DJ John goes all out and splashes 4 million to buy Amina Abdi new car on her birthday 

Homeboyz Radio owner and CEO DJ John Rabar recently flexed his financial muscles and gave his wife a presenter many ladies wish their man would surprise them with.

The DJ surprised his wife Amina Abdi, who works at Capital FM and also hosts NTV’s the Trend with a BMW X3 worth almost 4 million Kenyans shillings.

New wheels

Taking to Instagram, Amina shared the photos of the car but as expected, DJ John wasn’t part of the hype and excitement during the delivery. He has always hated the attention.

Amina and John have been together for almost six years now and have one kid.

Here are the photos of the car:

DJ Kaytrixx clashes with Joe Muchiri over former Str8 Up presenter Tero Mdee

Vanessa Mdee’s sister and former KTN presenter Tero Mdee has been the talk of town ever since she dropped her first gospel song a few days ago.

Tero shocked everyone when she quit her job at KTN and her fashionable lifestyle to get married to prophet Hebron Kisamo against her family’s wish.

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Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri took to Instagram to talk smack about Tero Mdee and her husband, he blasted the former Str8 Up presenter saying that her latest gospel song was a load of wack.

Tero Mdee

“??? Man…one Namtero Mdee aka Tero ?Niggaz had mad crushes on her when she was on straight up on KTN straight from Tanzania, ?? I used to watch ? that show on mute ??? then one day ? she woke up & left us upweke coz of some Pastor ??‍♂️??‍♂️ ( mans not hot ) Sasa anamfanya aimbe nini hizi ??‍♂️??‍♂️ anyway hawa ma pastor na pornographers?? should be in the same category wakora wadinyaji wakuu majambass halisi ?? Sasa Tero ali decide kuimba gospel inakaa pastor anampea kigongi ? mpaka speaking in tongues ika fanyika literally ?? he stole from us a national treasure as U can see from the other pictures ?? nakua pastor niki zeeka kabisa ?? Consolation,” wrote Joe Muchiri.

DJ Kaytrixx was quick to dismiss Joe Muchiri saying that he was speaking ill of Tero Mdee yet he didn’t know her personally. (Kaytrixx and Tero Mdee used worked together at KTN).

The mix master stated that Tero Mdee was happy in her marriage as evident in her latest video. (She has put on a lot of weight recently).

“I don’t agree with this post. It’s not right to say things about someone who you don’t know about. She was looking for something that no one could provide. A woman doesn’t want to keep looking over her shoulder as her partner is out partying with other women. Women want stability and for sure she got it in the “pastor” who is also a man just like you and me (lazima alijitetea and he convinced the lady). Now you can say all you like but the woman is happy (even visibly), the man is taking care of her and it is right in God’s eyes. Question ; If she was your wife and she told you she wanted to shoot a gospel video would you agree? If she asked you to leave the women and stay faithful to her would you do it or would you be creepin around?? He he, don’t set a standard you can’t keep, when you point one finger at someone , 4 point back at you ? cc @yulzke,” DJ Kaytrixx responded to Joe Muchiri.

Watch Tero Mdee’s new gospel song below:



Local celebrity parents who have twins

Delivering and raising twins is one of the hardest things ever but as much as it seems as a full time job, we have celebrities who have managed to pull this off. Well, this could be because the best things come in twos.

Below is a list of celebrities who have had the gift of raising these adorable multiples;


This former actress also known as Barbara Chepkoech left many talking after photos of her baby bumps emerged online. She actually had the biggest baby bump many had never seen in their lives. Even before she announced that she was expecting twins, it was a but too obvious not to see it. Anyway, she welcomed her babies about a year ago and they keep getting cuter as they grow older.

Grace Msalame

She is undeniably the hottest mom in town and I bet she knows it too. Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu have always been praised for having such adorable baby girls that always turn heads whenever they step out. It is also undeniable that they are following into their mothers footsteps, judging from the photos and videos shared by the former TV queen on her gram.

Dj Kaytrixx

Though lately he has been keeping a low profile. DJ Kaytrixx and his wife Sue Musati welcomed their boys a couple of years ago joining the list of celebrities with double blessings. There boys are now all grown and keep taking after their dad who happens to be among the most successful DJ’s in the country.

Anne Kiguta

    The photo Anne Kiguta shared to reveal she welcomed twins

She is now a mother of three lovely kids and as much as we know the Citizen TV’s news anchor has been keeping her family on the low. A year ago she shared an adorable photo to announce that she had delivered twins (boy and girl) and though she has never unveiled their faces, there is no doubt they look just like her.