides and not of his son.

However, a section explained that Mr John Orinda had no choice but to praise Babu Owino, lest they foot the financial burden their son’s condition has caused.

Babu Owino risks impeachment as city lawyer takes up case against DJ Evolve

The viral case of DJ Evolve’s subjection to bed imprisonment after a fatal shooting incident in January this year, has attracted legal action against the Embakasi East MP who is currently a free man.

Tuesday morning, the Internet erupted as Kenyans came out to demand for justice of a bed-ridden DJ Evolve and his family following his tear-jerking interview with NTV last evening.

This has seen Advocate of the High Court, Robi Chacha take a step into kicking out the controversial legislator out of his office for misusing his power to do as he pleases to the common mwananchi.

Lawyer Robi Chacha

The lawyer sought to garner support both from Embakasi East constituents and any other interested citizens in advocating for the possible impeachment of Babu Owino.

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He promised to draft a petition for the ousting of Babu Owino but only if he is able to garner impeachment votes from 30% of Embakasi East constituent and 15% from any other Kenyans outside the constituency.

Anyone here who is registered voter in Embaskasi East? I am willing to draft a petition for the removal of Babu Owino as MP as per Article 104 & the Elections Act. I’m sure we can mobilize the required 30% ( in constituency) and 15% (in ward)

Embattled Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

Kenyans react

Both constituents and fellow Kenyans came out in support of Robi Chacha’s campaign to show Babu Owino the door and have him pay for his injustices.

Others however, held to the belief that this course is not for the faint-hearted because Babu Owino’s political circle is not one to mess with.

Meanwhile, a section was quick to blame the lawyer for mere clout chasing.

“My hands were my tools of trade but I now can’t move them,” paralyzed DJ Evolve cries for justice (Video)

It is one thing to get news from a second or third party but it is another thing to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Kenya’s recuperating DJ Evolve’s story has been given all sorts of angles by numerous individuals other than himself.

However, it is until Evolve’s recent eye-opening interview on NTV that left Kenyans tongue-tied and disturbed by what was actually happening on the ground.

During his interview, born Felix Orinda was lying helplessly on his bed, unable to move his body other than his facial features and his arms. However, his fingers seemed crippled and this did not sit well with him.

These were my tools of trade, so when I don’t have them, there is no way I can be able to work.

Photo courtesy, DJ Evolve

The entertainer sadly revealed that the fateful incident had caused him trauma that denied him sleep during the first few days because flashbacks continuously clouded his mind.

I needed medication to put me to sleep.

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The disk jockey further confessed that he is like a small child – who can do nothing by themselves but fully dependent on other people.

Currently, I’m just here. There’s nothing I can do for myself. So I’m fully dependent on people to do things for me.

Photo courtesy, DJ Evolve bed-ridden

Regards getting justice for the incident that left him bed-ridden, DJ Evolve stated “I have left that to God”.

The mom

The B-Club deejay’s mom who sought anonymity, divulged that since January 17, she has been on the beck and call of her son and unable to move on with her life.

DJ Evolve

Surprisingly, the DJ’s mother disclosed that she had never been in communication with Babu Owino and that she has never laid her eyes on him.

The pain I have, I just can’t talk.


The narration left Kenyans with a bitter taste in their mouths, some calling out Babu Owino, others condemning the deplorable state of the Law in Kenya.

“I cannot wait to get back on my feet, meet and entertain my fans!” DJ Evolve

DJ Evolve was recently discharged from the Nairobi Hospital after 5 months of being in the intensive care unit. Back in January 2020, Evolve was allegedly involved in an argument with Embakasi East that led to him getting a gun shot on his neck.

From the footage shared widely on social media; Babu Owino was seen pulling out his gun and firing at Evolve without a care in the world. Moments after this, the same Babu and his bodyguard were seen carrying a lifeless body in the corridor; and later on it was reported that he was rushed to the Nairobi Hospital.

Unfortunately, Evolve’s injury forced him to undergo several surgeries; as doctor’s hoped this would speed up his recovery process. Being alive is however something his family remains grateful for and now that he is finally home, their hope continues to grow each day.

New photos of DJ Evolve

Evolve speaks

After being discharged from the hospital, his mum went on to thank fans, family and friends for standing with them throughout. Although Evolve is yet to get better, his mum made it known that her son will not be having visitors. This is because of the orders given to them by Evolves doctors.

I know very many well-wishers and friends would love to come to visit him at home, but the medics have put stringent measures to regulate the people who can see him at a particular time. Home-based care has strict guidelines on maintaining hygiene

Surprisingly Evolve also had a few words to say; and this time around, he promised fans a good time in future as he plans to get back in his feet as soon as possible.

Evolve recuperating from home

“Sometimes I can feel my toes. That reassures me that God is still working on me. I cannot wait to get back on my feet, meet and entertain my fans,”

DJ Evolve finally discharged from hospital (Video)

Renowned disc jockey Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve, has finally been discharged from Nairobi Hospital where he had been admitted for the last 5 months.

According to Mpasho, the mix master who plied his trade a B-Club, was released from the facility on Thursday, June 18.

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve

The online publication reports that he was provided with an adjustable bed because he can’t walk. However, he can communicate albeit in a low tone.

DJ Evolve was shot twice in the neck by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on January 17, 2020. According to reports, the two were close friends and the shooting might have been the result of a joke gone bad.

Watch the video below courtesy of Mpasho.

Rapper Wangechi reacts to DJ Evolve’s Ksh 6.7 million medical bill, Babu Owino hits back with savage response!

Rapper Wangechi could not hold back her feelings after learning DJ Evolves medical bill had gone up to Ksh 6,684,000.

DJ Evolve hospitalized

The lass who has been maintaining a low profile for a while now reposted DJ Evolves story; which had been by done by a popular news house to which she went on to say:

“I say this from the deepest part of my soul, F*** BABU OWINO!”

Well having heard how hard it has been for DJ Evolves parents, it’s only fair to understand why Wangechi acted this way.

Babu Owino hits back

Responding to Wangechi’s tweet, Babu Owino as usual couldn’t resist the temptation of hitting back as he responded saying:

The said story was not accurate and truthful – Babu Owino´s lawyers respond to DJ Evolve´s ballooning hospital bill


Word has it that the hospital bill amounted to 6.7 million since Ksh 1.66M is the doctors fees, Ksh 1.3M in pharmacy charges, Ksh 913, 683 nursing fee and Ksh 990,000 for the ICU room; and lastly a physiotherapy charge of 494,100 among other charges.

This comes after Babu Owino defended himself saying that he had not abandoned DJ Evolve! According to Babu, he has been making his bail payments to the court who should be asked about the money. He went on to say;

“Unfortunately, the court orders indicated that these monies were to be paid directly to the honourable courts which would then facilitate the release of funds, on a monthly basis to Nairobi Hospital where the victim is hospitalized. This essentially means that our client has no control of the funds once he has deposited the same from the courts”

Recent updates on DJ Evolve´s treatment, are a good sign

B-Club deejay Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve is responding well to treatment and slowly regaining his motor abilities according to recent reports.

It clocks almost a month since the fatal shooting involving Embakasi legislator, Babu Owino and the disk jockey that left his spinal cord at risk.

DJ Evolve (left) showing positive response following fatal shooting by MP Babu Owino (right)

Recent updates show a positive trend in the health and recovery process of the entertainer.

A close ally to DJ Evolve recently visited Nairobi Hospital to check on his health and there is good news.

In a tweet, the friend revealed that Orinda is continuing to recover at the hospital´s Intensive Care Unit following his spinal surgery on Sunday.

DJ Evolve´s positively responding to treatment at Nairobi Hospital´s ICU

Further adding that the DJ is responding well to treatment and now able to move his legs.

We keep him in our Prayers!