Photos: How DJ Pierra Makena celebrated her 38th birthday

DJ Pierra Makena is just two steps away from leaving third floor and she recently made sure she’s enjoying her 30s.

The popular DJ recently surprised Kenyans after sharing her birthday photos and stating that she’s now 38 years old.  Many followers couldn’t believe the DJ was that old, arguing that she looks 28.

“Hello 38. Never been happier.My 38 has started well,” she wrote. 


For her birthday, Makena got a surprise yummy cake and celebrated with family and friends at Hemingways Hotel in Karen. She later left for a mini holiday at Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara where she spent her weekend there.

“Morning Safari ???????? …….sun kissed…… Next stop uhuru gardens for @akotheekenyacharity concert,” she posted. 

Makena also thanked her fans and friends for the wishes saying:

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes.. for all calls and messages….and kind words……..this is to a great year,” she posted.

DJ Pierra shares how she managed to lose weight during my pregnancy

Popular DJ Pierra Makena has revealed why didn’t add any weight during her pregnancy.

Speaking in a Radio Jambo interview,  the popular DJ narrated that she was only 49kgs when she was pregnant and couldn’t add more weight due to depression.

“It was terrible, I could not even gain weight and at 4 months pregnant, I was 49 Kgs .I couldn’t gain weight, I was not eating. The good thing is that my family is very close and when they realized I was going through depression, my sister moved in with me. I had a support system. Polepole , I started getting over it and after giving birth, 3 months later I started gaining weight. I ate njahĩs, ugali…as I was breastfeeding. Depression iliniingia mbaya sana, but I got out stronger,” she confessed on Radio Jambo.

Not planned

The DJ said that she wasn’t ready for the baby when it happened but she’s glad it still did.

“Pregnancy attacked me. I wasn’t prepared. Initially I knew I wanted to have a child, it’s every woman’s dream but I was not prepared. (I was like)Si sahii, sikusema saa hii so nikashtuka. I got pregnant kama sijaolewa and I come from a very Christian family so nikajua hapa nimeisha. I went through depression, sijui nitafanya nini, tukaachana na baby daddy, ilikuwa drama mingi,” Pierra said.

Jalang’o’s reaction after DJ Pierra Makena was exposed for using a dead mixer to spin for Uhuru Kenyatta 

Kenyans believe popular DJ Pierra Makena is a straight actor and duped Kenyans during Jamhuri Day celebrations that she was playing a set.

The K24 DJ shared a video on social media spinning the turn tables in a manner suggesting that playing the song but Kenyans noted all the faders were done and there could be no way she was playing the music.

In an explanation, the DJ defended herself saying:

“If anything, I am the one who posted the video on my Instagram page. I am not stupid to upload that video when I know I was duping people; I wouldn’t post it if that was the case. Anyway, I owe no one an explanation because none of those people who are trolling me online pay my rent or feed me and my family. Let them continue making noise online while I am depositing money to the bank and paying my bills. In short, what I am telling them is: let us all work hard,” said Makena to Edaily.

Stop it

She later gave another explanation insisting that the turntable was really connected and people should stop tarnishing her name.

Comedian Jalango also came to her rescue and wondered why she was still busy explaining to people about the clip.

“I don’t know why you always waste your time explaining yourself! Ok now that you’ve explained will your explanation pay your bills? Nkt!” wrote Jalang’o.

DJ Pierra Makena lands new show on K24 

Popular DJ Pierra Makena has landed a new show on K24 months after leaving Ebru TV.

Taking to Instagram, the DJ posted informing her fans that she has landed the new show called ‘Beat Box Live’ alongside screen queen Faith Maina that will be airing weekdays from Monday to Friday 5 pm to 6 pm.

Our new home. Welcome to the house warming party! Glory be to God as always,” read her post.

Pierra will DJ while Maina will host the music show. The DJ left Ebru TV in April claiming she wasn’t happy at the station.

DJ Pierra Makena: I remember looking up and telling God please..please be the father to my unborn child

DJ Pierra Makena recently took to social media to share her journey as a mother. The popular DJ made it clear it wasn’t an easy journey for her and things never fell in place as she had dreamt of before becoming pregnant.

Makena shared that she had to pray a lot since she was in the journey all alone and used to cry a lot while playing Mercy Masika’s hit song Mwema. She clearly stated that she never wants to be in that kind of a situation again.

Never again

“I honestly was a little below rock bottom.. I remember I sat in my car and I played and replayed MWEMA by @mercymasikamuguro i cried so many times to God and prayed so many different prayers coz i didn’t know what would be good for me anymore… I remember looking up and telling God please..please Be the father to my unborn child……. I don’t ever want to be like this again…. and in my car in the house I just replayed the song like 100 times…” she said. 

She went on:

“The following day I went to the hub…. just to walk around and yes all the time either my sister my mom my bros or my friend would be around coz they knew I needed the support though I didn’t ask….I walked so much….and guess what!!!! My water broke. #ownmystory #BEYOU #thediaryofamomDj #imhuman #thanks to anyone who stood up for me and shared my tears. Let’s enjoy the smiles….” she posted.

Pierra Makena attacked for celebrating herself on Father’s Day 

As almost everyone celebrated their dads yesterday on social media marking Father’s Day, celebrated DJ Pierra Makena found herself in some rather ugly situation with no man to celebrate for her baby.

Why not?

The DJ was attacked by Kenyans for celebrating herself instead of her dad or her baby daddy who they ditched her. While some ladies where impressed with the post, some saw it as a feminist move, aimed at putting men down.

“Big shout out to all Super mothers….who take up the role of a Father when the man can’t be one…. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL GREAT DADS !!!” said Makena. 


DJ Pierra on being bullied online: I need to think before I click 

DJ Peirra Makena understands what cyber bullying means. The popular DJ was trolled after gaining weight a few months ago.

She has now come out to address the issue saying that at first she was in denial but later understood that working out, instead of attacking online bullies will help her eventually.


“After I gave birth I was going through depression and my weight was not adding up. My doctor insisted that i eat more because i needed to gain weight. I woke up one morning and i was 64 kilograms, you have no idea how that felt. So when somebody posts on social media how i looked terrible with my weight it broke me down,” said makena in an emotional speech.


“So for someone to wake up and say that i look terrible with my new weight, at first i took my phone and hurled insults. I picked all the f-words, n-words and all words that you would never want to use in front of a baby. Them i deleted them. I realized i need to think before i click and ever react to anything.”

DJ Pierra lost a multi-million deal from Hollywood company after her account was hacked 

Popular DJ, DJ Pierra Makena, has opened up on losing her Instagram account after it was hacked by fraudsters early this year. Makena lost her account, which had almost 300,000 fans by then.

Wanted cash


She has now come out to share that losing her account was more than devastating since she happened to lose a deal from a Hollywood company which was interested in her services but wanted to see her IG account first.

One morning I was called by an agency in Hollywood because they wanted to see my profile on my Instagram page but they could not because it had been hacked, and that is how I lost it,” said Makena in an interview with Nairobi News.

She went on to add that she has since sought the services of a cyber security firm to have her Instagram account back but it seems things haven’t worked out yet since she’s using a new account.