DJ Mo & Size 8 Set For Reality TV Return

Celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8, known as “The Murayas,” will premiere a new reality show titled “Love in the Wild” on TV47. The series joins the channel’s original programming lineup and promises to offer an engaging look into their lives.

Announcement and Teaser

The couple announced the show on social media, generating excitement from their fanbase. A teaser trailer features them alongside DJ Krowbar and his wife, providing glimpses of both lighthearted exchanges and moments exploring serious topics like illness and caregiving.

The sneak peek into the family’s fun moments during shooting builds anticipation for the content that awaits viewers. From heartwarming family scenes to humorous anecdotes, Love in the Wild’ promises to showcase the authentic and multifaceted lives of The Murayas.

The show aims to showcase the diverse aspects of The Murayas’ lives, including family moments, humor, and potentially relatable challenges. “Love in the Wild” follows their previous successful show, “Dine With The Murayas,” which aired in 2020 and offered viewers an inside look into their family dynamics.

Andrew Kibe Goes After Size 8 And Her Husband DJ Mo (Video)

DJ Mo and his gospel artist wife Size 8 have been on the spotlight recently over their separation that was confirmed by the musician 2 days ago.

Gospel musician and pastor Size confirmed she moved out of her matrimonial home after her hubby, DJ Mo made her angry.

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Size 8 left DJ Mo mid-last week with their two children. Efforts by friends and family to reconcile the two bore no fruits as Size 8 was very angry with her husband.

According to Size 8, it was a shrewd decision to leave the home in order to avoid arguments with DJ Mo.

”People are asking, is it true mama Wambo leaved her house? Did you run away from DJ Mo’s matrimonial home? Yes, I did. I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. Alikuwa amenikosea. ”

Andrew Kibe Reacts

Kibe has now attacked the couple stating that they should keep their relationship under wraps in order to avoid trending over their predicaments. The Rogue Radio CEO denigrated the two sweethearts for not being able to settle their differences over and over- since it’s not the first time the two are separating.

Watch Andrew Kibe’s full video below;

I Was So Angry At Him- Size 8 Confirms She Actually Left Dj Mo Before Reconciling

Gospel artist and pastor Size 8 has opened up about their separation with popular Gospel Dj and her hubby DJ Mo.

The two sweethearts had been rumoured to be in bad terms with each other after a close source let the cat out of the bag about them.

DJ Mo and Size 8 have had it rough in their marriage. And Size 8 has walked out of the marriage a couple of times claiming that she has had enough of the DJ.

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DJ Mo- Size 8 Reconcile

According to a source close to the couple, the musician packed her clothes and left with her two kids last week.

This was proven to be actually true as Size 8 confirmed the same.

”People are asking, is it true mama Wambo leaved her house? Did you run away from DJ Mo’s matrimonial home? Yes, I did. I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. Alikuwa amenikosea. ”

Size 8 continued to justify her decision to leave her matrimonial home.

  ”I just needed some space to breathe. And just talk to God. I believe when my emotions are so high and we’re on the same roof tutaongeleshana vibaya. I had to just go.”

Size 8 continued to state that they did not tell the media about the same. But they sorted their issues under wraps and eventually, got back to each other.

DJ Mo Addresses Separation Rumours With Wife Size 8

Reports emerged over the past weekend Size 8 and her husband Dj Mo, allegedly separated after several years of being together and even having a family together.

According to online reports, the two sweethearts were no longer in talking terms decided to go their separate ways.

Size 8, a gospel artist,  who doubles up as a pastor, is believed to have left her matrimonial home after they couldn’t settle their differences.

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Unsettled Differences?

It’s not the first time that the two sweethearts have been speculated to be on the verge of separation. Size 8 herself has on several occasions divulged how she almost gave up on their relationship, citing endless fights between the two.

Size 8 revealed that she even went to the extent of packing her belongings and walked out of her marriage.

DJ Mo playing with wife

DJ Mo Speaks On Separation

DJ Mo has now come clean on the paramount allegations that were making rounds on social media. They were trending even on twitter over the latter- with denigratory statements of them not being able to cosset their marriage.

DJ Mo has rubbished the allegations that they’re not together. While speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Mo maintained that they’re in talking terms with his wife and that she’s home.

”Tuko Sawa! Tuko sawa na Mke Wangu @size8reborn…. YES Yuko Nyumbani!! …

Size 8 also promised to address the same today at 12 pm.


Another One! DJ Mo And Size 8 Set To Welcome Baby Number 3

Renowned gospel artist Size 8 and her hubby DJ Mo are expecting yet again! The two sweethearts have taken to Instagram to announce the good news by flaunting Size 8’s already grown baby bump.

Blessings On Blessings

An exuberant Dj Mo posted a lovely photo of them and captioned;

God is faithful
@size8reborn , thank you ????. Kazi napiga ????
Another Big announcement coming soon.”

DJ Mo and Size 8 -IG

Similarly, Size 8’s joy was evident as she also gave thanks and wrote;

”God in His wisdom has blessed @djmokenya and I with baby number 3. To God be the glory…. Go to YouTube and find out the whole story, to watch click link on my bio. #themurayas
Am on my way to JCC THIKA TOWN I will be preaching the word at the lunch hour service…”

This will be their 3rd baby, after their son Muraya Jr and daughter Ladasha.

In 2018, Size 8 suffered a miscarriage which she detailed on social media; to encourage those going through a similar situation.

She had also disclosed disturbing details on how her previous pregnancy gave her a scare. She went through several check-ups after suffering serious bouts of blood pressure spikes; minor strokes which temporarily paralyzed her on one side and convulsions. However, all this came to pass as her son is now already grown up.

The proud parents are yet to disclose the gender of their unborn baby.

Wametosha! Here’s Why DJ Mo And Size 8 Don’t Want To Have Another Baby

In the past, family planning wasn’t something that our forefathers knew anything about. They regarded having many children as a blessing. Nowadays, the use of contraceptives has been embraced. Even though not all religions agree on the use contraception, most people regard it as the easiest means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

The Murayas-Google

Gospel musician Size 8 and DJ Mo already have two kids; Ladasha and Muraya Junior. New born babies are known to cry a lot during their early days. As Dj Mo reveals, their son Muraya keeps them awake at night. This is one of the reasons why they are considering to close the chapter of having any more kids. Weeks ago, Size 8 revealed she almost her son in ICU. However, Muraya Junior survived the horror. The talented DJ thinks that they already have enough children. On his Gram, DJ Mo wrote,

”Earlier today .. Ona Huyu uuuuuiiiii wangu sasa kuchoka..

Tuongee ukweli … je mshafika place mkasema enough is enough na watoto ????????
Mpaka mnadiscuss family planning . ?
Reason yenu ilikuwa gani?”

The Murayas have had a successful career in the entertainment industry. They balance between celebrity lifestyle and taking care of their kids. This is something to applaud them for. But I think they should have one more!

Endless Blessings! DJ Mo And Size 8 Build Luxurious House For Their Parents (Video)

The Muraya’s are without a doubt one of the most sought after celebrity couples in the country. Even though they’ve had their fair share of marriage struggles, they still choose to stick to each other. Considering their challenges in marriage, it’s evident that it’s not a bed of roses to be married. However, DJ Mo and Size 8 have had a successful professional career that has enabled them to live a luxurious lifestyle. And without parents, they probably wouldn’t have made it this far. That’s why the two decided to give back to them; by gifting them a house!

Size 8 Says Thought Of Divorce Is Why She 'Nags' DJ Mo As He Confesses That  Marriage Feels Like A Lot of Work
DJ Mo and Size 8- Google

DJ Mo and Size 8 collectively built a house for their parents. On Dj Mo’s page, he wrote that most people thought the house was meant for themselves instead of their parents.

Kwenye pilka pilka za kutafta blessings …

Daddy and mum this is a small gift to just honor you, say thank you for everything because when you are happy we get blessed .
Kuna mabeste who thought it’s ours … hapana Lazima standard zingekuwa for our parents … @size8reborn
Sneak preview of the gift .
Thank you @diamondlightinginteriors for dope lighting
And @floorsolutionskenya for sorting out the floor corner to corner …
… ama aje ?

Below is the video of the house from how it started until it’s completion.

“Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions ” Size 8 cryptic post leaves tongues wagging

Size 8 has shared a new post that has left many assuming that all might not be well with her. This is after sharing a post talking about the importance of taking responsibility of ones actions; and not trying to blame it on others.

According to the gospel singer once a person accepts their own wrong doings; good things may start happening due to the clear conscience. The post read;

Stop blaming others for the things going wrong in your life. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. You and no one else is responsible for the way you feel or for what happens in your life.

Size 8’s post

Look within first

Although the post doesn’t really say much; it’s obvious to see that she may have been directing it to someone. However the post comes just a few months after husband, DJ Mo was exposed for cheating on his wife with a certain lady from Bahrain.

Although the gospel DJ managed to convince his wife to say; all I know is that ‘trust’ became a problem. Anyway, to caption the post above – Size 8 wrote;

Singer Size 8 speaks

The moment we stop blaming others and we take responsibility for our own actions and out comes in our personal life we have started succeeding!!!! Look within 1st to see what is the problem in you and ask God to help you change all your internal faults in you and you will realise external forces have little effect on you!!!

DJ Mo and Size 8 charging Ksh 18k per head for their Christmas event, fans react

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8 have left tongues wagging on social media shortly after sharing posters showing how much they will be charging for their Christmas event set to go down at the PrideInn hotel in Mombasa.

According to the post, it’ll only cost guests Ksh 18k per head. However this amount will help cover double room, breakfast, lunch and dinner – meaning the Ksh 18k is just for a day.

CONFIRMED !!!! 25th Dec …
Mombasa will be liiiiittttt ????
@prideinnparadisebeachresort is the place to be . The performance we have planned , wacha tu . .. book for your space now because its EXCLUSIVE . (Watu kwa hotel pekee) #TheMurayas we are ready for you .. @size8reborn ..Pamoja na @mcpricekenya . MORE DETAILS ON THE POSTER ????

DJ Mo and Size 8’s event

Not quite sure why they felt convinced that fans would get onboard with this idea; especially during the pandemic season that have left some struggling to pay bills…and now a concert costing Ksh 18k?

Fans react

Although the package may seem fair to their target audience, their middle class fans could not help but react to the posters shared on the Muraya’s pages.

Of course fans did not hold back from telling the two off; but some went to the extent of asking the two to first focus on their marriage instead of chasing money which end up in side chicks pockets. Ouch.

Dine with the Muraya´s Valentine event

But hey, after their dine with Muraya Valentine’s Day event that was aimed at fixing and teaching couple about marriage; the Muraya’s ended up in a messy cheating scandal – and now another event?

ONE ON ONE: “Usilie mtu akipita na bae wako!” Kristoff reveals why you should not post your partner on social media (Video)

When having a conversation with my colleagues or friends one of the topics that usually come up is “are you single?”, “does your bae post you on social media ama tunyamaze?”.

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As the famous Maya Angelou quote goes, “Love is that condition in the healing spirit so profound that it allows us to forgive.” I agree with this but it gets to a point where you can no longer forgive your partner due to some understandable circumstances and decide to call it quits.


We have seen a lot of relationships and marriages coming to an end all in the name of ‘I am showing off my bae to the public’ only for us to hear that someone’s girlfriend has been spotted in the company a certain celebrity or vice versa.

During an interview hosted by Caroline Mukami, Christopher Barton Namwaya, popularly known as Kristoff, said that he is off the market.


Well, the reason why you have not and won’t been seeing any his girlfriend’s photos on his social media accounts is because the artist likes keeping his private life to himself.

He emphasized that posting your partner is like marketing him or her to other people and you should have yourself to blame if someone else decides to start hitting on your bae.

Kristoff warned the netizens that they do not have to tag their partner if at all they will post them as this opens up the relationship to infidelity. All in all, the dundaing hitmaker is of the idea of just keeping your personal life to yourself.


To be honest, he has a point. Last month, when Size 8’s marriage was on the rocks, a city pastor took to social media and posted, “Marriage isn’t a walk in the park. Social media will break your marriages.”

“Kwanza wale wanaume wanapenda kupost their wives kutisha watu, ni mkora. Mwanaume ambaye anashindia kutaja bibi yake kuliko biashara ni mkora,” the pastor added.

We have witnessed how Marya and Moustapha, Natalie Tewa and Rnaze Mukibi, Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s relationships, just to mention a few, came to an end.

In all honesty, reading about how these celebrities started by posting all their lovey-dovey lifestyles on social media to how they broke up is gut-wrenching.

To save yourselves from affliction, I would suggest you take Kristoff’s advice and keep your relationship private.

Watch the full interview below.

“God reconciled our relationship” Size 8 steps in to save cheating husband’s image

I hear marriages are hard to deal with but looking at Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage; it actually feels and seems like the opposite of what people tend to say.

Well, probably most marriages would have lasted longer if most women were forgiving as Size 8. About a week ago, DJ Mo was exposed for cheating on his wife by blogger Edgar Obare; a smart move that seems to have saved the Muraya’s struggling marriage.

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Barely a weeks after the exposee and the marriage appears to have been fixed and unlike before; DJ Mo now must have all eyes on his wife and not side chicks. So far so good judging from the post shared by Size 8 where she revealed that God reconciled her relationship with hubby.

Through her Instagram page, Size 8 wrote;

Couple: Size 8 and DJ Mo

God reconciled our relationship to Himself through His son Jesus Christ our saviour and yes our Gods character doesn’t change He is still reconciling relationships through the grace He poured on earth through Jesus Christ!!!! Behold God’s power of reconciliation displayed for the world to see!!! Let the name of God be praised!!
Help me praise the God of reconciliation! Type “GOD BE PRAISED!!!” @djmokenya 7th anniversary #themurayasat7 #Godwins

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Fans warn Size 8

Although many would have prefered Size 8 to dump DJ Mo for the public embarrassment; fans now see worried about the singer’s mental health considering she is also human.

As seen in the comment section, many have gone ahead to arge the lady to seek guidance; and counselling to avoid bottling up feelings which will one day erupt.

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Chances are however that these two are already receiving guidance; but will DJ Mo stop looking around? Let’s watch and see,

Clowns! Fans troll ladies man, DJ Mo after sharing video clip praying with his wife and kids

DJ Mo and his wife have been on the spotlight following his cheating scandal with the Kenyan lady based in Bahrain. As seen on a screenshot shared by the alleged lady, DJ Mo’s thirst was quite evident and for some reason; the lady’s seductive moves explain why mr Muraya could not resist.

Anyway with all that shame to bear, the Muraya’s have now come together hoping to restore their old image as seen on their pages. Singer Size 8 went on to blame the devil for her husband’s mistakes in a long detailed post where she wrote;

 What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true; or not I dont know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said. I ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12; we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani. And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy not people. So no point of bitterness anger unforgiveness or fits of rage!!

Prayer time

The singer went on to defend her husband adding that;


To all women and men facing hard situations of all kinds in marriage; God is able to defend your homes let’s pray in the name of Jesus!!

She went on to add;

LET THE MARRIAGE PRAYER MOVEMENT BEGIN FROM TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! We meet live on my ig and Facebook on the 3rd day at 8pm that is on Saturday for at least 30 mins of praying together. Look, I am the LORD, the God over every creature. Is anything too difficult for me!!! Jeremiah 32:27 MARRIAGE IS A VERY GREAT COVENANT!!! A COVENANT CREATED BY GOD!!!

Mr Muraya speaks

Mr Muraya who has been reduced to a serious joke by social media users went on to confirm that all is well back at home with a short clip of his family. According to him ‘a family that prays together, stays together’ but unfortunately his fans could not listen to this!

So far his post has been receiving all sorts of comments; and below are just a few to prove that nothing about the Muraya’s will ever be the same from now on.

DJ Mo with family

Trouble in paradise? DJ Mo unfollowed by wife Size 8 after allegedly cheating with sexy TV host

Singer Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have apparently been facing some marital issues for years now; but the two continue to deny this every time this part of their lives is exposed.

However thanks to a few of Edgar Obare’s followers; we have every reason to believe that all is not well at DJ Mo’s house.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Apparently the guy has been caught cheating by his wife a number of times; but being the good wife she lets it slide until just recently when she decided to unfollow the father of her 2 kids!

Yes, DJ Mo who is among the top ambassadors of Christianity in the country was unfollowed on social media by his wife; a move that confirmed that all is not well with the Muraya’s.

Size 8 unfollows hubby

Dating Joyce Maina?

So far the gospel DJ has been linked to one Joyce Maina who shared their selfie on social media just recently.

The exposè done by Edgar Obare went on to suggest that the two lovers have been secretly seeing each other; however thanks to private investigators on social media – they finally unmask the man Joyce has been flaunting yet hiding on her posts.

Joyce Maina’s man unmasked

If indeed the man on the photo is DJ Mo; then this might just be the beginning of his rumored side relationships being exposed on social media.

Already one of the followers went on to share a  screenshot from a conversation with DJ Mo; however the contents in the post did not carry heavy information to confirm that he has been cheating.

But with a perfect life like the one he has with Size 8; what more would he be interested in?


Mr Seed’s troubled marriage to wife Nimo on the verge of falling apart after recent expose (Video)

Gospel musician Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri have barely been 2 years in marriage and the two already cannot handle the heat.

This is after the celebrity couple reached out to the Murayas, DJ Mo and Size 8 regards a recent infidelity issue that Nimo had got wind about her husband.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Engaging in a man-to-man talk with Samuel Muraya, the Lovi Lovi singer could not understand why his wife spent her time relying on external sources regards their marriage instead of confronting her husband on the same.

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The narration

According to Seed, on that fateful day, he was hanging out with his boyz who came along with several chick. But what Nimo was told by her friend who was one of the girls at the hang out, was that Mr Seed was spotted getting cosy with one of the chicks there and this raised an alarm.

Mr Seed hanging out with Avril Nyambura previously

After the outburst, the artist never bothered to call back Nimo and explain his side of the story, so his wife had packed and left for her parents’ home. Eventually, Size 8 caught up with Nimo and asked for a sit down, which saw the mother of one raise tantrums, questioning Mr Seed’s immaturity to go airing their dirty linen in public instead of being straight up with her.

I hope Mr Seed has not manipulated your minds and you start thinking he is a good guy. I don’t even want to hear anything to do with him.

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Nimo Gachuiri with Size 8 Reborn

The debate

The 4 were forced to have a sit down and reach a mutual agreement. An evening dinner turned into a heated exchange of words.

“Now that I gave birth, you think I am an old case, so now you are hanging with the fresh babes. I have all the evidence, I even know the chick you were cuddling with,’ snapped Nimo.

Nimo aka mama Gold

Explaining himself, Mr Seed who had already been branded guilty of the offence, admitted that day there were babes in the room, but neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, hitting back;

Maybe that chick was hitting on me, you never know.

Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo

Their marital issues eventually saw the light of day after the dinner chat. Watch;

“Marriage is starting to feel like a lot of work!” DJ Mo giving up on wife, Size 8?

Barely 2 months after Size 8 complained about her sex life with DJ Mo; the couple is back with yet another drama aired during their Dine with Murayas show.

This time around DJ Mo complained about his wife nagging the life out of him! According to the gospel DJ his wife can’t go an hour or two without calling him non stop.

For this reason, Baba Muraya Jnr now feels that his marriage is somehow not working; all thanks to his wife’s nagging behavior.

Do other men go through the same thing ama ni mimi tu? I was telling a friend of mine that marriage is starting to feel like a lot of work.

Size 8 explains herself

In her defense Size 8 says she has her own reasons as to why she keeps calling her man whenever he steps out. Unlike most women, the mother of 2 admits to being insecure which then leads to trust issues!

The reason why I call him that much is because I have my own reasons. The truth is I have been doing all he is accusing me of. There are times when paranoia, lack of security and lack of trust hits me.

Judging from some of the things the two brought up during the show, it appears that all is not well! At some point Size 8 shares her fear of having to go through a divorce.

The singer goes on to open up about sleepless nights now that her heart is not at peace. She goes on to add;

I was not calling him to offend him. Sometimes my heart is not at peace. I love my husband and the thought of divorce is giving me sleepless nights and I do not want it in my house.

But really, can a nagging wife lead to a divorce or is there more we still know nothing about?

“Your days are numbered” DJ Mo warns celebrities using pseudo accounts to tarnish his name

DJ Mo is not ready to watch someone ruin his own image yet it took time to build it to what it is today. The gospel DJ who is married to Size 8 with 2 kids left many tongues wagging on Monday, May 18 2020 with cryptic post!

As seen on the post, DJ Mo talked about certain people who have resulted to using pseudo accounts to abuse him and his family.

Although he did not share much details about this; DJ Mo shared a post on his page revealing that he was now aware of the people handling the page.

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo went on to add that life in the entertainment industry is not about competition but a platform to complement each other. He went on to write saying;

Mr and Mrs Muraya

Keep going until they create pseudo accounts to fight you – but their days are numbered . …. wajanja wameelewa….This industry is small ,Don’t compete ..Complement ???????????????????????? @size8reborn
#themurayas #dinewiththemurayas

Mr Seed and Nimo

This post comes barely a month after Mr Seed and his wife Nimo complained about the same thing. The couple revealed that certain people were abusing their son using a pseudo account.

With this, we honestly don’t think it’s a coincidence; but thanks to DJ Mo the person has now been warned. There are fans who have already started pointing fingers. But we cannot confirm who the accused person is; since there is too much beef in gospel industry  at the moment.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

However with a new reality show from the Muraya’s we might as well fill in the gap; since Kenya only has one reality show from the Kioko’s.

Anyway as for now we wait and see whether DJ Mo will be exposing the people behind the pseudo account; and since it is a federal offence, someone might just end up behind bars!

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8 open up about their life achievements on ‘The Hope’ issue on Parents magazine

It is no secret that DJ Mo and Size 8 have helped build each other in ways many can’t explain. Just like the vows they exchanged, DJ Mo and his wife have stood by each others side through thick and thin; and if I am not wrong, these two are ranked among the most richest gospel artists in the country.

Their journey to where there are today has however not been easy and unlike most people who would joy ride or use short cuts to get what they want in life; DJ Mo and Size 8 chose to start from zero and now they have a story to share.

The Murayas

Among those things they have achieved is a successful marriage that has not only been based on God; but two lovely children who continue to motivate both DJ Mo and Size to work extra hard as they have tiny humans looking up to them.

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Featured on Parents Magazine

So far the two have graced several covers of top saloon magazines in East Africa; and now they also got an opportunity to feature on parents magazine where they opened up about a few unknown things about their lives.

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8

As seen on the cover, both Mo and Size talk about their life achievements, count their blessings and lastly how they have been coping with Coronavirus – that has left many businesses struggling to survive.

Birth complications

Apart from this, a few fans as seen on the comment section are hoping Size 8 will finally share more details about her son’s delivery story. This is because many have already seen the short version’s of how Muraya Junior was born; however Size 8 withheld details as to how she made it through the high blood pressure complications and her CS.

All in all I bet what matters most is the fact that she walked out alive; and just like the perfect husband, Mo never left his wife’s side.

Hilarious reactions as DJ Mo is caught thirsting at his wife´s heavy behind

The much criticized ´Dine with the Murayas´ Valentine´s event served fans more than was enough. DJ Mo was spotted thirsting at his wife´s blessed behind.

Friday, the 14th of February was not normal routine; roses given, the theme red screamed and couples retracing their teenage memories, diving deeper in love.

However, the Murayas had the special day go down with a colorful dinner event that graced a good number.

Dine with the Muraya´s Valentine event

What caught the eye of many was the Gospel couple who could not contain their thirst for each other, as DJ Mo blatantly stared at his wife´s curvy behind.

Donning a body-hugging long dress, Size 8 was busy entertaining the crowd but DJ Mo who was right behind, could only trip over his wife´s heavy backside.

His caption was clear:

Kila mtu aangalie vitu zake ????????????????

Dine with the Muraya´s Valentine event

In yet another photo, the couple shares a light body-touching moment, with the couple closely getting down, hands in place and feeling aroused.


On that #DineWiththeMurayas vibe .
Shikashika moment was lit ????????
????. @size8reborn

Dine with the Muraya´s Valentine event

This created a light moment for fans and followers but a dear Dr Ofweneke could not keep calm, lightly attacking the couple for tripping into the secular world.

drofweneke I thought you guys are saved ????????????????????????????????????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

DJ Mo then responded:

@drofweneke bro I thought so too ???????? it was real vibe there ????. The house was on fire ????????

As Size 8 jumped in:

@drofweneke ???????????????????????? kwani watoto wapatwa aje na watu wako saved ????????????????⁰????

Hilariously, the comedian replied:

@size8reborn saved people wait for the Holy Spirit to plant into the womb ???????????????? ask Mary and Joseph!!

A fan quickly defended the Gospel entertainer urging him:

How does saved people looks like….have fun in heaven you’ll never dress neither have fun ????????????

With the disk jockey admitting:

…that day stuff happened …

How DJ Mo´s 33rd birthday celebration went down [videos]

Thursday, the 31st of January, DJ Mo just hit 33 years old but he decided to have it different this time.

Announcing the new year in his life, wifey, Size 8 decided to gift him a hot slap on his left cheek that seemed like it hurt  pretty deep.

He was even too shy to get mad or even raise tantrums, immediately rubbing his face and looking down before braving up and admitting ¨mi ni mzee¨.

A dear mama Wambo could not hide her elation, recording a short clip, cuddling the deejay with lots of love and light moments.

Happy birthday swity @djmokenya . I pray you may enjoy not only this day but this year reaping all its rewards from our heavenly Father!!!!

She gushed:

Happy birthday to my husband @djmokenya this is the day that the Lord has made we shall rejoice and me glad in it!!!!

Sharing the news on his Insta pages, DJ Mo treated us to throwback photos when he was young and rusty before amassing wealth.

Glory to God ,It’s been a journey thank you all for the support .
A new year with new beginnings doing things differently .
DJ celebrates 33rd birthday

Extending a hand

Midday, the family and kin headed to a less fortunate children´s school, bearing gifts and extending a hand, to celebrate the landmark.

The couple shared meals with the young kids, who cheered lively while wishing the disk jockey a happy birthday.

Evening party

Later in the day, the lovey doveys alongside their two children, family and friends held a low-key birthday party at a restaurant.

The small crowd cut a huge cake in celebration of a new year for the media personality.

In a different video, Size 8 gifted her hubby with the latest iPhone, saying that that was actually his dream phone.

Looks like the year is starting well, as the Gospel power couple await to host their much controversial ¨Valentine´s Dinner¨ event, come the 14th of February.

Happy birthday to the 33-year old!

“The journey was tough mama, but God carried you” Kambua to Size 8

Pregnancy and child birth is not a joke and if you thought things get better after the 9 months – then you have never walked in a mothers shoes!

Singer Size 8 has every reason to celebrate and thank God for walking out of maternity alive and most of all with her new born baby.

Size 8 becomes a proud mother of 2

Just a few hours ago the mother of 2 opened up about her struggles with child birth for the second time. Just like when she was pregnant with Ladasha Belle, Size 8 battled with hypertension again – something that almost cost the singer her life.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 shared a short clip from her YouTube series ‘The Muraya’s” narrating how hard her pregnancy was for the second time.

Size 8 breaks down during her baby shower

Kambua’s word of encouragement to Size 8

Having been blessed with a handsome baby boy just a few months ago, singer Kambua now understands what it means to be a mother.

For this reason the lady joined the many celebrities and mothers sending Size 8 congratulatory messages, word of encouragement and just prayers to see her through all this.

In a post seen by Ghafla, Kambua went on to write saying;

Size 8

Today I celebrate Mama Wambo @size8reborn for crossing over victoriously! My own journey has taught me that it is nothing short of a miracle to conceive, carry, and birth a child. The journey was tough mama, but God carried you. We welcome your little one kwa shangwe na nderemo!!???????????? Ah! Jehovah did it! You are dearly loved. May He pour more grace on you in this season ????????????.

DJ Mo’s special message to his pregnant wife

Gospel DJ Mo is one proud man as his wife is pregnant with their second baby! This was revealed by size 8 who went on to share a never before seen photo of her second baby bump.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 went on to reveal that this journey has not been any easy but is finally grateful for the far she has come with her baby. She wrote;

Pregnant Size 8

And to God be the glory!!!!! This far I can testify of His grace ,His faithfulness, His mercy and love for me and my unborn baby……. though we ve walked thru the valley of the shadow of death God has been our protection our cover, thru tears and thru pain God has covered us under His mighty wing!!!! And I did not loose this pregnancy!!!! Soon and very soon I will hold my baby in my hands because this far God has fought for us!!!!! The journey this far has not been easy full of hurdles but His grace has been our strength!!! To all believing God for a child please dont give up no matter what medical reports say. HE WHO HAS KEPT ME AND MY BABY THIS FAR IS FAITHFUL even in the darkest hour keep the faith!!!!!!!! Close family and friends know the complications that I’ve gone thru while carrying this baby yani this is a miracle!!!! Tears of thanks giving run down my chics as I post this knowing that only God has made it possible……….. BEHOLD SEE THE MIGHTY HAND OF YAWEH!!!!!!!!!!!………………..



DJ Mo’s special message to his wife

Mo on the other hand could not help but celebrate his wife in a cheerful way through a cheeky message that has left many excited on social media.

He went on to write saying;

Good news ,❤️ Glory to God . Niliomba sana ,Nilikunja shati , nikaweka gear sana na nimekubali matokeo ???? Asante @size8reborn kwa kukubali kazi ???? Anyway congrats babe , it has not been easy but safari inasonga. I have come to learn a lot through these stages and for real I respect women . #themurayas

Size 8’s message after landing new endorsement deal 

Gospel singer Size 8 has landed a new endorsement deal with a detergent company called Kleesoft.

The detergent company which is owned by the Chinese and is looking to enter the Kenyan market. Size 8 has been named as the official Kleesoft’s brand ambassador in Kenya.


Taking to social media, the singer thanked God for rewarding her yet again with another mega-deal.

“Glory to God In the highest for this golden opportunity to work with KLEESOFT WASHING Powder as their new BRAND AMBASSADOR!!!! Isn’t God amazing? Yes He is.So I take this opportunity to invite you to try KLEESOFT WASHING POWDER today you will not regret it. It’s the best…………… new packaging coming soon…….. kufua ni kleesoft na kleesoft ni kufua,” she posted.



Don’t confuse! It’s reggae’s DJ Moh who has been arrested not Size 8’s DJ Mo

Reggae DJ Moh Spice, real names Nicholas Mugo Mwangi, is currently in police custody for public display of a firearm.

Moh was arrested yesterday at Space lounge Ngong road by the DCI’s Special Crimes Prevention unit after a public outcry when photos were posted online showing him with the pistol tucked during an event at K1 Clubhouse.


According to reports, the popular DJ was arrested with a pistol and 174 rounds of ammunition at Space Lounge Club where he was playing.

Some Kenyans however, have been confusing the DJ with gospel DJ Mo. The two DJs have almost the same name and some people who heard the reports on radio were left thinking it’s DJ Mo, whose real name is Samuel Muraya.

Size 8 flaunts her grown baby bump as she celebrates her 32nd birthday

On Sunday, August 4th Size 8 celebrated her 32nd birthday together with her husband and daughter at the Great Rift Lodge in Naivasha.

However, for the very first time the lady opened up about her struggle with a certain illness that has seen her battle for her life about 5 times.

The singer went on to express gratitude for the far she has come and for the many blessings that money and fame cannot buy.

Baby bump

Anyway, apart from this the singer for the very first time is seen flaunting her grown baby bump in a video that has left most of their fans congratulating the couple.

This however does not come as a surprise as we had earlier announced that she could be expecting baby number two.

Although the couple has refused to talk about their pregnancy, the video below confirms that indeed their is a second baby on the way!

Aww. Too Sweet! DJ Mo sends lovely birthday message to Size 8 as she turns 32

Singer Size 8 is officially 32 years old.

Her man, DJ Mo, took to social media to share some rather interesting message for her during her birthday. The two lovers have been through a lot and still managed to overcome it.


Mo shared that Size 8 has been more than a blessing for him and he always enjoyed having her in his life.

“I can write so many books about you , but today I just wanna celebrate you for loving me ,being a good wife , being a good mum to @ladashabelle , the love you have for God and a lot more . You are the best , we have had our ups and downs but what matters is that you are in my life and I love you … lakini wewe ni kasupuu sana sana something must be wrong with you ???????????? story for another day . HAPPY BIRTHDAY @size8reborn ❤️” he said on social media. 

Size 8 also wished herself a birthday with a long post. Read ti below.

Dj Mo and Size 8 continue to prove they are still in love like the first time

DJ Mo and his pregnant wife Size 8 have left many admiring their perfect love after the gospel DJ shared their new playful photo.

In the photo Mo is seen playing with his wife and looking closely one can’t miss the small baby bump Size 8 is rocking.

Their fans could however not contain themselves as they flooded the Muraya’s photo with comments and compliments. He captioned the photo;

Hizi michezo zinaleta maneno mengi sana???????????? always make sure you have a #bountifulexperience????

Size 8 expecting second baby?

Well, the two contain to maintain their silence regarding the pregnancy rumors.

This comes 7 months after Size 8 suffered a miscarriage that left her in an emotional state.

However if indeed she is pregnant, then the couple will be welcoming their second baby before the year ends.