“Your days are numbered” DJ Mo warns celebrities using pseudo accounts to tarnish his name

DJ Mo is not ready to watch someone ruin his own image yet it took time to build it to what it is today. The gospel DJ who is married to Size 8 with 2 kids left many tongues wagging on Monday, May 18 2020 with cryptic post!

As seen on the post, DJ Mo talked about certain people who have resulted to using pseudo accounts to abuse him and his family.

Although he did not share much details about this; DJ Mo shared a post on his page revealing that he was now aware of the people handling the page.

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo went on to add that life in the entertainment industry is not about competition but a platform to complement each other. He went on to write saying;

Mr and Mrs Muraya

Keep going until they create pseudo accounts to fight you – but their days are numbered . …. wajanja wameelewa….This industry is small ,Don’t compete ..Complement ???????????????????????? @size8reborn
#themurayas #dinewiththemurayas

Mr Seed and Nimo

This post comes barely a month after Mr Seed and his wife Nimo complained about the same thing. The couple revealed that certain people were abusing their son using a pseudo account.

With this, we honestly don’t think it’s a coincidence; but thanks to DJ Mo the person has now been warned. There are fans who have already started pointing fingers. But we cannot confirm who the accused person is; since there is too much beef in gospel industry  at the moment.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

However with a new reality show from the Muraya’s we might as well fill in the gap; since Kenya only has one reality show from the Kioko’s.

Anyway as for now we wait and see whether DJ Mo will be exposing the people behind the pseudo account; and since it is a federal offence, someone might just end up behind bars!

Don’t confuse! It’s reggae’s DJ Moh who has been arrested not Size 8’s DJ Mo

Reggae DJ Moh Spice, real names Nicholas Mugo Mwangi, is currently in police custody for public display of a firearm.

Moh was arrested yesterday at Space lounge Ngong road by the DCI’s Special Crimes Prevention unit after a public outcry when photos were posted online showing him with the pistol tucked during an event at K1 Clubhouse.


According to reports, the popular DJ was arrested with a pistol and 174 rounds of ammunition at Space Lounge Club where he was playing.

Some Kenyans however, have been confusing the DJ with gospel DJ Mo. The two DJs have almost the same name and some people who heard the reports on radio were left thinking it’s DJ Mo, whose real name is Samuel Muraya.

Aww. Too Sweet! DJ Mo sends lovely birthday message to Size 8 as she turns 32

Singer Size 8 is officially 32 years old.

Her man, DJ Mo, took to social media to share some rather interesting message for her during her birthday. The two lovers have been through a lot and still managed to overcome it.


Mo shared that Size 8 has been more than a blessing for him and he always enjoyed having her in his life.

“I can write so many books about you , but today I just wanna celebrate you for loving me ,being a good wife , being a good mum to @ladashabelle , the love you have for God and a lot more . You are the best , we have had our ups and downs but what matters is that you are in my life and I love you … lakini wewe ni kasupuu sana sana something must be wrong with you ???????????? story for another day . HAPPY BIRTHDAY @size8reborn ❤️” he said on social media. 

Size 8 also wished herself a birthday with a long post. Read ti below.


DJ Mo’s reaction after Diana Marua refers to her husband as ‘My King’

It appears that’s DJ Mo has become a big fan of the Bahati’s and if anything he is even one of the followers Mrs Bahati now has.

Thanks to a new post shared by Diana Marua where she praises  her man for being the best husband and king she could have ever asked for; we get to see many comments from fans including Mo who could help but admire this love.

Well, it’s obvious that Bahati and Marua make an amazing couple and from the look of things also inspire many who look up to them.

DJ Mo wowed by Marua’s love towards Bahati

In the post shared on Diana Marua’s page we get to see DJ Mo appreciate and admire how much the young mother adores her husband.

According to DJ Mo only a humble woman is capable of addressing her husband as ‘King’ he went on to comment saying;

???? ???? ???? ???? …it takes a humble woman to call her man a King ????…keep going guys … God bless you. @diana_Marua

Dj Mo

We did a church wedding, not come we stay – DJ Mo defends himself

Gospel DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 have been in the headlines for years now as blogs and papers continue reporting about their life.

All the same, the two recently revealed that Kenyans don’t know them as much as they think they do just because they keep reading about them.

The gospel DJ had to defend his marriage saying that it’s not a come we stay but he married Size 8 in a proper church wedding. DJ Mo even said he has photos to prove the two had a happy, fruitful church ceremony but he will share the snaps when he is ready.

“Like I said, people purport to know us but they do not. They just know 5% of the Murayas,” he said. 


The two have shown almost everything about their life other than the wedding. Fans insisted they are lying because by now they would have at least celebrated an anniversary already.

Mo however, insisted that he has even pictures to prove the wedding happened.

“I can assure you we got married in a church wedding and someday we will release the photos,” he added. 

DJ Mo: Be careful of the monster called BITTERNESS, on your way down be careful of DESPAIR 

DJ Mo has been in the entertainment business for long enough and has seen a lot. The veteran DJ has been sharing some educative information that can help his fans become better human beings in general through his social media account.

Be humble

The gospel DJ recently was on Instagram to share how pride has killed many career when people start rising and enjoying success. Many people forget their humble past when they get money but once the money goes, despair finishes them off.

DJ Mo at TenderHub offices

Here’s what he said:

“When you are at the top, be careful of the monster called PRIDE. Pride will make you look down on the people who haven’t attained your level of success.  When you are at the bottom, be careful of the monster called BITTERNESS. Bitterness will make you jealous and think that other people are the reason you haven’t made it.”

He went on:

“When you are on the way to the top, watch out for GREED. Greed will make you impatient and make you steal or seek shortcuts.  When you are on your way down, be careful of the monster called DESPAIR. Despair will make you think it’s all over yet there is still hope.” 

DJ Mo lands yet another lucrative deal, Size 8 cannot hide her happiness 

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 keep rising no matter what some Kenyans try to say about their family and life. It’s not a secret the two entertainers have a number of endorsements which have seen them double their yearly earnings.

It seems DJ Mo has another reason to smile yet again after landing another lucrative deal, this time with Jamii Bora’s ‘Tender Hub’ which is set to help start ups and new business owners to access government and private tenders.

On Instagram the DJ posted a rather long message when announcing the partnership:

“Watu wangu, kama kawa me hupenda kuwachanua haswaa mavijana. We all want to make it in life, we have great ideas but are always scared of implementing them. This time tunawaletea #TenderHub from @jamiiborabank . For only 5k you get a 2 day course on the tendering process, they notify you about the tenders, they help you bid for them and when your bid goes through, they even finance your tender ?, pia wanakuchanua na sector you are strong in among other very important tendering matters.” he said. 

DJ Mo at TenderHub offices


“Isn’t that a big deal. So do hivi, do not be left out on this one. visit Tender Hub located at Jamii Bora Headquarters in Kilimani and get to learn more about this great ideas au sio. Lets make the next generation of great entrepreneurs.” 

Family excitement

Just as the man of the house sounded excited, Size 8 was just as thankful after his hubby sealed the deal and couldn’t hide her joy.

“Swity congrats @djmokenya love you….to God be the glory and swity never change the heart God has given you.’’ She wrote.

DJ Mo flaunts ‘fake’ Nikes on TV and Instagram

Gospel DJ, DJ Mo, is yet again a topic of discussion after fans believed he was on Instagram flaunting a fake pair of shoes.

On Sunday, the NTV DJ was on social media showcasing a pair of Nike shoes that some believed was not original. The shoe, which is basically a remixed version of the ’90s classic, the Nike Zoom Flight 95, costs about Ksh, 20, 000 but were just being sold for less than Ksh 5000.

Others loved the pair

Many believed, at such a price, the shoe must be fake.  The shoe was released last year and once worn, the shoe provides comfort through its breathable Flyknit upper and the super thick and plush insole.


DJ Mo shares tricks that ensure he stays successful in showbiz

Gospel DJ, DJ Mo, has come a long way to becoming the top and influential DJ he is today. His journey to success has had a lot of ups and downs but this has not stopped him from being the best.

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He married singer Size 8 and are now seen as entertainment industry’s power couple, especially after they were blessed with a child.


Develop a thick skin

Mo was recently on social media to share how he has manged to be so successful and relevant for so long saying that a thick skin and being ready to handle success have been key in his blossoming career.

“Break the norms – if you want to be different and always on top – – you can’t be successful and yet you don’t want to go through the process , or still you can’t handle success and what it comes with – grow thick skin and focus – Bless -” said DJ Mo on Instagram. 


“I won’t play your songs” This is why DJ Mo ‘threatened’ Bahati

DJ Mo caught many by surprise after telling Bahati that he won’t play his music. Well, it all started after the popular Gospel DJ shared a photo on his gram attracting many comments including that of Bahati.

The professional photo uploaded by baba Ladashabelle left Bahati thinking that it had been inspired by Rambo hence the comment he left saying;

Tuseme hii picha was inspired by Rambo

Baba Ladasha’s post

The gospel DJ on the other went on to comment back telling Bahati that he needed to apologize if he wanted him to play his songs. This was however on a light note since the two were doing this for fan and games.

Bahati’s songs

It has been a whole since the singer released any new projects. Seems that being married and working on new songs is proving to be hard but we are hoping he soon releases new songs!